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tv   Kick off - The Asian Cup 2018 - Part 3  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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he had at the back of his. songs to sing along to downloads she has to come from super. to. have very good causes kind of into active exercise is the hard thing about that d w don't come slash adoption and i'm on facebook in the uk still. gemini for free but d.-w. . up. to. the asian cup starts to this weekend and kickoff takes
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a look at two massive countries that are still footballing minnows inside you know the dolphin is going to bigger and bigger every day in india. our reporter chris towering seven heads to india to china with sunday's jean-guy starring defend up for the indian national team. and sebastian song takes us on a footballing told all the time he met up with a national team coach paid a visit to a local football magazine on makes the top of the fantasy. let me. play that little. two nations in football adolescence with plenty of excitement to strap now on kick off. of course we're going to do all of the victims. are always the question is this in rehab. we kind of did this business for to. the bull and i love her but it was
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never the new life it was mellow showing the people in the. n.b.a. one point three billion people and counting its motto truth alone triumphs here some truth the indian national football team has struggled they qualified for the world cup only once nineteen fifty but back then the barefoot plame team withdrew from the tournaments the reason is unclear maybe the flight super zille cost too much or was it because feet being barefoot play after india played well in the forty eight olympics either way major football tournaments in india have little to no history out of three asian cups only their first in one nine hundred sixty four when well when they finished runners up the other two times they failed to win a single match. i'm chris harrington in the southwestern coastal state of carolina why the mind
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carolina. because it's a football stronghold in the country. and the phrase for both. it's my first trip here ever and it's hot see that's where. i want to find out what's been holding india's national football team back from success but first a taste of culture carola is famous for having the most sought after spices. markets are commonplace all over india and they're always crowded just like this one is from here in carolyn to find out what this market in particular has to offer so come on this ride with me. when it comes to football kids' been their self all of the usual suspects you have a premier league jerseys if you're looking for the indian national football team.
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ah no. you're out of luck they only have careless kid. well as it stands now cricket earns any top billing when it comes to the playing field maybe across the country are devoted to the sport and treat it like it's a really tricky it's been successful. so can football get more followers and become successful as well. i'm heading to the home of the carola blasters who are living a protein form did twenty fourteen as part of the indian super league on my to do list talk to two indian footballers one from the past and one in his prime to get their takes on white india's team has it made bigger strides on the international stage and having recently broken into people's top one hundred ranking what can we expect from india's national team in the coming years.
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visayan the first footballer to win india's player of the year multiple times a living legend who shared the stage with another great diego maradona the carolinian scored forty goals for his country and a face you literally see all over carolina center backs and there's chewing gum for the blasters. the defender has twenty seven caps for india's national football team. saying it nice to have you here. now the home tell you you are the only no football from this region so. why the hell aren't you playing cricket i'll tell you
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honestly outside as a cricketer so i can force an indicative it's massive but i always got more into football goes off the cricket we used to play football raining so then i do enjoy it so i did think it took it initially but something you know what's investing bound to happen so i'm lucky i joined football goes for me cricket is so boring on the ground. how did you start playing football and stared at the middle of the set of the ball the boredom on but i've got to get out of. the medical board. for both of the other areas to live for this is what it's about both of the boys were disappointed when they messed up they were. so why the football team had more success. to get pro-slavery did it's a little dependent even for phones the love and so on so you open certainly on the going to get but. do you feel being you were part
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of. the beginning of something that will turn out to be something bigger than yourself go off and speak in the nasa d.m.v. and you go. say to them the. lucky ones you know the people who remember us off the lake was reno and inside you know that now the ball is going to get bigger and bigger every day in india so it would be part of it when it all started and it's good so something i can tell the granton about the north side of i was a part of. when i was sixteen sixteen my dream was to play for the national team first then all those kids dream to play for manchester. or whatever madrid and everything but for me i was very passionate and i'm still the most passionate about the national team and i'm ready to talk to guy and i get really pissed when people make jokes when we're going to do something about some kind of a guy so me was nothing was over the national team and i was dying to
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sleep enough and. what does fiji think of tigers these days. for another indian national. president pulled out of his cereal. bar of must i do. this let's face it let's pray never wrong about somebody. i never said the. unity of the squad in the national team as if it's second to none it's unbelievable and i believe this is our biggest strength you know when the dog. is made often you hear about a brother with red bugle i do feel like we all brothers are playing and. that's why when people come watch as they do you know when you play if you all speak the football language or football together and you all die for each other on the field
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then it's very likely to be part of the. blame for poaching future footballers. blame cricket. when i was a. different . should be but. when the entropy of. the population of this country. and we can only be good at cricket the. big as a nation and. the publishing we have should be good.
