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tv   Kick off - Borussia back to glory - How success returned to Dortmund  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2018 3:30am-4:01am CET

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you know those five minutes four minutes. morse has a power and beauty combines he has it all. it's in the pantheon of the great tenors certainly he's one for the ages. my tender for the ages starts december twenty second on t.w. . we go get to. have a metal football is back out for us your dog once you see him father is a man with the plan he has got to give me the sign show did i even outcast can they go all the way the issue. is the fun is league it's just a training ground for young talent how can delete change and keep those talents here in germany. thanks.
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welcome to the show i'm hakko today with me are tom and ed boys let's talk about one of the hottest teams not only in the bundesliga but in europe but also thought once we can chat about that plenty of time so we got this time and today so we can you know shop when the time is right pretty much when i do not. that's going to happen so bugs me you are getting buzz anyway if you get me started on review of the abbey house it was a boys you should sign and obviously no. i school ways it's always an absolute kolkata davian of a belushi and a very wise decision to get two englishman to come and talk about this particular one given the fact that an englishman won the dobie for pursuit and was loving watching that made most of my mates a charger fan so i didn't really have such
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a great time of it. for enough for the drama for the neutral was certainly works for sure more than a change from last year i mean there was also another sick game but here for dublin fans it wasn't really the best games let's take a look over your boys i want to show you guys a video from last year star be there any comparisons from a four four four four years that. you just listened. so much love the being the library was nice. but i mean it just trudging off look i mean play a boy last night didn't last didn't last much longer after that i mean to be born a lot but look this is this here this is now and that's how they receive their fans they receive the team and their training ground just look at that yes it's a party and you like i mean it really is pretty much twelve months on phone what they were late last year's dalby and they go and drill for oil out of that down the marshes are going to look at the faces just talk back or complain about you know that guy. is enjoying life for
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a world war difference if you can make that point and not a change of coach and you know the introduction of a few new talents and they really seem to turn things around all right so let's get down to the business the coach do some fava going to use the time as they said let's give it a couple minutes. ago was in public what has he changed on what i see what has been the changes that he has created at the team that has brought it to what it is today well i think i think one of the main things don't wait for the season i took a bit of a gamble on bosch last year he'd never you never would. the but is it before he done very well of all expert to come into a big man when you don't really know the league ended up being ned they are doing they didn't do very well under him so they really experience at this time almost three hundred games he's coaching the bunnies they are with him back but very well it needs some as well really good tactician knows the lee loves to blood young players and i mean he's obviously just smashing it but people thought bosh was going to do really well last season they started to season well and he said that
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will come off so i think i know the neat thing is a big point like you said i mean it's ok to do well at the dutch league is not the bundesliga somebody has got proven credentials in the league he's somebody who's also managed to calm things down quite a bit because even when bush was doing really well at the start of the season you know this big inflated hype sort of took off and it didn't take very long only a couple of you know pretty dodgy results especially of course that game against cheika where they you know threw away a form the old lead that was just a nail in this coffin very quickly and when things started to go wrong he didn't really look like he had much of a plan with father is somebody who's got a bit of a cool head knows how to deal with his players as well it is not you know he doesn't hang on and. so any of the big names that have previously you know caused problems for dortmund in the dressing room a little bit just because you don't really know what to do with them as a coach father doesn't really seem to be suffering from that problem and that's why things are looking i mean born technician i'm going to show you guys another video
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let's take a look at this one is him back in the day so we can take a look at that and just see just how crazy he plays look at you things like i do not always like. to give. my. life. i. think it does you've got to show what tactical know it he is a madman and also i mean he's not just he's not just a guy with a plan he's a guy with the right plan for dortmund this is the sort of football fans love to see you know it's like what we said it's heavy heavy metal coated it's fast counter-attacking football but impatiens when you put the ball within the ball but with a high pressure and he said he's going to play in the way they remember playing the last time the cops the way they're supposed to team like dorman is supposed to play
