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and i work at. this is g.w. news why but from berlin tonight an uncompromising message from europe to britain there will be no renegotiation of the brics that deal germany's chancellor angela merkel was just one of the heads of state today with that message for british prime minister theresa may may then went on to brussels in a last ditch attempt to save her that deal also coming up tonight murdered saul the
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writers of all the show is time magazine's two thousand and eighteen person of the year he shares the title with three other journalists and a u.s. newspaper all described as guardians in the fight for truth and is yet in peace talks making progress on a prisoner exchange four hundred thousand children are at risk of starving to death the un children's organisation appealing tonight for an urgent end to the country's humanitarian crisis. gov it's good to have you with those germany's chancellor angela merkel did not mince her words today there will be no renegotiation of the brics a deal that's what she told britain's prime minister theresa may just several hours ago may is seeking changes to the deal to make it more. for example to britain's
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parliament the reason was briefly in berlin after an earlier visit today to the hague she did with on to brussels to meet european union leaders in a last ditch attempt to save the brics a deal she did find some sympathy but again a refusal to renegotiate. our joining her to be table mel is our correspondent well it's good to see you so let's talk a little bit about what has happened today i mean one possible why even go on this trip when everyone has said that it's an exercise in futility that's a very good question she is determined i guess to buy a little bit more time in trying to convince those people owe him inside back in the u.k. that she can win some concessions from the e.u. but as you've said this often imbalanced saying that there was no further renegotiation we also heard from the commission president. earlier this morning
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saying the same thing but to reason may has been pushing a brave face on things saying that she obviously thinks that she's going to get something back from these countries that she's visiting a but also pointing out that the big issue here is the irish backstop and she knows it is an issue and she knows that those countries particularly. that they need to focus on that and in some way give her some concessions let's hear what she had to say. the deal we've negotiated is a deal with almost the referendum it all as a result of the referendum and it's the best deal available indeed it's the only deal available on the back stop which is the issue that parliament has raised the back stories and necessary guarantee for the people of northern ireland and whatever outcome you want whatever relationship you want with europe in future there's no deal available that doesn't have about sort with a new group we don't want the backstop to be used and if it is we want to be
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certain that it is only temporary and it's those assurances that i will be seeking from fellow leaders over the coming days or theresa may they're talking about insurances on the backstop of the banks job is it's complicated it's hard to even get your head around if you're not in it to explain it to us so the backstop is a way of ensuring that there is no hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland they are in the same bits of land if you like northern ireland as part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland is not and republic of ireland will stay with the e.u. so that if you've got this big issue here that they don't want better be a hard border between the two particularly given the history of that particular piece of land that country where there have been a lot of problems with violence in the past and they do not want to return to that so that is what it's about this plan within the withdrawal agreement says that if
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off to the u.k. has left you after this transition period if they have not been able to work out where they're going to go next the e.u. in the new k over the trade in the future then possibly as an insurance this backstop would kick in and that would mean that the whole of the u.k. including northern ireland would stay in a customs union but that specifically northern ireland would also have to abide by some specific e.u. rules and that is what they don't like the unionists that the members of the d u p party these m.p.'s that. up to reason may's government they really don't like it and neither do those on the right of tories amazed paciorek so we've got this is insurance policy if you will. concerning ireland in northern ireland and what about today in london what was happening while the reason may was touring europe well of course that was would be exciting because this is all drama that's playing out before our very eyes there was a moment this afternoon when we thought that there was possibly going to be
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a leadership bid against two reason may want she was out of the country forty eight tory m.p.'s have to trigger some let is to say that they want it to be a leadership contest at the moment they have not reached that number it's fifteen percent of the tory party but we are we are a leadership what shifts have not been going on secondly there's been a debate in the house of commons it was called by the main opposition the labor party it hasn't really done anything it's just a chance for these m.p.'s to say that they were furious that reason they pulled this vote yesterday to want many people want many m.p.'s want to happen is that the labor party trick is a vote of no confidence in the entire government and that would therefore in some way perhaps help them get closer to a second vote a second referendum of people's votes if you like but at the moment labor not doing that they say that they they wouldn't get the support for it and anyway their leader jeremy corbyn is also
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a euro skeptics and watchful it's going on here in the you know we've used the entrance of the arctic many times but it certainly does apply to what's happening right now with bricks and i was first warning thank you. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world of high school students have been out on the streets of paris today protesting against the french government's education reforms the march follows three weeks of nationwide demonstrations against president micron's economic policies last night the president promised an increase in the minimum wage in tax cuts for pensioners but students say their concerns have not been addressed google's c.e.o. has become the latest leader of a u.s. tech giant to face a grilling by members of the u.s. congress sundar pichai did night accusations that google has programmed any political bias into its search services he also repeated the company's position that it has no plans right now to launch a censored search engine in china three people have died in weather related
