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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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i'm with i was with women especially in victims of violence in. part your story train always understand this new culture. that the visitor not the guests you want to become citizens. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. however one welcome to another exciting edition of your own max i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what we've put together for you today. race against time how to whip up a christmas meal in minutes. norwegian would pay
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a visit to the beaches town of blood all so. merry christmas to d.i.y. paper decorations for the festive season. but we start off the show with a blast from the past can you say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious that's right mary poppins the world's most famous nanny is returning to cinemas just in time for christmas the story picks up about twenty years after the first part ended during the great depression in london this is not a remake of the original story but instead a sequel based on several books that were never filmed well several hollywood stars are part of the cast so this is sure to be a hit for the holidays. fans had to wait fifty four long years now at
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last the magical mary poppins returns to the silver screen the star studded motion picture headed to european premiere in london on wednesday. she has a lot of relevance for people around the world when things feel rather fragile i think that she's a great unifier we love the first film like so many people did or it was something that was definitely a labor of love on our part this. mary poppins returns picks up on the story from the one nine hundred sixty four original a long break between a film and its sequel. this time around emily blunt plays the extraordinary nanny. my goodness and bill have you clues you can prove god that much so well and john yes just to fill the house you know why me because she's mary poppins cope's she
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just leapt off the page at me she is so and sick and bassy and funny and they and rude and all of you think you just don't think so delightful to play. like the original the sequel is loosely based on the mary poppins novels by an australian born writer pamela linden travers in the midst of the great depression mary drops in on jane and michael banks now fully grown and living in the house on london's cherry tree lane michael now has children of his own. troops who now he's michael b. are still not a caught fish. after michael's wife dies his family is in danger of losing their home. and her mary poppins to build a house on cherry tree lane with confidence and joy again. best thing about the room the character of mary poppins is that she she does this but without
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sort of doing it obviously you know she denies having any part of any of the adventures but she has a master plan that takes us through the whole journey. again mary poppins spirits people off to magical places where anything seems possible. director rob marshall largely dispensed with computer generated effects. some of the animations were drawn by hand the old fashioned way as a tribute to the original of one thousand nine hundred sixty four which combined cartoon drawings and mechanical effects. this was a completely you know practically done. big hollywood movie such a throwback to those old movies where you don't have a lot of c.g.i. that we barely have any green screen other than the animation sequence. and people
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are on why is we are floating around on why is. joining emily blunt are oscar winning actors meryl streep in a column for. dick van dyke originally played mary poppins best friend burt now aged ninety three is returning as well in a new role. and marries found a new friend in the person of jack the lamplighter now he show you the lovely. you really think so nice to see you jeff good to see you too mary poppins there is something magical about it you know bringing light to london and i think jack does that as well i mean he sort of he he gets to go on these incredible adventures with mary poppins and the children he brings light. to to the world the one. as mary poppins emily blunt has some quite impressive shoes to fill. apparently she's a hit with both animated and real audiences she's already nominated for
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a golden globe as best actress mary poppins will be returning to cinemas around the world starting december nineteenth. staying in london and royalty was out in full force on wednesday moving on now to that i am no other stories making headlines on the culture scene. prince charles and his son prince harry hosted a reception in london on wednesday for celebrities active in search of causes among them by a hollywood film star tom hardy an english national football team coach gareth southgate. many of those present are ambassadors of the prince's trust a charity founded in one thousand nine hundred seventy six by the end to the british throne to help socially disadvantaged young people.
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has a special christmas tree has been found in no the sun in southern poland the pinetown was twenty metres high and is dedicated to the late pope john paul the second. the tree will be placed in front of his window with the krakow bishops balance before carol's point he went again pope john paul the second in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight he was the archbishop of krakow and lived in the palace. join his papal visit he spoke to the assembled people from that same window and. danish icelandic artist olafur eliasson has arranged thirty blocks of ice in front of london's take modern the installation aims to raise awareness of global warming . taken from the ice cap of which fell into the ocean on a broader here to the streets in london i did it to show one of the scientists the politicians talking about when they talk about global warming but here in tots. the
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project was timed to coincide with the u.n. climate change conference in poland. where you turn now to our special series this week where top chef robin peach cooks up yummy christmas dishes in just under five minutes today he's going to prepare spice more wine with a traditional snack involving goose fat now if he goes too fast you can always see his videos again on our website. it is time i have a fast and delicious tip for a christmas treat for your family and friends when you have no time while be making mulled wine not the normal kind but white using white wine instead of red.
