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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is. no renegotiation of the you kinds of. compromising message from germany's i'm going to have british prime minister theresa may in the lead this is my he is now in brussels on a last ditch attempt to save the brits and do also on the program as you have a peace talks make some progress on a prisoner exchange four hundred thousand children are at risk of starving to death the un's children's organization appeals for an urgent and to yemen's humanitarian crisis. a bail hearing for arrested who who always such
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a financial officer macro one issue outcome could threaten to try talks between the united states and china. time bombs fearing torture he used to be want to stop football us but doesn't want to return because he fears what might happen after he criticize a country's ruling family. until gal welcome to the program the british prime minister is on a whirlwind european tour trying to salvage what bret said to go. on that today talks with german chancellor angela merkel misses my hopes to win a game supports the changes that will make it more acceptable to britain's parliament on monday she took the extraordinary step of counseling a fall of entry votes on the deal feeling that it would be rejected. the double. correspondent barbara varies
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a list following the story in london the schultz is in brussels where the prime minister is attending talks with you have the european council don't toast welcome both teri schultz let's start with you welcome mrs may expect in brussels well she shouldn't expect arms to be open to wide we've just gotten word that she has just now walked into the council meeting for council building for her meeting with the european council president donald to ask and the line out of brussels today as in previous days has been reinforced there will be no new negotiations on the withdrawal deal that was reached nov twenty fifth that was stated again and again today in the european parliament in strasburg from john klobuchar to any peas there's really not a chance that she's going to get this deal reopened what mr younger says is that we can talk about the deal that we have we can clarify things but he said to a huge round of applause from any p's we will not reopen the withdrawal deal so
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she's going to get talks she will be listened to but she shouldn't get our hopes too high that she is going to get the legally binding guarantees that her representative here in brussels said she was seeking today to london the vice also while the cuts away one of my stewing about. the mice of course are running all over worse off and on the table said screeching while they do this obviously parliament has had an emergency debate today about the vote that never took place and the vote that nobody yet knows when it might take place because the trees amaze deputy david levithan stepped up and said oh yeah it's basically a good deal i can understand you folks bought he did not name it date so nobody is any the wiser and of course the opposition leader jeremy corbyn laid into treason may as being a useless leader somebody who made the shambles off break and so on and so for us
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fun and games as per usual in the house and trees i'm a might as well be in brussels where there's a bit more polite to for. terry show me the side no deal brett said just brussel see any wiggle room well the problem that treason may has right now is that her parliamentarians will not accept the deal she has made on the irish backstop which of course is is what will happen in the worst case scenario of a no deal i mean would manage the border between ireland and northern ireland and what her representative said is that she needs legally binding guarantees that don't exist in the current agreement and there really is no wiggle room on that if if you leader stick to their words what we also heard in the european parliament today though is that there are still parliamentarians who say look if they want to pick up on this european court of justice ruling yesterday that says the u.k. the u.k. could reverse its decision will still take them back with open arms but as for
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reopening this agreement again it's just not going to happen then well back in london barbara faisal the deadline for britain's parliament to vote on the bread is the twenty first of january is that the way mrs money could cobble together a majority in that time. it is really not obvious because what can she be bring back from brussels obviously nothing real if she brings just like a danda something that stuck onto the treaty and was a few friendly words no nobody wants the backstop to last for ever. friendly greetings from brussels that is not going to cut it because the deal p. the party of the northern irish unionists the party she needs for a majority in any case on top of our own bricks or to use an own hardliners among the tories has already said she needs to kick out the backstop otherwise we won't play with her so it's far gone so she she has no chance and what she's trying to do
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full i think is think about if you boil a frog she puts the parliamentarians in the pot over christmas and then the heat gets turned up very slowly because of course the fear for before it no deal breaks it rises and then she hopes they might in the end jump out whether that will happen nobody knows politics i'm cooking tips from barbara faisal in london tony schultz in brussels thank you. that are some of the other stories making news around the world high school students have been out on the streets of paris today protesting against the french government's education reforms the march follows three weeks of nationwide demonstrations against president elect policies last night the president promised an increase in the minimum wage and tax cuts for pensioners but students say their concerns of not being addressed. or thirty people in afghanistan being reported dead in three separate attacks targeting security services in the worst
