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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2018 3:02am-3:15am CET

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colorful. earliest. the most traditional. any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany street by street on d w dot com. on. in the history and it's given us here at the table. i'm a mechanic and this is what's coming. sunday three of the top five teams an option . faced off the red bulls of life.
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we're talking about manic monday because fans wish it was sunday. funday not just another manic monday. monday games destroy traditional football. and who better to take us through the topic then my all star panel to my left we have former professional football and that of a ground michelle michelle welcome to the so there were two cracking games on sunday which when you're looking forward to the most definitely because after. game from them. something very interesting thing that is not interesting to play. games and that's why i was very happy to see a game like this on sunday so it was all about the league of course. we've got of course here at the table he's you know. if you agree with michel i was actually quite looking forward to seeing frank you know they've really been pulling up trees recently. of course. the big clash of the day and that's of
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course is the exactly what one start talking about an hour sunday coverage both leipsic had to make changes ahead of this clash it was the first time that i wasn't in the starting lineup since joining the joining the club last season on the other hand were glad to see some key players returning let's see how they fed. back from injuries just in time for this tough match the midfield trio of combo and. and marcel's obvious that played a part in life six early starts in the second minute one two with team and the germany international one marked in front of the goal one nil for the hosts both teams were on the attack block buck creating a chance after a good half hour but no problem for leipsic keeper paid to go see or a break. at the other end posed just threaten the glad but
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box but tobias' strobel prevented him from hitting that charge. in first half injury time leipzig won the ball and we're off to the races use of pulse and weave through the gladbach defense and the nimble was there to finish the job i've seen every game he scored this season he's gone on to add a second. leipzig up more defensive after the restart lot but kept pushing but lacked imagination to organize with a chance with just over an hour ago. towards the end a sportsmanlike a less some player wasn't bowing down to the laci who kept a seventh clean sheet of the season he was tying his shoe for him. leipzig remain unbeaten at home well failed to score a goal for the first time since april. frank host involved in sunday's lates game the home side knew a win would see. even jump to second in the table while both looking to distance
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themselves from those languishing near the relegation zone the breakthrough came in the thirty first minute. maybe the league was double that tallied midway through the second half again shakes volley. from close range. crisis strike that was frankfurt did strike back the three look at yo bitch but it was too little too late and very much i missed opportunity for the eagles. so things are heating up in the bundesliga at the moment we've seen three of the top five teams play today michelle of the teams we've seen today which ones can actually compete with dortmund difference of the course is high speed football and i like it very much the course if you see. and poles and how they're on the pitch how dare move what area they're run especially running running and kumble he was running out
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on i don't know maybe fourteen fifteen kilometers away it's unbelievable what what they did on sunday do you think that they are such a force. i think life so you definitely. have to reckon with a little bit but frankly i don't see anyone watching dortmund for consistency in the late this year especially off of the games we have today i would like to give a bit of a shout out to frank. if you remember they had a really atrocious start of the season they got hammered in the super cup they went out of the day if people call they won one of the first five games in the league and they have just completely turned it around the fact that this is such a shock this is defeat i think shows just how much they've improved since those first few games. scoring against the he's been sensational so as well as a support has been very very good and i don't think they can win the league but i think they deserve a lot of respect but the elephant always in the room is. this man never starts a game why is that happening well this is. it is clearly
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a firm believer in the knots in that if it broke don't fix it and it's clearly working very well at the moment of impact what katha come off the bench rather than starting games he's actually tied a record now for the number of goals scored off the bench over the course the whole season running a much they say we see a tweet from dortmund official account of the joke a joke or is that and he's in germany for super sub and certainly that's true they've got a list that of the clubs that he's come off the bench to score against. as long as he keep scoring goals off the bench i don't see any reason to change it it's working really well having maka royce and jane sunshine kind of tire opposition defense is out with their price and the trickery and that gives a player like many opportunities with his movement and it's nice for goal. done fix it michelle you're your football man would you start out would you keep him on the bench. for four right now are keeping on the bench because his fitness is not on the highest level at the moment this is what. many times to to us but i think for
