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too many marken are diving and fishing in the same place. the same goes for food stuffs and building materials from the jungle it's all running out. ceremony has been cancelled for two years running in april when the stakes of the ancestral spirits are replaced many men are away working and unable to come home. oh. it's a two thousand and eight french mellow. the women are certainly curious for a taste but yeah. we knew.
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anything. about the book it was the letter to defend my father i'm. sorry your little friend you know but the mom. and ranger from the national park keeps an eye on the village and informs his head courses about everything that happens for example if guests stay overnight which is forbidden or if someone goes fishing without a permit. another. to see to it that the villagers abide by the rules of the national park. rules that prohibit them from living at sea and restrict their traditional way of life. the. new year he is going fishing with a friend. of.
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these goggles something great but practical. i mean when the works melts they completely water tight. and. the only other equipment is a spear. people have been fishing here like this for thousands of years. nowadays they can no longer sustain themselves with this type of fishing because they're banned from fishing for six months of the year. according to the national
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park rules the market any fish commercially during the monsoon season right now they can only fish to feed their family. the national park administration wants to protect local fish populations and coral. but fishing was the basis of the markings livelihood. them a free independent lifestyle. traditionally only dive so families who only have daughter has given
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a share of the day's catch. the fishermen can dive for up to four minutes at depths of up to fifty meat. they have trained their lungs so that they don't need weights to walk or stand on the seabed. there are tourists in the village when a arrives back home. because catches modest outside the monsoon season he's not allowed to bring more than two fish home.
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manual is tracing his self to be to let a stimulant that's popular with local women and. mom. dad. at this time of day it's a good idea to stay home. every morning when the tide is high speed boats arrive to scorching hundreds of tourists. disappear but companies have a deal with a national park they're allowed to take tourists on snorkeling expeditions and to
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see the sea gypsies as they call the market and. it's a bit like the humans are. living on an island. in return the mocking are allowed to sell souvenirs to tourists an essential source of income for the six months that the men are banned from fishing. brother no also runs with the tourists.
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he can stay for long. he works ferrying tourists back and forth from the island. you know can make some living from the very industry that's threatening more contradictions. he lives two hours away in cali luck a tourist resort on the mainland that's popular with chinese german french anti holiday makers. even though he has a steady income he's seen as the black sheep of the family the one who always turns to his parents when he meets money and. he says he only took the job to help them out. because there's no more work on the oil and because there are
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no more secure cumbers and shellfish is just garbage so i had to find another job to feed the family. of four. could he also imagine working on dry land. whether you would have known for long then i have to go back to the sea i have to be on the water every day and when i work it has to be on the water. even if i can't die for c.q. combos and muscles anymore. many more can spend the tourist season working on the speed boats at night they sleep on the jetty in colac. but needs to be on the water not just by it. to see rocks him to sleep.
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the fishing ban for the marken coincides with the holiday season. new year he also ferries tourists back and forth in the national park. his father can fish when he wants perhaps in some ways he has more freedom there name. the bed without my father's life is very free but the mocking tradition is to die for shellfish and sea cucumbers. but he doesn't do that anymore. he doesn't fish in the old way he uses traps. he puts them out in the morning and brings them up in the evening day in and day out. and remember that the last. couple of going up with he he's distancing himself more and more from the old ways and becoming
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a man of the city. that would be easy with the cordon them up. for a man of the city is anyone who doesn't live on the water. well. i'm not. even to give his son a carefree childhood as a senior. at least until he starts school. not concealed and can often done before they can rule. the.
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world. once they're ten or twelve they have to start working. these boys are coming back from a shift they help out in the national park cleaning up garbage or helping in the kitchen. to her space or prospects but how likely is it that she one day qualify as a doctor and come home. to see what kind of doctor she becomes. a paramedic for the first aid station here. that would work.
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but if she becomes a real doctor then what is there for her here. those who work in the national park get leftover food and old cooking oil on top of their wages. the children and the equivalent of one euro forty a day and the women. they work in the park because their husbands are not allowed to earn an income with fishing. for several nights there to trawl is within sight of the rangers fishing with nets here in the middle of the national park. the three hundred mark in serene sponsible for the disappearance of the sea cucumbers and fish populations and the degradation of the coral. how much longer will they be able to live on fishing. years father can no longer build any because
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of the ban on felling the trees he meets making the dying. these days he earns money making model. with a child and his wife to really only have to take care of themselves but when a woman in the family died giving birth they took in the infant. jack is now the fourth child they need to provide for him and pay for his schooling. jack will only learn about the american life from their old stories. no i was born here the midwife was in the middle. when she pushed me to the boat show. them. what happened right there. and then when mary was born there were about ten women on the back. ok.
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well good miley i know everything comes and goes when i play sooner or later everything disappears but how can we uphold our traditions how can we in the village preserve our culture as long as possible and do what i had not before. the games both child is on the way he hopes that the next generation will have the lifestyle he has. his father isn't i'm happy now he's the city cousin as long as there's food on the table and the children's schooling is taken care of that's enough he said. i want to do one look. when he goes out to fish he sees the last cup and he
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built up the harbor. making it was a labor of love it won't ever set sail but then base no word for water in the muck and that which. is. life flexible and huge these construction normally take on their real form once they're filled with. leather and drunk or in the country. they change the
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landscape and find space. temporary spaces by custom fun dusty. zero max thirty minutes on t.w. . this you know i mean in your mind noticing gone yes what an idea because i could almost be done what i'm going to miss you know but i'm with whatever organize it i'm not going to sit there. by mackenzie it is as if to say yes it cannot i've only said it but i caught it on the other day finding. a continental is reinventing itself as an african stick scene discovers it's true potential inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their vision successes day to
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day business the difference she. gets from such history in the everyone is too small. she says the. digital africa starts december twelfth on d w. this is due to be a news live from berlin on the retreat of france's president makana set to suspend controversial increases to the fuel tax.


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