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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2018 8:45pm-9:01pm CET

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the learning is just the children who have always been the n.i.c.u. and those that will follow are part of a new hire. they could be the future of the economy. granting opportunity global news that matters d. w. late. shift living in the digital age today and up to ease your transit paints. the picture perfect instagram using. a social media stress but first the politics of love more and more single people in the u.s. are looking for partners who share their political views enter specialized dating sites which promise to find the right partner for everyone whether trump fun or foe
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. trump supporters do not need to contact me as a line you read increasingly often on ok cupid user profiles. the platform trump singles on the other hand helps followers meet other politically like minded singles. and the side conservatives only uses the tag line because liberals just don't get it online dating in the u.s. is just as politically divided as the country. diane regularly visits online platforms she used to meet both democrats and republicans but since donald trump became president she's become more selective. at the beginning of dating it's really easy to get caught up in the new and you know the the niceties and all that you know that that sort of honeymoon period in the beginning and then for me i don't i wouldn't want to get emotionally attached to somebody that for me to ultimately find out that they support somebody who's
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a bigot who's against you know all the things that i stand for from supporter is a very. matching interests or compatibility is nothing new in the world of online dating sites specifically for seniors latino's obedience have all been around for a while but putting politics at the forefront is new and it's becoming a real trend in the u.s. . diane isn't the only one looking for a partner who shares her political views according to surveys like one conducted by it's just lunch an american dating service women in particular unwilling to break party lines. my research showed ninety percent of singles were unwilling to date across party lines that number is close to one hundred percent and again the ten percent were mostly men i have never seen politics so front and center in dating profiles. capitalizing on this trend.
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from singles. political affiliation is a decisive factor when looking for a partner on his days here. since trump's inauguration the scientists signed on over fifty thousand subscribers the vision is going to be there no matter what this is hoping people that are that are being affected by the vision be able to buy more from los angeles san francisco philadelphia new york places like that so that's where we actually have a lot of reach is in those areas because you know if you're a republican or a shop supporter and you're trying to date you know we've got a crowded area it's very hard to find that person so we hope that those people together. political dating sites also exist in britain the app remained it is for those who opposed. experts believe selecting part this based on their political views will become an international trend. when we think about the early days of internet dating it really did start with the united states but other countries
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around the world the u.k. germany china their on line dating. it's huge for them as well i think people look to the united states as trendsetters and they will follow the lead in other countries as well in the united states even nonpolitical dating services asking users questions about politically sensitive issues such as immigration policy some say the divide surrounding this topic is so big that it can't be overcome. constrain the time. separation of families of immigrants and my date response to the issue was that they should stop coming to this country and they would have that issue of being separated from children and i said it was time to go. politically divided country and subsequently divided online dating market. ship says this is love supposed to be
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blind. networkers passionate digital creators in their projects this week like train pioneer sherman. sherman fashion gear likes to think outside the box and push things forward that her current focus is blocking a type of technology many people find difficult to grasp but which she believes will change the world the m.f.t. get it's a really powerful technology which will lead to the development of other technologies . we can use it as a universal operating system as the means to help us create a better decentralized society with less bureaucracy which is what it connected world calls for or if we fail to use it correctly then we could also create a universal control system with the same technology. information held on a block chain is encrypted and exists as a shared database this means the transfers for example of crypto currency can't be
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corrupted making them secure. advice and start ups and large companies. and how to best use the technology. she's also director of the research institute for crypto economics at the vienna university of economics and business. an extremely curious i just have to understand things and the only way to understand something is to do it so every two or three years i do something completely. clear which. will have additional processes are too complex to become a little easier to grasp though thanks to experts like sherman brushing. up next the ultimate mobility. the connection compares city mobility options allowing users to get around town with optimum efficiency it relies on a huge amount of data sharing between providers.
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planning his journey home he's looking for the best routes and the best transport options so that he doesn't get stuck in traffic to do that as he uses the app traffic. that show that the best route for me today is to pick up a bicycle from hearing system go to the bus. to go next to the station that i never stop and take a bus i don't continue my road to. lithuania's capital business has become a sort of testing ground for the mobility of the future one that is tailored to the individual needs without privately owned cars the app aims to make public transport more appealing and something else. a single app with almost a transpose at the top of the thing a. second by a bus to go back and look at car share. car i go looking over everything that isn't the same i'm going home to. my credit card to have i mean everything.
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this is martinez good and serious traffic is his brainchild of those even. leads in the sharing economy and in this case that means sharing resources all nights of transport at the heart of his project is a real time map which shows both private and public transport provided the map requires a huge amount of data exchange. city frightening us and doing this on infrastructure decisions to make the city better based on the data based on the people. of course. every move an app use that makes is register it. believes in open data and was happy to see its current transport information combined for the smartphone app they were no qualms regarding this open data policy and plans to track the privately owned cars are supposed to disappear entirely from the city center at some point it
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seems vilnius is taking the lead in terms of. shift says that's forward thinking. of no pop up museums for a memorable picture you need just the right background and good lighting never hurts interactive exhibitions are springing up everywhere setting the stage for the perfect instagram photo. this exhibit isn't complete with visitors at super candy in cologne instagram pics can get the ultimate kick the museum has twenty different installations in a twelve hundred square metre area and each one is camera ready. like this pink bubbles or this blue room each makes a form background for instagram posts everyone knows just what to do in front of the lens and that's what i meant you can't you should smile into the camera look happy and think about how you want to pose just be creative. the confetti room
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features confetti rain everyone's keen to get as many pictures as possible you want to get their money's worth. two hours of the museum cost twenty nine euros opposite our target audiences women and girls more than ninety five percent of our visitors are female some are professionals others a mature photographers who just want to have a bit of fun with the different locations you're spot on so presents. the concept comes from the us which is where instagram playgrounds first appeared before spreading worldwide the egg and egg theme to pop up has been in both new york and shanghai. the exhibition happy go lucky it's currently in los angeles. another museum in dubai you can choose your illusion everything and anything for that perfect picture. shift says sweet. as always we leave shift through the exits or online find of the week just time
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digital over stimulation. we've become slaves to our smartphones we reach for them the minute we wake up. even before the first sip of coffee we're scrolling through our laps liking texting surfing. this is how british designer kim taylor sees smartphone dependency because someone who's always online is always on. social media channels demand constant attention liking the day away tell your wife i crash is. back online to play a game. and finally a little adult diversion. what is it so over stimulation so your brain's about to best the only cure turned
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out and she announced. next week a little over twenty years ago google dot com first went online today google is everywhere whether using maps e-mail or watching you tube the u.s. technology giant has a finger in every friday the only present online service provider next week on shift. how do you want to live in a radical way discover the bauhaus code no house world starts january thirteenth on g.w. . or. it's a. hundred german streets on d w.
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they muse on this if she gets the once and says you saddest of all to change this up to this time since these lists are by. people who put big dreams on the big screen. and movie magazines on the w. . o. and if we were. as a favorite. i am just looking on the back of list before. there was that i had an alcove first but as i am going to go october.
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thank you and. now our own other parent has salmon and the winner. in less than. an hour of the cold war. i was told. that the medical staff. who were in the gym i was. full of were arming and gagging only that gallo know what i do what i am or. what i am a man a. fish without. saying.
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this is d w news why from berlin they were told the implants were safe but then they started getting sick a new hearing opens in paris today into the p.i.m.p. breast implants gamble and the german sort of falling body that ruled the defective materials were safe e.w. hears from one of the women affected also coming up finally this is not great faith with the british people by trying to stage another referendum. that. british prime minister to resign made makes it clear again she does not want a second.


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