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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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documentary starts in january thirteenth w. . you. believe. this is due to when he was lying for enbrel and curator's reporter serving a seven year sentence remaining in jail in myanmar after a court's rejects their appeal i mean mark uses the reporters who were investigating the alleged ethnic cleansing of muslims of trying to undermine national security they say they were innocent and were set up by police also coming up the winter weather sweeps across southern germany and austria impacting
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thousands of people many struggling to clear a record amounts of snow some villages completely cut off and emergency workers warn of avalanches. and gave the sense and matt sheer injury gets the better of andy murray the british tennis champion says a cheerful farewell after a year of struggling with hip problems he hopes to compete in one last wimbledon and admits he may not make it beyond next week's australian open. on little hawk thank you so much for your company everyone to reuters reporters remain locked up in myanmar today after a court there dismissed an appeal against their conviction for breaking the official secrets act and consequent seven year jail term journalists were investigating atrocities committed against her head to muslims during
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a brutal crackdown by mia mars' army the journalist lawyers argued that they had been framed by the police. not giving up while lone and quasi his wives came out of the courthouse defiant we still believe in their release today. i'll settle for we'll discuss with our lawyer what to do next i mean you know you want you know it's just the latest setback for the two journalists they were jailed in december two thousand and seventeen for violating the official secrets act but human rights activists say they were being punished for reporting on a massacre in iraqi state both insisted they had followed international norms in reporting on the killing of ten row hinge of men and boys. that we work according to media ethics. we try to tell the truth based on the real situation. we were arrested unfairly and barred from revealing true information. then you got to know we don't know the government later admitted their reporting was accurate
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but the court refused to revoke their sentence saying lawyers had not presented evidence of the reporters in a sense but the case isn't over. if there is a potential appeal that's available but the government importantly though the government of myanmar has the has the power to stop this injustice right to do the right thing here the only thing that the it should do and to free them and and we want we want to see that happen we want to continue to work for their release because until they're free men maurice commitment to a free press and to the rule of law remains in question journalism is not a crime but while lone and quasi were living reminders of how dangerous it can be to report the facts. and we spoke earlier to journalist to dave in yangon who has covered this story and i asked him how difficult it is to work in me in mar and report on the situation of revenge of muslims. so the area where this
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counterinsurgency campaign has been going on by the military which is a northern or kind state that's basically closed off you only get to go in there. if you're on a government supervised trip so then you're only seeing what they let you see you have access to that they they give you access today because they've made that a very highly restricted area. as far as reporting here certainly from the local press and you talk about the local media that's based here of the myanmar press i mean they will tell you that it made this case has just put a chill over all of that because what these reporters did these two warders journalists it was an incredible groundbreaking investigation that had documented proof of the murder of and the growth in demand by the security forces were joined by some civilians even the military admitted that this is what happened it was an incredible investigation and now they were essentially entrapped they were entrapped and set up and then placed in jail and sentenced to seven years so this
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is basically a warning from the military to the journalists here that if you cross certain lines you could be next so that has put a chilling effect on the local press the stars the international press the door media. certainly everyone is getting trying to do their best. and there is some very aggressive reporting going on by the foreign press and they brought out a lot of great stories but still not having complete access makes it tougher to get to all of them and that was a journalist day for grown about and gone that me and my right next step want to bring you up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world. the u.s. led coalition against so-called islamic state has started the process of we're drawing from syria a pentagon spokesperson confirmed the move for all this just a day after the u.s. secretary of state stated in a major speech that when america retreats chaos often follows.