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t.v. . is believe me. young indian footballers must think seeing him play on t.v. . and. so that's why the television. if you don't make. believe in your lifetime you see india. compete in a world cup. it's been there. and then a. number one number two number three and then i. woke up about it is that a lot of those don't but that they would be among the. nation in the if they don't get the name any of our phones it's got to be able and i love the number. they said
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i'm going to. get him to move to the beach to talk feet for like is it a big deal that recently your one hundred cost one hundred of this is already. proceeding what you have achieved and the past few years with the national team to get into the one hundred top under the for me i'm not a big fan of the rankings are going to some final fling big tournaments and big games. so we had that unbeaten run for fourteen games and i was pretty big you know to do that in defense of stage and then quite frankly the nation it's massive. when you finally take off your boots hang them up and retire from this game the world's most popular sport. what do you want. your legacy to be. my legacy. i was the most of this was when i was nineteen eighteen something of
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that what what's going to be ging on my knees is done in the football i want to be remembered even after hundred years and i want to achieve so much as a footballer. but the national team and the club people will remember my name and i'm dead gone everything finished and on to achieve. that's the aim by the force that i want to give back to the sport as well the one we should focus is the grass you know i want to contribute and. hopefully open the academies so that people will say oh he came from the doing and they got me. to canada gets here. coming footballers look for any pitch they can find the perfect their football skills.
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on my trip i've come to learn football fever is slowly spreading across the country but there are still lots of work to be done for football to reach its full potential however success in a major tournament and a young generation in love with this tour there will be more to talk about than cricket in the future. and just a few. like. i'm just the right people to let us know. southeast asia the last from zero to the football world no team from the region has ever come close to qualifying for the world cup in the last fifty years but for a decade now things have been changing and they have been changing faster than you
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think especially here in time. to create the type of going out going out every year. growing and some of thailand's best planes. pan's i mean you're a lot of progression in the last ten years. and that's and. that's. the future of football in southeast asia the shape here in thailand. and how far can the national team the war elephants go in the asia cup two thousand . i'm here in thailand to find out more now i have been a football fan since i was six but much of what i saw here in thailand blew my might and what better time to take a look then before d.h. and i found a couple of people that would help me along the way. first of all please meet this guy about it yes spider me he's a diehard fan of one of the oldest clubs in the country. passionate committed and
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a vivid example of why thailand is not only about this. did you expect thailand to have an independent football magazine around you works for it and has plenty of answers. and remember him let's call them to specialist after he almost had gone out to the semifinals of the world cup but then came luis suarez with his hands. team thailand. in bangkok and there are many means of transportation. was but these are the most fun the took jokes i asked him there are drivers where football jerseys mostly from premier league teams. are you left there. that need to qualify but what i'm told will that give me about how it was on t.v.
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so i. got a lot of the image that my watch how will they be able. to pack up and. do you hear this one often on the streets of bangkok as thai billionaire we do next and the man behind leicester success. so our ties mostly interested in english football no investment in football is no longer just a business for rich thais abroad this is bangkok one of the oldest clubs in the country with passionate fans who sometimes took up fights drop to dissent to vision the club seemed finished but then things took a surprising turn. phillies made pan this businesswoman invested in new players and started dialogue with the rowdy fans pang brought professionalism money and success. spider port friend
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for decades the changes at his club stand as just one example of how the thai league has probably become the region strongest one. well you can with that. get even me you couldn't you could make an. early to. get. one of the players madame pang brought in his former seventeen european champion with spain with him as captain finished third last season in thailand for five years he's quite some changes over time. i think is growing a lot i mean from the beginning when i arrived i didn't feel like the most important. is going
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a lot. a lot. of football is on its way it's no longer just premier league or league here i asked my driver about his favorite player and while i expect him to talk about this one or this one in fact i get another one. but i live in one take. china is a star in thailand and plays in japan for a concert. for thai football this means quite a lot i learned bangkok's football magazine hat trick before i can feel that. i be afraid to go out now we have three. in the. top flight. come back to play for national team. me. before. thailand are not even among the world's top hundred but with players in
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japan and one also in belgium is this no a new era plus they have me on the bench he led got to the quarterfinals of the two thousand and ten world cup there is a titan game on tonight and i need to get the right outfit. here. over here. you have to do you know there. is. no time this jersey feels like the appropriate attire but then i realize i've never watched a single game of the thailand national team in my life. actually the game against for these things starts in thirty minutes and i'm going to watch it. it's an important away game for thailand at the a f f's cup for the championship of southeast asia. hello everyone i'm going to get it. right. and his friends are confident their team are the defending champions that
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light the team they just like. us they can team up tight you know so we need to send our best play good. cop even without their best players on the pitch tight and dominate that coming yeah i comment. i. let's say it was a bad cold. no goals at halftime but excellent food. if any planes are. a little bit stronger than oh yes a good table don't hate me. oh well what a great expert thailand take the elite. or not so guys this is the thailand. bad.
