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it. this is. from berlin tonight in washington the whispers of impeachment are getting louder as u.s. president marks two years in the white house a buzz feed of news report contains explosive new allegations that trump directed his former attorney michael cohen to lie to congress about his dealings in russia now leading democrats say they plan to investigate also coming up a letter to britain from germany with law leading german personalities publish an open letter in the times newspaper asking the british people to abandon and to stay
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in the european union we'll bring you reaction from london plus germany becomes the latest country to say it may exclude the chinese tech giant away from its high speed five g. network the government here in berlin saying it has concerns about national security. it's good to have you with us is this the smoking gun leading to a criminal us president a new buzz feed news report claims that u.s. president donald trump directed his personal attorney michael cohen to lying to congress about his business ties to russia the report cites to a name to law enforcement officers. the president reportedly ordered colin to lie about plans to build
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a trump tower in moscow and supported the plan for cohen to meet with the russian president vladimir putin to jump start their project last year michael cohen pleaded guilty to whining to congress about the russian real estate plan president trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with russia. or at least a good story out of the u.s. capitol i'm joined by our correspondent all over salat in washington good evening to you oliver if these reports this report by buzz feed news it proves to be true what will it mean for donald trump or brand it will be another puzzle piece but this time it could really mean a shift in tides for donald trump the report says that donald trump told smikle cohen to lie in front of congress about the direct duration of these negotiations for this mosque trump tower project michael cohen set the negotiations were over by the time that all trump was actually officially announced being the candidate of
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the republican party for u.s. presidency but in fact these negotiations lasted a lot longer and they lasted until the summer of two thousand and sixteen and that being just a few months ahead of the actual u.s. elections now if this turns out to be true if these allegations that donald trump told michael cohen to lie in front of congress this would certainly mean that we're witnessing here the strongest piece of evidence yet of donald trump being guilty struction of justice and it comes at a time when you have the democrats who are now in control of the u.s. house of representatives meaning that they can subpoena people as they wish what kind of reactions are we getting from both sides of the political divide today. well the democrats can certainly be happy about all this and they will certainly use this for their purposes we just had the chairman of the judiciary committee of
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congress saying that it's a crime to lie to congress. especially to tell yourself or to to lie to congress rather and also vowing that his committee would investigate these allegation that they would get to the bottom of it we also already heard again once again from the democratic party's calls for an impeachment once more and donald trump has also responded on twitter a c usually does he is trying to question the credibility of michael cohen there he said that cohen was already convicted of perjury and fraud and that he simply lying to reduce jail time or at a correspondent on the brazil is on the story for us in washington all over thank you very much. well all of this is happening at. the midpoint of his first term in the white house two years and he's already organizing his reelection campaign has been to detroit to meet republican voters standing squarely
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behind a bid for a second term regardless of his skin. truly and brothers bakery is a community fixture in this detroit suburb it's one of the few small locally run operations left every morning for the past forty eight years richard julian has put on his apron and serve the neighborhood everything from deli meats to birthday cakes the bakery is also situated on the edge of a county that was pivotal for trump's victory mccomb county outside of detroit julian like some of his employees and many of his customers voted for trump he thinks the president's term has been good for his thirty employees and his bakery donald trump. much of a stretch for me in the beginning but when he became the nominee for the party i backed him because he was a businessman this is exactly the sort of small middle american establishment that was at the heart of trump's campaign message to lift up the little guy and stick it
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to the elites. and celine white of an educator and a neighborhood resident said she was attracted to trump and his message in part because of how different he sounded. more i heard his. ideas. and. that's what i think and to watch. at first. i was. just very interesting. and it wasn't state it was just different they don't love everything about him everyone we spoke with mentioned that his tweeting can be cringeworthy that maybe he has a tendency to speak without thinking. and sometimes his personal life can be messy but joan for naina bakery regular and lifelong michigan resident said despite everything she wants to see the president succeed i'd like to see him take us back
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to the days when people were pay paul not units or objects or numbers classifications where people were people but we have respect for one another and. i like some of the things that he's done on those are the moments. i just i really like the man and i want to see him continue with his goals and the least get most of them accomplished not everyone in the neighborhood is a trump supporter and some family ties have been strained. gary milburn an employee at the bakery has two daughters who do not like trump he says he understood their objections but he still voted for trump. family is not thrilled with me because because you know i did vote for trump you know he's made you know different you know definitely many many excuse me many statements regarding our grubby women by the whatever and doing this and that which to me is a lot of you know a locker room talk. two years into trump's term as president the country is still
