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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm CET

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senator courses. this is g w news live from berlin that you're looking at live pictures from inside the house of parliament in london the nineteen twenty two. committee people applauding. and we are getting the results of that no confidence vote that was held
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on the prime minister to resign may. be announcement just give a false. give false there let's listen in. as we all for the conservative cause of the all folks cast in favor all for having come from centuries of i was two hundred and again it was a hundred and seventeen. under the rule sets out in the constitution the victims of the very thought of the call from take place for at least. once again. the british prime minister theresa may she have survived the conservative cause. the confidence vote held today. and apparently there with
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a margin that is worthy of applause or at least that's what we're we're seeing right there in the. commission right now. now this means however that the british prime minister will not stand for reelection will not stand in the next national election that means her time prime minister of the u.k. is limited we know when she will no longer be prime minister. and if you're just joining us right now what you're looking at pictures inside. the house of parliament in london what you're looking at right now is the known as the one nine hundred twenty two commission room committee room and that is where
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the. ok let me just now we're looking at downing street ten downing street ok we're following the cameras here tonight we're expecting the prime minister to address the country at any moment you can see right there there's the door the christmas tree and obviously she's preparing her comments having also received the news that she did win that confidence vote that was held this evening by her fellow tories her conservative party it was a vote that was called by her fellow conservatives who said they simply have no confidence in her leadership because of the breaks it withdrawal deal that she has negotiated with the european union and it's coming with a price though i've got with me here at the big table alex forrest windings.
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arbor of angel is in london on that part of the story let me just ask you alex here while we're waiting for the prime minister i mean this is a win but this is a win that has forced the the prime minister to. basically give yourself a political shelf wife. she's a lame duck in one way use it she says those numbers. those in favor of theresa may standing on staying on two hundred thirty seconds to one hundred seventeen i mean that is not really a comfortable way in ok she's got over that she only needed one hundred fifty nine m.p.'s to support but even so she's got one hundred seventeen who wanted her to go and that is extremely uncomfortable for her yes she's had to give assurances to those m.p.'s on her own side that she would not lead the conservative party into the next general election in the u.k. which is june twenty twenty two so perhaps that won
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a few people over but it didn't to a huge amount to to win over those one hundred seventeen m.p.'s who wanted her to go wanted to oversee a new leader to lead the conservative party a new prime minister and were willing to sacrifice quite a lot for that to happen. she has been mixed for her pretty mixed barbara being so in wonder barbara can you hear us. yes i hear you what do you what do you really richer it's what you're going to what do you what do you make of these results it's. exactly i wanted to sort of pick up what alex just said yes it's not a comfortable wind because if we heard that it was one hundred percent in that room over there to each other sorry i mean all charlie m.p.'s were supposed to have been there so there is somehow forty three missing forty is free that couldn't decide for her and said ok vote we don't want to vote down so that is really not
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comfortable at all and differ her that makes things really difficult it is a very bad position to be in. and what's what is this going to mean for her to more barbara when she goes to bat last. line here come back to yahoo ok so i will let you get reconnected i was in the third the questions what is going to mean for tomorrow because she is planning to talk with other e.u. leaders and push this bridge and push it through and then of she be watching this and breathing a sigh of relief that it's to that at least she's still in power but also on comfortable with those numbers she has promised her own side that she's trying to get the best she can of the e.u. ounce of brussels a wanting assurances on what will happen with that northern ireland backstop that's what she she needs we already know that the e.u. have said they will not reopen that withdrawal agreement that that is set in stone
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that that is the legally binding text and the those bricks it is a particularly those from the democratic unionist party the northern irish policy were desperate to get out of that backstop and they're very concerned about that they wanted something legally binding which she is unlikely to have to do to do the how she will be able to come back and say look i've got. another legal text that will go alongside that withdrawal agreement but but i mean i really don't think that's going to be enough and i still think it's very uncomfortable and can i just say that she she is safe yes we have the chair is that but there is still the possibility that her own cabinet her own top team could decide that actually you know it's not quite good enough they could decide that they were they would like to go i think it's unlikely but it's still a possibility i think we would have to wait to hear from them what they say you know then they would have to get some kind of unity candidate that's a big risk for them. you know no ideal host plus time is running out to time
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something like this happened. in london can you hear me now. yes i hear you get ok let me just ask you i mean. looks like if you're just looking at the number . as the results of this confidence vote it looks like the reason makes you survived it but she may actually be coming out of it as an even more weekend prime minister than she was before. yes of course in this opens the door is a certainty for the a position to set a jump up and say now listen she doesn't even have to confidence off a really strong and overwhelming majority of own party you know we try to bring her down again jeremy carbon is just waiting to sort of start that vote of no confidence against her hoping that then he can sort of gather some support from the tories who really tried to oust so tonight and to contend with her leadership and
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was her breaks it deal and particularly and the times these sort of unquiet for is far from over you know every time something like this happens and she has been sort of like kids in difficult situations before in the last months as she comes out and she says i'm fighting on but how often can you sit if repeat that how often can use just sort of some come out it's like a boxer who gets knocked down and stands on the end and finally if she will find herself on the ropes you know i mean it's a good point you make but we're getting all kinds of reports coming in from london . and we're saying that very really is no chance the story some may will go that she will remain as prime minister if you are just joining us you're watching b.w. news this is our special live coverage of the results of that confidence vote that was held this evening by the conservative party on prime minister theresa may to
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research may she survived. but the margin of victory is not as big as it should have been for someone looking for a strong mandate to move forward you've got the numbers there. she one hundred seventeen were against two hundred and seventeen were against two hundred in favor and as barbara said there were some missing so i mean it really isn't great for her just just picking up on what barbara was saying about the labor the labor party that the main opposition party within parliament that they have made it pretty clear that they won't they do not want to trigger this no confidence vote in the government until two reason may has put this deal to parliament which she was opposed to yesterday and didn't do because she knew she didn't have the support and it is then once that is defeated in parliament if she is defeated if she can't get any more assurances from the e.u.
