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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2019 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is deja vu news when live from berlin it is the biggest breach of data in german history now police have detained a suspect personal details of hundreds of celebrities and politicians and their children were stolen and posted on the internet will have the details of the old rust and that's why the german authorities have been so slow to react also coming up a state of emergency has been declared in parts of southern germany and austria after snowfall unprecedented levels of number of people are dead and authorities are
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warning the situation could be about to get much worse plus u.s. security advisor john bolton is facing a difficult day of diplomacy in turkey as he discusses american plans to withdraw from syria and the excuses him of making quote a serious mistake over syria's curves and to wrestling with sexism and abuse in america report on how one high school in pittsburgh is using sport to try and encourage male teenager to teach teenagers excuse me to change their behavior toward women and girls. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program german police have arrested a suspect in a hacking case that saw stolen data from some one thousand politicians and celebrities include it. chancellor angela merkel the personal information was then
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made available on the internet the data was released on twitter in the run up to christmas personal phone numbers home an e-mail addresses they were made public and in some cases also private messages and photos authorities learned about the data theft late last week. and our chief political editor mahela cook dinner is on the story following developments so what more can you tell us about this. well what we do know from the police here and many is that they have arrested a twenty year old suspect whose flat had already been searched and we hear from the agency d.p.a. that he appears to be actually talking to the police to talk of potential confession what we don't know is whether that means that he is indeed the man known as orbit that's the twitter account from where this sensitive data was released says early as december and that's part of the big criticism here that although
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there were individual indications that sensitive data of one or two politicians had been released and no pattern was discovered that it took a very very long time indeed to see this coming despite this kind of gradual release of information an advent calendar style so this is certainly ruffled a lot of political feathers here and it's also leading to politicians to ask for tougher laws and for action on the side of online providers and in fact we've actually spoken with some of those politicians christophe hazell back spoke with the german justice minister about the extent of this damage and the criticism that has followed let's listen in to what she had to say about minister how serious these determine which calls for the hacking i'm sorry. we don't know exactly how high the damage is concerning the data but the damage is high concerning the confidence that people have in the ditch security so we.
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we all together have to face this and have to take action politicians as well as the social media companies as well as people themselves they have to secure their good age as good as possible to what can the government do to prevent it in the future as some people say germany's quipped worse than others. i think that the. the level where we have to find regulation is the u.p.a. level we do have the. regulation on data protection since may so there we have a much higher than anywhere else in the world but of course national and national negative legislation we have to act to we have done that on different in different fields but of course we will take this scandal as an occasion to. to
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find out if there's any more action to be taken. the response there from the german justice minister mahela what are we to make of that i mean the authorities coming under fire now could they have done more should they do more in the future. what really comes across that is that this appears to be a moment of discovery for politicians and the police and intelligence services here and many like that at the very least is very bad p.r. for them indeed because this is not a problem that is necessarily new it is very different in its magnitude in scope because it involves politicians. decision makers who see themselves exposed some already talked about an attack on democracy it's very grave indeed and now germans are learning bit by bit that some of those structures that are set up to protect them even in the in the nonpermanent kind of fashion so this has started as
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a debate here in germany that probably won't see it just new legislation but also a transformation of the agencies that are involved. in our chief political editor with the latest from berlin thank you. let's get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world. a far right german lawmaker has been seriously injured by unknown assailants in the city of bremen police say that frank magnet's a local leader of the f d party was hospitalized after being beaten unconscious the attack is believed to be politically motivated. north korean leader kim jong un is in beijing for talks with china's president xi jinping the visit was announced nearly simultaneously by north korean and chinese state media it is kim's fourth a visit to beijing in less than a year a second summit between kim and us president donald trump is likely to be on the agenda at this meeting. france's prime minister and watchfully says that eighty