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divided there have been shocking announcement scandals treaties have been torn up but would these people vote for trump again and. would you vote for him again yes i would have i hope. oh i. don't i want this to continue i would vote for him again depending on who he's going to be running against at this stage a true republican challenger looks unlikely during the two thousand and twenty campaign and the democrats will have a tall order to win back the hearts of these voters here in julian's bakery it seems trump would have no trouble getting re-elected for a second term. and that was miles where they're reporting from the heartland of the u.s. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the white house has confirmed that u.s. president will hold a second summit with the north korean president kim jong un next month it follows a meeting between u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. and north korean vice chairman kim young choice the leaders first met to discuss
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denuclearization in singapore last june violent protests have erupted in the sudanese capital khartoum following the funeral of a protester who died from police gunshot wounds earlier in the week officers fired live ammunition morocco algeria and georgia as so-called safe countries making it much harder for asylum seekers from those countries to remain here in germany the move has long been advocated by interior minister is a horse as a whole for who you see right there. well it has been quite a week for brett's it more than twenty eminent figures from german politics sports business and entertainment they notice that and they have written as a result a passionate appeal to the u.k. to abandon bricks it it's printed as an open letter in today's edition of the times newspaper now the woman known as a k k on the great crump or the new head of uncle
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a medical c.d.u. party she has signed the letter as well as under various knowledge as the head of the social democratic party in germany the green party leader robert hobbit who you see behind me and other leaders and here's what they wrote after the horrors of the second world war britain did not give up on us it has welcomed germany back as a sovereign nation and a european pallor this we as germans have not forgotten and we are grateful should britain wish to leave the european union for good it will always have friends here in germany and europe but britons should equally know that we believe that no choice is irreversible our door will always remain open europe is home and we would miss the legendary british black humor the letter goes on but more than anything else we would miss the british people our friends across the channel therefore
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britain's should know from the bottom of our hearts we want them to stay. or a short time ago we asked our london correspondent here good moss what the reactions have been to this water in london don't have as far as i know an official reaction but if by any of the government figures but i've looked at the newspaper headlines and it has been reported even though it's not exactly had like news because there's so much going on in terms of brecht's it and it's an absolute chaotic situation where the u.k. is trying to figure out where it wants to go so it has been a system for example the financial times the business paper said reflects a rising anxiety in berlin in terms of the cost of business so it's the fear of heartbreaks it and this is a reaction to it then we have the sun the biggest tabloid they say they report well germany is begging us to stay in the e.u.
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and similar the express and other tabloid and both the my leaning towards brics and they say it's a desperate desperate bid for britain to stay in the european union i haven't seen a lot of scathing criticism but it's certainly seen as something that is political and it's a political intervention so it's not just hot to hard by by leading german figures but it is something that is at the center comes from the center of british of german politics really. that was bigger monster reporting from london well the appeal from germany comes at the end of a roller coaster week in british politics with the historic defeat of the prime minister's briggs deal and then her government narrowly surviving a no confidence vote the situation remains deadlocked theresa may is due to present her brakes at plan b. next week so once next for britain we have this report from london where our reporter found some unexpected answers. london business as
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usual but wait wasn't there something she didn't know yeah breaks it for to now have years now we journalists have followed the brits to debate we flushed parliament vote again and again and we spoke to analyst after analyst and we still don't seem to be much smarter about the outcome of that well maybe it's time to look for some old chart of ways to find answers that you really want to know going on in the british capital ask the cabbies they are the keepers of the city secrets the ones with the ears on the ground nell all timothy milner has been driving a cab for ten years and discussions center on one thing in particular i mean that's all i ever talk about is that. there are there is there is no other subject not even not even football is just as to. what i believe what what what what i think is going to happen so what is going to happen to the fleet let's pull over for this
