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tv   Arts.21 - African art and music  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2018 9:30am-10:01am CET

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it's in its history you know everyone. seems to know how to fish but i'll try to. get you to africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . welcome to a special edition of arts twenty one. artists from africa are setting the agenda for a continent on the move this is important for africa to. use africa through our music going through new generation of africans were more interested in the future of this god he is. nigeria was only. the first leg of our african journey takes us by bus from lagos in nigeria to the car in
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senegal it's a traveling art show the mobile museum is a project that's crossing borders. it's been a while since lagos has seen a vehicle like this this old school bus has been converted into a mobile museum to roll through west africa. bouncing like a fast moving camel it heads cross-country picking up selected artists along the way. the artist residence on wheels is a new experience for the only known african known it before it's what we spend a lot of time in the process on the road and of course it's not easy to work on anything inside the bus but we talk and realize the plans we work out at the next stops like here in miami but in next the stops yet through its industrial milton's ups and from lagos to dakar the aging bus is traveling five thousand kilometers through seven countries over bumpy roads and. during the stops the oldest local
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youngsters about art. by john from sydney specializes in works made with electric paint it gives up signals when it's touch. i have no idea where we are right now but that's not important you just have to set up an environment where you can be creative i've always dreamt of working with african artists in africa and while it's a unique opportunity to get to know my own continent to explore a look on tonight in ghana the bus passengers mingle with local artists and meet verbena ili come fiancee in a transgender performance he transcends boundaries as a veiled woman documenting the process all the while i deal with the bodies and deal with immigration don't see where migration aswell. just what's troubling for white culture it's all about country and also crossing this out to colonial species from the front before that i'm going to go through a very strong idea of. the bus gets increasingly cantankerous much of the days
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spent with repairs including a whole new engine on top of that crossing borders in west africa involves waiting on an epic scale and no baksheesh no entry artistry at both turns the experience into an emotional performance. everyone gets what he wants from you. because you want to go. then and there will not allow you to go on until you give them something. whatever you have is what you have to give you cannot give what you don't. so you give you give you give i did or did you have nothing to give. yourself. three long weeks and many adversities later they reached the car where the artists take up residence with a german painter here they can turn the impressions they collected on a journey into work for the dark arts festival.
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here in villa and this is when the process of working on our own art really gets underway this. is africa's foremost art festival every artist who's anybody in africa comes here the main exhibit building the. courthouse is a place of great significance a place of life and death decisions people were sentenced to death here. people's births were declared here i mean this is the memory of this country. when i opened the gates i had piles of documents of legal documents there for me they summarize the entire life of senegal sense and dependence. philosophical and political questions dominate the doctor. slenderly all of our glass sandpile is titled wasted time not only because all gives
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a flying tribute to the heroes of the resistance against the german fellow niel rulers but within a call my own memory our battle mysteries so it's very important that our voices isn't multiplied and that we're all able to give our own stories. a juvie tells one of the stories of female phoenix and of the concrete of the twenty eight team doctor out we wanted to tackle the whole africa rising with story if the call to rise it's as africa to have to choose in which. image a materialist employs neon mirrors and surveillance cameras to shift viewers into the focus there digitally monitored and at the same time reveal it to speak mean artist personifies the new pass african artist taking place happening technology wise on the continent is a leap frog a lot of of the art of the show here a branch or a new generation of reference who are more interested on the future than the past
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and i guess the altar of opportunities is freedom to be oneself with in an effort and conflict without having to demonstrate the forms of her to duck up venue so all over the city one of the off locations is the setting called gucci institute the artist bus is given resoundingly welcome and. that was africa highly concentrated into three or four weeks and they were everywhere we've been over thousands of kilometers with left the mark of our art something was left everywhere. in the company all god knows travel photos have been turned into silk screen collages. re-add bio has set up his. installation in the books. by john hybrid up performs on interactive canvases. glimpses into a treasure trove of experiences with the museum and all the obstacles that came on the way.
