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the country. did donkey's fear no hard. starts december twenty ninth on d. w. . this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin britain's prime minister fights for political life to reason he faces m.p.'s in the house of commons just hours ahead of a vote of confidence on her leadership the vote has been triggered by members of the own party who oppose her brakes and plan. also coming up a massive manhunt in the friend city of strasbourg police search for the gunman who
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opened fire near a popular christmas market killing two people and seriously wounding several other . and a canadian quarter loses the chief financial officer of the chinese telecom giant twelve really on bail the main one jew faces charges of violating u.s. sanctions against iran. cheema british prime minister to resign me is fighting for whole political life in an announcement outside ten downing street may said she would fight a no confidence motion against her will with everything she's got that came shortly after lawmakers in the governing conservative party gained enough support to trigger the vote on a leadership that will take place this evening but may was define. and actually
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true down a challenge to our party rebels his father what she had to say a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our country's future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it a new leader wouldn't be in place by the twenty first of january legal deadline so a leadership election risks handed control of the brics in negotiations to opposition m.p.'s in parliament the new leader wouldn't have time to renegotiate a withdrawal agreement and get the legislation through parliament by the twenty ninth of march so one of their first acts would have to be extending all rescinding article fifty delaying or even stopping breck's it when people want to get on with it and the leadership election would not change the fundamentals of the negotiation or the parliamentary arithmetic weeks spent tearing also part will only create more division just as we should be standing together to our country none of
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that would be in the national interest. that was the british prime minister to resign me talking outside ten downing street short finally go to a bomb or a visa spoke to big cash is a conservative m.p. and a long time drags the chair he publicly announced that he had submitted a letter of no confidence in prime minister mean we asked him why he gone public very simply for the reasons i've given i'd lost confidence in the prime minister's ability to conduct these negotiations and as we've seen if i may say i was proved right because these negotiations went nowhere in terms of the house of commons it wasn't accepted by the house of commons as a whole that's why they pulled the verge furthermore it was inconsistent with the votes of the british people this withdrawal agreement does not match up to the public trust that people need to have in the fact that we are actually going to leave the european union she herself said we will never leave the euro. when you
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knew him truly unless we regain control of our laws and that would not happen under this agreement. that was a conservative tory m.p. bill cash with me in the studio not is john worth he's a political blogger and analysts who's been following all of these brags of developments closely full of these past months welcome john b. hard to resent me earlier she sounded resolute and determined you've got to give it to her she's not going down without a big fight that's true and theresa may has been quite actually personally courageous you must say throughout this whole process whereas the amount of support that she she's got it's eroding away she has no backing for her breaks a deal and now with her conservative party members of parliament trying to no confidence but still she keeps on trying to fight on further it's quite personally courageous in missouri but she did make a compelling case didn't she when she said that if there is a leadership challenge nothing in the fundamentals of the negotiations will change and that arithmetic is the bottom to support it there i have to disagree with the
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reason made to a certain extent we knew that the deal that's on the table is about the only thing that theresa may couldn't carry shape that they're all things that you could look at different versions of breaks where the e.u. would want those is another question but some breaks it which was actually a bit of a harder breaks it or indeed more of a pragmatic breaks it being a softer on the issue with regard to immigration for example so this idea that there's no room for maneuver i disagree with someone else may have a better chance may have a chance of munching broca's something different a reason they would and this is this crazy situation that's reason is defending it the very same deal that was meant to be voted yesterday in poland and she knew she didn't have support for it and today she sounds that she has supreme confidence that it would get would get through parliament how she manages to maintain this confidence in the face of such opposition is quite extraordinary so the vote is going to be in a couple of hours of the british bottom and what happens if she loses so then there's going to be leadership election if she would lose we're going to know the result of the nine p. . century european time but in time tonight if she loses then it's
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a conservative members of parliament that essentially take a decision first they'll be a group of candidates and they whittled them down to two final candidates and then those two final candidates get voted by the conservative party members if you had to go through the whole process to resume a success would only be known sometime in january now bear in mind the problem there is the brits the clock is ticking absolutely loses another whole another month when we've only got just over three months to go until breaks it is meant to happen so it makes the break that timetable very very difficult so that will be what would happen we expect at the moment that it looks like a reason may is more likely to survive this confidence vote if we're judging by the public statements of support from conservative party members. members of parliament sorry which is itself weird they're saying we support reason may but we don't support a break who breaks the deal now what's the solution to that one it's impossible to tell absolutely and also of course one of these amazing arguments is that all just
