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i'm trying to. get you to africa starts december twelfth on to w. . this is d w news live from but breaks it protest this pile on the pressure thousands of right wing demonstrators demand no make it projects the prime minister's deal on breaks that with the european union and left leaning groups rallied to urge the government to abandon its brags it plans entirely old races parliament gives all for a crucial vote on choose day and so coming up on me and the prime minister in the
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call of caution younes alliance takes an early lead in snap elections with votes still being counted passion yan hopes the parliamentary polls will cement his agenda to reform the country. and assessing the damage in paris off the more violent protests yellow that demonstrators demand for the reforms is french president to money where mccall now is to address the nation and meet with the union groups in the coming days. are going to honk free glad you could join me thousands have taken to the streets in london to voice opposition to the government's plans on breaks it right wing at protests to say prime minister theresa may's deal negotiated with the european union makes too many concessions according for a different deal meanwhile groups on the left. gathered to demand that the
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government abandon its fans to leave the european union altogether the prime minister is coming under pressure from all sides as parliament protest a vote this week on her deal to leave the e.u. with many expecting to make as to reject the time. showing their colors before the decisive parliamentary vote these people are protesting against the braggs a deal struck by prime minister theresa may they want to stay in the. the country is divided many now think bragg's it is a mistake wales has flipped a majority here voted to leave the e.u. two years ago latest polls suggest that's changed. i did but. that's i still just press to make our own decisions. that's now i'm not sure i think we've got a bad deal staying in the woods walks up and i would begin to come i mean i think it's a lot of regret because i think a lot of people thought leaves me just walk up but i knew it wouldn't be quite like
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this is so complicated you know. you know with populations millions and this is just it's not as easy as shutting the door and saying goodbye theresa may is under attack from those who want to stay in the e.u. and those who want to leave but think her deal is not good enough she insists what she agreed with the e.u. and presented to parliament last week is the best possible option she and her loyalists rejected suggestions that they would delay the vote it is going ahead and that's because it is a good deal it's the only deal and it's important that we don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good and what of parliament rejects the deal an unregulated exit new elections or even a second referendum the only sure thing seems to be that nearly everyone will be unhappy. home all i want to bring in toby helm now he's in london he's the political editor of the british newspaper the observer welcome toby tell us more now about who marched today in the british capital. well it's both sides
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both extremes if you like of the breakfast argument which as your report said comes ahead on tuesday so today you had. the rightwing you can get organized march was one march you can has the u.k. independence party which will always come pain. to get out of the european union and they believe that the way that tories amazed trying to take the u.k. out of the european union isn't really breakfasted tool it's some sort of fudge which will keep us half a and so that was one march infiltrated to some extent by far right forces slightly ugly forces from the far right then you had on the other side. countermarch against that and against the far right. who were arguing that there should be a second referendum and that bracks is sure that you will again said be effectively
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abandoned it was all a bad idea so just as the parliament just as the m.p.'s in parliament up the road divided really. within westminster the people are divided on the streets as well and these marches illustrated that divide it in westminster which poses the question well threesome i get a break to deal through parliament on tuesday and if she doesn't try to be one of the possible. it's almost certain that she won't is it is even a question as to whether she will go ahead with it on tuesday or somehow pull out of it the problem with pulling out of it is you have to confront the issue at some time and time is running out for you to confront it so i would guess she would probably go ahead with the show fails and she'll lose the vote by a huge margin which in any normal circumstance would be the end of the prime minister on issues biggest if but she. because the entire country because every
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party not just parliament as a whole every party within itself is utterly split on brecht said there was a big question as to who would be better than. to to sort it out and the answer is nobody knows who would be better than her so i think despite the fact she might she will probably lose it i think she'll probably stay on as prime minister the question is then what from what we do about brecht well there are loads of possibilities she could either go to try to go back to brussels to negotiate some better deal very unlikely because they won't have it all possibly call a second referendum or possibly with no deal. i'm in range of options i think it's a wide range of options but i mean how should europe understand what's happening in the u.k. and is that is there any chance that britain could stay in the e.u. in the next. the route to the u.k.
