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tv   Kick off - Matchday 16 preview  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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isn't it time for good. eco africa people and projects that are changing our farm and for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's just. be going to the farming magazine. d.w. . the midweek match day kind of warm up for the last round of getting fit for the winter break time to work out and get down on your right energy. for
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a threesome the main thing is getting good shite. topping cruising along nicely with a dunce just a little dizzy prior to the months to clash at the weekends. the clash against glasgow in second what kind of shape that you want moves with that you have to show against nuremberg. the lord of the dawn says shall is to manage to disguise. but where is the teams like footedness gone and the perception of last season. with they managed to hit the stage as a prop on so much against leverkusen. football and right now every inch can make a difference. make with good and tough against like take in for. song get jumping where. the you are. trying to
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get in shape with match day number sixty. now on kickoff. we start with the best team in the league at the moment undefeated and on fire they were top of the league with a nine point lead over by and i'm glad i'm looking forward to the battle of the recipients this coming weekend. dissolute off seemed like just an inconvenience how could they possibly trouble sanchez outcasts . how could they keep pace with silky skills like these sanchez pulling off a barrett don't ask dumps around his opponents. he's checked with a perfectly placed cross and cassel was exactly where he was supposed to be the twelfth time this season good luck against themselves did just send off. the
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blanks that was one of the no last scenes of the match not the first until the end distilled off enjoyed plenty of possession with dangerous going full ways whether the baljinder dean of the past or his teammates touched the sheet was something the home signs had hunger and confidence. in the things that don't make the missing thanks a lot of the bull but it's doubly important from a week on his charge more from the start but it's a line of cut solution alone isn't enough to win a game so we know we didn't try enough going forward i don't think we had a single shot on goal from us on plight of the kinds on us just not enough. i don't know why that was maybe we underestimated our opponents indignant i should stop. those conquered possession in the twenty seconds minute adriene struble from kevin down to come back here and. the belgian some take straight past. the belgian
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already scored three against dion this season so i don't mind what's with being aware of the danger. i should just hold off. i. i when i come on the pitch i want only to enjoy. the frustration the job meant. to see him suffer has been behind with don't be fooled against lyon and the plastic a few weeks ago for example the black and yellow has turned things around on that occasion but this time it was dormant hardly had the chance to make use of them. dormant had their backs pinned to the wall dissolute off had a wealth of chances and didn't even need to take them at times he said me miss the city when the said she hates minutes but. because in the fifty six minute this house twenty five year old johnson with an absolute rocket to stand behind stance
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into ecstasy same as fast as a slim dusty thanks so much contender for screamer of the season a fox. he shot himself and said. i think everyone could see it was intentional bipartisan every week i hit the ball well and it went ten times inside the store and the second goal was just brilliant out of the blue then it's pretty difficult to come back at the end of the day i just definitely deserved a victory they were determined and they had a good game plan good plan not knowing how to believe but true. this is all celebration every successful tackle and fought their way to a david versus goliath trial i up. next few dormant second placed back. yards you have been.
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yeah they've been playing very well. they're also well rested because they're only playing once a week on. this clown and of course they're a good side and they have a very good squad and they're dangerous if any they won three mil immunity says it all given. alice. miss your family is right to be cautious. come profit from don't mince defeat we'll come back to dance. next up we're off to the alianza arena where some guests from like say she consented to challenge for the champions. league. final and third when you get to make the most of the slip up
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but like sake one spot below them we're never going to be pushovers like hanover and nuremberg had been recently. the game pits of the league's youngest sidelights against the oldest clients and the first half was a pretty even affair. the hosts were slightly superior after half time but was still a pale imitation of the mighty fine of yesteryear. they failed to take a number of big chances first nicholas zuma and then you're sure kimmage. again by and have been more clinical in the past. but at the end it was typical by and after all as veteran frank ribeiro recess of the game with just seven minutes to go. he did so in most impressive fashion and there was still some actions to come.