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that is then when labor could well trigger that no confidence vote in the government well. if you if you take this just one step further this is looking like a very bleak picture if we are looking to resume a being weakened. by this result tonight and then she goes back to brussels but is still not able to bring back anything satisfactory concerning the border situation with ireland in northern ireland what will happen then if if labor does trigger this vote of no confidence and what do you do then well at the moment i don't think that the neighbor would want to trigger it because they want a general election that's what they want more than anything remember labor is equally divided over brics it the leader jeremy corbyn. is somebody who although he says that he voted against bracks it. he's not super excited but he's skeptical he's always anything you're a skeptic and i think he's very uncomfortable about not happening
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a lot of labor voters voted for bricks it so he feels he owes it to them so he's in a difficult position himself if it is triggered that no confidence vote in the whole government then i do still think that the those unionist m.p.'s in northern ireland. will still support the government reason mase government and so will those bracks it is they will not want to see jeremy corbyn his party they will not want to see him in number ten he's fun to leftwing for them but he does throw away from any questions about brics it is itself and that is the problem that's one reason why is worried about the brics it may may either be a no deal or tool that's that's trying to win that they don't have any state you know there's no brics it and that they perhaps even have a second referendum which is what some of the console will not play yet but there are many many possibilities i mean it looks like we're closer to that point tonight barbara i mean if we if we see if we look into mid january if that's when
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parliament would get the chance to vote on teresa mayes deal if if that were or to be rejected then you basically have what seven weeks until it happens so you're looking at either crashing out or you're looking. you know taking advantage of what the european court of justice said earlier this week and saying let's call the whole thing off at least for now where do you see it going barbara after the results tonight. after the results are going to venice was right to point out of course carbon was and will not come with the vote of no confidence immediately this is just we just have a good four weeks to go because we're heading up to christmas this christmas vacation and two of the kind of date comes which would be the twenty first of january for their votes in palm and so we're going to see another four weeks of infighting and sniping and backstabbing and the whole drama will just carry on till
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the end and then if it gets voted down then as we just see it as we know it opens the door then also the labor party said you know if the no confidence vote count goes through they will turn towards a second referendum and then we have completely uncharted waters because it's only as you pointed out to two months to bret's it and referendum compu down that quickly so they need to come to go to the european union and say please can we have a prolonged ation and then the thing drags on and on and the divisions in the country and the sort of divisions within the parties because rightly alec said yes those parties are divided about breaks it will just carry on and the picture is become going to become more and more dire and dramatic and to the country will supposedly get more and more fed up was it and i mean i can imagine also that the e.u. negotiators that theresa may have got to be talking with you that the motivation
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for them to move at all or as john told you they said you know to find more room for interpretation that motivation is going to be diminished by the results tonight yeah i mean the obvious they can they can to try that haunted. just of what they can do but as i've said we don't think it's going to be legally binding they're not going to reopen the withdrawal agreement and so those breaks the tears so those of her own party those unionists those northern irish m.p.'s are not going to be satisfied they're not happy with that and they won't be with of whatever she brings back in fact is the problem remember some of those m.p.'s i'm talking about would be quite happy for there to be a no deal not managed no deal they're calling it led by the u.k. would leave the e.u. on the twenty ninth of march how will the. rules but they seem happy they think that is a possibility many m.p.'s in parliament are not happy about that i spoke to to one m.p. labor m.p. stayed high up in this call for
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a second referendum and what he is hoping for that yes as barbara said that there would be a request basically that theresa may withdraw it facts parliament if she can't go ahead deal passed in parliament parliament what she want he said hoping that m.p.'s were running around germany coping with say ok we'll look at a second referendum they will ask the e.u. can you extend article fifty as in the date when the u.k. would have to leave can you make it longer this m.p. said to me when i said ok well when would you possibly have this referendum there's so much to get through he said be looking at many many long as it is before the european elections in june we think it is a possibility so. everything is to play for all these that they're still on the take the sting out of the way if you if you're joining us right now you're watching news this is our live coverage the result of that vote did come in for the british prime minister theresa may she did survive she she won that vote tonight with about