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back back in the day we had it with club with everybody knew them around europe for their taking pressing right it was what up was about and now finally domon are back into being a team that tactic wise their their own it isn't just knowing what to do with your players as well i mean we've got the stop on us twice right ten shots on go ten shots on target days tangos so far this season because they have a backup he hardly played come on as a substitute every single time and every televisa hit the ball it was hard to go no keeper though they would say i didn't believe all that isn't all that darby he teach school to call every twenty eight minutes that was recorded i mean this because if you tell him you don't hear that comes out and does that his father knows when to bring him on you know he's coming on one of a team to tie and he but you know the school is a goes as a substitute and he was taught awesome serves well when wins are going to get a star but you don't see it yet russian and he said it was so you know that that's what what the team needs and what it works also we have a lot of young players he's able to just harness that energy and that youth and
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just bring it on top i mean boys they're both from england. you know is just a new great play somebody coming over into smashing in the bundesliga about our son joseph is the right man basically hype though. isn't it yeah he says i was young and he's been doing it he obviously believed his own hype when he was at city because he went to the owner and said play me or i'm gone. because you haven't said what was probably doesn't mean i want to i want to fall now so you know with a seventeen you're not saying good but we're not everyone will. that connection with him i mean he was like an older blog i mean like that but i've seen him hugging him on the on the sidelines plenty of times it seems like they have a great great connection in many ways it's just kind of like you know he's of like a really nice uncle or someone yeah i don't know it's just he just he's able to bring it out of the kid but he's got he's got the blend just right because all to see. that blood but he knows him really well and he was like a young buck but when he was working with him before but now inherited this old
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experienced phenomenally talented and instrumental royce and his parent and with these youngsters again so sanchez learning from royce now and he just got these phenomenal for again it does make me often that a bust or going to be fair we do so kind of manage the. talk about it thanks for reading i thought it was very early in the play it is what i mean all the boys want has changed let's go to city so that is the blend in the squad like it's a school it's got the sort of old school and players that were semi successful before some of them from the old properties makes them so well the on the place you go into lots of kimi he was a nineteen year old from real madrid playing in left back not even in his right position and he smashed it he's getting assists he's playing well in the champions league and left but was a big problem for dortmund they had smelt so he'd gone way off the boil for years so to bring him in it's fantastic competition in some shows royce is being played you've got people back of it there's goals in the squad now visible and the lainey brand new sentiment full partnership the whole squad just looks so fresh and
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there's such a nice mix next there any i think was really a fantastic song nothing that was really good to show confidence in someone like thomas to learn he was just a model professional a really hard worker somebody to whom the bites on his chest means so much thing technically so it will lead to yeah exactly you know knows the league from his time frame and i mean his career has just gone from strength to strength and i personally am very pleased to see him because i would have dormant even though like i said all moments which i thought let's take a look at what the official blunders the a website has to say about the team as well i mean yeah there they're. the tina bit right there really into it let's take a look at what they have to say about it like they do have a clear footballing identity this time around haitian build up and their defense of the really solid defensively and you know that we mentioned just the goals we. also see thomas the lady there just saw it just so often versions of the play and death of a strange looking. thing
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it was so obviously it's a massive for the women and when they played the first game that they played against atletico madrid in the champions league this season was just phenomenal that's one of the best defenses in the world just took them apart i mean for me for any find even even if it doesn't you know even if. things go wrong for them at the end of this season. to have stood in the stadium and watched your team destroy madrid for nail on the champions league no i mean you can't say fairer and that's why. in the same year they lost it talking about attacking a single one of the one of the world's fastest strikers absolutely brilliant he's doing well also so you know it just goes to show you've gone on to bigger and better things perhaps well i mean yeah you could get one of those if you can dispute that because we have somebody. who just came from barcelona let's take
