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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2019 9:00pm-9:11pm CET

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mikail schumacher the most successful driver in formula one history turned fifty on thursday to celebrate ferrari the racing team with which he claimed five of his record seven world titles have unveiled this special exhibition in more danger it's only in honor of his remarkable achievements a day of celebration but also one tinge with circus. schumacher has been out of the public eye since december twenty third team when a skiing accident left him with severe brain injuries he has not been seen in public since. but for the legions of shimmy fans like here at his museum in germany it's an opportunity to look back on sumac his incredible twenty one years in the sport and a welcome development following years of silence as questions surrounding his health of gone unanswered. for these we go yes my first of all i wish him all the best on his fiftieth birthday. i also hope for the best for his family and hope
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that he gets well again for me personally i'm devastated along with all his fans things came to this but i think it's good that his privacy is being respected that is my first time here and it's the only reason i'm here to be a little closer on his birthday the fans might never get to find out exactly what happened to their hero but for now at least a chance to relive some of his achievements is a gift. ban start to the year for the maker of the. helmet is here with that and more. apple stocks have plummeted on global exchanges today down by around nine percent now it's off to apple cut its sales forecast for the last quarter of the year and chief executive tim cook blames slowing i phone sales in china of apple's also struggling in developed markets where the number of i phone upgrades was lower than expected. apple's bad news seems to confirm what investors have feared for some
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time the i phone hype could be over and so far there doesn't seem to be a solid plan coming out of cupertino to re excite consumers for years the i phone has been apple's superstar the device brings a solid sixty percent of apple's revenue but if those sales fall as they did over the christmas quarter it hits apple hard the company's problems have been looming for months after reaching a high last summer the share price has fallen by thirty percent since september back then analysts reported that asian i phone suppliers were cutting back production because apple needed fewer parts news that sent out an alarm signal. the company says demand has weakened particularly in china apple c.e.o. tim cook blames the trade dispute between the u.s. and china for causing some customers to avoid buying u.s. products but analysts say another reason is apple's pricing strategy while prices
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are dropping on many smartphones from other companies apple has continued to raise its prices the most expensive costing more than sixteen hundred euros but fewer customers are willing to pay such costs for their device. it appears tim cook strategy of looking to charge a high price to achieve high profits despite lower i phone sales has failed the development could sign the end of a success story that began twelve years ago. all right let's get more on this now with our financial correspondent yes quarter almost straight yes what does this cut tell us about apple. well a disability a perfect storm at the moment for paul because this revenue miss or that they lowered the expectations have been for the first time in fifteen years the stock is down since the highs of early october by around thirty eight percent but we also
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heard here stories. for example i phone sales are blocked in countries like germany so this is not the first the bad news for apple in the past couple of weeks again there has to be said to apple's business in china or appears in particular to be rapidly deteriorating is this a result of the chinese economy or the i phone itself it's both i mean first of all the i phone as we just heard this rather expensive if you compare it to other devices other smartphones in china you can get those for a third of the price of an i phone and but it has all to do with the cooling of the chinese economy that people over there are not willing to pay such a high price for those devices anymore but it's not just china we also hear that over all people are not upgrading to the next version of the i phone and as fast as they did in the past so there is also a global trend that might be putting further pressure on when it talks to people
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here on the floor of the new york stock exchange is still kind of hesitant to really jump in to. this point so that does not mean that the overall success story over the i phone is not the only success that apple has but it's clearly it's the bread and butter business for them that's their main profit driver and so if there is trouble with the i phone and it seems to be this case it is certainly a difficult time for apple and c.e.o. of tim cook at the moment indeed our financial correspondent end's quarter for us in new york thanks your analysis. now a bag of dangerous chemicals has washed off on a small dutch island today off of the m s c zoe lost some two hundred seventy containers during a storm well the panama flag container ship it's been traveling from and in belgium as you can see here and had been going up to a half an in germany when it lost its cargo on tuesday night some twenty containers a so far have washed up on child and several more are expected to end up on the
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northern german coast here on the dutch island of tash shelling it's finders keepers in the netherlands unlike in some other countries you're allowed to keep items that have been washed ashore and in this case there's quite a haul to be had. so much in all kinds of sizes and colors and will keep them in the attic for now and then sell them in the summer. i found a flat screen t.v. in one of the containers and keeping it in a warm and dry area so we'll see if it's still working. this footage released by the dutch coast guard shows the cargo ship that had been transporting the goods a huge vessel with a capacity for some nineteen thousand containers as soon as one came loose others followed a total of two hundred seventy containers have been lost only
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a few have been washed up so far. others may end up on the island of poor come in northwestern germany. but the containers aren't just carrying goods like shoes and flat screen t.v.'s three of them are said to contain potentially dangerous substances the advice from the experts. if you encounter a one stop container stay away and don't touch anything wait for the professionals to come and transport the goods safely that way you'll come to no harm. but the temptation is big scores of containers are still missing with storms forecast for the weekend they could travel far to their next destination. you're watching news from ballet i'm headed home from frank golf will be here in just a moment to take you through the day. swimming
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with dolphins for a long time it should be done off the coast of sounds far better hordes of tourists are scared the dolphins are where. the problem is it's not regulates it's by the government. because are not up to seven feet and now conservationists and tour guides are working together to find a solution go out to africa sixty million dollars. belonging to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans made in colombia needly and illegally. her body. was
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returned to. visit friends it's not i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. how did you. discover your concept discover it with a powerhouse. school. after one hundred gives the ideals of the bombs are more relevant today than they were a hundred years ago missionary shaped things to come to all of these people and as we're shaping society. with ideas. post world three part documentary starts january thirteenth on t. w. .
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in two thousand and sixteen u.s. voters is said no descending the first female president to the white house just two years later those voters sent more women than ever before the capitol hill and here they are the faces of a new u.s. congress more diverse than ever before tonight a melting pot in power in the house of representatives and in the.


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