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this bruising tackle on c.r. go and leipzig stephanie wilson care a straight red card and blinds were not so sanchez got his second yellow in the ensuing melike retried his best to get in for the rest book too. but failed the slug it was of course yesterday's result was convenient but we still have to win our games so pretty a good song to nil today was very important it puts us in good stead ahead of the front for game. one nil it ended by and continue their run and cut the deficit to dortmund to six points. for this book continue their rinds up the table. and at home to stuttgart they were
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easily the best city joshua leggy level open the school ring in the twenty fourth minute of course bogan not just winning they're doing it in style and with growing confidence just before the break out they cost made it to with his fifth goal of the season correcting the critics and now i think we've managed to find an identity for our style of play. from time. to come to a lackluster despite an admirable showing from scotland christian now it was just three days after the tragic passing of his father who died in the stadium after the game against how-to i. look a year which grabs a brace but it wasn't enough but all three points frank first simply can't get a win against minds robbing plays on with the opening goal for the hosts. of the other end frank but have
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a look at your bridge. the serbian striker has been in since a lightning form in recent weeks these joint top scorer in the league. it was an entertaining at times exhilarating game and might reach to the lead again three points off he now has his great. hands. yeah bitch on the stroke of half time. that's his twelfth goal of the season right mind dubey finished with that point taking frankfurt to within one of my playing in full. did you know kickoff is now on you tube with the world of football. with nigeria it was north of mexico. to rid we travel the world can bring a few of our highs for instance all right i'm going to sing no make the stars never
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people coaches and discuss football chris here is if. this is going to go on. is a football kickoff on you tube. it's a new. if there's one team it's unwise to bet on this season it's called hansa. the ballot is the case and the latest punch to be caught out by an ounce book second place a perfect martin to end the header showing once again that this is very ins on lethal from dead those situations. coach pound and i just constant cheat and consistency. often hour in have to pulled one back three match the leg. and just two minutes later they even went out in front on trade with his sevens of the
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season. but even before half time has it took a predictable hits when josh cooper pokes the full three fabienne liston back his legs and into the bottom corner. that's what i thought was a real positive from outside the slot. he that no one got seriously injured very much for us to. have to continue to be great against the greats and rubbish against the rest they fall down to games place. that have brain and have lost their edge in the first half against hoffenheim their best chances white state. and often i'm found the hosts achilles heel because shields made a muppet of get reset last week and leo bit in court grabs the open up.
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in the second half it was so last he turns into a short long one in the fifty six minutes. because frame and somehow failed to take their chances. nice day and night. it's fair to say hand over to having a hard time in freiburg kept invited him out and talk seemed to think he was playing volleyball. the referee pointed to the spot and you can find schmidt at the highest same from us but i never put up the signs if they came home empty handed from freiburg can translate i can buy to plans to make them train right through christmas but along came philippe to save the festivities for his team mates.
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after that the chances just kept coming. together again the guests managed to hold on for a while control but they've now gone twenty one games on the road without a with. the traditional that we've taken a step today with a point and a good away performance we've got to keep going on saturday so losing still a minor improvement come to a point fan of them hopefully and play like new. will keep his christmas holiday trumpets. shanker are a shadow of the team they were last season their struggle is taking his. opponent's labor cues and with slightly more alerts alexander drag a bitch was the first to react to this rebounds and speak with the ball through keeper ralph ehrman's legs one mill after twenty six minutes. shall go well i'll just take it and now this and their guests took advantage of
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a tie in the stars which was beaten by lucas a lot you know in the thirty fifth minute to play for the argentinian. but a serious blunder by fair. chalco did find out just before the break through haji right but the comeback never came. and it seemed the way six golden chance like this deserves to. shelter lose that night game of the season and out a paltry fifteen points from sixteen games at worst record in twenty five years so let's go he's under some serious pressure before i worry about a lot of things in life but not about my compositions as it was when the royal blues are heading in the wrong direction fast. because. here they are they've got back boys breathing down don't men's neck second in the table to warm them up for their big time against the leaders one of the
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weakest teams in the league so far this season no bag should be agree. to not just lie dormant not for the tough to adjust to restart their own back with dangerous and very nearly went in front through demonstrate a lack. of the tough first half because everybody was expecting us to score four four four five goals. number but it wasn't wasn't an easy game and. easy it was not . with this the receiver also about to see a prompt. that were in the back of sourcing the homesites counsel just. put in precise all of that best opportunities to school when they get. where are they getting wrong. tradition and of course we also know that it wasn't really working for us in the first half of the year we had some good attacks but
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didn't finish them well we weren't focused enough to concentrate give isn't that sounds about right. case in point six and we'll see which never should just being one right on the stroke of half time. with a disastrous panenka that would be embarrassing even on the training grounds it's all well and good to treat this is a woman up for the weekend but this is not the way to where we don't know. as the belgian himself said it was quite simply. that i heard it wasn't even a penalty so maybe god was there back today. i can joke about it now but in a moment it was a good joke. i didn't take it well and it's a good job. she said. a lack of concentration like that is enough to get detailed hacking he said but after coaching four hundred games in the
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bundesliga he can also keep a cool head he prefers to praise the positive and keep his criticism to a minimum and uninspiring first half performance is forgivable even a wasted penalty told and it was our came racing out of the changing rooms and made up thing his mistake it was the receiver that was stage aggressive counterattack was still house but i doubt it's had was his knights go to the season the penalty he's going to was fine it was the guy was against new and bag a decent second half performance was enough to see that that's right they were able to say that that's the big fixture. i was the guests when he finds they just couldn't find a response. last time play on made his side's sudden superiority callous the frenchman school would have said ok it's nice goal of the season as
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well he stood in for gangs but they don't then next week he ended his dry spell at just the right time i think the last time that happened was back in the eighty's anybody round here remember that's. going to run the i can't remember but that's very positive for the view the team of live without a performance is above all a traditional industry of course it's not always possible to put the pedal all the way to the medal hospital or if you don't but we've needed patience in some games and done well and feeling some of the team of play well despite having people out with injured. and it's been a really good first half of the season for this and opposed to this woman isn't. got back trouble to do it meant with the momentum of yet another thing train. strengths and in the belief that this could be at very special season.
