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convention starts in january thirteenth on w. . blah. blah. blah. blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah. this is deja vu news live from berlin a fragile truce again given in the balance the u.n. special envoy arrives in the country to urge rebel leaders they have to uphold a cease fire we'll have the latest on what is the world's worst humanitarian crisis with millions on the brink of famine also coming up. and variance marching band to protest over time to monster thousands take to the streets of would have paid for
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keeping up the pressure on prime minister of a cold over l.a. have been told that critics say is slavery. and germany's ice he security agency defense how it handled a massive data hacked as hundreds of politicians this and other figures personal information is released online some victims say horatio's failed to inform them about the suspicious activity soon enough. i am christine one welcome to the program. figure when suspicion envoy to yemen has arrived in the country citron shore up a cease fire agreed upon last month since then they've been reports of repeated violations off the truce which applies to the port city off one day to a crucial entry point for aid shipments yemen civil war began in twenty fourteen and a saudi made coalition intervened in the conflict a year later it's
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a devastating humanitarian crisis with millions on the brink of famine. he hopes to save what is a fragile cease fire un special envoy martin griffiths knows that the longer they can keep the gun silent the more precious aid can be delivered to the destitute country. yet both sides of the conflict report that the other has already violated the treaty with gunshots a daily disturbance in and around her data and a dispute over the wording of the ceasefire could be its downfall the deal says the port should be turned over to local authorities the yemeni government interprets that to mean their own authorities the rebels however say it means the officials currently running her day to support their allies. at stake are the lives of millions of yemenis who depend on aid to survive like the young patients at this clinic in her job in the northwest abraham is struggling to
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survive. my friends and i am none of the aid gets to us none of the organizations aid or food supplies reach us. i loved them even when they started the registration we didn't get anything and that i must hear war in yemen has resulted in the world's worst humanitarian crisis a short term ceasefire say aid groups is only the first fragile step in pulling the country back from the brink. since two thousand and fifteen the rebels with backing from iran have been fighting against the yemeni government which receive support from saudi arabia. the un hopes the kinks to be ironed out of the current ceasefire in the next few days but what small progress has been made since december is threatened by the constant sound of gunfire. of earlier we asked the direction off the charity oxfam in yemen city key how hopeful he was that
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yemen's fragile ceasefire would hold i think due to four years of war you know wars he went on crisis media answer starring in a separating from malnutrition the country that the brink of a mean then there is economic decline identical labs and also the infrastructure so i mean i think it we are really really hopeful so far things are moving on right. there so even agreement we have seen positive signs from both the conflicting parties however we do know hope that amount in different spheres it would be important to have some kind of more cream in the. year and also after these he will get it we are so we would hope that even country what are these his visit here and also in riyadh and then there will be a meeting in the end sometimes in january now to some of the stories making news
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around the wealthiest no breakthrough in talks between democrats and republicans aiming to end each partial u.s. government shutdown president trump saves the shutdowns that go on for months all get if he doesn't get funding for a border war with mexico the two sides will meet again we work on sunday hard over the weekend. thousands of syrians have been demonstrating in the capital belgrade against the country's president for a fifth consecutive week and their rallies began after an opposition leader was assaulted in late november protest as a kid is president aleksander off all for a tear in his and hate speech against his opponents. and opponents says he has a morning off to five teenage girls were killed in a fire it happened while they were inside an escape room an attraction where people are locked in a room and have to solve to get out firefighters have blamed substandard safety procedures. thousands of people have been protesting in the hunt here in capital
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budapest today against what they're calling a slave labor law it was pos just before christmas and allows employers to demand hundreds of hours of overtime from their workers prime minister victor all bonds reforms have come under intense criticism and triggered repeated protests over the last several weeks. braving icy conditions thousands returned to the streets of budapest with a message for hungary's president stop obama they want his right wing government's new overtime law to be repealed it allows a massive increase in how many extra hours employees can ask the staff to work from two hundred fifty to four hundred hours it also lets employees take up to three years to pay the overtime labor unions say it's slavery. we hunger ians work too much already we just can't bear it anymore wall the problem is if the company goes under or if you quit the new lose all your overtime pay. hungary's overtime laws
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been hugely controversial ever since it was proposed when it came to a vote in parliament the opposition blew whistles and made noise to try to stop it from passing without success since then thousands of going out regularly to protest accompanied by an overwhelming police presence. in one protest opposition politicians was thrown out of the state television station as they tried to read out a petition against the law people gathered outside for hours calling for free speech and freedom of the press the opposition of joined labor unions in calling for a year of resistance and hungry they hope to increase the pressure on the rightwing government until something changes. germany's siva defense agency is defending the way it handled a massive data leak personal information from hundreds of politicians and celebrities was published online back in december but only became public knowledge yesterday and victims are demanding to know why the cyber security body sais it
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didn't because it wasn't able to connect the dots and didn't know the extent of the breach until yesterday now the data was posted on a twitter account of for weeks the e.q. impacts of politicians at all levels including chancellor angela merkel foreign minister heikal mas and one distract president of all functionally in fact they were very few politicians who weren't talkative most were from ackles conservatives the sinton of social democrats the left party as well the notable exception the far right a.v. the party conference yesterday that none of they had will make this were affected jim and avoid say the government's i was not compromised and they're looking at where the information came from the intent remains and clear and some politicians are demanding action but what i heard shocked me this is a grave attack on democracy in our country.