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incidents at least thirteen people were killed outside of kabul when a car bomb hit a convoy carrying members of the country's main intelligence agency the deaths come amid an upsurge in talents of taliban violence against afghan security forces. time magazine has named saudi writer jamal khashoggi along with three other journalists and a newspaper as its twenty eighteen person of the news journal describe the reporters who include two reuters journalists imprisoned in minot as guardians in the fight for truth waged by countless people around the world. three people have died in weather related incidents after heavy snow fell in parts of the southeastern united states causing treacherous road conditions and leaving thousands of homes in north carolina without power forty six centimeters of snow fell in west virginia catching many residents of. the u.s. children's aid organization unicef is renewed its call for urgent international
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pressure to resolve the humanitarian crisis in yemen according to their latest report four hundred thousand children are so severely malnourished that their lives are in grave danger ifill comes as the two sides hold peace talks in sweden and exchange lists of names and a proposed prisoner swap. this is where the full extent of yemen's hundred crisis has played out. on clinic in the country's northwest helpless mothers bring babies desperate for food. a severely malnourished. on every bed lies a tiny victim of the civil war. that. ten year old a soft has the body weight of a two year old. her skeletal frame devastated by hunger and malnutrition. had a life for us is brutal especially here she mad. while the united nations
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can get limited supplies and it's called on warring sites to loosen their grip on key cities i could not connect before there was meat there was food there was salad everything today there is nothing good now there's only hunger. this is why the flashpoint city of who did or rebel held undergoing a massive government offensive seventy percent of the country's food imports come through the port. peace talks underway in sweden are trying to ease the siege but the man mediating between the site says a breakthrough on her data and another key battleground will be hard won. if we are able to she progress on those two places. the threat of war people in those two places if you don't reserve is real and it will be a huge boost to really get back to go. over that. at stake is the fates of
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millions of starving children and the future of yemen. a day w. has been speaking with unicef's regional director who recently returned from yemen and we asked him about the current situation. well throughly summarising it is best to say that today yemenis held on their four million children and there are mind boggling statistics to underscore that seven million children to bed hungry every single line. close to two million children. four hundred thousand of them suffering from the life threatening severe acute malnutrition mind boggling figure. it's only when you are inside when you talk to the children when you see how they have to live when you talk to the parents and you talk to doctors and you talk to on the day you realize
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that behind these. figures. there is a reality. for me. that you know. this is. still to come. a simple invitation spiral into a disaster for a government officials in utah in the united states. has lifted a. move that will allow a much delayed election to go ahead next year on the twenty fourth of february. for years after. massive street protests. to government. restrictions of political parties back in september but retained laws against campaigning and street rallies.
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a senior correspondent for reuters news agency in bangkok why the government is making these changes now. well the government basically decided to lift the ban because we are months away literally from the upcoming election which has now been set on february twenty fourth after many many repeated delays by the military government so by lifting the ban it will allow people again to participate in political activities have political gatherings and allowed legal parties essentially campaign to reach out to the public and also to to get you know voters to get interested in political issues again ahead of this crew show transition to democratic rule. to the united states there were government employees of experience a nightmare many office workers know only too well talking about. brought on by the use of the reply all function yes we've all done it it started with an invitation
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to a small dinner and then did up with thousands of e-mails and government workers in boxes called aspen has the details welcome back oh how did this unfold i think it sounds familiar for many people out there right i mean imagine you accidentally set off a reply all apocalypse this happened recently as you mention in the u.s. state of utah there was an innocent dinner invitation to a potluck dinner was meant for just a few dozen state employees but the e-mail went out to some twenty two thousand people and you can see the results here thousands of e-mails that in this e-mail chain as recipients pointed out the mistake by actually clicking reply all you can see some of those replies here it starts off innocently hey maria i think you have the wrong e-mail list then perhaps people could not respond to everyone on this chain connor chimes in you know it says don't reply all but you just replied all it continues to the point that people simply said can we just stop the madness after
