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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2019 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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her documentary starts in january thirteenth on w. touch. this is the news live from berlin reclaiming the ghetto faces a violent image hundreds of women already in paris and the city is hoping to put a peaceful face on the social movement that's shaped and frog's french president emmanuel mccombs government this is one of the caches in paris on saturday also coming up. ukraine's orthodox church formally sets ties with moscow off for more
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than three centuries and huge agreed grants will tanami to an independent ukrainian church that until now has been overseen by russia will go to cuba to talk about the implications also coming up in the next fifteen minutes and gold posted backlash as a stall football player this golden piece of state has magnified inexplicably of their economic trouble we'll tell you what a boss. i'm christine will welcome to the program thank you. several hundred women have marched in paris and other french cities hoping to reclaim the so-called yellow faced with went from violent acts of this this after clashes in paris on saturday the process began last year over and now scrapped feels hats but have grown into a broader uprising against falling living standards but the demonstrations keep fearing into violence and the women in our next report say that's not what they
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want. they've got the same demands but it was women only in the hive is jack it's on the streets of paris and other cities they're hoping to show the movement's small pacifist side these women are determined and strong they can see that we're many and we won't give up. we won't give up that's what it says on their placards too and on the front line with the police there's no sign of violence it was a different story on saturday when violence broke out in paris some yellow vest protesters wanted to storm a government building and were prepared to use a lorry to do it a restaurant on a boat on the sand was set to light and some groups took on the police including a professional boxer who was salted officers he's been identified and his jew to be charged. president mark monk condemned the violence.
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labor minister nuclear penacoli went on french t.v. and called for order of you know most election violence has never solved the problem and there's never a solution. those who resort to violence and tolerate it are going against the principles of democracy its. president mark on announced that he would meet the demonstrators and invited them for talks but he insists he won't be swayed on his reform agenda. now to some of the other stories making news around the world one of the processes in the bombing of the u.s. special ship has died in an american strike al qaeda operative jamal alba dawi was killed in yemen the attack he is suspected to have made against the u.s.s. cole in the year two thousand killed seventeen american servicemen. british prime minister treason may have saved her country would be in question uncharted territory if london's parliament rejects breaks a deal she was speaking to the b.b.c. may has been struggling to gain support for her plan to leave the e.u.
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with a verdict speaks that in mid january. the. royal officials and the nation say king mohammed the fifth has stepped down they gave no reason for his resignation which follows a lengthy leave of absence and room is that he married a former russian deity queen it's the first time in a malaysian monarch has abdicated before completing their rotating five year rule. on all the dogs christmas eve the newly founded ukrainian orthodox church has gained formal independence from moscow in what is an historic split church leaders formally received aid to create off independence at a ceremony in istanbul turkey being the global center of the christian orthodox scene for the ukrainian church it marks the end of more than three centuries of russian influence ukraine's president petro poroshenko had campaigned for the break which has provoked anger in moscow.
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matthew cooper is a journalist with post and he joins me now from the ukrainian capital this is seen matthew tell us about the build up to the church's break from russian control well thanks for having me tonight it's actually all happened fairly quickly the discussion of church independence roughly in october soon it became clear that the ecumenical patriarch of constantinople is not. the sole hold almost of autocephaly that you create an independence to the right an orthodox church on december fifteenth the undirected to printer just unrecognized by constantinople held a. meeting where they unified an elected leader metropolitan ideas and just yesterday the. medical patriarch signed to create independence it was passed to the two leaders of the new york and our church has been very clear it has some fairly significant political. conflict with russia and also potentially
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significant and they are coming in criminal action. you brought in the difficulty in the relationship with russia how has russian reaction to the split. well so far auburn has made a lot on the against russia has reacted very negatively to the split the russian orthodox church last week. creating an orthodox church that newly unified one with essentially divided richard. and right now the ukrainian orthodox orthodox church of ukraine that is the unified church has been warning of potential colic ations. meant to make make it look like believers of the orthodox church of the moscow patriarchate in the one some poured in to moscow to make it look like they are in a crust and somewhere or another and so on the whole is obviously a very negative reaction from russia although these days still somewhat muted i
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just coming back. i think it's difficult to see that any other way while the idea of church and commons is not near want your car thank you he really pushed forward church independence and these were tall most creative independence this is really one of the buzzwords of the year and you know i shan't go here's a tough election campaign coming up elections on march thirty first and in the polling is usually reps third the leader is the former prime minister. who are who has a significant lead followed by a whole human is unless he has a community after only declared his candidacy on see what was long regarded as a central contender all of them by pushing through so he's certainly facing a challenge here and tomos at this some independents in ukraine orthodox church was huge as was used as a way to boost his numbers i think that was just essentially an election gambit to