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a look at another video just i mean it's got kind of a bit of a love letter things too i mean there was already the champion story province profound after some of the good was a good love letter to the doctor his love letter to come here to look at this. is the new gold machine at the bundesliga all the stuff of all the great. love that's thank you. let's a product we know that and of course you know he went to barcelona but he didn't stay there too long now barcelona the casing of who can we get in instead of but i mean it's an absolute deal for dong wasn't just getting a play of his caliber just getting somebody that's not good you know i mean well very makeshift if they should that's not the place to do it was the boss last season it was fantastic from the start the campaign was mandela there shifted them better off to boston and took back over here and i think they've done really well because their ballet he was striking to game so far away from dortmund and you know messing around acting like an immature kid just started to get yourself in trouble a boss alone as well they did well to wash their hands of him. and he looked like
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a very good decision but it's looking good looking at the poor decision from barcelona now because you know he's wrapped up in and he had that cluelessly relatively cheaply and also you don't just treat it that immediately and if they don't win that's that's been their plan so far i mean they have a key from real madrid barcelona you mention from city is it just don't miss this place where are all the stars that don't. make the big break up this huge teams get to shine the same sort of design which just been a base it was been a really big name is now and i mean you know even for people looking at looking outside of germany at the boutique everybody knows bruce you don't even though they haven't won a title since the prop years you know it's still like a i mean institution of a club and a very attractive place to come and play if you were a young player and you know once everybody gets to see what jaden sanchez has done this year i think they're going to be plenty of young talents who will be very keen to follow in his footsteps because he's proven that the model works. and he's going
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to either going to run on and win the title i mean he's going to he's going to be eighteen we're talking about. yeah but yeah no i mean frankly i think when the time . really this you know when the final the big thing is going to get some hilarious comments if in a month old to start the whole six. months boys as of right now by the time let's go to another topic and that is the future how can a team like this though keep those towns exactly what we've just been saying that if the wheels come off that's the main issue here i mean yeah ok they could they could but they had won the league last season they still won the life of the laney and it's all happened under bush though we all thought at the beginning ok they're on be in for a long time term and it felt like ok they're going to go all the way now and then but i mean all mart even even now it's been inferred that they've gone further than they did under bush i mean now they're fourteen games in the league beats and bush
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i think maybe ninety seven or eight and start to get a few thought he was also more of the moment he might be fighting me that he didn't make. now. he lost that game against by him you know that was that was very decisive then but anyway that's a yes now i mean fourteen games they need to keep that going that's the answer to the question of how those if they win the league this season suddenly become even more of an attractive proposition so yeah ok sanchez join. which will join but it wasn't i there were tons of clubs in form and they just they were very smart they picked up these players but now with the squad they've got if they can go on and win something suddenly suddenly some some players the other clubs are interested in might think you know what i'm not going to go to munich there's something exciting happening at dortmund so they need to they need to make it this year because if they don't again i think. why would i join also part of the problem is like you said this quote that they've got sanchez has just signed a new contract but it's hard to imagine that he's really going to stay stay for even for the spell of his contract it seems like you know he just wants the club to
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get a bit more money for him when he eventually goes. packo's ok kimi is now on a two year loan from real madrid you know the question is really if they can actually begin to sign players not even they can remember if a few people may say make things that were we just don't want fans here but we're not we want to take a look and see what how can the team in the bundesliga be it be able to fend off against you know the money that man city might throw at them or somebody like you say we're not gotten fined but we would put this league of fans which is why it's so important for another team to win the league this season yeah it's a good thing killing in the in this league is this runaway success by have every season would be a massive story it's not a title race it's just a cancer for buy every year this time we've got an actual race on our hands even better than that buying of blood in behind it's so important for the leak that somebody else wins when we don't have someone else no one really ted's as long as it's not by just at least one season you guys feel that maybe maybe the model will change at dawn of sam something those players when buying comes knocking and says
