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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2019 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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oh. play. this is d.w. news live from berlin an explosion and fire in a paris bakery kills at least two people france's interior ministry says the dead were firefighters busy evacuating people from the scene dozens more are injured some of them critically as french police investigate and we'll bring you the latest also coming up the conflict deepens over the result of the democratic republic of
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congo's presidential election the runner up says he'll challenge it in court the disputed outcome has sparked on the rest with several deaths reported so far. and heavy snow brings chaos to parts of europe a reporter visits an austrian village that's been partly evacuated for fear of avalanches snow as if you knew it'd been sitting there and it could fall off the mountain onto these houses at any time. thanks for joining us i'm marian evans dean. france's interior ministry says at least two people are confirmed dead after a powerful explosion and fire ripped through a bakery in central paris the dead are said to be firefighters the cause of the blast is not yet known what police suspect it was sparked by
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a gas leak this comes as authorities brace themselves for another round of anti-government demonstrations by the so-called yellow vest protesters. all right for the latest from paris we're joined now on the line by our correspondent lisa lewis lisa we understand you are actually at the scene of the explosion what can you tell us about the casualties. well absolutely i'm standing about one hundred meters away from where the explosion happened this morning at nine o'clock in paris and the police only a confirm to me that two people have in the meantime passed away these two cars were firefox and that least ten people who are in a serious condition still and more than thirty people that were injured additionally during the blast the area here is still cordoned off by police the air is thick with my hands with the smell of burnt material really and they're still
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dozens of five such a lot at the same. well we can see from the pictures some pretty serious destruction there but what about the cause of this blast we did hear initial reports suggesting it was a gas leak has that been confirmed. by the parents prosecutor's office as opened and just a geisha into what exactly caused the leaks but the authorities seem to believe it was indeed a gas explosion now there were talks about a f.a. creola on about the explosions went off in the beit create now the baker himself has come out saying actually no i'm not you know using any gas so now the authorities believe the firefighters the crew of firefighters went into an adjacent building to investigate a gas leak they got actually when the gas explosion went off now this incident happened obviously at a very tense moment here in paris because at the same time in other parts of i was actually not far away from them sending right now there are protests going on the
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elevator prices of the nine today in a row that they're purchasing in the case of paris and across from indeed nine weeks already in a row what the city of paris expecting today from these militias protests. the government has been talking about a new level of violence that they are expecting him has that why they are deploying about five thousand police of the in the capital and eight hundred thousand police officers and military personnel across the country now today seems to be crucial both for the government and for the president the because this is one to show that they can practice in a peaceful way they have actually come up with their own security services to make sure that there are no riots and for the time being it seems to be working to have no rise in reporters here in paris on other parts of france and the government is saying we really want these protests to stop now because they're going to launch the quote national debate next week and they hope that this national divide become
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thing. lisa lewis reporting from paris for us thank you so much. and now on to some of the other stories making news around the world and in nigeria at least a dozen people are dead after an overturned oil tanker exploded in paani in the country's southeast numerous people were seen scooping up leaking fuel at the time of the blast officials say more than twenty have been taken to the hospital with serious burns and the united states a twenty one year old man has been charged with murdering the parents of a teenager he then kidnapped thirteen year old jamie clauss to skate on thursday after three months in captivity authorities have been searching for her since her parents were found dead and there was constant home in october. syria says israeli warplanes have fired missiles at the capital damascus the state news agency reports
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that some missiles struck a warehouse near the airport but others were shot down by air defenses. the democratic republic of congo has told the international community to back the outcome of its presidential election the head of the congolese election commission was addressing the un security council as they debated the poll result which saw opposition leader felix to katie declare the surprise winner opposition rival martin for a ulu who came a close second wants to challenge the result in the country's constitutional court while today is the last day to do so. this may don't look like what you'd expect to see from supporters of a candidate who just lost an election but at this rally in can show supporters of the defeated presidential candidates mark time for us who are out on mass they're celebrating because the runner up says he's challenging the election result in
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court he claims he won by a landslides. come right. songs of the congo take courage we will go to the constitutional court to trial an appeal we will demand they state their results ballot by ballot for each polling station. no one has the right to steal victory from the congolese people. do you accept that your victory has been stolen. thank you the accuses a going president joseph kabila of making a backroom deal with the surprise declared winter another opposition leader felix just a k.t. . one felix just a kid he is just prolonging to be last time in power he was next in line after kabila i'm telling you the truth. we are fed up with him he's no our rival but we need a change of regime we don't need felix it's by you who won. and i just. we
