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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2018 1:02am-1:31am CET

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goals and deeply held objections right across this house which go far wider than the back story alone. mr speaker this is a bad deal for britain a bad deal for our economy and a bad deal for our democracy our country deserves better than this. german corporate there one goes to reason may think that this will be successful at this summit that she can try to get a better deal or do you think she thinks that all think she still believes it somehow i don't think if she were to be really rationally thinking about it there's anything that brussels could offer that would save the reason why now what can brussels really give her at this summit this week that would appease that level of opposition that you that we saw today in palm and so i think it's essentially pointless what she's trying to do is to go and try and get some negotiation from concessions from brussels brussels also sees the parliamentary dynamics whatever they would give what terms is all they that that would prove that so i think it's
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it's a hopeless strategy she has been warning of this domino effect too she said if there is a second bridge referendum and the result is the opposite of the first and there will be calls for a third referendum do you think that would happen perhaps those people who are solidly in favor of brakes it may ultimately demand that the problem ultimately however is british politics is blocked just now it has no be solution to the northern border issue it doesn't know what future relationship it wants for the european union there is no consensus about the way forward and ultimately what you've got to do first and foremost is remove that block britain's going to leave the european union without a deal on twenty ninth of march twenty nine hundred unless there is some agreement to unbolt the situation how would you do that yet polman to vote to block a situation looks unlikely or potentially you hold a referendum on the argument for a referendum is essentially to say. tolman contiki decision as give that back to
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the people and that's not minute sometimes on me today so i'm worth stay right there will be back with you in just a moment to recent days decision to postpone parliament's vote on her brakes and plan well it drew the ire of scottish lawmakers scotland's first minister nicolas sturgeon and she was scathing in her criticism of tweeting this as she tweeted so it is confirmed pathetic coward as it is from the prime minister yet again the interest of the tory party are a higher priority for her than anything else this can't go on and she went on to throw her scottish national party's weight behind tossing to reason me out of office journey corben if labor lodges a motion of no confidence in this incompetent government tomorrow the s. m.p. will support it and in the
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e.u. the european union there was exasperated at britain's decision. at the european parliament breaks a coordinator he tweeted the following i can't follow anymore after two years of negotiations the tory government wants to delay the vote just keep in mind that we will never let the irish down this delay will further aggravate the uncertainty of for people and businesses it's time that they make up their mind hashed. brags that . all right john so you see right there i mean the european union i mean they must be scratching their heads and wondering well what does britain want from us correct it's impossible to know. theresa may says she wants some changes to the backstop but what changes to this no one backstop can the european union offer essentially british parliamentarians are saying britain wants the power to unilaterally be able
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to change that relationship at the northern border but why would the republic of ireland why would the e.u. possibly trust the u.k. in this situation and ultimately as well as the relations between the northern irish policies particularly the d u p this supports reason as government and these government itself already horribly bad and so ultimately i can't see anything that's going to come of this summit later this week other than some nice words that the european union hopes that the black star will never need to be used is this a case of to resume a doing everything and anything just to save her political decision i mean that looks absolutely will be the case and do you believe that's the case but i can't see any other reason or any of the logic for what she's been doing this week other than that because she clearly doesn't have a plan this is hopeless as i see it going to brussels to try to extract some more concessions she's also repeatedly refused to say when will the house of commons get to vote she was off that multiple times today and she said well we will have a day a vote at some point in the future we are hundred nine days to bret's it and today
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it's twenty ninth of march of next year there are millions of people's lives depending upon this their investment decisions depending on this rules about how planes fly how goods will be shipped how medicines can be moved and we do not know how that is going to work it's a day every lakesha of duty yeah well today the european court of justice through another element into the mix it delivered a ruling let me see if i can do that teleprompter there we go on article fifty which lays down the guidelines for leaving the european you. now you're being where justin says that britain has the power without any go ahead from brussels to reverse the entire budget process particular fifty t.e.u. must be interpreted as meaning that where a member status notify the european council in accordance with article v. some tension to withdraw from the european jugement that article allows that in the state for as long as
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a ritual agreement concluded between that member state and the european union has not entered into force to revoke that notification unilaterally. so john what about this does this really make a difference i mean the timing on this is certainly you know ironic when you have what happened in parliament and you've got europe saying well you can come back and join us it's quite extraordinary it's taken so long for us to get to this stage of understanding is what britain should have done is right at the beginning when it counts whether the notification could be revoked unilaterally they didn't decide to do that so it's a pity it's taken until today to work this out this judgment ultimately could be significant but not just yet if britain gets to january or february and there is no great deal in sight and if one is starting to panic and starting to get worried britain could essentially say hold on a minute we want to stop the whole lot may is not ready to do that just now but maybe a month or two months from now when the clock is really counting down to that twenty
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ninth of may exit date this judgment may well come to britain's ressam i mean you've got what basically the highest court in the e.u. telling britain basically you know if you want to you can forget about the whole thing in we'll just out like it never happened does that strengthen the chances then for a second referendum i'm not sure because it kind of strengthens the radicals on both science essentially that the brics it is say ah but it's so easy to turn bricks it round we need to stand together to make sure we see this through and strengthens the remain as hand because and to reason maze line no deal is better than a bad deal now actually there is a way of stopping the deal it's essentially saying we stop the whole lot so it essentially impossible is remaining people to vote down any deal it to reason they would put forward so ultimately i think it's kind of a school george you know like in terms of the significance of this of this judgement today it strengthens the radicals on both sides and it's going to be