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hey i want your love and that's easier said i want you this season isn't it doesn't seem like an attractive place to go does it i mean if you could if you could you know if you want jane sanchez absolutely campaigning at dortmund now in the women's league and by munich come along and say are the only fancy money that gal now you know why would you bother it looks like a club in decay there's a squad that needs to refresh itself and you know it's going to basically fall apart in three months time there are players there who are going to leave who dominate. an era of the con really much longer you know we'll see what happens in the transfer window and stuff but. that's all the time we have to talk about top ones but stick around we're going to be talking about the bundesliga in general is it just a training ground for the other top leagues. that will see this discuss if you head this work out. did you know the kickoff is now on you tube with the well it felt. like you. know a lot of banks got the world to read we travel the world can really think you know
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you france is all right i'm going to say no to stuff because it never people call and discuss football i'm chris here it's an. exclusion tool. it's a football kickoff telling you. hey guys welcome to the show on hakko today with me are adam and tom and it will be talking about the bundesliga is it just a training ground for the bigger leagues why are all the best players of the bonus the leaving boys in order to keep us in check and to remind you guys that we have a timer so if you guys talk too much i'm going to have to bust you so anyway what can the business get to do to keep the best players stay saying here in germany what can they do money in these to play a more. i mean need to be competitive needs to be competitive on a bigger level needs to start shedding scheduling games on mondays tuesdays where
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we know it's of the week or you know every different time of the day. is the so big t.v. deal was abroad in needs money because at the moment the only team even with you know a slim chance of being competitive european level is by munich and well that's what this season. there thought they were going to go what we have this the thing is a lot of exciting young players and that's what we see that with people like you don't sign cho also we have reason elson hakimi we have a lot of young players that are here in this league and they're making it really exciting these years and i know where you are when you mention about buying munich and having that money but i mean so far so good this year is what is really exciting tom and i obviously being english is really exciting the season see two english youth academy products one from manchester city jags one from austin all recent elson moved to the bonus league or. nelson's on loan but some show actually said you know what i'm going to go over there i'm not willing to sell the bench any longer he was offered good money to stay at man city and he thought now i want to
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improve myself i don't want to just be one of these players that slowly put it into a team he felt ready and we see in seeing great results both of them actually smashing it for their respective clubs and you know what as tom mentioned just now yes it's about money but it's also about competition and central has been a big part of the fact that dortmund occult a competitive this season and i think a lot of young players are thinking well look look at sanchez look at nelson look at them look at it going to dunn. they get an experience the first time he put themselves in the shop window even i know this all adds to the whole is it a training ground thing back to the point i was in there because it is very interesting set of they're putting themselves in the shop window and hoping that eventually. mark come knocking again and say look we're going to give you a place to play man you know it might come barcelona might come real madrid might come these are still the real top destinations for players who want to join shows. playing time at eighteen years old he sang the time of his life it was your daughter eighteen years old eighteen years only got to you go away well how how
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long is he going to be happy just to be getting playing time i mean look right now obviously bruce you don't is a fantastic place to be but it's not always like that and like recent i was and is often all i'm ok he's young he's getting a lot of playing time he's doing well he's you know showing his talent to everybody he's performing really well in the in his new guy and of course it's a fantastic experience to play in german stadiums and stuff and you know there are plenty of reasons why it's an attractive place to play but he's young he's on loan and he's at hoffenheim if he really wants to be a top top player eventually that's not going to be enough for him but they will stick around longer at such a particularly if you get a medal that will help if they if you can be part of the team that wins the league of course life another season or two so they have to maintain the success all you've done. for anyone who we had this before boys we've had players like kevin the point we've had also the bell you know the messages are going on and they just leave they do this is a long well i think in some of those cases ok timbaland
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was probably you know he's picked up on pretty dormant felt like a big break to him and he's gone to bigger and better things but if you take the brain as an example i don't think anyone has ever put themselves in a shop window more than he did but the point is they go because again they go if you well i mean it was it was perfect for deploying things didn't work out chelsea he thought i'm not going to i don't want to do next we thought you know was going to go back to the bonus league on any one player of the year straight back out to man city and it's slightly terrified fees but if we get clubs to think ok let's build a team around someone like the broiler because you know he doesn't i mean in his case specifically particularly i mean he didn't want to state it he always wanted to get a big move he went back to c.e.o. not as you know like when he was a boy spoke here and brain and he was in a very good team now yet he was living here isn't that beneficial also for the league i mean at the end of the day who's talking about what sport internationally is ended up during that year we were all talking about here of course of course and it's good to see. there is a time on it but eventually the bully can be a voice for a long time he can be part of