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have already declared felix president needs to just accept it and join felix and work together for the well being of the congolese now that felix is president he is our president. the democratic republic of congo has told the international community to back the outcome of the vote but the disputed results have sparked unrest with several day reported so far. days of heavy snow have brought chaos to parts of europe and there is no sign that the situation will improve anytime soon more than twenty people have now died in what is some of the heaviest snowfall in two decades and forecasters are warning that up to a meter more could be on the way to w.'s i mean a safe is in one of the worst affected areas in austria where fresh out of lunch
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warnings were issued over night. silence has fallen over the north side of all tall say this part of the village lies in the path of a potential avalanche that authorities say he could trigger without warning more than one hundred people have had to evacuate a few come back now and then to clear their roofs or driveways and a constant battle with the snow. it has been snowing now here for nearly two weeks the residents tell us they haven't seen anything like it in over a decade with a break in the weather now the sun is out but even if the sun shines it does not mean the danger of avalanches is gone the snow is accumulated it's sitting there and it could fall off the mountain onto these houses at any time breaks in the snow fall have been only temporary here and say the residents are getting on with their lives even if that means hard work. frankly i'm used to
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a lot of snow bummer but it's a bit rough this time because we've had so much at once so far might call your boy movie over the shift they were trying to clear just the top layer the new stuff so it's because if it rains into this then it will become really heavy things they were hoping to move to. the village is normally packed with tourists at this time of the year and stayed luxury hotels like this one have opened their doors to evacuees free of charge. here and i'll tell say we're there for each other all year round and the sibila if we have a best pipe or something here the volunteer firefighters stack and so as local firms help out whether it's plumbers electricians whatever it might be so her financing more or less so now it was very clear to us that it and to make a contribution and to give something back to the community. has pulled together before in two thousand and six they had to evacuate for a few days. and that community spirit. will help them through again avalanche are
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not good at least i mean s. of sent us that report from southern austria and a short while ago he gave us the latest on some of the communities trapped by snow in the mountains there the residents here if they are proud of their ability to deal with the snow they have all the proper equipment they have snow plows snow shovels snow tires on their cars but for some it has been a part time job just to keep the streets and the roofs clear we talk to two men who are working on a roof that said that they said it took them two days working around the clock just to to keep half of the roof clear now for some the real danger is actually the possibility of an avalanche on a mountain nearby there's a pocket of snow sitting up there and if it were to trigger it would travel down a narrow channel and in this channel their houses now those people have been evacuated some are staying in this village but in other villages the towns are
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completely cut off from the outside world they're living off the resources they have there early in the week there was two thousand two hundred people in some of these trapped villages but the austrian military is on top of it they now report there's one thousand five hundred people and some of these trapped villages the snow is still coming down another metre is forecast it's no one knows when this is going to stop but it seems that austria is taking it in stride and keeping on top of it. all right some sports news now and at the soccer asian cup the second round of the group stage continued on friday australia got their campaign back on track by beating palestine three nil the socceroos had suffered a shock loss to jordan in their opener meanwhile china stayed on top of group c. by easily downing the philippines who scored twice in the three nil success and favorite south korea barely squeaked by kyrgyzstan kim and jay provided the only goal of that encounter and on saturday vietnam lost two nil to iran.
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well the german women's soccer team has won six european championships in a row since one thousand nine hundred five but two years ago they only managed to reach the quarter finals of the euros and this year of course the world cup is coming showing whether germany nearly hit a bump in the road or if the team's glory days are truly over. the germany women's football team have an outstanding resume two time world champions eight time european champions and twenty sixteen olympic winners but the golden days seem to be over as other countries are starting to catch up. and go we shouldn't something we missed out on creating a playing style for our women's national team one that represents all virtues we have to think about what they are and what they were. for and from both of us was it banned her coach to be in a potsdam for forty years winning the women's champions league twice and won just
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to get clubs like frankfurt involves board dominated that competition for years but there's been a shift french side all the in peak leon have won the last three in a row england two is witnessing a change big clubs like manchester city and chelsea are investing heavily in women's football i've considered to go because i think the role of women in society has also changed when i think woman's football has become more professional and it was more people are recognizing its potential cunto has put in selling phone for special act to heighten competition in europe is also being felt by of all sport the defending bonus league champions have players from ten different countries but holding on to their best is becoming a real problem. winstone good old problems a stroller rising when it comes to buying new play you know it's a simple game keeping up with sally race in the european market can those problems
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could mean a long road ahead as german clubs and. the national team aim to get back to winning ways. a quick reminder now of our top story at least two people have been killed in an explosion and fire in a bakery in central paris the dead are believed to have been firefighters dozens more have been injured french police suspect the blast may have been sparked by a gas leak. here up to date now on t.w. museum there in evanston and thanks for watching. where is home. when your family scattered across the globe. it's a look there's a digital is legal this is a journey back to the roots should government lead. the charge traveling from somalia up the road a little one hundred urgent.


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