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two hundred votes for her hundred seventy to get the margin of victory there rather meager and it will be sending mixed signals. especially to europe beginning to ask both of you alex and barbara in one day and then when we look at the results and look at what has happened. then who was serbs who benefited from this from this day of. political theater and people being you know on pins and needles i mean who was served by not just a question i think it's very difficult to say who was bias in the press it is obviously felt that this was their last chance to to get her out knowing that if they lost his fate she but them be safe for the next twelve months so they've lost i guess they've shown that their constituents how passionate they are about bret's it but they have one. m.p.'s of of sea rallies around choice to make but as we say
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hasn't been really enough you know to make it comfortable and and it's just really made the political class in the u.k. a laughing stock around the world and i think it is just it's delayed it it's it you know the cost more than ours the public in the u.k. i'm not in favor of of this kind of thing yes it's fair to but nobody wants a divided party and that divided party is the government and. who do you think was served by what we witnessed today. absolutely absolutely nobody brand because this is just self-serving see archer and i think as alex rightly said the public is quite fed up with it because they really sees through it now i mean for a while this was sort of entertaining everybody thought ok yes we having a big fight about it and then the end it will be just so it will be resolved in some sort of way but it's not it drags on and on and to the every argument has been
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heard about a hundred times by everybody and so it is just really the party's navel gazing constantly and just trying to jockey for position and cling on to power or get into power and no. but he really talks about what is good for people what would be the back to why you know with the better way now to go was this deal with the better way now be to say folks we don't really know how to get out of the situation should be have a referendum which might be the decent democratic thing to do bad to that is really not on the table and it is we see a sort of breakdown a sort of implosion of the political system that it begins to turn in itself and drink disregard to citizens that it should serve. it looks as if also with strengthening to the argument that there should be a second referendum or that it should be thrown back to the people to decide because they're the government's parliaments the prime minister. are lacking but
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what is needed and obviously that's what the people spoke these campaigning for a second referendum those are the arguments that that proceed forward but don't forget that the u.k. is still extremely divided over bricks and the latest polls say that a mature slight majority would perhaps vote remains second time around but are you about fifty four fifty five percent the the original results in twenty sixteen was fifty two bricks it forty eight against if there has not been a big swing to those who are anti bricks and i think that isn't a big problem for all politicians they're also very concerned about this whole issue of democracy they threw out that they said you decide at once you decide who would do what you want the problem is they can't do it they cannot get agreement with in parliament there are too many factions who want different things it's not even on party lines they would see many factions and seeing a way through it so it just looks at a real model which if you're just joining us right now you're watching news this is
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our live coverage of the confidence vote in british prime minister to resign may the reason they survived that vote she won with about two hundred votes in favor of her one hundred seventeen day against her the margin of victory smaller than what the predicted what people had been anticipating that. as our analysis shows it is making the political waters in the u.k. even murkier than they already were or you could see in the talk want him corner of your screen that is now i would say your full screen that is ten downing street we are expecting the british prime minister to receive me to give a statement about these results is known to as we know she's taking your time i mean obviously they're also trying to process in these numbers and she's she's lost
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a third of the polls in her and proxy so that is an easy. ignores you she was forced into this obviously by her own party and. so she's you know the tories have helped her shooter self in the foot so to speak would you agree yeah and i mean there's just a price to saying this is catastrophic she's a lame duck she's done but the thing is she said pint she may be a lame duck says she survived and she they cannot trick another vote unless she herself decides to step down in twelve months twelve months twelve months so it is the people there walked in there walked in the situation of states this or either. calling her she could she could potentially call an election herself but it didn't go so well for her last year when she did that was supposed to win handsomely and didn't win and you know has a overseeing a minority government having to be supported by these ten unionists m.p.'s from the d.p. in northern ireland now which makes it very very difficult for her in let's just
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think about what other legislation can they possibly get through parliament when they are just tied in knots over bricks it it is it's very difficult for them they don't like a posse with one issue which they can't agree on they can't get through a meanwhile the labor party can sit back and say you have it you have to you have this issue and we will just watch and we will find out time and we will make a decision when we are absolutely forced to let me ask you in london you have spent many years covering the european union you called bring also the way that you you and the u.k. have interacted you know it's been a stormy relationship for a long time but what is what is the situation now what is it going to mean in the eyes of e.u. leaders and not just about negotiations the brics it but moving forward i mean doesn't this make the prospect of leaving the european union based on the u.k.