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there are massive problems in our digital security architecture we put titian's have a look of that is enough in recent years commute commodity the government has grown in the level of its inconsistency. we have to think. this is a turning point it's. nearly fifty migrants stranded on risky ships in the mediterranean are still looking for countries to take them and they were rescued in late december and are stuck off the coast of e.u. member states remain deadlocked over what to do with the migrants while the cramped conditions onboard the sea which three is just off the coast of malta due to rough seas many including children are suffering from sea sickness they feel like they're imprisoned and they worry about what lies ahead just internet. the international lure of the sea requires that we're provided with a safe haven as soon as possible. just. supplies of being shipped out to
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the sea watch three the crew now exhausted is replaced by a new team building with them members of the german parliament. there has to be a solution whether these people are allowed to land in a spanish italian or even maltese port they'll be redistributed to countries that are ready to help. italy has agreed to let the women and children currently aboard the sea watch three disembark but the rest must wait whilst european governments struggle to gree upon a plan. to football and the opening game of the asian cup almost provided the first shock of the tournament with first u.a.e. needing a late goal to secure a draw against. the lower ranked as it has opened the scoring through. may but with just two minutes remaining converted a penalty for the one one final score. this is asian cup features
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plenty off political side stories including a serious game against palestine with. in the palestinian territories and the continuing conflict in syria play is from both sides would be forgiven for struggling to focus on football but instead they're using those issues as motivation. up sometimes football and politics simply cannot be separated the asian cup match between palestine and syria sees two of the most troubled and controversial teams at the tournament faceoff several of the palestinian players were born outside of the territories they see the asian cup as a chance to show solidarity with people in their ancestors homeland in recent days when we lean though it's something very nice to defend the people. to represent these people that are in a constant battle out on the pitch i think it's good that we'll be out there to
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defend them. i think. likewise the syrian players are focused on bringing a small sense of relief to people in a country ravaged by civil war. we have to keep going with sports in order to put smiles on the faces of the syrians whether in football or any other game because sports bring syrians together in spite of their suffering during the crisis. syria is german coach baron shanghai is avoiding talk of politics he wants his side to concentrate entirely on the sporting task at hand it's a great challenge for all assume football players and for our friends for all syrians to play and we create this asian cup over with twenty four teams it may just be a simple game to shanna but it means so much more to the people watching back on. the deck already is one of the world's most odd u.s. racing events it gets underway on sunday with computer says from across the globe
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battling it out in the end forgiving that conditions are tough for every pump it is in the grueling ten stage event but this year one homegrown racer faces a bigger test than most. lucas iran is about to make history the twenty five year old is set to become the first person with down syndrome to compete in one of motor racing is most demanding events to tackle really if a five thousand kilometer ten day marathon race through the peruvian desert doesn't sound tough enough already look at his condition means he'll be at a significant cognitive disadvantage to his fellow competitors but he doesn't let that hold him back. if you want to do something special work hard and reach that goal. he would be driving the car himself that responsibility rests with his father lucas will be his copilot gets on with the hands on aspect of the drive lucas will have
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to keep his wits about him. he's the eyes of the car he can see if there's another competitor out there we're going to be there to do is not like you are on a track someone can come straight at you and you won't see them. in preparation for the grueling ordeal the father son duo competed in september's the sufi oh in courageous a warm up event also hosted on the sand dunes of peru. seven well the i in this time is the simply finish nobody would be shocked if they did a whole lot better than that of the rule lucas has a habit of surprising people. now the international eyes estival has opened and china has from twelve countries face temperatures below minus ten degrees celsius to create before isn't lost to pieces we'll be back at the top of the hour but for now a look at some of the. story
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