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all of these e-mails in fact they went out to nearly every state worker in utah see that imagine there was a little bit of frustration there so it does sound very annoying more than frustration actually. i would think so if you haven't actually been invited well everyone did get invited as it turns out although i guess twenty two thousand people didn't go this dinner luckily some top politicians in utah decided to make some fun out of this event and here is what they did really some big names joe doherty of the utah division of emergency management taking to twitter to say you know this may actually be a real emergency here he is jokingly referring to the fiasco as reply all gate twenty eighteen in fact you can see here he. ainge his twitter profile to say i am a reply all victim and survivor even the state's lieutenant governor here chime in and saying this is real and it's an emergency and i fear this will never and did
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end with helps from the state's i t department but i think a good reminder to never click reply all in this you really really have to call us from thank you so much. strain based refugee footballer who's been critical of his home country right now his powerful royal family could soon be extradited back there. is a formal study funded with bahrain's national football team but so to saddam in australia after claiming to have been persecuted and tortured. okinawa over ideas in political limbo he was arrested in thailand on the vendor twenty seventh while on vacation with his wife at the request of the bahrain government now a thai court has extended his detention by sixty days so that in extreme dition order from bahrain can be processed. now it is for his life if he sent back to bahrain as these desperate pleas for help demonstrate with people that i don't i
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don't know i don't want a book about i want to go to saudi i didn't do it i look. at it i broke it you didn't ship to this i missed it. i didn't do it is. not over i be flecked bahrain four years ago he now holds refugee status in australia he says he was tortured for criticizing the bahrain varian family and its ties to sporting scandals in the region the gulf state denies the claim bahrain claims he then belies the police station that he was sentenced to ten years in prison in absentia a charge he denies and over ids detention has attracted attention worldwide both football's governing body and the. the australian government have cards for his immediate release. champions league football now where last season's runners up liverpool have an all or nothing showdown against napoli tonight coach you're going
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to club side needs a win to stand any chance of making the last sixteen the stage is set for the final round in the group stage of the europe's top club tournament. it's now or never for your gun clubs liverpool the reds have a last three out of five games in the group stage they need a win at home to napoli and some head scratching mathematics to save their champions league season the turnaround will be tough but klopp is hoping for a big performance you have to create a special atmosphere with or with the way the flames and we have to use the spirit as well and. yeah i was already before i read looking forward to it it's a big opportunity for us and we will try everything to to put it right. now only have more reasons for optimism they only need a draw to go through their coach carlo once a lot he is well aware of how and field can rock on a big european nights but sees it as
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a positive. nobody wants to play one of the best player in the world honest i don't fear. that is true that there are a lot of liverpool supporter but this is true also that there are three thousand napoli from the british reporter and also forty million around the world that support us and we have to work through that most of those. stars like most should ensure kiri will need to be at their very best to be napoli and rescue qualification but in this competition liverpool is a club that it's some was ever right off. track if you're the champions league games including the other game in the group perry sanctioned man and red star belgrade tonight p.s.g. when they could knock out liverpool or napoli in group a bonus legally to storm into monaco seeking the top spot having already wrapped up a place in the knockout stage childhood to have already advanced in group they
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munich could take top spot in their group tomorrow with a win or draw against i.x. i know the game that really matters donetsk host lille the ukrainian team wins they got into the sweet sixteen. football is often a male dominated sport but that's been especially inductions for brazil's female superstar mata she's added her friends to the hall of fame in rio de janeiro's fabled not to come on a stage forward said her induction should serve as an incentive for all women to fight for their own space on the page but his footprints and join those of other footballing greats like compelling connors walk of fame. don't look them directly in the i don't get between a mother and her baby on whatever you do do not feed them this is not serious and there's advice about the brits it is this is the advice being given to visits to india's government buildings in delhi which have become a favorite had hundreds of thousands of rhesus monkeys office workers say their
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real menace and not a problem so forced to go from just the higher monkey chases put a stop to much for the round. it's a serious face now benefit to have some good news on the trade front no monkey business from a fill as far as china goes and the us and its trade will try to be backing down and use agency bloomberg is reporting the beijing is moving to cut import tariffs on american made cars it says the chinese have proposed reducing tires from forty to fifteen just said the concession would now go to china's capital for review if approved to reverse the tariffs that beijing hiked back in july and forced many qandil was to put prices up as a car makers b.m.w. ford test rose on the news. as. a financial correspondent in frankfurt conrad could this be a turning point in the trade war. yes it could potentially because it
