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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2019 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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so then you're watching you do reviews was of a lot more to tell you about including as japanese prosecutors found more charges against the no c.e.o. carmakers says it finds no evidence of wrongdoing and another senior executive a tech giant huawei detained on spying charges in poland just over a month after the high profile arrest of its chief financial officer in canada ben no we'll have that and a whole lot more for you coming right up and i'll see again at the top of the hour . sleep. carefully. don't move. to the.
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discovery. lead. documentary to. the a. leopard. another headache for while away another executive arrested in poland on espionage charges. more legal troubles for colors going to prosecutors file new charges against the auto executives. padded you european competitor tries to take on the big wind makers. by ben
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physical and let's do business all one executive after the next beijing says it's disturbed by news of the latest arrest of an executive at tech giant while way this time on espionage charges in poland where all thirty is rated its offices. a chinese wall way employee and a polish cyber security expert who served as a domestic intelligence officer they are the two men charged with spying by polish authorities. what they say men are suspected of espionage on behalf of chinese intelligence services against poland is an important investigation into serious events that threaten the security of poland. a lot of the. western intelligence agencies have been warning the chinese government could use well ways products to collect data they say the tech giant which was founded by a former chinese army officer could have links to the chinese government some
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countries have already banned while away from supplying equipment for their five g. wireless networks the latest allegation will do little to help the company's reputation. let's go to a nearby spot how financial correspondent is standing by in frankfurt and tracking this story for us. what ramifications could this arrest have. but actually about what you already alluded to i think more and more countries could actually raise the awareness of their brand is that the equipment provided by why also when it comes to the future of telecommunication five g. networks could actually be a gateway to spy because clearly well why is saying they're not linked to the chinese state box they're found was clearly army official and they are clear not into actions kind of visible the chinese state could easily interfere in tool company matters and that's the main concern here the
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united states are already banning why a product when it comes to telecommunication infrastructure some other very openly discussing it talking about army generals could this have anything to do with the trade war the struggle between the u.s. and china it is clear speculation by one line of argumentation as follows the u.s. what prompted the trade war is that the u.s. wants to keep its position as america furthers the preemptive superpower of technology the silicon valley being like at the frontier of the technology technical technological development so they want to keep that position and now the chinese that kicking in that market why being one of the most successful rising stars of the industry of the last two years so that line of argumentation is that
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the trades are in itself it's not about like trade it's about a war of technology and who is going to keep the first position in that market the wall between the top two economies and advice but thanks for bringing us up to date . japanese prosecutors have filed charges against former chairman carlos god now accusing him of aggravated breach of trust god was the architect of the son's alliance with renault. when this footage was taken back in may two thousand and sixteen carlos ghosn was allegedly already a big time fraudster also his accusers say. then in november last year the bubble burst and was arrested in tokyo the sixty four year old was charged with repeatedly under reporting his pay to shareholders and embezzling company money but goans says he's innocent. colonel scone was famous for
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his luxury as a lifestyle including many villas around the world and fancy family holidays a glitzy executive with three passports born in brazil the son of lebanese parents became one of the most successful c.e.o.'s not only in his adopted home of france but across the world. in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. gone took over at the helm of embattled french comic leno and oversaw a restructuring program that transformed the company's fortunes. he then forged an alliance between i know this and mitsubishi which helped make a turnaround the scandal has shaken the international auto world in particular there are tensions in the french japanese alliance. after his arrest go in was discharged from both mr and mitsubishi he remains c.e.o. . michael paine is president of the ship gets
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a news agency in tokyo what goans chances of getting bail his legal team has filed for bail at least. oh well yes they have filed for bail historically speaking his chances are very very slim. the generally speaking in the japanese system if prosecutors ask a judge for something a judge almost automatically gives it and in this case the prosecutors are making it clear they want to hold him as long as possible and so he can apply for bail but he probably won't get it but there might be a surprise this is a not unusual case doesn't say to new charges but is it any clearer of what he's supposed to have done wrong. the charges of what he's supposed to have done wrong are very strange in a sense that they don't seem so serious that would merit this very heavy handed
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treatment of him so for example in the case of his not reporting his pay or fraudulent on that on that issue basically that all revolves around money which go and had been planning to get paid after he retired so it isn't about money that he actually received it was about future money that he might receive and the argument from the prosecutors is that he was guaranteed the money that it was arranged and goans defense is no i mean it was he didn't have the money and it could have not been confirmed at a later stage and so because he didn't talk about to the stock market this payment they're saying this was fraud and it's a very strange sort of case it all sounds very hypothetical but his lawyers reckon it could be half a year before this case goes to trial. that's right and i believe that it could be half a year before we ever see going publicly again because the prosecutors so often will
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will make the case to the courts you would usually say he hasn't confessed he's maintaining his innocence of let him go he could flee the country or tamper with evidence so you know we may not see mr cohen again for a long time and all of this about a man who is completely maintaining his innocence and with the evidence against him looking fairly flimsy at least from the outside but it sure does look like we'll be reporting on this for some time michael paid for all the shit gets news agency in tokyo thank you very much for joining us again. i think european wine and france spain and germany will come to mind but moldova a small lead locked country between romania and ukraine it has a lot winemaking tradition and one to the rest of the world to try its temple. this is the famous winery near the moldovan capital now the conditions in the limestone
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caves are ideal and the temperature is constant or year round the wine is a huge business and moldova it is little known in the world outside but even thirds are now in a push to make their products more familia outside the region. so you look at there where you have a try all wine ones and you will buy it working hard and travelling a lot so that people can taste moldovan wines at least once but that takes time and . these days china is the biggest export market followed by romania russia was a key customer is way down the list business has been better. has much more capacity than it currently needs the international wine market is tough to cock and the company's culture still contains remnants of its socialist past is reflected in its market position. in france that noise can charge about ten euros or more for
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a bottle of wine when a lower price category and we get six to seven euros for similar votto new york i'm sure you moldova is steeped in the wine growing tradition. wineries a column for about ten percent of the republic's gross domestic product. thank winds here are exported to twenty eight countries. and most economists agree that wine is one of the few industries with good prospects. which the cars the thirty or more living with what they've bought there's nearly one in four jobs in moldova is either directly linked of any culture directly through things like producing bottles and boxes or just give everyone makes their own wine for family or to sale . in the. strobing love of the wine production in moldova has long funneled into russia but as the republic rugeley turn towards the west moscow plant
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moldovan wine imports as punishment. though of the officials. i see it because there were some russia was our biggest market until two thousand and six up to eighty percent of all production. but then the russian embargo forced us to diversify for better or worse not sure if it's got serious. russia has lifted the embargo but the republic remains one of europe's poorest countries with an average yearly income of less than two thousand euros even if wine exports were to skyrocket most people here would probably not benefit. last in business if you.
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and. growing up behind bars. two year old near us is being released temporarily. he's just one around seven hundred young children live in tokyo prisons his mother was jailed for spreading terrorist propaganda. only on weekends disney was get to experience a middle child. next.
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are to clean. up the world today. w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm lara babba lola it's nice to have you with us we begin in turkey which is still reeling from a failed coup attempt to and a half years ago since then the so-called anti terror raids have become commonplace
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targeting mostly supporters of the banned gülen movement but also members of the opposition and journalists.


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