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tv   Treasures of the World - Gwynedd - The Welsh Castles of Edward I Great Britain  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2019 12:15am-12:30am CET

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raring to meet. everyone who loves books has to go insane. the literature list. my street. old my story is played out against the majestic backdrop of north wales. cut off
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from the wide world it's been ruled for centuries by the local nobility the land is protected by the mountain fastness of snowdonia and well provided for by the fertile hills of the isle of anglesey gwynneth is a rugged but it deliberate region. things were less peaceful here when my king edward the first succeeded in bringing the land under a different twelve seventy seven. the king invaded wales with a force of fifteen thousand men he took when it in a lightning campaign to secure opposition he rebuilt ruined fortresses confiscated others that was still standing and commissioned a series of newcastle's and the king's messenger i have to report to his majesty on the state of building works and the situation in the country. sitting like an eagle's nest atop
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a high cliff holic castle in the south of when it is to be a symbol of the new power in the region. in the background more than three thousand feet high all the peaks of snowdonia and at the foot of the cliff the waves of atlantico break against a short. paragraph. even for me this is a barely accessible spot ruled by the rocks the winds and the sea. we have erected stout wall a veritable barrier against the elements and of course against attacks by the natives who keep trying to interrupt the work. body odds
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. inside a large square courtyard is being laid out an assembly point providing shelter from the perpetual gale. we started building in twelve eighty three with just thirty workers at first now three years later but working flat out there are some nine hundred fifty men on the site. holic is due for completion in twelve eighty nine of the construction period of six years a proud place that does great honor to my little as he says and a place that's attracted mystic forces for centuries as the natives.
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the big. holic will be both a gateway to the mountains and a london calling of the city we can unload ships bringing reinforcements the water washes right up to the plague. i am. able to
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his. gang over the years we've grown exhausted from all the activity that edward has said. we're building three new councils wants to day's ride from holic. in the north when it's. here on the banks of the broad history of the river conway is red would usually stays when he's in wales hammering out his plan for the end. of its many towers it's a raven's mess where the strategies for conquest are worked out and it's lamb my lord gives me the money to pay the hundreds of workers who've been brought in from all over europe this once deserted bridge. later they'll say that conway resembles windsor castle certainly it looks quite different from holland that was what the king's architect intended games of sent george is his
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name he comes from the continent from savoy in the alps and he's the top man when it comes to casa is on the circuit our third council stands a day's ride south west of conway opposite the isle of anglesey the way that is more or less flat because you can keep to the coast by white steed simply flies along. greg the novel is a heavenly place where that mantic mists play with the towers of the casa. when he planned it james of sent george had the city walls of constantinople in
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mind that historic importance the dignity and the strangeness of the hexagon to see. he wants to create an elegant festive setting looking at a place where he can demonstrate his power a majestic house which will be seen to full advantage from the coast along with the city will. it will proclaim here dwells lord of what is. a laggard last. april the twenty fifth twelve eighty four a day of special joy for us all at woodside the first prince of wales was born in the eagles' top. one day you'll reign as head with the second and cannot of a movie come the siege of the princes of the white.
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boy. or. ten years later still won't be finished but unrest among the nature will spill over into open revolt which my lord will suppress with great resolve and much bloodshed. i'm still on the road from holic to conway both now complete and from kanada. to the isle of man. edward has decided to build a further refuge here. at the foot of the green hills on the street between and we'll see in the mainland another council is taking
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shape on the marshes the americans that's french or how we say it anyway it means beautiful mom. after riding around for twenty years i find this a peaceful place compact strictly geometrical no lofty towers low to match the flat. area it's the largest of the goods cost you wouldn't think so it's rounded endless will seem to down. it's a pleasure and the country. can retire here with his family retinue and guests and look back on the successful come. humans will go down in the history of this one of the most perfect buildings of the late middle ages.
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gas. plant the welsh councils of my lord the king have kept me running around for most of my life less stories are as different as the architecture of master james of scent george pulled up for each of . the bodies. but they have one thing in common a perfect symbiosis with a natural landscape. the painter named turner will come along one day and he too will be fun. zinaida by the symbiosis and use it as the basis of his fantasies on canvas. of course things will look quite different. in each of the ages to come the councils will develop
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a magic of their own as witnesses to the story that began in droves of deception and will never end.
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take a look for someone with wonderful people in stories that made it so special are you ready.
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for this probably. the. next d.w.i. . on the road point zero zero zero zero zero s. most popular countries to visit. sky go for constant i know some sand in some of the aerosol. i'm treasures of contract and history. of the cause of europe every day this week on the romance on sixty minutes on d w. oh boy oh boy oh boy.
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