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what she says defending ourselves apart is going to play into the hands of the opposition and the labor party is we also know is very muddled in divided about breaks it exactly and also but at least give jeremy corbyn his due he was relatively strong today in prime minister's questions essentially saying look we cannot trust the conservative party to deliver on breaks it because look at the mess they brought britain into i think that line actually was quite a good one today but again the labor party is divided on breaks it as well and what then everyone else in brussels in berlin looking back at what's going on in westminster it looks like a political catastrophe at the moment without any sensible way forward it's fascinating but very depressing absolutely everyone seems to be divided but this is a secret ballot john so we have to wait and see how said he did and i mean that when the most conservative members of parliament go into the voting booth they're going. on a. didn't see john well as
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a political blogger and analyst thank you very much. now turning to france and police on the hunt for a gunman who opened fire near a christmas market in the city of straw on tuesday night french prosecutors now say two people died and thirteen were injured is located close to the french german border it's home to the european parliament and a christmas market that draws millions of people everywhere now the market is on the plastically but right in the heart of. right this is reports here in the suspect shouting god is great as he opened fire government officials say they're treating this incident as a possible terrorist attack an ordinary french housing block this is where the twenty nine year old strasburg suspect lived until yesterday an intense manhunt has been going on here and today he's nowhere to be found prosecutors say he's vanished after hitting his hometown the tragedy began
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unfolding around eight pm the gunman opened fire near a packed christmas market killing and injuring indiscriminately. a firefight broke out but the attacker got away. leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. witnesses spoke of terror as the shots rang out . i saw a lot of people running scared crying kids and all that i said i think this must be very very serious. and then when i saw people crying and the crowd leaving they said it was a shooting right next door so i ran away i went to hide in a restaurant. with the op on. the nearby european parliament went into lockdown french authorities have raised the terror alert to the highest possible level as they searched for the suspect and tara investigators are in charge of the
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case it will be terrorism has again struck our country at strasbourg we have received a dramatic reminder that the danger is still a reality. france has borne the brunt of some of europe's worst terror attacks in recent years now the country finds itself yet again in the crosshairs. and he's obvious correspondent max health mine is unstoppable max what kind of picture is now emerging of the suspect to sum it up and read he was or he is trouble twenty nine years old but he already had twenty seven convictions in germany in france and also in switzerland he served prison time in france and in germany and the authorities believe that he was radicalized in one of those prison stints therefore he was classified as fishy yes that's what it's called in france
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meaning that file as already radicalized he was being observed by the authorities they even wanted to take him into custody on the morning of of tuesday so the day of his attack but they didn't find them at home it was in connection with attempted homicide no so not apparently in connection with planning this attack here in stroudsburg so from what u.s. saying he is still on the run ah police any closer to finding him. he's still on the run yes they have traced his path freddy clearly from when he started the attacks until late in the evening about even two in the morning three in the morning where he moved through the city he was apparently injured some reports say in the shoulder some say the hand he definitely took a cab to go from one place in strasbourg to another but then this trace goes blank if they apparently or at least have not communicated where he went afterwards and
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being asked the question one undersecretary of state of the french government said that it was absolutely possible that he might have crossed the nearby border to germany so he might not even be in this country anymore max of money instructable thank you very much for that update. let me now bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the world the european union's prestigious soccer of prize for human rights has been awarded in absentia to ukraine interim director saw a fierce critic of russia's annexation of the crimean peninsula since aunt was jailed in two thousand and fifteen for twenty years on terrorism related charges. they've been messages of international solidarity for two reuters journalists in me and on the first anniversary of their jailing valon and quasi were given seven year sentences after exposing a massacre of muslims in the high street the trial was widely denounced as
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a sham. us president donald trump has threatened a government shutdown in a heated exchange with democratic party leaders over funding for the border wall with mexico trampolines democratic support to pass any spending legislation but the democrats are offering far less than five billion dollars he is demanding. some football used on last season's champions league funds liverpool has squeezed into the knockout stages with a narrow one nil win over napoli more silence first how goalies gave liverpool the shut out victory they needed to progress but they had to withstand a dramatic finish liverpool go a keeper allison alex song made a spectacular save at point blank range to preserve the win for coach you can clap . now as liverpool scraped by to advance to the knockout stage not only dropped
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right out of it after starting the evening in first place in group c. of that's because the other big game of the night so paris saying man win and win the group another english side thought in advance thanks to that draw in barcelona . the gentleman is door one and shall kill bill or driven through to the last sixteen. and now what kind of hobbies would you expect to take up at the age of one hundred into anything like the great grandmother irene o'shea area here that you're going to go in for a record breaking tandem skydive mr shreya is believed to have become the was owed to skydive a with a fourteen thousand feet chump over south australia the tandem plunge was aimed at raising funds for motor neuron disease risk. all you have to say wow and wonderful an inspiration to all of us here watching the wus coming up ahead
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global stock markets rally at the release of highway and c.f.o. main bun jupe she was facing charges of violating a u.s. sanctions against iran. that story coming up for you shortly of watching do you debbie news if you can to stay with us. or. say this is. hundred german street on the dole.


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