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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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that ends it for good malaria must die so millions can live. this is deja news live from berlin a tense evening in france as yellow best protesters take to the streets for the fifth straight weekend this was the scene in paris a short time ago we get the latest from our correspondent on the ground. the. u.n. climate change talks shoot into overtime in poland campaigners urge deadlocks negotiators
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to get their act together but after debating through the night there are still deep divisions on how to curb global warming. i'm calling assman thanks for joining us police have used tear gas to disperse protesters in the french capital paris as so-called yellow vests demonstrators take to the streets for the fifth weekend in a row scuffles broke out on the sidelines of a largely peaceful demonstration thousands of police have been deployed to contain any outburst of violence demonstrators say that life in france is an affordable and the president emanuel mccall is not doing enough to respond to their concerns. earlier i spoke with our correspondent in paris helena humphrey who just previously been caught up in a cloud of tear gas on the shop. and that's right color you'll see that we're no longer on the shelves that he's
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a wear around twenty meters away we moved from that position because we got caught up in not cloud of tear gas which was fairly unexpected very. in mind that we weren't seeing scuffles at that stage there certainly wasn't the looting or the ransacking of shops that we saw the previous weekend here largely peaceful demonstration around three thousand yellow vests taking to the streets this weekend here in paris a small but determined protests there were eight thousand police officers here on the streets of paris including riot police a very determined response from ben a stun grenades used tear gas used and perhaps some questions over the robustness of that response in light of more peaceful demonstrations. all no less than a week ago we saw mcmullen address the nation he made a raft of promises to try to reduce people's anger in the streets did that work out . well not according to some of the people that i've been speaking to here one
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yellow vest processes said to me fairly calmly as these concessions come from a former in fact investment bank the forty style leader who is out of touch with the french population they've also said to me that although the french president has tried to find a way to increase the minimum wage that will only affect one in four people who actually receive the minimum wage what they say they want to see is a tax a decreases across the board however that puts them then the french government at all it's with the euro zone budget constraint so little wiggle room there for the french president and he could look further embattled yet many yellow vest protest is shouting. resign so what started out as economic protests have really become political protests here in france and what about people in france who
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are not they are marching with what is their level of support for this movement and has it shifted at all now after five weeks of protests. it's changed somewhat we're now seeing a level of fifty six percent of the population who say that they would actually like to see these protests come to an end french president to manually michael a call for protesters to cease so that life could go on the interior minister kiss a guest in a who was just in strasbourg where we also were for the terrorist attack on a cheese day said you supported offshore sees that you congratulated them for the response in spas and yet you help them so perhaps among the general public now the consensus is starting to change somewhat however the people i spoke to here said we will continue in cities we will continue to occupy roundabouts as they have done in towns on the countryside at least until january until of the french president makes the concessions that we're all seeing for. free in the streets of paris for us
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thank you very much. now to some the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump as announced that his interior secretary ryan zinke he will step down at the end of the year since he is facing more than a dozen investigations into his travel political activities and possible conflicts of interest trump tweeted that hill name replacement next week. australia has formally recognized west jerusalem as the capital of israel prime minister scott morrison said its embassy would move from tel aviv to jerusalem but not until a peace settlement is reached between israel and the palestinians. residence in the city of hold data say fighting has broken out yet again just a day after warring parties agreed to a ceasefire and un brokered talks the port is a lifeline for millions facing starvation and yemen's civil war the deal is the first breakthrough in peace efforts after years of conflict. turning now
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to contravene poland where marathon united nations climate talks are in overtime but a deal appears to be in breach delegates from nearly two hundred countries have been trying for more than two weeks to hammer out rules aimed to save the world from the worst effects of global warming but their stuff on how countries should report reductions in greenhouse emissions and how to finance the fight against climate change in poor nations a small group of countries are holding up the deal. joining us now from kind of is christophe baal's director of german watch that's a nonprofit development and environmental organization christophe it's not unprecedented we've seen this before that these talks at these conferences go into overtime who's holding up the deal this time around. yes it's indeed not a precedence but this time it's. which is the problem. precede it wanted to get huge loophole into the rule book. and the question is how to include market
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mechanisms. and they even wanted to allow all of that is. allowed the means that both countries would say we have produced the emission of the country which finances it and the country where it is produced and this was from the point of climate would be absolutely ridiculous and this is for the last eighteen hours split the parties and negotiating in small circles with minister us around this issue. but we are quite optimistic that in the next half an hour or hour they will come down and the percent come from us so we may get a compromise but it definitely looks like the impending result from these talks won't be the breakthrough that the world really needs that we're hoping for why is that what does this deal that could come out of the meetings mean for the future. yes i think if this is solved in the good way then we can expect
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a good rulebook which means that all things they are implementing paris agreement but this is only the technical level what is not there is the political will in many countries really to move forward in the necessary speed. to last at this is the report the scientific report has shown how quickly we have to move and this is a very different speed to see here in this conference thank you very much christophe baal's director of the environmental organization german watch. to kiev now where ukrainian orthodox leaders have voted to break from moscow and create an independent ukrainian church the new church is to be led by the bishop of that the patriarchate the movie's shirts to anger russia but ukrainian president petro poroshenko hailed the decision as a historic event and another declaration of ukrainian independence. do you cranium
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faithful turn out to support an independent ukrainian orthodox church one that doesn't answer to moscow this isn't will likely help ukrainian president petro poroshenko campaign to be reelected next year in fact he's been a driving force on saturday he said that the creation of a new church is another declaration of ukraine's independence. three different ukrainian church organizations met saturday and elected metropolitan epiphanny of kiev as the new church leader. this is a great historical event our own independent church is being created in ukraine we've been waiting for this wonderful historical event for hundreds of years we're happy and joyful because we have our own independent church in an independent state . ukrainian religious support for the russian orthodox church has been waning for a long time support for an independent church has grown since the rumbling conflict on the border between the ukraine and russia began in two thousand and fourteen.