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one. to see effect in is coming in more people i would say all all interested in the in the. in having a second vote. ok that's a start but can we make this more concrete unlike politicians numbers never lie and to squid at that british automaker's of course at a major bookie company. in london politics is a big money maker so what do people think about bricks that actually put their money where their mouth is. so out of all the options that the country currently faces that's a second referendum the punters think is the most likely that's followed by another general election obviously something the chairman called and would love and the least likely at the moment is actually an idea which is the odds of six to one punches do not think that is probably going to happen at this stage but were money
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is one it's also lost and with breaks it all about winning let's find spiritual guidance maybe that goes of thatcher and churchill will have to answer. to a real code reader of you know. it's well connected in that area and he's getting vibes that prime minister teresa mayes is playing dirty game i think to make another pact the devil. i think she's going to look at we have here we have the devil we have temperance so the devil is all about me having contracts and making a pact and here temperance is about connecting things and putting things together. and so i think she's going to find a way. to negotiate something. let's be honest the future of britain is still murky until that's resolved all bets are off. by two kazakhstan now where the foreign ministry says that neighboring china is
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allowing some two thousand ethnic contacts to renounce their chinese citizenship and leave the country the move could be a sign that beijing is feeling the growing backlash to its crackdown on muslims in the region and for several years china has run a massive surveillance and detention program in cian jiang province which borders on kazakhstan as you see right there it has imprisoned as many as a million people in so-called reeducation camps as well as forced labor detainees and say that they're subjected to political indoctrination we have this report now from kazakhstan where human rights activists are working to draw attention to the suffering that these camps are causing into the people being affected. every day hundreds of people crowded into the ruins of this human rights organization in kazakhstan looking for their relatives in the west and chinese province of chen jang traditionally millions of ethnic kazakhs live but now many are disappearing
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into sokol g. education camps all of them have a different story different the tragedy if a story that some people inside could get that some people who were inside that by the side of the day or so you decide that some people inside the injured that so many cases after we collected the walls are ten thousand the. son of one of them was a tyrant some account and he and others who've escaped have told him and rights activists what's happening in the camps now here this blames that the daily routine consists of military drills and as an atmosphere of total surveillance. kind of thing had to be in a straight. line and the corners perfectly folded if you didn't do it like this they would beat you it had to be four fingers wide and not a millimeter more. to be a successful businessman he imported goods from kazakhstan to china the chinese
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authorities noticed him and accused him of propagating culture in china that's why he was sent to reeducation camp. they made us recite texts all day long about how great the government and the communist party are we had devout to be obedient and that we loved president xi jinping had to sing songs about the communist party. kyra that was one of the few known photographs of a chinese internment camp it's punishable to take pictures that are now for the first time they're also drawing a young woman severely traumatized draws what she experienced in the camp including the constant surveillance she doesn't want to be recognized for fear of the chinese authorities and is in hiding with relatives in kazakhstan. the guards were like wolves with cold eyes. they want to destroy our culture.
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they use methods reminiscent of china's cultural revolution says this kazakh research that's because one of the most important economic projects the new silk road crosses change on province. does. the chinese want to keep enjoying province quiet it's very important for them many people there are of kazakh origin and they want to bring them under their control no matter what means they have to use to do it. since starting cation program and twenty sixteen the chinese authorities have also been using kazakh gods now for the first time one of these gods has fled. no longer wanted to be part of what he sees as an inhumane machine. the people like took to the camps looked
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bad and thoroughly shaken. we were also constantly afraid my colleague was deported to the camp because he had picked up a piece of paper with the words please help us written on his cameras filmed him so they arrested him and took him to a camp. here at the small human rights organization that's how you know what they try to help by filming appeals by cossacks who are looking for their relatives in china they hope the world will finally listen to. sports news now this week sees the bundesliga return from its winter break league leaders dortmund are up against white city in saturday's late game after an impressive first half the campaign. can finally stop by in munich's run of six consecutive bundesliga titles there's plenty of anticipation in dortmund they sit comfortably top of the table with a six point lead and complacency may be their biggest rival going forward in the