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a fantastic voice both sides everybody can be looking to vote with us i mean thing are you know that they were belgian and they've got he's not bad but eventually they're going to get buzz because if somebody comes along with bigger money who can offer him better career prospects in law in england or you know in other places in europe he actually will look at them and then they come knocking. the actual charge if you if you professional athlete and want to achieve things at the highest level possible in your field and manchester city come along and say look leave overspill beyond it's not even a nice town coming to mind just we're going to be in the champions league we're going to have a you know the we've got pep guardiola we're going to win pretty tight was coming and of course you're going to go and do that you know the sad thing is it's not even it's not even just that it's not even pep guardiola i mean look at match they played played two hundred been is the games before you twenty two for shell could be dolling from galston taken a lot pride and joy and he's out he's not even going to run you know it'll boss a load all you venice or city he was going to crystal palace he just cashed in i
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mean ok a lot of times you could think ok to bring it in belly of course they tried to go on to bigger better thing but but there's also that's just the most also the downside we just think well why did what would you do that would you stop playing champions league games to go to play for i crystal palace massive bag of cash. and that's that's two things happen as they grow up and see if they have the prestige to keep hold of these players but they certainly haven't got the cash that i mean crystal palace there nobody team in england know the french christian right but i'm saying that it's the premier league and it's just absolutely awash with money so the biggest thing is really up against it but how can we do to get do that and we have a lot of rules here that are not allowing us to have all that money in take as there isn't anybody different question and it's a toss up between whether you want to maintain a fantastic football and fine culture or you really want to compete at the highest level and i go with the former. wounder and you think that's not what you got a year was good. next off make the fans were these were they stay in all this i mean as you said if you want to keep the fans you want to keep this atmosphere the
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bundesliga has what makes the league special how can you do that well if you don't want to start if we're talking i know you're going to be every day is what the north court goes in creation effect to watch in the past few years we're listing all the players that they've lost. a son a sign of. the red sky they're going to you know to have just a good team but really the only one who can compete in europe it was he was not. running it isn't that. i mean unbelievable later kerry yeah exactly i mean that could seriously be like one of the best teams in the world that scored on paper if they if that's your group of players that stays together on real life i mean you can't put a limit on the possibilities that scored like that you know had could have had and they all just go so as a fan of yours you're kind of long suffering you have to basically be content you know up the also was of the season here in
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a low yeah but but like we've seen with sanchez and we've seen with nelson ok it's annoying because you can't plan long term but i resolve to see a flip side now i'm not saying it's all a good thing i can see both sides but also suddenly you get a player like nelson in you know ok he's going to be gone next season but for one season you've got player that smashing goes in yeah son ok century came from countries come for free essentially or they have to pay compensation little to keep me from real madrid ok not probably going to be a long term left battle that can for seasonal it's money that they've given to take in to take him by on the season and they've got sunshine in the school they go for century nothing that will keep me like i said so yeah ok it's not long but there's also some short term funds to be had by taking some of these young players and knowing they're going to leave eventually so you can have it although you can't you could choose i mean do you want to short term fun of having a pretty young player in the long term misery of knowing that you can't really buy a show of anyone's name on it our boys think i want is going to be gone i want to answer that what would you choose if you were the ones. i mean i think there's
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something to be said for having a bit short. i mean if if if hope hoffenheim could somehow win the league with with players like nelson and then they'll leave in a few scenes where they take it off and often fans will take that oscar less to say famished exactly be happy you know if they'd rather know ever have had we had more is it that their club or if they want to say he was there for the tommy spend that much anyway that's all the time we have boys thank you so much for joining us at.
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