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yeah. i think a lot will change. god willing the war in the east of our country will come to an end. because we want this and pray for this. and the independence ukrainian orthodox church. to gold in one joint voice and i ask him to send peace to our country. you know. this will be a big blow to russian president vladimir putin and to russian influence the russian orthodox church will lose a third of its congregation in one go who will also probably lose legitimacy as the leader of the global orthodox church putin likes to say that ukrainians and russians are one people united under one church but once ukrainian orthodox independence comes to pass moscow will have to rewrite part of its script. countries across asia are seeing a growing demand for female taxi drivers to combat among female passengers worried
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for their safety in places like india many women say they don't feel safe enough to travel alone with a male driver in one case the received international attention the young woman was raped by her male driver. reporter a beggar ritter's joins me now with or in the movement to get taxis services to provide a dedicated women only fleet rebecca a big move in india in particular yeah well the women safety is a big issue in india thompson reuters ranks india as the most dangerous country in the world for women there are very high risk of sexual violence so viewers are probably remember that horrific case about five years ago a young woman who is raped and murdered on a bus. as you mentioned there was the case that was also gone on a lot of public attention of the woman who was raped by her driver so of course incidences like this is not exclusive to india obviously they're going to says that
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they're not doing enough to combat violence against women so it seems women are taking measures in their own hands and one young woman from india. has launched a petition calling for indian ride sharing app ola that's their big competitor to hire two hundred more famous drivers by twenty twenty it's already had fifty thousand signatures and just a. few months so quietly you can see it there are just so quite a lot of interest already in the petition she she cites that twenty fourteen attack as something that sends chills down her spine every time she has to order a taxi says as a student who travels frequently i wish i had the option of choosing a woman cab driver i would have felt a lot more comfortable and safer but the harsh reality is there are hardly any commercial cab drivers who are women so she's not the only one of course that another woman challenge amid tell launched a female only taxi company called koala cabs she launched last year she was using
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a taxi to get her eleven year old child to and from school then one day the regular driver didn't turn up at some other guy so she didn't feel safe and she thought this must be happening all over the country so she launched this koala cabs to give people another option they have their motto is empowerment so letting women take that into safety into their own hands and not just an issue in india or other countries where women my age feel unsafe to take a taxi well it's not actually as a ride sharing is becoming popular the world over and in pakistan it's become increasingly popular in the last five years and because women tend to drive less in pakistan they're actually they account for more than seventy percent of all ride sharers so and all female taxi service has started up there it's called pink taxi across the middle east careen is another really popular service and that's also not a completely women's only service but they've also got but they've got a women's only option and also in you saying it all over as well is in some western countries as well so these segregated taxi services is
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a silver bullet or is there any kind of criticism of these services yet not everyone thinks that this is the way to go obviously people are saying. segregation is a way to basically not not allow for accountability for men's actions kooning women and segregating from society isn't going to help the problem in the long run but for now obviously a lot of women want to take that safety into their own hands so going down this road and if an interesting solution rebecca bitters they very much. fs. sports now and saturday's early bundesliga games are in the books let's take a look at the results so far and match day fifteen stuttgart upset it's a lynas you can see munich clobbered hung over dusseldorf took down five hoffenheim the lot bok ended scoreless and true with strong as well on friday night both bertha beat durham back and in saturday's late game dortmund are taking on bremen
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and on sunday will see leipsic meet might's well frankfurt will face laverick who isn't. and a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you right now yellow best protesters in france are in the streets for a fifth straight weekend they're demanding the government make life in france more affordable president bush is calling for an end to the demonstrations after making several attacks and wage concessions. and. you're watching news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's. going. to use the world over information they provide. means if they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch and follow us. tonight
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