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two because the it's a good situation to be in but we know there are seventeen more games and that it's still a long season ahead or a big challenges and difficult games to play especially in the next few weeks pressure to perform men dominated the opening half of the season with fast paced entertaining play they'll have to hit the ground running straight away with their first opponents fourth placed leipsic coach lucy in five or a expects a tough away trip. is in dangerous in possession but also on the counter-attack they can also play along with their target man use of laos and not along a bit of a transition really really quickly he communions so there's not much else to say about life they're a very good team missions in the sun is never too much of dampening the mood somewhat is the recent illness of captain marco royce cossar is also only just coming back from injury together they've scored twenty three goals over half of the
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total the team also looked shaky in recent friendly matches. and the thought of by now you've got the christmas season then new year's eve then you spend time at a sunny beach in dubai or somewhere and you look at the table and everyone is passing you on the. open. model superficially normal for the tension to lessen them but we can't let that affect us it's made with what we must maintain off the same approach we had my first half of the season in the fall and get on in things like an on that's. statistics point towards a successful second half of the season men have led the league three times at the halfway mark and each time they won the title not a bad omen. for business helen humphrey is here the chinese company who way is coming under attack from all sides and has to do about national security doesn't it sure does national security cyber espionage concerns i mean now
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the german government is saying that it may block while weighs involvement in its future high speed five g. network citing national security concerns as brant just mentioned there will in response the federation of industry says that until evidence is found in a vendors should be excluded from the network the united states and other countries all keeping the chinese firm away from their five g. networks because all data security they say that the companies link to the government in beijing creases the likelihood of cyber espionage now the u.s. is carrying out a criminal probe into the tech giant. so why is qual way so controversial well a company was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven shen's and by a former military engineer and communist party member against telephone switching equipment to chinese phone companies and it is now the world's number one provider of wireless network hardware the company is private meaning it doesn't have to
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disclose its finances and huawei says that it shares are divided between eight eighty thousand employees in china who don't have real voting rights critics claim that an elite core of managers essentially guides the company and coordinate with the government in beijing this is something that while way itself denies now the u.s. is pressuring allies to exclude qual ways they roll out five g. networks so far we've got japan australia new zealand and taiwan as you can see on the latest all agreeing on that one of the u.k.'s largest carriers is also rejecting the company germany while it remains uncertain with industry telling the government it in five g. is unimaginable without quote ways hardway well the c.e.o. of kuai wrens and they refused claims of chinese government involvement take a listen. to me. and our company has never received no will receive orders from the
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government. we will refuse any order from the government or. the c.e.o. of wall way that in other news there appears to be some movement in the trade dispute between the u.s. and the european union now brussels says that it is prepared to get rid of industrial tariffs and tariffs on u.s. may cause the proposals are seen as the e.u. taking a step to president trump's dumond's as the offices would benefit the u.s. in particular. american industrial firms that export products to the european union will be the big winners that import duties are abolished as proposed by the e.u. . us firms currently pay a five point two percent tariff to sell their goods in the block in the other direction european firms pay a three point five percent import tariff to american tax authorities brussels plan would also see the end of june teas on cars and car parts an area in which american
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firms are disadvantaged they pay ten percent in tariffs while it is only a mere two point five percent on similar european goods. we are prepared to put our vehicle tariffs on the negotiating table this as part of a broader agreement if the us agree to work together towards zero tariffs for all industrial goods the new proposals come as brussels faces considerable pressure u.s. president trump has threatened to drastically raise tariffs on imports of york and vehicles the e.u. commission has even pulled back on one demand that discussions over a new deal only take place once the u.s. government removes its tariffs on steel and aluminum. well japanese carmakers nisanit mitsubishi say that the former c.e.o. okada scorn improperly received close to nine million dollars from a joint he owned entity now the company say they recently discovered the payment on who remains c.e.o. of the nose giving he's given credit for helping you stand make
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a turnaround off to creating a strategic partnership between the japanese carmaker and they know payments are not part of the current criminal charges the for many cases in japan where he has been detained since november and he's a very he's a charge will be financial. you're watching the news from berlin i'm having a humphrey stay with us because brant goff will be back to take you through the day .
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migrants dot net. even before he became u.s. president donald trump said again and again that he had no business ties to russia but a buzz feed a news report claims that was not true and that the president ordered his former personal attorney michael cohen to lie about it in congress a bombshell report that if true could trigger action by congress and it comes just as strong.


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