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tv   Popxport - Popxport Special Paul van Dyk  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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house with no roof. or design highlights you can make yourself. trans tips and tricks that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with d w's interior design channel on youtube. welcome to pop exports special today our show is all about germany's superstar d.j. paul van dyke this is the story of the trance pioneer. joined paul then dyke at a concert in the us where he's the festival headliner. will disclose why his career first took off after the fall of the berlin wall. a boy from the g.d.r. with big dreams goes on to become
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a globally recognized brand. becomes paul van dyke he can now look back on more than twenty five successful years in the business here it is on topic sports special. when to pull players festivals he's usually the headliner his name is synonymous with the transfer and his music in joints you know like playing. for new forms for music when you're on the electronic music just brings people together from completely different cultural backgrounds it doesn't matter which god you believe in which religion you follow or what your nationality is it's all just about people getting together and celebrating this music is. still flies around the globe more times a year than your average professional pilot music magazines have voted him the world's best d.j.
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time and time again as a young boy back in east germany he could never have dreamed of a life getting around in his own private plane but his passion for music has been with him from the start. of music always meant a lot to me maybe it's because i grew up with down radio in the g.d.r. but i always listen to west berlin radio and for me it was the only connection to the outside world understood. i'm single from britain so i was a virgin my finale one thing is shortly after jim and reunification and techno club trades all pull vandyke find his vocation electronic music. testing the sounds of his new things i'm a d.j. because i love music and because i'm a total freak and a total fanatic when it comes to this kind of music but then becomes the center of the techno movement called bundling delivers the soundtrack to major events such as the love her age. he starts producing his own tracks with the
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success of his single tell me why reach is number seven in the british charts. one of his albums is nominated for a grammy. play . called on to like then set up his own record label bondage records and presents radio shows in germany and music usa. cuts. but in spite of selling five million albums from twenty thirty to none of his singles make it to the challenge. was the only question was what was different about electronic music or the whole scene was that although it was a scene where people worked professionally there wasn't actually an industry. as in
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the meantime it is an industry what you see in the top forty charts now for instance are all products of the music industry most people looked. like continue traveling the globe to perform. but change every twenty sixteen things change dramatically. at a festival in the netherlands he fell off the stage a six me to drop. shot and leading in various places and i have to say i was really really lucky there was a specialist in the logical clinic about ten minutes away from the venue. if it hadn't been traced near the university medical center brazilian amsterdam i wouldn't be sitting here today the damage to my brain would have been so serious that i might not have made it was secretly isn't a solution so i think it's human. he continued question i couldn't speak to you as i had to learn basic things again from scratch. without
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the strength of my wife by my side without margarita i wouldn't write it off if she hadn't been there as my reason to live i would have given up and had to. have the drama. was soon back in his studio and just a few months off to be an accident he was back on stage. just gets. there wasn't like my d.j. sets were part of a therapy plan or something not at all. but it was really important for me to have this goal to set myself a deadline like by that day i want to be back on stage to start you know. now his in his late forty's and just as much as ever. the secret to his ongoing success. the monitor one of
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a woman i think one of the reasons i'm still on the scene is that i'm off because i only do what i stand by musically and i don't succumb to any pressure to conform and i do my own thanking me for being good luck above the legislators the lead player. other musicians in two thousand and three he recorded the track of our lives with a rock band vega for the song was popular all over europe and hit number one in the german. illegibility.
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the touch. our pop exports special featuring paul van dyke all over the globe have been dancing to his beat for a quarter of a century now no wonder he's one of the world's most traveled. in california. twenty seventeen some francisco on the west coast of the usa. as
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the headliner at the dream state festival paul van dyke will be spinning here tonight a year after surviving a stage fall. where i went through was found its way into my music and it's reflected in the music and that's what makes it really authentic. tend to show. the newman point at some point i'll be standing in front of my audience playing it live and if i'm not convinced i've given my all to make my music as good as it can be then it won't work and what's on the from to me and. eleven fifteen pm and funds like arrives at the artist center it's only forty five minutes until show time.
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right here. when it comes to his music the german d.j. is a perfectionist the top dog is annoyed that his deejay colleague marcus schultz says over on the sets. i i i i i you know it's a tired curfew don't you i know. i marcus chill sober running a noise vandyke as does a technical hitch right before the show i play i.
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call it. the show was a trance work of arts. events like deconstructs the music layer by layer with sequencers and mini controllers and really hours of life to create a bombastic sound. every set sounds different and sounds exactly the way funky like once it's when it comes to music as a perfectionist obsessed with detail. please.
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and you think by chance or you see it's a different world. i like that i. like his drive come back with more energy out of a war and then you keep growing and it's just not inside out. or like. that. among us i'm asked if your work is something you love but you're passionate about being good it doesn't feel like a job. then it doesn't stress you out an exhausted one you have to plenty of energy and becomes a positive driving force he was typing this in the men in one look at his tour calendar shows you that's true and twenty eight seems so far paul bunce ike is played around seventy sets in the us mexico by russia and china with more to
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come. in one thousand nine hundred four paul van dyke fell in love and wrote a song for his new girlfriend called for an angel to truck a the young d.j. his international breakthrough and is still regarded today classic of the trends.