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then there's white rum. make enough in case some unexpected guests drop in. mulled wine needs oranges the oranges have to be blanched first to remove some of the bitterness then we toss in the whole oranges with appeal that adds a lot of flavor. and some christmas spices we have some cloves and some cinnamon. stand since we don't have much time to bring everything to a boil. turn on the home. maybe add a little honey you can make it a little sweeter but not too much that's the first step. then push money you can buy bread anywhere and goose fat should be hard to find it readily available you don't have to start making it yourself but you can refine it a bit. and a spoonful of dijon mustard. stir it up as well as you can.
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you have to have the fat at room temperature right out of the refrigerator it's hard as part of. the hobby because. they don't have to do a lot with the fat. no important is very good bread and i don't have time to make my own but there are lots of good bakeries. find out where you can buy the bread you really like. it doesn't have to be a special kind of bread. this is of course rye bread with vegetables and i think it's really cool. you can't do much wrong here really. if you folks back home this is the mulled wine let it steep a while now for the fat spread it around a little on the bread with the mustard you can make it nice and thick you see it sliding around a little so you should look kind of nice and sure. it's
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not once very important for mulled wine is a little rock can leave it dissolves gradually along with the normal should go. in . the open sandwich is actually christmassy keep it simple that. now are chop some hazel nuts to sprinkle on top and now my little apple. i leave out the dill pickle on purpose another couple of apple slices on top. of. you as you see i don't have much time as it was probably intended that way so that when you do this at home you can take your time. now put some cress on top it doesn't matter where it's from or leave it out and you could chop some onions and you can add a couple of bagels because that's really a classic. the answer is now a great a little not manic. and that cinnamon on top of our open sandwich. little give a truly christmassy taste so you might not believe it but it's true finally the
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almonds also chopped just a little toasting the mold really develop their flavor now the whole thing on top. of the first one is done. this is really delicious. so if that's so i don't know how much time i have but enough time to wash my hands . now the mulled wine. what's important with mulled wine as with any dish is to be flexible i'm putting in some orange and spices because that's christmassy but some don't like certain things and others do so you should always experiment with your cooking. but i think that simply what makes a good chef. first finger and that's crucial. so now of course finally it is time to bore the mulled wine into the glass so i hope i made enough. of it i have a slight note of an a seed and
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a little cinnamon. to be quite honest i'm glad i got done again before the time is up but once more i'll say it should take your time and now especially at christmas you should spend some time with your loved ones with your family just enjoy it and know i'd like to finish by wishing you all a very merry christmas sanborn have a tea party it. looks good all right next up a trip and today we are headed to norway up in the far northern reaches of europe the capital city there is oslo and another good five hours further north you'll find the former mining town a rural us it was designated a you know world heritage site in one nine hundred eighty four it's characteristic wooden buildings ross was a prosperous mining town first centuries it's also been featured in the children's t.v. series pippi longstocking so time now to have
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a closer look around. you know escapist hurt us on its world heritage list in one nine hundred eighty. the united nations agency size of the old town is unique wooden architecture. little it was founded in sixteen forty four the couple was discovered nearby. within a few years it had grown to become norway's principal mining town. many of the houses from that period have survived. these days about a million people visit the little town of about five and a half thousand every year. it's become a kind of living museum. city guide last guy to grew up in germany so he speaks fluent german he always starts his tours at the church built in seventy
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eighty. you see the old emblem of the top of this field that was basically bellow god. for mining and the venus symbol stands for copper so you get copper mining well. the church remains the largest in all of norway with room for sixteen hundred worshippers. in centuries past it also served as a kind of assembly hall for the minus their flag still adorned the churches interior today. portraits immortalize mining company directors who once financed the church. today numerous concerts are held here the berlin philharmonic has even performed in this church.
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one of the most visited alleyways in gervase a slug. it came into the spotlight in one nine hundred sixty nine when it served as a location for the pippi longstocking t.v. series the makers had to bring the beloved swedish character to norway because there was too little snow in sweden. dotsie darn he didn't she make the world's biggest snow ball here. and she rolled it down this street and right over to thieves who are after the gold she always carries with her. into you i'm going to have a lot and people still talk about it and are working to lay still talk about it and we are in the hollywood or. now far away on the banks of the frozen of the plumber rather is the former cop and they'll. push their first because the stuff traditionally is smelting works how it's needed on the river. a water
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wheel was placed in it and that supplied power to the bellows that blew air into the furnace says this was the lifeline for the town's into straws. this melting works and two of the old couple mines an outpost of the chaos museum. here in the new brilliant mind which commenced operation in the sixteen fifteen it was the second oldest mining in the area. beat. oxidized it's essentially the same as what you see on old rooftops copper rooftops and statues in the cities. all star torn and stately. fifty metres farther down and five hundred meters on into the mountain there's another mine from the twentieth century. so here home video
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here we have the old recharging station for the old off mine with these nice old batteries. with the veins nian exposed to it and profitability evaporating the last month inclusive us was shut down in the one nine hundred seventy seven. it was the end of three hundred and thirty years of mining tradition. the great mountain hole is still used occasionally for many concerts. by the templar tourville temperature down here stays a plus four degrees all year round and the humidity is relatively high so you get a chill fairly quickly that means concerts can't last any longer than twenty minutes. as this is to the old mill region mining town of the us
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is like a journey back in time. now something for all of you do it yourself or is out there and if you were looking for some creative ideas for christmas then r d i y expert has some ideas for you paper snowflakes and to tell you the truth these are a lot easier to make than her origami figures from a few weeks ago here's more. of. their extension december have you put up your christmas tree apps if you just need a decoration as i have something for you to try paper snowflakes. do you need to stand in a four paper. the cutting of. a pencil and a new case you need to make corrections a pair of scissors and a box cutter. and
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a glue stick and some young. stuff like cutting to paper and how you can use the other half for a second snowflake later. folden house then opened the. center again. i have seven horizontal lines. now. and coming home. with the second half push it all together grab your pencil and sketch a pattern a few snowflakes. you can even. have the pattern the along the edges since the paper is filled with pretty thank you need to push down. the designs inside.