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thousand police officers will be deployed in paris on saturday in response to the ongoing yellow vest protests last weekend saw the eighth straight week of the protests the demonstrations began over a planned fuel tax but are now directed to president mohan's economic policies which include a tax cut for the rich. well now to a story of a brewing diplomatic to fit the e.u. and the united states after the trump administration downgraded the status of brussels diplomatic mission in washington this step seen as a slap in the face for europe was exclusively reported by d.w. now e.u. sources in brussels are now insisting that the mission status has been restored but the move appears to be in line with donald trump's long running opposition to the european union and other international bodies. and joining
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me now is g. w.'s brussels bureau chief max hope man so max why is this just coming to light now . apparently it took the european union officials in washington a while to figure things out according to sources of our studio in washington the diplomats in washington noticed that they weren't invited to the same events or at least not as much as they were in the past and the last straw was the funeral of george bush sr the former us president who died in november and the state funeral took place at the beginning of december and that's when the the ambassador of the e.u. invested to the us of a notice that he wasn't called upon. normal position where used to be called upon but he was last to be called upon and that's when they got official confirmation that yes they had been downgraded so how is this gone down in brussels well to tell you the truth a lot of people are not aware of this happening actually we try to talk to
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a lot of people in the most say they don't know even the u.s. mission to the e.u. says officially they are looking into this and you know what that is code for that's code for we just don't know but of course there were talks between the e.u. and the u.s. following the funeral of george bush sr and that's when we learned from some of our sources that apparently the protocol larry status of the ambassador of the e.u. to the u.s. since has been reinstalled to the former position. you know we mentioned that this appears to be in line with trump's you know general opposition to both the european union and other international bodies so so i mean max where could we possibly see u.s. relations going from here given this move. well expectations you know for the diplomatic virtues of the trump administration here in brussels are very low so i wouldn't say this is a huge surprise and the main battlefield is not diplomatic between the u.s.
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and the u.s. the moment it's trade that's where the e.u. was wheeling and dealing mainly because there is still this threat to impose tariffs on e.u. carmakers which would be especially dim for for the for the germans that are the main experts or is of course to the u.s. from from the european union of course so that's where the trying to make things move otherwise diplomatically speaking i think it's safe to say that nobody's really surprised that the trump administration would do something like that max hoffman with the view from brussels thank you max well no heavy snowfall and avalanches in austria and germany have claimed at least five lives many people are missing some one point five metres of snow has fallen in the northern alps in less than a week thousands of tourists are now stranded in villages and more snow is expected this week train services and roads have been disrupted and authorities have warned
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that the risk of avalanches remains high. this ski village in austria and dated with snow. there's an old in the ready for throw going for the light that was all we took this necessary precaution because we couldn't guarantee that there would be adequate food and medical supplies for. rescuers are searching for missing people and more teams are on standby the extreme weather has hampered their efforts residents were also caught off guard. we know would i was alone and raced here i'm never seen anything like this in the last fifty five years . in southern germany officials have declared a state of emergency schools are closed and train services have been suspended residents are overwhelmed. have been in the north of our being getting up at three am to clear the snow otherwise it's not manageable i'm never seen so much snow fall
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in such a short period. where we knew the leapt into could the. daily life has been up ended here as officials struggle to clear the snow many people are unable to go to work or buy groceries. this nie is that if. the snow is too heavy and wet to move with the plows. the trees are also snapping under the weight of the snow which is dangerous for motorists and why we've had to close a lot of streets father my guns he just wasn't i didn't have some frisbee. more snow is expected in the coming days and the risk of avalanches remains high. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program the man who saves japan's second biggest carmaker gets his day in a tokyo court carlos go and says that he did not commit tax fraud his lawyers want him released and it may looked like a ghost river but b.m.w.