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what happens when africa's creative talents head to europe we check out a major showcase of music and culture the africa festival inverts. it may be hot in crowded at europe's oldest and biggest africa festival but the concerts are sold out. nearly one hundred thousand visitors have come to experience africa up close and personal and maybe take home a souvenir. folk art can be a way to help people to help themselves this crossover fashion is made in senegal. these one dollar glasses are made and sold right in the booth it's a project run by an ngo the festival informs the public about initiatives like these and about controversial issues such as female circumcision. africa is very much in the media spotlight right now german president. makes an appearance in his
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words cork. india from senegal says the attention is long overdue he served as host in storyteller at the festival for eighteen years now. the language group for africa you can't talk enough about africa good investment even when we africans of earned a place in the spotlight but we've earned it. africa was exploited for so long and nobody here ever cared about it and now at long last i think the time. combine this and be so by. the motto of the festival's thirtieth anniversary is afro deutsch or afro german bar yama and her band are here from paris the singer songwriter's family comes from
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several african and european countries so she finds the time afro german a bit limited. our budget is at the front there are people who call themselves after a pianist and that place is europe and africa at a level that i see is far more correct and then there are after politicians that's a concept that designates people of the african diaspora who feel at home in the various major cities of the world it's the high and it means people who are at home in new york and live in or in lagos and that reflects a certain reality she gets on a day at. the festival itself is a reflection of that reality. job ain't no comes from ivory coast twenty years ago she fled to marsay to escape the civil war in her country she won a grammy in two thousand and nine and has been in demand internationally ever since
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. her performance can be described as african tradition meets urban cool. her daughter is with her on this tour for her there's no question about combining kids and a career. like give up the african women carry this image of the powerful warrior inside them up again it's all about this strong women that's all for that they do many things that once they work and raise their children at the same time. but not just african women all women of european women have this strength as. well i want to show the strength that women have. aside from the shows in new zick contacts are also important. that. afro german presenter beric reflects on her experiences. the question of her own roots long preoccupied her. untimely what of the
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german parts of me the food and how do i fit them all together in the in these a biography is that make up a life on the examination of various topics divisive topics maybe but all the more exciting questions. that come to. the divisive topic of the refugee debate takes a back seat here here in france borg it's the african spirit that occupy center stage like every year at the festival. from europe back to africa. is a powerful voice for social justice in mali her latest album is simply breathtaking .
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wants to carry on molly's rich musical heritage her songs are smooth blend of folk and modern sounds and they're taking the music world by storm they're also political like her new release centro before me i have a something to see. i have a something there when i say. i work present africa a new generation. of presenting african. i represent african child so. that the tearing me deals with migrating and losing a home and losing loved ones a fate suffered by many africans. then and then he. thought to herself left mali as a young woman to escape an arranged marriage the movie molly blues follows her
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judie back it's a touching documentary showing how music can lend a voice to freedom. in her home village to broke a taboo by singing about female genital mutilation. to . me i'm trying to do to fight the for the positive side to change the mentality of my generation because every single generation needs to somebody to any song to to take a part of the things we have to to be able to talk about a lost tourist. molly is wracked by social tensions corruption and terrorism but that often obscures its deep rooted cultural traditions. people don't know one who knows africa is
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a room went to africa one sees life then you can see i have seen them have such and people haven't been eating their food the smell of. the two bridges worlds and continents she's convinced that music can have healing power as i think this new africa can try to reach a people through the middle keys or through our our music you know it's our job on mali has created its own style of blues that to deal or a says blues is what happens if you stop crying and stocks. instead. the nigerian metropolis is one of the world's fastest growing urban centers. it's a city that's booming and. where paul. this gun not even.
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only. the nikkei art gallery houses thousands of works it's a treasury of contemporary nigerian art madame nikkei as the founder is known is a landmark of the lego. she opened her first gallery fifty years ago. not. so when they get it. because this is the biggest. in the fifty four country. lego's is a city of both tremendous promise and extreme wealth and poverty exist side by side the city of twenty million is growing faster than any other urban center in africa it's plagued with corruption and mismanagement but blessed with entrepreneurial
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spirit and creativity those contrasts are mirrored in its art scene. page you are the two ses works featured at the first nigerian pavilion at the venice be an alley she openly addresses social issues such as child marriage. here her figures are covered with pain relief pills so this this work is called the . unconscious struggle i need. the narrative of the child bride. i know how certain cultures think. talking so sometimes i wonder why no one is looking no one is near them and they have to check themselves will be be inflected their actions or introspective about what they do i always wonder what.