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the result bloodbath with a two no home victory and on this match day no one managed to top that. the biggest surprise dissolute dismantling of the film and machine. shop to last for straightening and to a poignant thief in kelvin kid. oh . oh ok pay tribute to the every spare there pretty much performance from a local minus. after one hundred fifty years of underground mining in germany the last colliery in nearby but tough displacing. as ever the club remains deeply tines to its heritage and the fact. the tablecloth so much they sixteen dortmunder up in first now with
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a six point lead on flood can buy and. frank that involves a heart on the heels of the leading pack. downstairs. live in houston tops the bottom half of the table royal blues shall cut down in fourteenth level on points with promoted dissolute off look bottom back now let's see what's in store on the upcoming match day. talk about saving the best till last. election the top of the table clash the season's best players so far the best coaches. just suddenly all but only. two of the league's most prolific goal hungry sides. politico proceeds to lend against piracy and munching blood but on the final bundesliga match day twenty eighteen. they were back on course to go into the winter break on feet as well as the top of
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the table. but up to two of its defeated just lost the lead his lead that they are peaceable after all bloodbath will be hot and the league leaders would do well to take heed of the white cup call it the fake showdown. termism of units we need to get back to the hunger aggression and punish of the last few weeks everything that was missing tonight then we'll see a different dortmund again down on the top and. that tension is mounting for all concerned mocker royce included the dortmund skipper has played in school many times against his former club but never in a battle of the first he has contested white these would his legal rights this one is certainly a bit different. for him as well head coach lucien fafsa.
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laze been playing very well so far they don't have the added personnel pressure of a european campaign. task with revitalizing to a man's father has worked wonders since taking charge in the summer from the early twentieth and twenty fifteen he was at the helm in mention gladbach where he also made a proper impression. last time the falls were doing so well at this stage of the season was back in twenty thirty under lucien felt. oh. with christmas around the corner there's yet another pot sizzling in the offing but that the hosts have nothing but respect for the fast pace full speed . limit on the bull they look very solid and dangerous and the table reflects that fortunately
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we're at home for this one that's a whole deal with the closing of the last working coal mine in the area and we'll also be using that final game of the year to pay homage to the local tradition. the black and yellow is will run out indeed shirts. in german coupal needs both a mind and the body a moment's resonance with history bringing in the battle of the league's top teams of. course not just. such.
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a service you could type and avoid this is just me and if a cliche goes my top kill i'm going on the seeing the i'm going on man i'm kind. of on them on some talk shows i. time to sleep because i can see. the golden rule and don't mince. unbeaten moms with crushing alex cohen that's it from us see you next time on color good . blah blah blah blah blah but.
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the big. blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah. blah. blah. blah the stars to rosie performance of
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the breeze siblings from britney the band kitty daisy and lewis. they're making waves with their cool retro some of the be told. a muse alice. she gets to listen to him sounds. all shake itself to this kind simple side by. playing. people who put big dreams on the big screen.
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legend movie magazine on the w. . that are shit. ok. there are you know this is you know five minutes four minutes. has an hour and a beauty. pageant all. the feats in the pantheon of the great tenors certainly he's one for the ages. up. to sculpt turner for. starts december twenty second on g.w. . i don't want to. use it i mean in your monotonous and god knows what in. kosovo now there's
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cynical media. us all up with out about a. vision of getting. it on wood. this you know i mean when you're monotonous incline you know what ink idea parkinson among women are and. what importance on him is you know what i'm with what an organizer i never as a term of. his you know i mean when you're man or a single you are going to get what a guy i don't want to. me number and unanimous. this is a serious or to. question on. cannot i've only said that i thought going to more than a vantage. point to point to conceive it as if. u.s.
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defense secretary jim mattis has resigned citing policy differences with president donald trump trump said on twitter that mattis would leave his job at the end of february his departure came a day after trump and i watched the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria in a move criticized by major allies and top u.s. military officials. u.s. prosecutors have indicted two alleged chinese hackers accused of stealing trade secrets on behalf of beijing's main intelligence agency the.


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