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tv   Sarahs Music - Harmoniemusik in Berlin  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2019 9:15am-9:31am CET

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the heaviest snowfall in years has brought many parts of europe to a standstill most know it's only it's way more than twenty people have died in weather related incidents. you're watching news from but i've got plenty more coming up at the top of the hour of course the latest it was on our website that's the w dot com on how to humphrey and i'll see you again. sleep. carefully. don't move to soon new music to begin.
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to discover the i. subscribe to the documentary on. the. hi and welcome back to sarah's music these days we have huge chub t.v. lie streams all for our entertainment but in the eighteenth century they had something even better they had a form of live music called harmony was. how
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when he was he was originally played outside in the open air or at big banquets today were playing a modern day how when he was the concert here inside at the berlin film money in the chamber music hall and i'm going to be playing with my wonderful colleagues from the berlin film one of. the this is wonderful and he's this ticket to spain valma his day is
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i am. i am. the oboe gets all the best choose i must say well harmony music is obviously opera so we are creating our own little opera production within just eight or nine players and of course every opera houses leading lady and i get to be the leading lady here sorry about that. but does get the most tunes shares now a bit with the clarinet and then if you need sort of a comic ground path guess who gets the bassoon the bassoon but i ope magine
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harmony music is really tiring for you for the oboes and the clarinet especially because in an orchestra you know we have a few bars rest but if you play all the time that's true it is tiring it's physically very tiring but it's also very exciting because there's no conductor the responsibility rests with me to lead every want to breathe and show where we. are. andrea's cancer didn't flush and either shouldn't be in the dust also. phyllis
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talking not to leash training acoustic training not already going to fund the sunshine corps dear i was not released. do you know it went to hugh to own the sculpture came hard to your. kind huge you say. even so i'm blunt of just sewer envy he found his material one fun for about it was . about my car is on business and that's also. a notch. to get my fix so we can all sit in tryin. to turn a do you know client is. spirit i'm on from this but moment i'm dolemite most of the lines of your mother leave my fiddle some time now here comes. the oh what else is the office of the most the most wouldn't i miss i miss the work out in the
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desert often. they were hard to diagnose and joke. i don't mind telling on the unwritten. outmoded marxist so. hard for the sarcasm like i'm going over this thing just a little. so with this this was that sort of honest process. of doing right a like that one that is it might mentally let's. forget that what do you think what the words are. for the horns other glue in the mortar and the polish and there are lots of it's the whole when the saudis say it's an incredible attractiveness we are . just a fun to get new before. or is she a poor foid have been to harmony with each piece despite how one needs to him when he was sick before look at me as a force that way since. law when it's a true hearted and dims in. we have on how many music just last month all seem to
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be taught the most and so as toffee got the fun for instance for men to simply discuss it once stanton mia cost. insights on the food you eat i get. that's one bites of haagen when one says i wish this property investment is standing two feet h.b.o. twenty one classy disc. playing. for the. i'm here with our bass section not only martin double bass but more our second pursuit is also obvious section martini from dolphin contact us about mitch speed and by and billy's on something and the truth i'm just not sure exactly know how to sing to go and follow how the movement got me going and if you do enough i got not if you
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would i know how to tivo order to would have almost always about all she went up the audition for your film for she knew the good stuff yeah you got all going to soon be like i'm not so good with math and me so far with this just on the on. home and all day long. vent but i. don't think so ima they're feeling good. and for me to get through this for me is coming in via the dump like what it was missing from you can please i have to use as this is human and. i will be unforgiven to. income. inequality on which was movement in borno.
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comedy schtick if. you have a ford in ice and blizzards are just as are garden yes and please and or born in some time. westwood you does not hear nor mom beyond us funding comes close and companies don't get close down just get caught and if you're on done gives a very boring brief for more than father worse not better and few of us are high before as he did it from his mom british mess up on the net i know how unusual i am before me a document and dust cloud as it does at the from this interview. is going nowhere is. what alan is yet so knows already highlights. from what it is i'm annoyed to do this. how does the canon get out of this class and some yes i'm not as far gonna give you ideas should be damani before gong music it's are here on dick rosengarten his new workers and how
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many music to even not wholesome ecommerce the concerts about to start i am so looking forward to playing harmony visit with my wonderful colleagues see you next time.
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her. how. martin to get by on instead. should be in was owned by owns and doesn't know. it was in i know its horn portion of it's finished i thought.
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nine times. today's horn challenge will be marked in hindsight but. i also think. that you can also. put up so we are in for tonight. because you. behind bars. two year old near us he's been released temporarily. he's just won the for around seven hundred young children live in turkish prisons his mother was jailed for spreading terrorist propaganda. only on weekends does me best get to experience child. next on w. p a star's deliver rousing
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performances. how is how with the powerful front woman. the moment. the. british band texas in. the. jungle. with him how to be gun goes up as well lions i know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip to cuba i would not support myself and my heritage somehow dangerous to the bottom of the theme of the to give us leave would. love on sunday because that one
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little bit of the give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but once i'm going to. want to know their story for migrants stir fried chicken for a global information for margaret's. i am. i hello and welcome to focus on europe. it's nice to have you with us we begin in turkey which is still reeling from a failed coup attempt to and a half years ago since then so-called anti terror raids have become commonplace targeting mostly supporters of the banned guerrilla movement but also members of the opposition and journalists to.


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