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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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put big dreams on that big screen. t.v. movie magazine on. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin migrants and militias face off at the us mexico border. call truck walk. because you are afraid of americans for. meets the armed civilians patrolling america's southern border to defend against what they call invaders this as to you want to confront
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a health crisis among stranded by groups from living in desperate conditions also coming up russia blames ukraine for the crimea crisis calling sunday's naval standoff a provocation in turn is preparing the country for conflict over what it calls an act of aggression by moscow. and the world chess championship finally produces a winner in a nail biting series of fire tie breakers magnus carlsen defends his crown beating fabiano caruana. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we begin at the u.s. mexican border there more than seven thousand central american migrants are living in squalid conditions piles of trash open sewers and. risk of disease or of daily
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reality authorities say the camp is on the brink of a health crisis the migrants are trying to get into the u.s. but with tight security on both sides of the border their hopes for a better life are all on hold and their numbers are growing this week a second caravan arrived in the border town of. some americans though have little or no sympathy for their plight. correspondent stuff met with a group of self-styled patriots who are voluntarily patrolling the border near the town in california. we're following a member of a private and controversial border watch project called minutemen robert crooks sixty seven year old retiree from las vegas patrols the u.s. mexican border in the campo area about ninety six kilometers southeast assented cooks has been doing this for months now every day he lives and sleeps in his
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pickup truck and he patrols watches and tracks what he calls invaders an enemies of the united states of america that are coming this way and if they do you know of your weight for watching. it. robert joined the minutemen project group that many describe as a dangerous militia in two thousand and five he says even back then he felt he needed to help secure the border and fight off what he calls an invasion of illegal immigrants. is my country as your country is our country you know if nobody takes a stand it would have a country he sees himself as a patriot he claimed this hilltop overseeing the border for himself by installing a flexible this is his base he named it point patriot it is here where in his view he served his country at a critical time where he makes a stand in what he calls the epic battle against illegal immigrants this is a defining moment in history right now if we don't do something here today. right
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now. this could be set the revocation or so very dangerous to our nation if we start hordes of thousands of thousands just across the board pressure cities you know this recipe for disaster it has to stop here. for all of the criminals in tijuana as he calls a caravan migrants from central america. sheltered on the other side of the border robert has this message. we've got to stop it's going to stop they have to go back or they're going to be a truck flown bus walk whatever they have to go home and they have to work on their own problems if they've got to get elections you know revolution if that's for ticks whatever because the american people are fed up americans for the federal agents of the u.s. border patrol do not necessarily agree with any of troop sentiments however out here in the field they do appreciate him patrolling the area watching and alerting
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them to suspicious movements from the other side that's enough of a reward for this minute long as this is going. to be a correspondent stephens emas reporting there on the vigilante minutemen project that monitors the us mexico border and stuff and joins us now from c. a wanna for more stephanie what do americans make of this so-called minuteman project. well most americans would disagree with the minutemen then with pretty much anything and everything the protagonist of this piece in our story just said and what you just heard the majority of americans have quite a different opinion about illegal immigration or immigration those minutemen and this project minutemen is highly controversial and most of the people who are in this group or in this project are not just against illegal immigration they're
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pretty much against any immigration for them it's a little bit about the survival of the the white race against anything which comes into america is trying to get their jobs or is in danger somehow and some want their livelihoods again most of america i would say and be on the safe side with this estimate is not buying into this in this sentiment of the minutemen project not at all seven tell us what sort of conditions are the migrants facing there on the border you described a humanitarian crisis. well it's a cry for curious they're in this in those shelters situations deteriorated from last week when we were here significantly last week we were here were two and a half thousand people in this sports center in this major shelter and it was laid out to accommodate exactly that number now that number almost tripled so you can
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imagine everything there is just basically breaking down the cemetery a situation is precarious. days not even enough food now or diapers and other products people there need and that's explains the really this this cry for help from kwan enough to want to officials and the people here they are quite fed up that they are kind of left alone with dealing with the migrants there and they are in a bind for this is going to rain for the next two days misery here will be all over the place stephanie thank you very much for the d.w. stuff on siemens there in t. a lot of mexico. now looking at some other stories making headlines around the world today a philippine court has found three police officers guilty of murder for the killing of a teenage boy of the first convictions of officers carrying out president roderigo to terrorist is so cold war on drugs the death of seventeen year old kim lloyd has