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interesting to see to later this week just the reaction that you receive a gift when she goes to the e.u. some like rachel see what's going to happen to not going to be very friendly and their reaction towards her i think you know all right john which is always good to have you on the show good to have your insights we appreciate it. well a million british citizens are estimated to be living in the other twenty seven nations that make up the european union let's hear about the concerns they have over the u.k. leaving the e.u. to one of them if only he could he said for cured watkins learning french is now a matter of urgency with bricks that looming the young consultant is worried she will soon become less competitive in the job market and learning french will definitely help me with future prospects i think just just having english is not enough anymore especially as the u.k.'s leading. english importance might go down. to british national moved to brussels in two thousand and fifteen and was impressed
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by the city's international atmosphere. support yes ok but now on the eve of the crucial breakfast vote british ex-pats living in the e.u. face an uncertain future. he said that should be an option it's an opportunity that soffits and me out saddam will for example and i want it's news that after march transit on the scene it's still possible but i need to piece a bit but it's not just the paperwork that poses a question of identity on the cards you fail very you still but also being here you know people when people ask me why i fall and i say for the u.k. and then the next question will be something about practice it always as they all. do you still feel you have to go out you're coming out of europe soon. in politics many of the britons in brussels work for european institutions. briggs it is
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obviously something that we talk about specially with my other british friends the ones that work inside the institutions and outside the institutions it affects us all and it's a bit of a worry is that johnson is one of one point three million british ex-pats in the e.u. many say they're being used. as a bargaining chip in the negotiations we did have a voice and means with forgotten about and we don't feel like the british government really has about a situation despite the frustration cure and watkins remains hopeful. that i can continue to do to the wise up and might do all. that sort of position where i might have to apply for jobs he says and set an option out see that would be great . and settled. by the pot maybe have cats will say but for now i don't see myself about selling i said i hope i have to go that far want kins and more than
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a million other britons the european continent is the place they call home. now these were the streets of paris on saturday protestors while you've been the french capital for a fourth straight week in some of the worst violence that the city have seen says the one nine hundred sixty s. the unrest first erupted over what he planned fuel tax increase and then spiraled into a national protest against the government that yellow vest protesters as they're known got the attention of the president and they hit the french economy where it says. and while paris was full of tear gas and water cannon everyone was asking where is mr mccone the french president has drawn criticism for staying out of sight and for staying silent about the violence today he finally spoke to the
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nation he made his opinion our good the republic of a lousy opinions to be expressed and decided that not everybody needs to share them and i don't need to have discard like that off i invents when violence arrives. ceases you know the way what did you do to say that but. in the beginning i understand that people are angry and book we don't know and upsets all three of them and many among us with many intimate are you a bottom end citizens can share that and your point and by record not most of them we are not going to back won't bother but to business as usual on the other side of the unit because in the past we have had too many crisis like this. moment is still we have come to a historic point for our kind of tree. with and through dialogue rice backed
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and engagement comment meant and so on that we are going we're going to me to a manage or we are working on it and i am going to speak to you moll i care about as you people only fight as for you update and all of we only fight for from this ibid. all right i'm sure the big. bow he is it berlin correspondent really you front into. it's good to have you back on the show let me just ask you as a citizen of france do you believe your president when he says he feels the pain of the people. i'm not sure but. it was of course is built to show these these address more empathy danny did during eight months we remember some of these. some of his sentences about french people being too
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lazy or whatever and of course his style contributed to create a gap between him and the citizens always also between him and his former voters and two to two rainfalls the inmates of somebody being quite arrogant why do you think he was. reluctant to speak out about the protests i mean really he hasn't been seen in public in over a week and how do you explain that. i mean of course you mean the defect that he has that he disappeared with a fake well you know people were saying you know i'm missing my goodness yeah i think it is tried to do was to wait till the two. children and the last saturday to see these days there will be would have been as
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not violent as the last when it was not because there where. more than one hundred thirty thousand people taking part to these protests and throughout france but the violence is when it is important they wear out one week ago and he also used these week without any public appearances. to meet quite a lot of people. in but also on the phone and to to find to find solutions because it was under pressure for sure and he has had to react and he did tonight we heard him take partial responsibility for the rest of the forty man years of. giving twelve enough workers of territory of the film that just about how to fix our justice are being preachy ministers they have the impression of not playing
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they heard street not being able to follow changes in our society in the last year and a half we have probably not being able to not only acted as we should have and i assume my responsibility and. do you think i mean there is trying to show that he is trying to show more input for the people do you think that the public was was too quick in its judgment i mean we've seen a one hundred eighty degree turn you know the president of reform and now he's the president of the rich i mean has the public maybe been too harsh on him or too quick to judge. maybe years maybe not what is sure is that the first measures he took.


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