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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2018 3:02am-3:31am CET

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because else if you're not on your toes or through a cable and if you use this backpack on your record you can walk or for. as soon as they put on the open ended reality goggles and the backpack the granny office becomes a crime scene this is where it happened. and it's too soon to say whether this technology helps solve more cases but so far the feedback has been positive the modern technology not only accurately displays reality it's also enhanced his it here you can see things the naked eye wouldn't. go off the bullet for sure lost you know rezko we don't know trajectory goes a certain uncertainty in the trajectory. and so we fish was not a lie but as an area of possibilities in principle it's a lot like computer games so it's no surprise that video game developers thought up the ai system. another digital tools they use looks more like pan they were make
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photography at first it's not as elaborate as they are but you can also help document every detail of the crime scene the detective takes a three hundred sixty degree picture of the entire a real. the images can then be processed on site with special software instead of one dimensional photos the program produces a full all round. it's another less expensive way of putting yourself at the scene of a crime. looking at the crime scene no i can look at what we've established and what a good impression of exactly all the scene looks. like i'm right there on a song that's the advantage for colleagues who are working on a case but one of the scene themselves and want to see what happened.
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in the netherlands these pioneering methods have already been applied in real cases . in particular more if i think it's great that we're making an important contribution to finding the truth and giving the victim's relatives answers about what happened with. the special unit of the dutch police is tracking down crime in reality and fiction. shift says digital detectives. are now networkers passionate digital creators and their project this week on christmas. from berlin is chaos computer club once but just safeguards for smartphone use as ordinary passwords are increasingly being workplace by biometric data now an iris scan or fingerprint scan on the local smartphone the i.t. expert says that leaves you vulnerable to her cuz. there can be a risk of strangers on locking my phone and accessing my data. then shows us how
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easy it is to outsmart an iris scan a photograph his eye with an infrared camera that prints the image on the special. contact lens creates the necessary three d. effect he holds the new image up to the scanner and just like that he's in. there on a train but you know one takes a split second. if you keep filming a person's face long enough that you'll eventually get a decent image of the iris you can use later. in your state who might be stored on phones and encryption but uses have no control over what happens to it. wants to expose security flaws and their own people not to let the sensitive data fall into the hands of strangers. next up romania's webcam workers use eastern european country as a world market leader in the sex chat industry some two hundred thousand romanians
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work as web models most customers come from western europe and the us. hello guys. oh. scott and arielle are in shock trims in romania waiting to attract the next wealthy customer a soon as one of them switches to the private chat option that charged up to seven euros a minute. you have to make your customers forget what they actually wanted so they stay on the site longer if they want to see your bottom you show it to them but at the same time you engage them in conversation but you've obviously felt so we think he likes or doesn't like he's the many dance smile i flirt because that brings in the most money. i talk a lot with my customers it's like on a first date. mania has become a global market leader in the sex industry more than five thousand studios have
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popped up in the past five years some two hundred thousand romanians are set to work in the business the market it's growing every year read ten fifteen percent of members we have a very good internet connection second of all we have very smart of girls and they speak or very good english and then because we have beautiful woman story here is the secret. their real starts her shift in the studio's own beauty salon she's dropped her medical studies. in romania a young doctor earns oxides this form a webcam model is ashamed of her past ok good my foot very constantly masturbating in front of the cameras to mining of but you do it for the money so you masturbate you earn your first thousand euros which is a lot in romania so you keep on doing it but also is there to do slave away in a supermarket for two hundred euros. so far the
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government has ignored the sex chat industry prostitution on the other hand is banned in romania the webcam models work in a legal gray area. many studios pose cool centers on the competition is getting tougher that's why newcomers like scott get lessons in english and camera work. being more playful with more are like. their kids. scott has to give the studio more than a third of his income but he still instead times what he did as a fitness instructor he doesn't tell his family where the money's from. book going to be like your thought about throwing my parents the truth but i don't dare to not yet. at first it was hard for me to strip naked because i didn't know how to keep my customers interested after that but now i can't. but. hundreds of thousands of young women want to escape poverty. sex chats off
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a quick money. but it comes at a cost. shifting as stop digital exploitation. our download tip of the week the shift at shot. learning languages with word games that's the concept behind the app drops of the two point six million apps offered on google play store it was deemed best android app of twenty eight. drops uses short five minute exercises and virtual rewards. the games are fun and concentrate on vocabulary by combining pictures with words to help you remember the . complicated grammar rules aren't covered the playful focus on vocabulary training distinguishes this out from other language learning tools. right now there's
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a selection of over thirty languages but only getting starters free premium account crossed nine euros ninety nine cents a month by the way drops is also available for i phones. do you know about an interesting up there and right to shift at dot com we'll test your best tips on the show. and that was the app shot. as always we leave shift through the exit our online find of the week this time our trip through japan lots of people always in a hurry urban life in japan is hyper modern and i for active. time and space transit breakneck speed here. but the eastern asian island nation is full of contrasts. and this time lapse video cattle and filmmaker progress here live to has also captured more reflective moments. finding tranquility in motion i'll go see
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a night as two week journey through japan is a trip that links contrasts with the utmost harmony. place and next week looking for a partner who shares your political views new online dating sites have been specializing in just that whether you're a trump fan or democrat supporter it seems there's something for everyone politically compatible dating next week on shift. plaguy place trauma in a black forest as fried outlasts leipzig with
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when things go dark and the smoke rises in the area it can only mean a clash of nearby cities where neighbors turn to bits arrivals because it's doubly time shellcode versus dortmund. gobby i'm from england and i know what obviously we're about. every sense i mean to counts. well words are harsh and the pitch is flooded with emotion because that's what a dobie means even if it's a twelve place hosting first. also because a few teams should be you know who she and i wouldn't go when no one cares about the bottom match especially because they're facing relegation candidates nuremburg . i want to footballing fairytale is pushed to the
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background with freud book hoping to cut down on overpowered leipzig. you know it's double time even for the first time who's. standing in she does his. best. and kick off knows it too but will have to wait for that as much they fourteen won't start here but in other stadiums around the league. fines but stop season starts has been hard to swallow for their fans but tapping by . in the last two matches they appeared to be gradually emerging from that crisis by and were hoping for their first home win in nearly three months against neighboring nuremberg time for coach nico batch to decide to keep making changes or
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use a formula that he knows works because that decided to stop all the rotation and send out the same starting eleven that won in braman last week. it's uncomfortable for anyone who's left out but that's business and everyone needs to understand that most of the. continuity might be just bought by any means but how long will the stars put up with sitting on the bench. well they'll have to wait a while because the starters started out strong. ten minutes in code that seem to have made them by choice i should commish took the corner kick. and grew by eleven doves he was already made to flick it in one nail for the hosts for the first half hour by an dominated while nuremberg could only sit deep and watch so it was no wonder when eleven doves he was again on the board in the twenty seven minutes. the polish striker has had
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a relatively slow season starts but maybe having a regular squad he can rely on has helped him find his rhythm. in moments. whenever the team has a good rhythm it becomes automatic. and you can sometimes even play passes with your eyes closed. but even with an obscure view that owned by an attacking flair was clearly back on display. at half time poke at stuck to his guns making no substitution changes make sense as the central defenders were winning seventy percent of their challenges and doing a fine job keeping their own half clear and once the pitch was cleared nicklaus zero learn and tang even had time to get forward into the air.


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