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but as in every good game tragedy comes next. i know. the philippines correlate slapstick equaliser with actually the tie replacement goalkeeper does the number one cause in belgium. yeah. no no next singapore in a few. great social and culture that atmosphere despite the last minute heartbreak equalizer that's. not the only foreigner who enjoys watching football in thailand. one of the many ex-pats in the country paul murphy from scotland even blog football. games here is a very different atmosphere. but i like the way this very socially think out a couple of hours before a game they said picnic have
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a few drinks i really like that side of it and it's never cold but. i wonder when thailand will produce its first international superstar maybe it's just a matter of time. people maybe not the best at football you know in international we are attached to me. but i can see it growing up so maybe one day we can be one off the top off a ship. that can vary just one more day before the decisive mention against singapore time to meet the specialist. took over as titans coach in twenty seven teams.
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the most. have you mad. i bowed to the fans. weak he put. on defending. first. good. cold. feet by getting. up in what they called a. match day is upon us. and it's time to mingle. with these guys. but also with the thai fans of course. and spiderman is bad. i know. i
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like you. being a true gentleman he shows me how to drink it properly in a stadium where alcohol is apparently banned. and. thailand quickly score and people in my block go while. the war elephants when three nil the atmosphere in the stadium somehow reminds me of a carnival. that i. see.
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that night it seems the semifinal game against malaysia. for thailand. but then a week later and a missile last minute penalty and. on away goals so after this disappointment what can thailand achieve in the asian. cup qualifier we. lost to wales. we should be at least on. the last eighteen i think with the players from japan back in their sights. i can definitely see them going through the group. so bearing in mind that two or three teams will qualify. my feeling is a big enough to be. very tough to beat the. bag. and i think to be honest i think. so do i have
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a conclusion but i'm going right on the plane because i have to go to the. time a football is coming in small steps but it is coming and you better watch out for it . energy surrounding the sport is positive joyful and passionate and it's not just about the buy there is also serious investment i wish them well and i'll go there with my new jersey maybe i can even make use of the past the group stage never leaving comments below. rob. cool.
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swimming with dolphins. for a long time it could be done off the coast it sounds far but hordes of tourists are scared the dolphins are where. the problem is it's not regulated by the government . and it causes a lot of disturbance to them now conservationists and tour guides are working
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together to find a solution go ahead for the go thirty minutes later. how's your view of the world. where i come from to look over that cliff this is the goat just like with chinese food doesn't matter where i am suppose it was reminds me of home after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see if they are going to tell the difference between now and. then of good first as american nations that exist to as a part of the war haven't been after the men sit in china cats move the knocked up chinese people wondering if their foot is a good move but if you have a right to learn all that it is this is their job just underflow my how i see it
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and thus this is why i love my job because i tired to do it exactly the hour a day my name is the name. and i watch added up your. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. ricotta is in germany to learn german why not learn with him simple online on your mobile and free to suffer d w z learning course nikos speak german made him see. where he's home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with this is to listen to the book as a journey back to the roots should get a minimum of the lead the charge finally from somalia the road.
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needed urgent assistance and. channeling starts in january twenty third on t.w. play. the odds . player. this is due to be a news lot from burlesque and a massive hack attacks here in germany hundreds of german politicians fall victim to a massive data breach but their private phone numbers credit card information and other data published on line will have the latest on this developing story also coming up and uncertain fate for dozens of migrants stuck on rescue ships up.


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