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model it looks even more. the. less appealing than it ever has and could you make that argument. oh. absolutely friend because what we have seen is that really concentrates the mind wonderfully for all the other twenty seven e.u. countries you have see these negotiations and they have been more unified than they have ever been over anything and the british side i mean the negotiators the british david davis and the other ministers and all the robin stories amaze men in brussels they saw they could to divide and rule and they constantly toured the european capitals trying to talk to the polish government trying to talk to the doctor trying to talk to the spanish and somehow regal themselves in there and promises and so on and absolutely zero was the result i mean there was just nothing doing back in brussels they were just sitting there and saying we're unified on
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this and now talk to us and you will not sort of have any say we will not see any splits here and so the bracks of the idea of bracks it descent tangling yourself from this dense web off the that the european union is economic killy and regulation and border controls are no controls and and this whole this whole bundle of things is so complicated everybody has understood that these countries who sort of unity jump up that on the table from time to time and say we don't like this we don't like that they they three really stuck to they've stuck to the straight and narrow within the rx and new stations because they saw that this is so damaging it spits the country it might bring down the government it's economically damaging and it's just all around better idea what it's really what emerges for the rest of the club and the british prime minister again she didn't get the victory. margin but
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she said she would have wired but basically i mean her position remains on altered . and the clock is ticking so. britain has lost. it's been busy with itself instead of trying to push these negotiations and now they have a prime minister who's maybe her to go shooting credibility and that it looks like the brits it is who are. members of this group the g the european research made them might take a very small could have pushed out. a statement the parliamentary arithmetic remains unchanged we cannot and will not support the disastrous withdrawal agreement the prime minister has negotiated and we have to bring it back to parliament without delay. to morrow bungy europe and then do what tells everyone on the what to show in these numbers which you've already seen try and get
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a better deal so that we can support it but as we keep saying as barbara has been saying which we know that the e.u. was saying that they will not reopen the withdrawal agreements the man and the best she can probably get is a legal text it wouldn't be necessarily legally binding but a legal text might go along with that political declaration that accompanies that with the withdrawal agreement they could say that that may be a way that the u.k. could come out to some point that some will be a free trade deal that can be agreed so that it wouldn't have to be trade but i mean it's very difficult to have very difficult indeed well maybe we will get some clarity with the prime minister when she comes out and speaks we're still standing by there's the door is opening right now. to resume a speaking you know on the results of the confidence vote. this has been a long and challenging day but at the end of it i'm pleased to have received the
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backing of my colleagues in tonight. ballot while so i'm grateful for that support a significant number of colleagues did cast a vote against me and i've listened to what they said. following this but we now need to get on with the job of delivering gretz it for the british people and building a better future for this country a breaks it delivers on the votes that people gave brings back control of our money our borders and our morals protect job security and the union that brings the country back together rather than entrenching division that most are here in westminster with politicians on all sides coming together and acting in the national interest. for my part i've heard what the house of commons said about the northern ireland backstop and when i go to the european council tomorrow i'll be seeking legal and political assurances that will. wage the concerns that members of
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parliament have on that issue but while delivering breck's it is important we also need to focus on the other issues that people feel are vital to them that matter to them to day to day the issues that we came into politics to deal with. building a stronger economy delivering first class public services building the homes that families need we owe it to the people who put us here to put the priorities first so here is renewed mission delivering the bricks it that people voted for bringing the country back together and building a country that truly works for everyone but i didn't go to a record. that was british prime minister to resign me there with a very short statement a reaction to the results of that confidence vote and. you know correct me if i'm
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wrong here but i did not hear anything that we have not heard before now was there anything in there that is was a need to know what she talked about what we've heard before since the referendum from have a breakfast that delivers she talks about a bricks it that delivers rather than entrenching division but the thing is it is a division is entrenched right back in parliament and across the country so that is very difficult sheets it says where we're going to be acting in the national interest she did talk about going back to brussels trying to get these legal and political assurances from them yet over these issues and let me let me ask barbara about this too barbara i mean we heard stories of me say and she said before i'm going back to europe tomorrow to the european council i'm going to ask them to try to see things in a different light that i can bring back into london is it even is it possible for
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her to throw the ball back into europe's who are at this stage. of. the.


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