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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CET

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mr luke she's missing a little among some new sounds closing the so-called chain has not been as kind to side but most. people have put big dreams on the big screen. play the movie magazine on the dummy and. you know what they say keep your pretty close put your babies closer trust me this was the call most moment between goldman and shall go ahead of the battle for breakfast right in their local y. will read welcome to the book is legal or d. w. here's the wind up don't miss it the twenty minute bus ride to put their swagger to the oil. it solves the home side get the chance to gloat in this emotional
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encounter. a rivalry revisited fired munich in nuremberg the two having to face each other in the foot is the guess since two thousand and fourteen the promoted side was looking to pull off a miracle against the defending champions in munich. starting with dog meat and salt mints number one salt has been stuffed a staggering yeah i know but this matchup isn't about standees momentum nor form it's bigger than that which from this age old fixture are priceless pride was on the line for the one hundred fifty third time plus these side simply just hate each other take a look shall cause their reno was boiling over with excitement ahead of the much anticipated roar darby. but it was visitors dortmund who made that energy pay off first thomas delay me making it one nil after just six minutes his first ever goal
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for the black and yellows and how sweet it was to score against their arch rivals by. after that things got heated keeping the referee on his toes. to many go to disco shock i needed to get their attack going. but that didn't happen after the restart the dormant defense look stare out. but then i mean went down in the penalty area and after play continued for some seconds the ref consultant the video assistant. marco toys had stepped on out each foot an unfortunate but correct penalty or was it crazy. jody fired home to equalise for shaka in the sixty first minute. the bitter rivalry was bubbling over. my door man kept attacking and eventually hit paydirt
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jade in sand show putting them back in the lead by the endless ace with acres of space to net is fifth goal of the season. dortmund didn't manage to increase their lead in the waning minutes but it didn't matter to one the final score in the mother of all darby's half as one of the well we supposed to do was talk smiling we tried everything and it still didn't work so vine they say that was a real double game it wasn't always pretty but intense with lots of chills and tackles maybe not pretty but winning this derby for the first time in three years means much more than just the three points. the whole field advantage has it meant much to part munich the last two months their last home win was way back in september making the league powerhouse look
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like mere mortals as of late at times they've been weak at the back and accurate in attack interpreted side nuremberg could they postpone by a phantom celebrating and pull off a shocker. the last time by and celebrated a win at home was september fifteenth the fans have not enjoyed the drought in their own backyard. but it gets near him but there was cause for celebration after just nine minutes leventhal steve in the early opener the polish strike is a goal of the season. coach and he can cover selected the same eleven that defeated braman last weekend it seems to be paying off as leavened dusky went close again. promoted site nuremberg have been too passive in defense all season and let the ski punish them again brace inside half an hour oh sure it's going close but finds top scorer finish the job. plenty for the management and the. hands to
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enjoy. often the break binders you net dominant the man in acres of space riverina not three now by game of of the less than half an hour. it could have been moment not for some wasteful finishing. but first order to should i was ok i would say fantastic although we had some good chances that. we wanted a commanding victory today and we succeeded on that front. by and celebrates a long of it you home win and push then title chances in the process. we're glad but not in action until sunday at their place rb leipzig new and away victory would put them in second in the table for twenty four hours their hosts freiburg were on a four game willy streak going into this tie failed to pick up three points a game and talk of relegation would be far away put freiburg bank one in early
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taking the lead just after twelve minutes striker mills pietersen turned thirty on thursday he celebrated that milestone with his third goal of the campaign the hosts than doubled their lead from the spot on the stroke of half time. then the nail in the coffin my crotch sealed the deal with a header early in the second half three meal the final school. the wolves of work hosted hoffenheim both sides are in fairly decent form with the guests unbeaten in six matches and wolfsburg winning their last two but first buyer laver couzin welcomed out sport to town in a mean table tussle laver cousy has never lost to oust burke and that south flight could they continue owning their opponent. leverkusen have enjoyed a horror start to the season but i don't deny that house book from the off i just couldn't find the back of the net on seventy five minutes though they finally broke
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through by lucas allow crabbing his first league goal of the ses and the fights were one nil victory for eleven coups and but i know there's still work to do. on the north pole and as players we have certain expectations or get some we are where we want to be the real incent can and that's why we have to work hard every week no matter who we play with these people so that's from this. book and hoffenheim we're in fine form heading into their clash and it was hoffenheim who took a very early laid a shot belfort hill with a very cool finish. and with just four minutes on the clock. the joy was short lived though as a main big check chance levelled the schools with that beauty five unfortunately it was it is our net people of the bauman with no chance. minutes
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later it was two one down you can check with his fourth goal of the season by the czech churches had once again leaving town and stranded. the first half to get for the defender but he made amends after the break his back purse had a providing pro-marriage with an easy tap in to the final score neither side happy with the stalemate. elsewhere on sunday frankfurt came to the german capital for a showdown with another european hopeful the home side hope for back to back wins while frank for try to get back to winning ways the game's only goal arrived courtesy of marco group church the serbian midfielder met martin planned hot water to hit the hosts a one nil victory it was the liverpool loney's first ever what is the goal to win means heads at five to six in the table level on points with preferred to stay fit . here are the results so far for matt stay for team don't mean
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downed rivals salt breezed past nuremberg freiburg fried rb leipzig wolfsburg managed a draw with hoffenheim laver who's in snuck past out for hits a got the better of frankfurt on friday night braman beat dusseldorf lots of action to look forward to on sunday might take one hand over an glad face stuttgart let's see how those results affect the standings take a look byron are in second that might be short lived pick up points against two guard had to embrace him and get a little boost both our own europe's doorstep in the bottom half nothing big to report down here only very little movement nuremberg drops in the relegation playoff spot stuttgart and hanover as i mentioned could get a boost if they pick up points on sunday. it's time for the bonus latest play of the day as voted by our followers on twitter and the winner is this guy freiburg
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niels peterson with fifty three percent of the vote this goal came in the twelfth minute and it opened the scoring in the match check out mills peterson's left foot reflexes like. that's peterson's thirty seventh goal in a freiburg jersey and now he's netted against all eighteen one is the good club. that was your play of the day now it's time to announce the goal of the month for november voted also for by you out of the three finalists the winner is this man don't miss captain marco royce and here is the goal i like to call it a right footed rocket check it out once more. lift off. of the name we pulled out of the hat was mahatma dania from indonesia he wins a buddhist monk in jersey of his choice. as you can see dortmund are savoring the sweet taste of victory on starting day it's full time for
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us we'll be back with the action from sunday's games and we'll be discussing this weekend's main talking points with former professional footballer and friend of the show looks funny and still who is now head of international relations in scouting and hof in hot till then here are some of the best moments from saturday for me and the rest of the team here in berlin dhaka.
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