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incidents after heavy snow fell in parts of the southeastern united states calls and treacherous road conditions leaving thousands of homes in north carolina without power forty six centimeters of snow fell in west virginia catching many residents there off guard. time magazine has named the murdered salty journalist mall and several other journalist as its two thousand eight hundred person of the year the american news magazine describes the reporters as guardians in the fight for truth waged by countless people around the world also recognized our two warders journalists who are currently in prison ian maher and the staff of an american newspaper staff were killed during a mass shooting with the honor here d.w. director general peter lim board welcomed the decision. i think it's good news
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because journalists worldwide under threat and everything what helps them also in public recognition of the job which is very important for democracy and also for the whole development of the world the free press is absolutely vital for us i think everything would gives support for the work of journalists is good news and that was the director general of dogs of elephants a limbo there the united nations children's aid organization unicef has renewed its call for urgent international pressure to resolve the humanitarian crisis in yemen and according to their latest report four hundred thousand children four hundred thousand are so severely malnourished that their lives are in grave danger the appeal comes as the two sides hold peace talks in sweden and exchange lists of names in a proposed prisoner swap. a positive sign concerning the situation in yemen the who three rebels and the yemeni government have no such a date to exchange prisoners from the warring sides they have already exchanged
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lists of prison this. listen closed more than fifteen thousand captives and to tell you need is from all warring parties in yemen and. we hope the obvious are just being serious we are serious and ready at the moment. the huge prisoner swap is set to take place in january marking a success in the un brokered peace talks which into and devastating four years civil war the conflict has killed at least ten thousand people and pushed millions to the brink of stuff asian children are bearing the brunt of the suffering. on every bed in this hospital twice a tiny victim of the civil war the flashpoint city of her data is still held by the rebels but undergoing a massive government offensive seventy percent of the country's food imports come through the port here today yemen is hell on there for millions of yemeni children
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four hundred thousand of them suffering from the life threatening severe acute malnutrition and when you talk to the parents when you talk to doctors when you talk to teaches on the day you realize that behind these mind boggling figures there is a there is a reality so for me it is unprecedented. move the peace talks in sweden and the seach there's still a long way to go the prisoner swap is a sign of hope but it's also the least contentious issue on the table the rivals are still negotiating. an australia based refugee soccer player who's been critical of his home country and its powerful royal family could soon be extradited there hakim. is a former star defender with bahrain's national team but he sought asylum in australia after claiming that he had been persecuted and tortured. the key not over
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id is in political limbo he was arrested in thailand on the vendor twenty seventh while on vacation with his wife at the request of the bahrain government now a thai court has extended his detention by sixty days so that an extreme dition order from bahrain can be processed. to do nowadays for his life if he sent back to bahrain as desperate pleas for help demonstrate with people that i know i don't know i don't want a book about it i want to build a story i didn't do it but i look. at it i broke the citizenship to live i'm still looking at it i didn't do anything. on over id flecked bahrain four years ago he now holds refugee status in australia he says he was tortured for criticizing the bahrain varial family and its ties to sporting scandals in the region the gulf state denies the claims bahrain claims he then belies the police
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station that he was sentenced to ten years in prison in absentia a charge he denies and oribe east attention has attracted attention worldwide both print boss governing body and the australian government have called for his immediate release. ards words now on the champions league where last season's runner up liverpool have an all or nothing showdown against napoli tonight coach you're going clocked side needs a win does stand any chance of making the last sixteen the stage is set for the final round in the group stage of europe's top club turn. it's now or never clubs liverpool the reds have lost three out of five games in the group stage they need to win at home to napoli and some head scratching mathematics to save their champions league season the turnaround will be tough but klopp is hoping for a big performance there to create especially. with the way the flames. and we have
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to use that mystery as well and. yeah i was already before i read the forward to it so it's a big opportunity for us and we will try everything to to put it right. now have more reasons for optimism they only need to draw to go through that coach he is well aware of how field can rock on a big european nights but sees it as a positive. nobody wants to believe that one of the best they go in the world honest i most fear and hope. that that a lot of. that is through also that there are three thousand napoli from. forty million around the world of that support us i have to say that most of this. stuff like most. giri will need to be at their very best to beat napoli and rescue qualification but in this competition liverpool is
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a club that some. write off and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you britain's prime minister theresa may has completed a whirlwind tour of european capitals and she's been seeking changes to the brakes a deal to make it more acceptable to britain's parliament but e.u. leaders say they will not renegotiate. with more followed by the day to see that. what's coming up. here. is coming take a look for the table of course. every weekend here on t.w. .


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