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stirred unprecedented public a. south korea's top court has ordered a second japanese company to compensate individuals for colonial era forced labor the court ordered mitsubishi heavy industries to pay up to the equivalent of one hundred seventeen million euro's to twenty eight victims of their or their families tokyo has called the ruling totally unacceptable. and solemn a sort of this really has won georgia's presidential election becoming the first soviet republics of the former soviet republics first female president near final results show sort of really won fifty nine point six percent of the vote the former foreign minister is backed by the ruling party favors balancing georgia's relations with russia and the west. speaking of russia president vladimir putin has accused ukraine of orchestrating sunday's naval standoff russia sees
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three craney and vessels and has detained their crews pending trial in turkey has condemned the black sea off the coast of crimea as a russian act of aggression ukraine's president has declared martial law in the border regions he says is preparing for war. putting on a show of readiness ukrainian troops trenches near the russian border have been put on alert as martial law comes into effect. ukraine's president petro poroshenko visited a military training center urging his troops to get prepared for action many of them. will give them no chance to invade into ukraine. that's why today we are doing everything possible to provide extra financing of the armed forces. not to be outdone russia's defense ministry also released a video of training exercises in the south of the country. both sides are blaming
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each other for provoking sunday's naval clash in the catch strait russian ships fired on and seized three ukrainian naval vessels capturing the crew. of ukrainian sailors have been charged with unlawfully entering russia and of being held pending trial western countries are calling for their release the united states special envoy for ukraine told d.w. that further sanctions against russia are on the table. again we've tried to ratchet up sanctions gradually in order to create pressure and to indicate that there is a way out that we would like to talk with russia that genuinely ending the conflict withdrawing its forces we establish security and then getting the minsk agreements implemented in the don't non-serious television. us president donald trump has threatened to cancel a planned meeting with russian president vladimir putin at this week's g.
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twenty summit but russia says the meeting will occur as it's too important for both sides. or for the very latest now let's cross over to our moscow correspondent yury rachet oh last year we've got martial law in ukraine russian troops on the border new russian missile systems for crimea any idea where this is headed. i don't think we have to be afraid of a potential war or a huge huge military conflict between russia and ukraine oteri of course we're hearing determined statements on both sides in ukraine and russia we see on television a ukrainian president showing plant species which he says prove that the russians are preparing an attack but i don't believe that moscow now wants to annex eastern ukraine for example like a did with grammy in twenty fourteen first it's all first of all it's important pointing out that it's still unclear what exactly happened in this trade of carriage some questions are still open secondly it russia wanted to annex eastern
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ukraine it could have done it as twenty fourteen when they did it annexed crimea and that time would have been the simpler simpler militarily and politically from the russian point of view in the meantime moscow isn't paying much attention to the dawn bust because russia is fighting on many other friends after all the political situation has changed as well a lot since twenty fourteen so moscow is an outcast on the international stage not a month passes without the new sanctions from the west so it would be a very inconvenient time for russia to carry out any kind of invasion at the moment here you mentioned sanctions or there's talk of imposing new sanctions on russia and fully implementing the existing ones how much could that hurt russia. i don't think new sanctions would do any good for us the russia is used to sanctions at this point second it would only bring russia further away from the minsk peace agreement the agreement might never have been really amounted to but all politicians at all levels terry emphasized that there is no alternative to it
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but the source of all problems isn't from main so the issue of credit and it's the source of many of the sanctions as well the russians have seen the peninsula's for the russians for more than four years now the ukrainian see the peninsula as ukrainian and both sides will certainly not change their positions there for a practical pragmatic solution on the ground just around the straits of kids couch is strongly needed and the political negotiations. we've heard u.s. president donald trump say in an interview let's get angela involved referring to german chancellor angela merkel of course what role could germany possibly play in this column flicked in terms of mediation. i think germany could play a big role anglo-american enjoys a very high respect on both sides have great respect ukrainian president poroshenko said for example yesterday in a german newspaper in an interview americal safeties country in twenty fifteen he
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meant medical stroll during the negotiations on the means peace agreement russian president putin also has great respect for america she told it to her in the fold after the conflict last weekend and i think that of all western politicians terry maracle has the best chance for mediating in these issues yuri thank you so much for the moscow correspondent yury rachet oh there. norwegian chess superstar magnus carlsen has successfully defended his crown at the world chess championship in london the twenty eight year old beat american fabiano caruana in three straight rapid chess tiebreaker all in wednesday. twelve games had not managed to produce a winner with all twelve indeed in draws a novelty and a world championship but it wasn't quite unexpected magnus carlsen and challenger fabio carolina were the two best chess players in the world it's possible defending
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champion carlsen had decided to paint his fortunes on the quick fire tiebreakers after all that's how he won the title two years ago for his latest triumph the norwegian will take home five hundred fifty thousand euros since very special for me to win this time and i feel like i've played. the fabiana with the strongest opponents that i've played it's on any classical chess you know it's at this point just as much rights rights aside to call himself the bus in world it's magnus carlsen who hoists the trophy for the fourth time. why do we want to when do we want to know in the present. time when i'll. listen. minds.


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