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hopes driving lowder cycles could and traffic jams is one of the innovations at this year's consumer electronics show in las vegas but first a new study says that up to forty percent of women in america say that they were abused by a male while at school or at college as. near a freak of reports one school in pittsburgh pennsylvania is trying to change that it's using sports to raise awareness among teenage boys and girls about sexual harassment. testosterone is in the air resting teammates carried high school is preparing for the next competition but coach leonard our bitch doesn't just teach sports he has another topic on his agenda respectful behavior towards women and girls after each training they gather food cool down talk today's topic the problem of climbing goals for sexual harassment how do you how do you think something like
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that affects the person that got grabbed you know not only did you get assaulted not only were you disrespected but your fault. it's not right that's a small way have depression and suicide anxiety but even the smallest thing can have the biggest impact on someone's life their conversations they have resonate with the boy. women are looked like powerless as he said in society and you know it's a problem i mean we should all be created before you know they should be doing the same thing but really you know it's just it's something we need to talk about but when i fully comprehend it's made me look at them from a different perspective like see what they have to go through on sometimes a daily basis and it just makes me respect them more and it makes the way that treat them you know change i learn that this is a huge issue that isn't the reason we don't aren't hearing about it before is
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because it's not being brought to light like it should be and that this program was really good to help you know that. our bitch and his restaurants take part in a program called coaching boys into men it uses the trusting relationship between coaches and their team to discuss healthy relationships and violence prevention some the most rewarding stuff that that has come about with doing with their kids is here in the conversations that they have that i'm not involved with i've heard overheard them holding each other accountable one kid says something that another kid finds disrespectful or there are comparable with i've heard them correct each other at the moment only the boys are being coached and the girls on the team think their fellow female students also have a thing or two to learn about respectful behavior it's sad how many girls like hate on each other and like they. knew you can't get a compliment from a girl when you get a compliment from the girls like she don't really mean and stuff like that so it's
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like we also need as well as we degrade each other a lot coach or bitch believes the sessions will benefit everyone in the long run and he's sure his athletes will be role models for their peers. turkish president branch of type two one has criticized as a serious mistake comments by u.s. national security adviser john bolton over kurdish militia forces in syria the development comes as bolton holds talks in turkey on plans to withdraw american troops from syria earlier bolton said that must guarantee the safety of the kurds before washington pulled out as we report syria's kurds have long fear the threat from. syrian kurds here in come usually northeastern syria are angry in december donald trump surprised everyone by announcing that the u.s. would pull out of syria and quickly that would leave kurdish forces vulnerable to
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attacks from neighboring turkey over the course of the syrian war the kurdish why p.g. managed to gain control over a large area bordering with turkey and fight back these lawmakers state. sees the group as a terrorist organization due to their ties to turkey's outlawed kurdistan workers' party p k k. however the kurds have been fighting tooth and nail against islamic states alongside u.s. troops the kurds now fear being abandoned by a u.s. withdrawal and so too do many of the u.s. allies in the region. enter john bolton u.s. national security adviser he's jetting around the middle east clarifying confusion putting out the fire the trump started his message the u.s. isn't simply packing up and leaving in december trump told the pentagon to prepare to leave syria within one hundred days now he's changed his mind we are pulling back in syria we're going to be removing our group i never said we're doing it that
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quickly bolton recently in israel also says the withdrawal is conditional but we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw but to do so from northeast syria in a way that make sure that isis is defeated and is not able to. revive itself as the old man he's now an anchor of to assure turkey that the u.s. will leave but bit by bit that chimes with threats of type turkey's president turkey sees itself as the dominant regional power writing in the new york times this week he said he agreed that the u.s. should withdraw but slowly. u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe is also currently touring the middle east he has raised concerns that turkey might try and attack the syrian kurds compay you said after what had made a commitment to president trump that forces who fought with u.s. troops against islamic state would be protected. bolton will also press for
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a pledge from ankara that it will not attack kurdish fighters in syria as a condition for a u.s. troop withdrawal. before turkey which has a longstanding and bloody feud with the kurds that will be hard to swallow. on other news one of the world's biggest auto executives is having his say in court. as that story and a whole lot more. on and he insists the former boss of nissan that he is innocent at a hearing in a tokyo court mr goen said he has been wrongly accused and unfairly detained it was his first public appearance since his arrest in november carter's going faces allegations of financial impropriety including tax avoidance and under declaring his salary documents to investors is to go on calls the accusations against americans is credited with turning around carmakers run or nissan and creating a successful three way alliance with mitsubishi motors nissan and mitsubishi after