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lots more about paul van dyke in our extracts. don't tell me only play counts but also concert halls in twenty thirteen he performed in the very instant off right in munich and actually make music meets compositions find his that be vanity. fair i. was kidding but it's really about putting value in the context of a club clubs are about. moving and singing having fun and serving these quotes and
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elements a very just show how modern it still has this it was in bundling its first venture into classical music in two thousand and nine of the young one italia in frankfurt the d.j.'s on stage with estonian star conductor pavel yoffie plus orchestra. in munich at the end of the performance the audience storm the dance floor classical music lovers and techno families alike. and his socially active too. in two thousand and four he supported a campaign in the us to get young people to vote. the right to choose you have the right to vote on the election day of. which projects like convince he supports children from less fortunate families in berlin since he got. democrats i think democracy is the best system we have for living together on our planet and
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democracy is only as good as the get involved. so if something isn't working in our neighborhood instead of waiting around for someone to come and fix it we should get involved ourselves and find a way to improve the situation. in two thousand and six he was awarded the order of merit of the state of bilin for his charity was. the single i am allowing from twenty seventeen is paul van dyke soundtrack for a commercial for a south korean sports car. in the out the d.j. appears as a brand ambassador. it is not the first time vandyke has given his testimonial in twenty twelve he endorsed the bill in brandenburg and port also named the believe. the d.j. apparently also did the music for the image film and the sound design for the loudspeaker announcements watertown embarrassment. in numerable building glitches
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means that the airport is still incomplete. so instead of taking off he'll be staying on the ground but with his foot on the gas pedal always moving forward. in. the whole world of pop music on one facebook page d w music check out your favorite stars and the latest from the scene. done with us into the pop universe and follow us on facebook we'll see you there news a. a lie is the first. followed by months in the hospital is if you.
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it. grew up in the g.d.r. at a time when germany was still divided the fall of the berlin wall signified the start of his career in our pop exports special we look at why this experience is still so significant for the d.j. . these days electro pioneer paul van dyke is an international jetsetter but it wasn't always that way he grew up in the former communist east germany. sometimes i'd sit by the window and look over to the left and i think there's the west that's where all the music i love comes from
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the live much as hollow as he was then known it was born in the town of eyes and he didn't always plan to go into music wanted to ask you know as a kid i wanted to become a journalist or did my political convictions i couldn't kind of high school let alone go to college so a career as a journalist was a total nonstarter. but all that changed in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. the whole van dyck and his mother had just been given permission to leave east germany when the berlin wall fell. because we were sitting with some friends in hamburg a t.v. was on there was a news flash and we thought it must be some kind of. joke that my grandmother called back then she lived near beulah felt in the west and she said have you heard the news and were like no way but she had dismissed. the events come ficken fast less than a year out for the fall of the berlin wall germany is reunited ben dyke moved to
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berlin and explores the city he made on to name these many of the companies that existed in east german our of course not economically compatible nothing worked like that so all of a sudden there were all these empty promises of it no one was prepared to take responsibility for a few innovative people came along and i brought a few beer crates and started their turntables on them got some loud speakers sold on their journey and that's on the berlin club scene got started in the coop scene of looking on from here in berlin is called club because they want van dyke shapes the beginnings of the techno movement. of us looking back at this small subculture now basement somewhere and seeing how it turned into one of the biggest music scenes in the world but for pretty unbelievable could put a vegetable on the so. obvious that some got some great memories of that time and i'm really glad i could be part of it all. music. in two thousand and five he performed the song he is india which means we are us with
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singer paid to have playing live at the ceremony for the fifteenth anniversary of german reunification it was paul vandyke's musical tributes to the historical event . where are we from and where are we heading. big questions on his album evolution which made it to the u.s. dance charts we end our special today with a clip eternity really see you soon on pop exports. come clean cut. cut cut cut.
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leg. lifts eleven. eleven. eleven. eleven. eleven.
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eleven. move. on.
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this is going to be a newswire go from berlin to bring in our correspondent delia harms a really strong so from for years the janeiro now we're here to find out what happened with music of your correspondent founder of get this man we do have some of breaking news coming into it now a good move out. perspective. w. news thank you for joining us in fighting for the case taking seriously in the world of what appears has come out women's talk tough. smart smart talks smart state the legend frank recently dangerous time double for my. natural riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment. foreign land has been called ethiopia's.
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this is the news live from orlando tense evening in france as yellow vests protesters take to the streets for the fifth straight weekend this was the scene in paris a short time ago we'll get the latest from our correspondent on the ground. and climate change talks shouldn't go over time in poland campaigners urged negotiators to get their act together but after debating through the night there are still deep divisions on how to curb global warming.


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