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would show that the chinese are willing to do something substantial you know last week shortly after the g twenty summit the u.s. president tweeted something like this he tweeted that the chinese were willing to substantially reduce tariffs on imported cars from the united sates at the time we didn't get a confirmation by the chinese government which raised concerns and doubts on the trading floors what to make of those tweets of the quality of those messages from the u.s. president if the reports now are true if the government in beijing is really working on those tariffs then it would mean that really the two sides are not only talking with each other but that some substantial effects are coming out of those talks you keep using the word substantial but is it because i mean washington wants china to completely change the way it does business. oh well that's
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true of course the u.s. have said that they find a lot of things in the way china is doing business to complain about and it's obvious that this would only be the start of a very long process but if you talk to people here on the trading floors they respond that it's much first preferable to see the two sides talk and discuss matters like tariffs and intellectual property and stuff like that instead of just slapping. higher terrorists higher and higher terrorists on their goods and you know the concerns in america are going for further u.s. vice president pence recently talked about how china was a risk strategically to the u.s. and its allies and also here if you talk to business people and financial people they would tell you it's much better having them talk about terrorists that about billy terry options and problems the truth trump also tweeted that the talks were
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very productive but i mean everything is either fantastic or disastrous in his words. that's true of course everything that comes from the u.s. president has to be taken with a grain of salt also every rumor like the one today from bloomberg but i can tell you two things people in the markets quickly learning they are getting used to the change way of communications from the white house and also bloomberg is an agency with a reputation of being pretty well formed so if they come up with a room like this many people on the markets think it's worth listening thank you go read my system to you. beijing and washington maybe talk trade again but it's still unclear if the rest of way executive mung show was part of today's conversation both sides are watching the case closely. well ways c.f.o.
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mung one joe is seen here at an event in russia four years ago she's a well connected business executive and even called the princess of qual way but she didn't get there by chance she's the daughter of company founder and multi billionaire run junk fame in just thirty years he built while way up from scratch into the tech empire it is today it has one hundred eighty thousand employees in one hundred seventy countries and an annual turnover of around ninety billion dollars. one way is one of china's most successful companies it's the biggest telecommunications supplier in the world and the second biggest smartphone maker. and december first on the very day trump met with chinese president xi at the g twenty summit to deal with the u.s. china trade war among was arrested in vancouver canada. the arrest warrant was issued by the u.s. . she's accused of illegal dealings with iran but some people in china suspect
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foul play on the part of the americans. who i think there's a conspiracy behind this thing from the u.s. and while way after all five g. is coming next year you'll have a huge influence on the communication industry so the u.s. wants to limit while his development. maybe things really aren't as they see in the u.s. has repeatedly accused well way of using its equipment to spy but without proof although the company has always denied allegations several countries have said well way should be excluded from the developments of the new high speed mobile network five g. including britain australia and new zealand but germany hasn't followed suit in fact dutch of chile comes relying on qual ways involvement because the network upgrade would be far more expensive without it so what does all this mean for among one jo perhaps her only crime was being the daughter of the company's founder. apple has
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several i phone models remain on sale in china that's despite a chinese court decision banning the sale of most of the american tech companies handsets the ruling yesterday was prompted by a lawsuit from u.s. chip maker quokka the company says apple infringed on two of its patrons one regarding photographs resizing and the other related to how absent managed on a touchscreen the bad effects models between the i phone six and ten apple still stroke one point three percent the chinese market is worth about eleven billion dollars before the traffic. rose nearly three percent in the news. a u.s. senate panel has begun grilling google c.e.o.'s wind up pichai on the company's recent data breach as well as its controversial plans for china is appearance before the senate judiciary committee comes after the company revealed google plus soon to be taken offline social network expose the postal information has many is fine three hundred thousand people the chinese also facing questions about google's reported plans to introduce since a lot of its search engine in china. and
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a reminder of the top stories we're following for you british prime minister the reason may has arrived at the e.u. in brussels in a lot last ditch effort to save britain's briggs a deal earlier in berlin germany's chancellor merkel told her it would be no renegotiation of the deal. if it you can always get the news on the go just download our app that will give you access to all the news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and also use the app to send us photos and videos. news live from berlin more news that's on the hour you see there.
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