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moved in as chairman but i know it has kept him on while he fights the allegations . for more on the story let's bring in our financial correspondent only bartz in frankfurt the formerly very powerful car has gone says innocent people where you are believe them. i think there are a lot of people who think that these allegations suit the personality and the role of goan some say they weren't surprised when they heard it and even heard a person saying well he had so much power it's good that that era is over and for no and the alliance but you know there are also others that i've talked to who say that this comes at a curious and coincidental time but a very critical time for the alliance with friends having pushed for more control in this alliance and japan pushing against more control and people say it's curious that just at this juncture in time these allegations should surface and he should
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get arrested now as we've heard the french carmaker renel has kept cars going as chairman all day hoping for his return. well i think renault the leadership there is going to be of two minds i think they're sticking to him out of loyalty after all he turned all three companies around for no nets and mitsubishi to everyone's benefits and together those three are actually selling more cars worldwide than volkswagen in a year but it's hard to imagine a car less going returning to his former position even if he's being kept on as a pro forma c.e.o. there's an interim c.e.o. chipley board all is having a very difficult time i bet leading the company to new futures and self driving cars and electrically driven cars with the sort of baggage but with all those pictures all those allegations all those negative stories now surfacing on a guns personality and his professional role it's hard to imagine that he will
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return all of us reporting from frankfurt only thank you. take giant samsung delivered to grim earnings figures on tuesday as it locked in a huge drop in profits they were down by nearly one third in the last quarter it's the first profit drop in two. so the south korean smartphone maker is facing tough chinese competition while demand for its components as soft amid trade tensions between the united states and china samsung also warned that business this quarter will not live up to earlier projects. now samsung is among those companies strutting their stuff at the consumer electronics show which kicks off later today whether it be self driving sort of rolling or walking it's all there in las vegas and as it has been the trend in recent years a growing number of traditionally non tech companies have set up shop at the c. s. trying to give their product line the digital make over. i catching self driving
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cars connected to the driver's home devices one of the trends last week that even and for b.m.w. an opportunity to go the extra mile presenting its driver less motorcycle for the first time in public he would think there's going to be demand for is certainly a motorcycle that's connected to the market but it also helps riders be better riders and also safer enters the stuff lee the me that made the us kids robots a rubber clone for the folder. shareable electric skateboards smart beauty devices it's one of the biggest tech shows featuring startups alongside to establish companies c.s. is expected to draw more than one hundred eighty thousand visitors hoping for a chance to see the kind of tech likely to dominate consumer suggest that seems we expect to emerge this week artificial intelligence will see a lot of products powered or enabled bit by ai that force recognition and
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facial recognition things like that it's a five g. connectivity which is one hundred times faster than four g. l.t.e. a low latency high frame rates digital houses going to the future this year with devices helping to stop snoring or morning towing gerakan which just like this t. shirt equipped with ten sensors generating flight saving data. you need to reduce a member of fish and spending not just the illusion that you need to do the number of the admissions in your utility and the only way to do that to reduce subject even remotely miniature missions to chronic disease problems to reduce the number of the emissions with forty five hundred exhibitors the show is expecting come out for the record. and the overall buy tends to be optimistic that tech can solve problems that's what the industry's message seems to be this year and let's take us . now to your correspondent alexander phenomenal report you just saw is at the
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a.c.s. in las vegas and earlier i asked her why a company that's for loosing toothpaste and shampoo like procter and gamble was making an appearance of a tech fair. it's quite interesting they have such a rubber for additional company things that it's important to be present here for the very first time they say that it's important for them to infuse technology into everyday products because they consumers want them to be there and they are presenting here he has razors and a tooth brush that is using artificial intelligence to help you to brush your teeth properly now xander. to show all the latest the hardest back but to me it seems like much of what we saw has already been around for a while is that a valid impression. while you write something that i was thinking when i arrived here and talked to the organizers about the new trends
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trends we saw here last year but what i think what is different right now is sort of internet connectivity we can see in different almost almost every all areas when we talk about driving cars being connected to smart home devices when we talk about south driving cars being integrated with a lag or skype for meetings on the go and what is also different this year is that many products that we saw last year that were presented here are now going mainstream where we talk about five g. devices or eight. or foldable smartphones. a no deal breaks it is a still in the cards begging the question how prepared is britain for the knock on effect on monday authorities send a convoy of almost ninety trucks from an abandoned airfield to the key port of
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dover to assess plans for handling traffic flow should britain leave the european union abruptly without barriers will likely be stepped up at the country's ports leading to increased congestion on routes in and out of the parliament is expected to vote on prime minister teresa mayes planned for a stroll deal next week. you're watching news coming to your live from berlin we have a fresh bulletin coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime for the entire team here thanks watch.
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rounds above which. comes down again. to the highest the most boring inspiring and of course from a stroke you know snow bound regions in europe because the winter is that each day right here all of the mountains all series this week. good change in nineteen games in cars going to cut the kickoff series on this football event. we check it out to the favorites and the fans.
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