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the runner up in congo's presidential election claims he won by a landslide and says he'll file a court challenge martin for you it was says he took more than sixty percent of the vote compared to just nineteen percent for the official winner while the disputed results have sparked unrest with as many as five deaths reported so far. a former nazi concentration camp guard deported by the united states has died at a care home in germany jock of holies spent decades living in the u.s. hiding his past he was expelled last august after a long legal battle but did not face prosecution he was ninety five. next winter weather is causing havoc in austria and southern germany people are struggling to cope with some of the heaviest snow falls in two decades at least seventeen people have died in alpine regions in the past week and some communities
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in bavaria have declared a state of emergency authorities are warning that the risk of avalanches in the mountains is extremely high and forecasters are warning of even more snow on the way. you know my duty because it's become a military operation german soldiers cooled in to help back to where a state of emergency has been declared the bavarian town hasn't seen snow like this for year is and the danger is old too real. we have many requests to help clear the roofs of buildings in the thirteen years ago fifteen people died many of them children when a roof collapsed it's important to keep a close eye on the roofs and secure any that pose a danger. heavy snow fall has completely cut off the southern german town of yacking now it may look like a perfect picture postcard but there are increasing concerns that food supplies are
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running low. in switzerland guests were lucky to survive an avalanche that came crashing through their hotel photos on social media show the devastation as the three hundred metre avalanche swept into the building at this fucked up mountain pass injuring three people. in the mountains around innsbruck in austria they too are on avalanche standby there are concerns that if the weather improves people may take unnecessary risks yourself people who just don't feel like the fear is that people will say well there is a lot of snow the weather is better. and our experience from the last thirty years has shown that the first day of improved weather is really dangerous it's when most avalanche accidents happen. mostly for. more than four metres of snow has already fallen in this region for those living here the hard work looked set to
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last some time yet. a safe is covering the story for us from the austrian town of al to say which is struggling with a record amount of snow. well it's not again last night and i wouldn't be exaggerating if i said that this city this town is completely buried when you go through the streets and gives the impression of walking through a tunnel i mean the walls of snow are literally twice as tall as i am the headline this morning in the local newspaper was hope and trust edition hope would probably describe this side of the village i mean i'll say which has had some of the heaviest snowfall but the villagers are really dealing with it the bakeries open the hotels open people are walking through the streets there's not snowplows they don't have snow plows here actually they have they have shovels steam shovels going through the streets literally carrying the snow because there's nowhere to put it they have to put it in giant piles down the street now trepidation would
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describe the other side of this village about a kilometer down the street there they have been evacuated it's completely closed off and no one's allowed to go there and that's because of the danger of avalanches austrian authorities have history highest avalanche warning for that area even the mayor had to evacuate his house i don't know if you can hear but there's a helicopter flying overhead and all those helicopters are doing are checking the situation to see if an avalanche is about to to go down and so people had to get out of that area i mean a safer reporting there from austria all right next up we had to greece which has made a new demand for war reparations from germany athens says it is grounds to pursue a legal claim for nearly three hundred billion euros in compensation for the nazi occupation of the country and world war two the demand came as german chance on america met with the president of greece in athens. it's
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a great president procopius pomp gave the german chancellor an exceptionally warm welcome after years of frosty relations between the two countries uncle americal appeared to appreciate the friendly reception but tensions linger greece is still pursuing its demand for war reparations said his country had not forgotten its call for germany to pay compensation for the nazi occupation during world war two. greece estimates it suffered hundreds of billions of euros worth of damage berlin's position is clear the matter was settled in one thousand nine hundred sixty in a deal with several european governments. of all i know if you can be certain that we recognize our historical responsibility we also know how much suffering we as germany during the nazi era brought to greece that's why it's our duty to do everything we can to maintain good relations with greece and to lend each other mutual support for the benefit of both greece and germany. so.
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this was chancellor merkel's first visit to greece since two thousand and fourteen back then germany pushed for austerity which led to frequent protests and resistance this conflict has not been forgotten but the mood between the two countries has improved noticeably. beijing says it's disturbed by news of the latest arrest of a senior executive at tech giant wa wait this time on spying charges in poland authorities their weight at the telecommunications giants offices they also took a polish cyber security expert and former domestic intelligence officer into custody while weight was founded by a former chinese army officer western intelligence agencies warned that the chinese government could use its products to collect data several countries have been while way from supplying equipment for their five wireless networks.
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tennis star and three time grand slam winner andy murray has announced he will retire at this here possibly after the upcoming australian open marie along with roger federer rafael nadal and novak djokovic have dominated the men's game in recent years together earning the title the big four but the quartet could become a trio in just a couple of weeks' time. ahead of this year's grand slam opener andy murray currently ranked two hundred thirty it addressed his lack of performance and dealing with chronic pain. i can still play it's it's a level low level that i'm happy playing. but also. you know it's not just the pain is is. you know is just too much for your. interest and thirteen murray became the first brit since nine hundred thirty six to win wimbledon bringing the title and tennis fever back to the u.k.
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but it was in twenty six team marie really took charge we need the a.t.p. world tour finals gold at the rio olympics a masters one thousand title and a grand slam all in the same calendar was a historic achievement in the sport maria said it's a world number one eight years becoming the first brit to do so since one nine hundred seventy three sadly in two thousand and seventeen murray injured his right hip and was forced to cut his season short opting to have surgery rarely making tournaments over the last two seasons murray withdrew from last year's australian open french open and wimbledon he had initially planned to quit after this year's wimbledon but now feels melbourne might be his final of it. yeah i think i think it is because there's a chance for sure. yeah there's
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a chance of that for sure because. like i said i'm not i'm not sure. i'm not sure i'm able. to play through the you know for another. four or thought my.


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