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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2019 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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a chance to win one of three like the cameras follow us on instagram tag and post your pics using cash textile house one hundred so get snapping. like all terms and conditions at the w documentary on instagram. coming from all directions now while waiting on the fire an american criminal probe into the chinese tech giant in germany considers barring it from five g. networks are coming up stocks abbas going to day of trade optimism reports washington is talking about lifting tariffs on chinese imports. and they call it sri lanka's new dubai china is building a brand new city just off sri lanka's sure the country's need is pay and it is
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a great achievement but not everyone's on board. is your business update i'm helena humphrey in berlin glad you could join me well the german government says that it may look quite ways involvement in its future high speed of five g. networks citing national security concerns in response the situation of industry says intel evidence is found no vendors should be excluded from the network united states and other countries are keeping the chinese phone away from their five g. networks because of data security they say that the company's link to the government in beijing increases the likelihood of cyber espionage the u.s. is carrying out a criminal probe into the tech. well the c.e.o. of huawei ren saying say refused to claims of chinese government involvement in. our company has never received no will receive orders from the government. we will
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refuse any order from the government. so why is quo way so controversial well a company was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven inch and then by a former military engineer and communist party member and it began to sell telephone switching equipment to chinese phone companies and is now the world's number one provider of wireless network hardware now the company is private so that essentially means that doesn't have to disclose its finances while away says shares are divided between these eighty thousand employees in china who don't have real voting rights and critics claim that an elite corps of manages control the company and coordinate with the government in beijing qual way denies that but the u.s. is now pressuring allies to exclude huawei as they roll out five g. networks so far japan australia new zealand and taiwan will all of these countries agree on not one of the u.k.'s largest carriers is also rejecting the company now
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germany remains uncertain with industry telling the government in five g. is unimaginable without hardware say for more on this let's bring in our financial correspondent daniel who is with us now he joins us from the frankfurt stock exchange and daniel what to trade is where you are make a four way. well helen now they are a little bit divided about this issue in general they think that chinese tech companies such as who are way that they're very interesting for them on the other hand they also are telling us that they think it would be too risky if for example . and vodafone those are the two big telephone companies here in germany if they really continue doing business with the company and you know to invest a lot of money because yes there could be the risk at the end there then the investment is not going to pay off so there is some concern here from investors and seemingly in stark contrast to all of that we see in sin growing optimism over
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upcoming trade talks here between the u.s. and china tell us more about that. yeah exactly i guess you can see it in the background the blue chip index texas making quite a jump today we are here in the green with more the more than two and a half percent at the moment also the dow jones in. the united states is rallying in the green with more than one percent this is happening after it seems to be possible that's what we're hearing that there could be a compromise in the ongoing a trade conflict between the united states and china this is also happening after already yesterday the fine and secretary of the united states maneuver stated that that he is considering a proposal to lift some or maybe all u.s. tears on chinese goods in order to get an agreement with beijing in the upcoming weeks we have to remember that by the end of the month the chinese and u.s. officials will be meeting again to talk about trade and how to do business in the
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future financial correspondent daniel cooper to frankfurt stock exchange thank you . japanese companies nissen and mitsubishi say former c.e.o. qantas gone improperly received close to nine million dollars from a jointly owned entity the company say they recently discovered the payment no corn who remains c.e.o. of if they know he's given credit for helping me son make a turnaround after creating a strategic partnership between the japanese car maker and the final out of payments and not possibly the current criminal charges that the woman he sent senior faces in japan where he's been detained since november japanese authorities have charged him with financial means. and trying to land reclamation for the new poor city has been completed in the cash for the ambitious project when it came from china and it's an awful lot the largest single foreign direct investment in sri lankan history i have estimated one point four billion dollars now it's part of
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beijing's belt and road initiative a modern day silk road linking asia europe in the middle east but not everyone in sri lanka is convinced about the project. the port city has been doubt treeline because new dubai your fish will name is the international financial city especially konami zone with its own business friendly tax regime and regulations. an estimated one hundred million cubic meters of sand when needed before building construction could even start thousands of tons of sand when moved from sri lanka's coastline for the new port city it's being loaded by the country's leaders as a great achievement. he said acknowledging. and you don't want to think people do look one project this can't be the embassy. and it comes at a hefty price for sure lanka local fishermen say it's destroying marine life and
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their livelihoods. they environmental damage is changing the region's ecosystem some environmentalists say the excavated stand alone is worth more than double the project's entire budget of one point four billion dollars so while many are celebrating a milestone some sri lankans are concerned the project's potential economic and he called logical damage is just beginning. well global stocks right now they are boss king in the first piece of real good news so far this year when it comes to trade there are hopes of a breakthrough in the toughest few between china and the united states the two countries hold the next set of trade talks at the end at the end of this month now u.s. president donald trump has previously said the tariffs are good for the united states but american business is somewhat differently signs of it to taunt and the markets rejoice signs of an escalation they panic no relationship has so much
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power over investors as stock between the united states and china. the latest report that trump may be ready to lift the tire of the imposed on beijing sent markets across the u.s. and asia up. to join maybe premis sure it was only two weeks ago that trump was extolling the benefits of tariffs john is not doing well now and it puts us in reverse strong position we are doing very well but we're taking it in billions and billions of dollars and i hope we're going to make a deal with china and if we don't they're paying us tens of billions of dollars worth of tariffs it's not the worst thing in the world but the behavior of the markets on the performance of many u.s. companies tell a different story earlier this month apple's decision to slash its revenue forecast on weakening demand for i phones in china made headlines around the world but it's far from the only u.s. company finding it difficult to weather the conflict in the first ten months of
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last year california's wine exports to china were dying fifteen percent tiffany missed its last quarterly sales target to in part to a drop in chinese tourists spending. carmaker ford's latest figures show a thirty percent drop in exports to china and even barbie maker mottle says business in china is slowing. trade tensions are far from the only problem u.s. businesses are facing in china a more general slowdown they're driven by domestic issues like a cooling property markets are putting pressure on bottom lines too but cordial ties between washington and beijing are the foundation businesses need to feel confident about the future. well in the midst of a partial government shutdown u.s. president donald trump has canceled his meeting to the annual summit of the world economic forum in davos he also went one step further deciding that the entire u.s. government delegation would forego the trip in the swiss alps initially treasury
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secretary steven chu the secretary of state might compare had been slated to attend on their agenda meetings with chinese vice president one shank to further negotiate a truce to that turds. well a jury in the u.s. is charged for employees of folks talk a subsidiary ality and germany the indictment is connected to the diesel emissions scandal nine other v.w. employees have already been charged in the u.s. they're accused of designing software to cheat on emissions tests none of the four is currently in custody and who all believed to be in germany folks are going to admitted wrongdoing in connection to criminal charges in twenty sixteen it's been hit with bain's of dollars in fines and settlement costs. tesla will sashes full time what forced by seven percent and at same time ramp up production of its model three sit down that's according to c.e.o. you know on musk intellects and he said that tesla had increased hiring of twenty
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eight teams in the production goals companies on the pressure to trim costs for tape up to the nitty test also announced on friday it will work or move teams out of its mortal accidents in china due to faulty airbags from now defunct japanese producer to cox. say with the latest from the wall the business of course spends more on a website that is d w dot com slash business right now here's a look at the wild markets at this hour. you.
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modern homes were destroyed and chance was doing back then was basically the same as today the financing comes from an metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. on. w. . alan. the earth. to. the east so. hello and welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin this week with what else breaks it and then the latest twist in this long running saga the deal put forward by british prime minister to resign may for her country to leave the european uni.


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