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so it's two grown men and you two go. page you are the t.s.a. has many projects going on at once she's working with the foundation to train connect and empower young artists she wants to revive the dying art of pottery but she doesn't expect help from politicians they disappointed the people too often. do is amazing clear bodies in nigeria the shocking thing is that we import every ceramic ware into the country from tiles to. bring everything in from china right it just doesn't make you cannot make sense. in a country where where we talk about creating jobs. and we can make the plane from i think most crazy. also hopes to bring about change through his art his studio is on the outskirts of
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town away from the noise and exploding rance in central a gross. so much so here they love the kills off of the city is so inspiring yes fine but what you can get inspired by to kill the boy where you can see your studio in some way that is you know kind of very calm for you to actually do the production of your walk. the unplanned growth of cities is one of his central themes. i was amazed by. the concentrated in the city alice same time the way. this you know you point sprawling you know you know it's so amazing so that is where this is so it's all about to actually know the way cities are not properly planned in nigeria and the kind of kind of development kind of the villain that we have that is more like
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. right. the uncontrolled development and chaos of the city also inspire sam abell han the painter is known for his celebration of colors with broad brush strokes the fragments his motifs to create fascinating picture puzzles . where i started painting even i tried to at the same time make you feel. looking at somebody once told me that my paintings. able to see. very nice things involving us you're looking at very. optimism and productivity not frustration and stagnation that seems to be the model of many contemporary artists in lagos their work is attracting more and more interest on the domestic art market. i started getting into it when
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i started. lookin man reading about things are not terrorists doing well even outside a country growing up we didn't see too much of this but i want to comment on sundays are you coming out and if you see very young people do you think the poor one through inspire them to appreciate what you want to buy just or appreciate the expression of ideas from appreciating the works that to stop by and. does lagos have the potential to become africa's hottest are. the growing demand in the nikkei our gallery suggests that it. could turn. now to the german city of frankfurt to an exhibition by william country edge that cuts to the chase of an encounter with a celebrated south african artist. time
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doesn't heal all wounds no one knows that better than wm chen tridge his work grapples with topics like the scars of colonialism and apartheid peoples vain attempt to evade death fate and time. the refusal of time with his installation of the documentary and twenty twelve now it's at the heart of his show in frankfurt sleepy house museum placed right in the midst of classical european sculpture. and certain authors to live and work in the south africa and my work is very much shape . by the particular conditions in which it is made a condition of johannesburg as a very young city and how it works about being not in the art center not in new york and not in berlin and not in london but being six thousand miles away with the question of europe's relationship to its colonial legacy is very present every day
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. and one of the things about showing the work i suppose like this is to bring those questions into this country since the one nine hundred eighty s. rian temperature's work has dealt with the trauma of apartheid. it started with his early animated charcoal drawing early on he realized the system that gave him so many privileges was deeply flawed one decisive influence was his parents' human rights lawyer in his early theatre work can trigger tactfully a party system. and told me. not so god out by letter none of us does nobody that will land there go us not to bomb one job and no bomb bomb. he also went on to stage opera. such as bell exotic which addressed the colonial conflicts during the first world war. optimistic to think of art changing the world or to think that it
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sets the agenda for political discussions occasionally at that but much more important to the artworks by making connections both between people two people look at the same work and suddenly understand the existence of other people by the common viewing of the view of the piece of art as a social activity that is not only you have seen the work but other people are also seeing it and by the conformation. it gives to us of who we are. kendricks is family had fled anti semitic programs in europe and she felt in congruity of growing up as a privileged white in south africa. the christian effects of european colonialism are also with the in the miniature black box on display in the lead becomes it addresses the first genocide of the twentieth century the massacre of the herrero people by the germans in one thousand know for at that time. fun leave the family
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who lived here may have sat in their parlor and read about it in the news paper. have been both the. the most admirable and strongest human traits that have gone together with and been committed to look the same with connect the two questions of everest of greed of. acquisition. cantrip says drawing is equivalent to thinking for him many of his works are born as charcoal drawings even his films which he embarks on without storyboards no wonder then that a coffee pot follows in the footsteps of french animation pioneer shah's male yes just light of the movie and he himself appears as trotsky in ost sentimental machine and installation first shown in istanbul in. one team a chief in the work is the megaphone signifying the power of propaganda it's all
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the more relevant at a time when william can treat views europe with great concern. and can different you say from outside of europe they have europe as a totality has become the fortress where you have a sense for hundreds of years europe made its wealth from the colonies and now it's suddenly decides to close all the gates we've got the money and let not played anybody else try to get any anything back and people think it's an act of generosity to allow some few migrants into the country rather than understanding it's a simple act of justice. we intend for it reminds europe that what it might consider foreign is actually an important part of its own history.
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that's it for this edition of the arts twenty one. celebrating the art and artists of africa join us again next week. down. until then bye bye and no features in. the book.
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this is not the bank in the first hour of more is over but the worst is yet to come. as the market chaos poverty and instability. fertile hans object. apocalypse never ending war.
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horse. nico is in germany to learn german. coverage because why not learn with him online on hold while and free to suffer from the w.b. learning course because vic. i'm not nothing to the well i just sometimes i am but i stand up in. research i mean think stevens or german culture looking at the stereotype the question is here think a few of the countries that i know a long time. needed saying ridiculous grammar there you go it's cold out there bob no i'm a joke join me to meet the germans on the w. post some people don't care about me. because they don't see
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my beauty. some people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give. but two billion you can do. to them i am in for a thing. their home. their food. their livelihood. but day by day i disappear. and so does everything i give. to the billion people who care about me. me me. and now. new guinea.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin she twenty leaders managed to agree on a joint communique at their summit in argentina despite tensions over trade and climate and on the sidelines of the summit u.s. president donald trump and his chinese counterpart teaching thing make a step towards defusing their trade war also coming up. protesters clashed with police in paris thousands of demonstrators take to the streets angry at rising fuel prices and the government.


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