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looks like. now take a second slip of paper. from your first piece of paper onto it. and it's. cut everything out again. and ends together with your glue stick. together. with the. tips and you can see. down firmly. now all that's left to do is punch a hole in. the
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paper. but it's pretty just. same and if you would like to see that video again or get other ideas for your house or apartment then go to our youtube page for more creative design ideas here's what you'll find there. interior design at best check out our you tube channel detail the interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and. homes. we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribed and don't miss out. on you tube. the chocolate girl by swiss artist. is one of the most famous works of the dress an old masters picture gallery it's been hanging there since seventeen forty five at
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the time it was unusual to portray simple domestic workers now this painting and its subject matter is the focus of an entire exhibition in dress and with great attention paid to the details in this masterpiece. nobody knows who she was all where she came from nevertheless the chocolate go has been loved the world over for the past two hundred fifty years attend a stranger in pastoral. before down the one of his very ahead of its time and. then maids when young girls with modest means you were meant to send the nobility. they were very low in society's hierarchy this is the first time that a maid like this is the main motif of a large format picture it's quite out of the ordinary. created in vienna in seventeen forty four the work soon found its way into dresden as art collection
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not long after countless copies of the young woman began to appear. soon the nobility began donning a prince and a bonnet to serve cocoa themselves and then there are the never ending variations of the theme that i've enjoyed to this day. i've heard so many personal stories while designing this exhibition that this person's grandmother had it in her bedroom that person's aunt had it in her kitchen that there are postcards or pillows filled with chocolate or cocoa powder it's been in the us for one hundred years in brazil and europe in germany of course. all the exhibition sheds light on the many small details the picture contains what porcelain was used at the time how did they drink that coca back then and who was the artist john karr he had spent four years in istanbul and maintained a certain turkish lifestyle in vienna. then as when people spoke about your
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thoughts and they always talk about his beard was in his turkish clothes and his expensive prices for you could say that was a clever way to market himself market he had established a brand that allowed him to charge such large sums for london. dresden has more stories about this in chanting passed on on. display for visitors until january twenty nine thousand. hour that it is time to say goodbye don't forget to check out our website or follow us on social media for more on the program from me and the rest of the crew here you're a max as always thanks for tuning in once again tomorrow. next time on the euro. fish you claim some of the culture games cursed are often called the beast of nasri they used to sweep fisherman today and dance to jack thank you track the world's best be quite surface like germany's sebastian.
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quite something in our city next time on your next.
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i'm not laughing at the job i just sometimes am but i stand up and live it up and the german thinks deep into jemma culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think the siege of the country guy not the time. needed to take his grandmother day out to eat it's all about
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a new claim i might show join me to meet the german sunday w. . post. sleep. listen carefully to. the simple truth is to do good. discover the a. leg. subscribe to the documentary on to. natural riches. precious resources. and a room warning investment. farmland has been called easy hope is growing gold
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the country has an abundant supply of leases it to international giants. the government is after high export revenues the corporations high profit margins but not everyone. and benefits from the booming business. model expose. environmental destruction starvation lead the crimes of the government now to corporate greed. the someone else of a country. dead donkeys fear no hard enough. starts december twenty ninth on t.w. .
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this is the dublin years coming to you live from london the final moments of the suspected stossel show to police in front of gun dogs the twenty nine years old shed it check out and have told me nothing of course against the door of death and it ends a massive to do manhunt for the attack of who killed that tree near a christmas market in the city it's going to it's
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a kill it out and this is what's are coming up. british funds it is i mean it's awful is another blow up to e.u. leaders diffused to.


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