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the second part of the of the season this will be a very very interesting situation for him to a packer he has to understand also german football is so odd for me myself i hope that he's coming next year in the second part of the season from the beginning but i'm looking also forward tool for mario because i wish all the best for him that he's maybe tried to make the same. he's trying to do the same with t. he is doing right the moments of let's see. could well that we're getting close to that point in the season that's why we need to look at the table and cause dortmund are at the very top with a very healthy lead of a glass and leipsic and look at that by making for the massive nine points off the pace but down the bottom things are wrapped up yes and that's you know why that's because on monday there's a monday night game for the first time this season between leverkusen he's either in twelfth and in sixteenth. now this is the next topic i want to talk to you about
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. this one day games why has the d.f.l. decided to get rid of them from twenty twenty one and what's you know is right i mean it comes down to the much going fans basically they have to pay for these monday night games from day one they didn't since the beginning we had protests every time there's been a monday game in the bundesliga since the start of last season they've been processed again this weekend with fans as thanks silent throughout the first place decided you get to bundle you in the first half of games we have protests all through last season as well as i say we had toilet paper being thrown on the pitch and mights to stop a game to disrupt the guy we're going to see some pictures here i think these are the might fans throwing toilet paper onto the page just to show the d.f.l. precisely how strongly they feel about this issue we also had tennis balls being thrown onto the pitch in frankfurt say for the same and i know it's understandable that they hate these monday night games because when you think about it if you have to get across the country to an away game on a monday night you've got work again the next day it doesn't give you time and it's
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so much expense as well do you do like to go gets a games on mondays and you know all about them and you can even play it in one of it when you're playing during a career does it affect players on the pitch when the fans are there and is monday night any different than a saturday afternoon it's prime time saturday so you know how it is that it's comfortable if you play games on monday night i know it's not it's not the same it's not football or the whole whole whole you like it but. for me it's very difficult for for the for the parents if you come into the stadium with little kids and also for the supporters who are coming with this team from fall so it's a long distance to go back and they have to work on thursday on tuesday and it's very difficult and that's why i. happy that they cut this off and next year we have only surveys on them friday games ok well you know anyone who doesn't like monday
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games one passage definitely a fan of monday games don't want coaching staff here's what he had to say after team b. five that on saturday. owns it is a shame for us because they give us a lot when they're there and they're loud. we like that and we need it. i understand it because when it comes to money games i would ban them completely. it's ridiculous ridiculous. ridiculous says he doesn't like and the fans don't live in only what's wrong with the monday game what's wrong with it i mean we said with the with the fans having to travel across the country i think the question is what's good about and then the only people i think you'd gain from is t.v. viewers you know you have more kick of times over the course of a weekend and that means that more games can be televised and through that of course the fans the fans who live abroad maybe they get more chance to watch the bundesliga but it's this constant battle that we have in modern football you know the prioritize those fans abroad and finding new supports is spreading the brands
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as they would probably start the d.f.l. . prioritize the going fans who are the life blood of german football made it what it is michel very very briefly what you think is german football actually need the monday games in order to become set competitive in europe no they don't need it because it's like all other games you have to trickle in your days and this is what people like so and if you have this money game so you see so many people. don't like more football as. a moment and that's why i think we don't need this money keep it on saturday sunday and friday and then we're happy with this well we will be complete completing this discussion when there are more monday games before i let you go let me remind you about the goal of the month competition be sure to submit your vote via email rights of the bundesliga at dot com you can also watch those goals again on social media where you can also vote for them these are the addresses on your street on your screen you can win
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a bonus of your choice now i'd like to thank my two friends here at the table thank you for joining us for the show and of course all of the nudie from anybody else here in berlin and when it's a good team thank you and goodbye. this is g w news lawyer from berlin to bring in our correspondent ophelia harms are ready he joins us from rio de janeiro now we're going to find out what happened with you think of a correspondent found out it's not and we do have some breaking news that's coming into us now what it's all about perspective closer up w. news thank you for joining us. every journey begins with the first step
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and every language the first word i looked into the coaxing germany to find trouble . most of us why not learn with him. to suffer it's simple our mind on your mobile and free. t w z learning course speak german made easy. everyone every is man knows it the child knows who without food can do nothing before maybe his newest can really i do know of programs they drop out of the school because they really do nothing when coming from home that could have easily been a.


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