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staying in the news is through the holding of a second referendum. that is possible but it's very very difficult to achieve because. it has to be a referendum has to be approved by parliament and parliament credibly divided and there is no guarantee a tool that there would be a majority for a second referendum. in parliament so to resume a might all party leaders might say they want one but it might be rejected by parliament as a whole that's quite difficult to see how it's it is achieved. just a long way to get used to being the next crucial date when parliament will vote on teresa mayes brag deal to the helmets kratos editor of the british newspaper the observer thank you very much thank. in armenia state media is reporting the acting prime minister nicola passion younes alliance is leading in
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a snap parliamentary election but vote counting is still underway now passion and hard pushed for the snow but i tossed a peaceful anti corruption uprising took him to power earlier this year and marked the most sweeping political shift in on me in decades fashion and is currently seeking a stronger mandate from botha's his reform agenda. for more i'm joined now by journalist joshua kuchera he is in the capital yerevan hi there joshua we have the first preliminary results coming in what are you hearing that. well it looks like from the their preliminary results which are quite early at this point they're more or less tracking what we expected what opinion polls were saying and that's that you go cautiously arms my stuff alliance is winning a pretty commanding victory i don't think we'll know complete results for a while now but everyone expected and these results are showing that he's going to have the overwhelming majority in parliament and what about voter turnout how's
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that looking. that's been interesting we do have more concrete numbers on that the central election commission announced the turnout was forty nine percent which compared to the last parliamentary elections which was last year that was sixty one percent so it sounds quite a bit and is that a lot of speculation about why that might be part of it is certainly that that the old regime used a variety of of unsavory methods to get people to the polls they would organize government workers to go all to go together or or in many cases just bribing them and that's not happening this time around so that certainly accounts for some of that some pro pasha on analysts were suggesting but there also might be some complacency among the electorate because the polls showed him with such a huge victory that a lot of people thought maybe they just stay home or as these votes come in then
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let's take a brief look ahead what are the real challenges that passion young faces if he does indeed gain at that part of the tree majority. well the u.s. is going to have a lot of challenges i mean that he's made very big promises. and especially in terms of the economy are being as economy has been stagnant for a very long time and he has raised expectations quite high and talked a lot about. new jobs and higher salaries and doing that by bringing foreign investment so far in the seven months that he's been prime minister the the economy hasn't really changed in there hasn't been any significant new foreign investment and he's always been able to say well this is because i don't have control of the parliament and they're blocking my incidents asking is this what you should have full control of everything and that's going to make him not have any more excuses the journalists to joshua cherry in the media capital yerevan thank
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you and now some of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabia says it will not extradite two suspects wanted in turkey for the killing of generalist shakti prosecutors have filed warrants for the arrest of a top saudi aide in the country's deputy head of foreign intelligence a shock she was last seen alive walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul in early october. israeli soldiers have discovered another tunnel straddling its northern border israel says the attack tunnels all the work of hezbollah the lebanese shiite is a missed movement that is backed by iran israel has asked the u.n. force that oneness is the border to block the tunnel on the lebanese side and called on the security council to condemn hezbollah as a question. representatives from yemen's government and who the rebels meeting
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in sweden have held their first direct talks in u.n. sponsored negotiations sunday's discussions focused on a prisoner swap the talks that ended easing tensions in a four years civil war that has pushed the country to the brink of famine. france is reeling after another saturday of violent protests by the so-called yellow vest movement police detained almost two thousand demonstrators with dozens reported injured in clashes french president emanuel michael is under growing pressure to address the anti-government unrest and now says he plans to speak to the nation on monday. scenes of destruction paris burned out cars. broken store fronts. the property damage is believed to be even higher this time around. some persians are frustrated that instead of course songs and flowers they have to smell tear gas every week and . you can understand the yellow vests movement but this is completely
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unacceptable it's been several weekends in a row now look around you everything's broken it damaged all the shops had to close and spend money to shut everything up and it happens every week most countries man many people blame a car for not talking to the protesters. i think it's very hard but it's a reaction of the people there with the french people. waiting for. the president's call has remained silent so far he showed his face after the worst riots one week ago but refused to dialogue with the yellow vest protesters. now after a fourth consecutive weekend of violence it looks like my kong can't avoid confrontation any longer to find ways to mollify protesters his office announced a public consultation and a meeting with representatives of trade unions on monday citizens all over france
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also waiting impatiently for us life addressed to the nation in the week ahead. but with my cause approval rating hovering just over twenty percent and the unrest expected to dent the french economy the damage will be difficult to wash away. just for us now and we can take a look at all the results from football's bundesliga much day fourteen well glad bob came on strong to down got might set the spoils with lonely days that dortmund dalby win win again shaka by mean it cruised past nuremberg cata barely defeated frankfurt stunned like sake both spike but managed a draw with hoffenheim neva cusa it's not pasta and friday but a minute downed just a little. so what does all that mean for the bundesliga standings will dortmund keep the seven point lead ahead of plan back at the top by munich leapfrog leipzig
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into third place two points further back in the bottom hof well hardly any change there fly borg poll had a shock a while one of a descent off from a rock bottom you're watching news i'm having a home free in by the end plenty more for you at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always get plenty more on our website that is of course t w dot com see you soon and thanks for watching. i'm. hearing from. you know this if you have five min.


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