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win the election i don't think it's going to do as much for him as they would've hoped but it still is significant it's a significant accomplishment the president. joining us from the ukrainian capital thank you. i.q. . for francis has entered the debate over migrants stranded in the mediterranean sea calling for them to be given a safe course in which to dock the pontiff spoke out while celebrating mass at the vatican he called on european leaders to show solidarity and stop arguing over the fate of the migrants riskier to last month by two humanitarian ships they are currently stuck off the coast of malta as e.u. member states decide which country should take them the plight of migrants at the sea continues to make headlines but many also travel by air and land from turkey to reach the e.u. on the mediterranean island of cyprus even then their problems are still far from
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over. it's just a ninety minute flight from istanbul to turkish occupied northern cyprus from there it's a short drive through the buffer zone to southern cyprus and the european union more and more asylum seekers from iraq and syria are making the journey because shelters are overrun many have to live in overpriced hotels or on the street a family of four receive seven hundred thirty five euros in need per month. the number of asylum seekers arriving in cyprus has shot up fifty percent since twenty seventeen. authorities are angry with turkey for allowing them to travel freely to the north of the island. some of these nationalities are exploited the fact that. turkey have signed or agreements with these countries little covering these acquittals the un refugee agency says the three to five year period for processing
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asylum applications is creating major problems because migrants are forbidden to work during this time it is extremely challenging for them to find employment and self sustainability and that has led to situation of homelessness and destitution that has set their e.-l. armine increased. only five percent of the asylum seekers in southern cyprus are housed in this camp the rest have to find a home for themselves and pressure is growing to find a solution and quickly. all right football star frank berry has been fined by his club by in munich over the fallout from and ostentation the french player came under fire under intense criticism on the social media channels over an expensive piece of steak which he defended in a string of posts filled with insults and abuse seen it he's joining me in the studio is d.w. reporter shot to chelsea. what is this all about as you just said it was an
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expensive steak that kicked this whole thing off and we're not just talking about any old expensive steak this really was their e berry expensive i think you need to look at the videos that he posted on his social media accounts to try and understand exactly what we're talking about there we are that's what he ate this week that is a steak covered in gold. how much do you think about costs in that restaurant. six hundred years. quite a bit will not actually double in fact it costs twelve hundred year as he's eating narrative restaurant in dubai owned by the. bay something of an internet sensation himself personally as video resulted in him getting a lot of flak on his social media accounts twenty uses found his extravagance hard to swallow he got a lot of abuse as did his wife his child his mother and also the french press was quite critical as well is not generally very popular in the french press but it
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really did come under under fire that these posts what did mr have to say should all of that criticism he hit back in a big way he was not a cool calm should we say about some of that criticism he posted on his return account understeer comes from accounts yesterday tweets laden with a series of expletives profanities we're actually there so he can't say them on air but let's just say that he leveled some attacks at his critics mothers and grandmothers i'll let you use your imagination that the kind of thing exactly. he might have posted but he ended by saying that to his critics with nothing but pebbles in his shoes so in essence what he ended up doing was turning. more contains twitter storm into something a lot more serious and how every scene people respond to that yeah well prior to this twitter storm that he provoked with those offensive tweets you could find people on social media willing to defend him by and fans for example they made the
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point well he earns eight million year. he can spend his money however he wants there are also people who pointed out that these restaurants and by so pay they attract a series of celebrities i mean his twitter account basically a roll call of the rich and famous and not just football is a lot of rap as well there you can see so pay posing with a messy. very famous football players as david beckham they have all met england star all the celebrities that have posted tweets from the restaurant include the german international manuel neuer so a lot of songs that do go to the restaurant rivoli is not the first and yet he got the most for iraq but then came these offensive tweets and buy ins had to react as you said that they've now find him so that they say it's not the coming of the football players to post offensive tweets like that said to be a huge find that's been leveled at him so just by not actually paying for that
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steak got it for free is ended up being quite expensive new for him bought having said that there are one or two people who have come out and sort of defended him one of them is his teammate thomas mullah who said we know that emotional has been measured through his whole career and he's a team player let's want to be easy to follow in the end everyone knows who is in the wrong. but in these moments where he feels he's been treated unfairly was been viciously attacked and sometimes he blows a fuse he can't really control himself over the movie even though there are some times where things worked out better than this time. but it's true that he does get attacked a lot of things also doesn't you all feel that the kid with you had german media there not being quite a giving one newspaper bitesize and here in germany is calling them to be suspended suspended as that other editorial saying he just doesn't belong i am unix so a lot of criticism right charlotte thanks for that meaty one. shot of charleston for they all right. here watching the news from berlin wall coming at the top of
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the hour with their for gas you can get all the latest news and information around the park that's why we have site each of you dot com see you next hour. what we were wrong when we were now do you perceive americans in some point in our lives will experience hardship.


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