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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2019 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin poland bids farewell to the popular liberal mayor of good dancer who died monday after being stopped at a charity event. mourners are remembering tavola damage whose murder sent shock waves around here it is being laid to rest in the city where he was born uncovering. a mexican gas pipeline explodes killing over twenty replays north of mexico city and gold dozens of people
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who had gathered to fill up fuel containers. and byron munich kicked off the second half of the bundesliga season with this strong statement against hoffenheim byron are hoping to get back on top of the league by the season's end. i'm next peiser welcome to the program leading figures in poland and the european union are in good dance today paying their respects to the city's late mayor how will a dam of it was fatally stabbed while on stage at a charity event last sunday the murder of the liberal politician is believed to have been politically motivated european council president donald to skip a former polish prime minister himself is among the thousands of mourners inside and outside st mary's church the funeral service is being broadcast on big screens in cadets and in cities across poland. joining us now live
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from good desk correspondent monica. monica we understand you're outside the church where the funeral is taking place what have people there been telling you. many of her the people who came here. from all over poland and from other countries are still deeply shocked after the tragedy. which happened six days ago in the dying sc they don't really find an answer any answer on question how is it possible that it could happen in poland today in the heart of europe and. the people are. in memory of the movie was very today. of paris on was open minded. wanted wanted to invite to the city of the diocese many different people from different cultures also during the. funeral
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ceremonies today representatives from different. religion religious minorities living in the diocese pray pray to create for him so that people here will miscount of them of each who was one of the most important voices liberal progressive voices in poland today which is now under the rule of the national conservative government. i think we can all understand why people are looking for answers to their questions on the ground there and dance could let me ask a question to you though is it too early at this point to talk about all this having a wider european significance. well i am sure that it has a wider european significance for many reasons not only poland is a country which is deeply divided. but also many other countries in europe are now
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divided and these political divisions. are something which for many politicians also in poland and in europe. in their opinion can it be it can be dangerous it can cause lead to an atmosphere of hate which can lead to such criminal and barbaric acts like this political martyr in poland six days ago so that's the reason also why different from other countries are here today also the polish high ranking politicians like prime minister and president are attending but also. who was a close friend to the assassinated mayor who comes also from dion's is now the president of the european council he is here and also the former president of germany are many and many mayors of german and other cities in europe this is a message going here from poland today from dion's
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a warning to many year into the european people and call them and political divisions and to have more tolerance and understanding. ok thank you for that monica you know get out. the damage is being remembered for his civic engagement in his hometown and to speak up about his convictions. done sc is a city overcome by grief. thousands of residents braved freezing temperatures to join me a powerful just coffin on its final journey. past the schools he attended and the childhood home in which his parents still live.
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winding through the streets of a city he governed for over two decades. sadness here is equalled only by horror horror at the killing of a man celebrated by many for his liberal values and his criticism of the conservative ruling law and justice party. to everyone homosexuals refugees everyone could come here. nash a first everyone mourns together and then the accuse each other. the mayor was stabbed on sunday while on stage at a children's charity event he died the following day. a twenty seven year old former convict with a grudge against an opposition party to which belongs has been charged with the murder. no poland's toxic political climate is under the spotlight with many blaming politicians for fueling hatred.
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a murder is also political in a certain sense when the perpetrator has been listening to aggressive political talk over a long period and when he feels like he is representing a political group. this is pavel out of his final resting place st mary's church in his hometown of good downs. turning to mexico now where at least twenty one people died and dozens more were hurt when a ruptured fuel pipeline exploded the disaster happened in a state in the north of mexico city residents of the town of panic were siphoning fuel from a nearby oil refinery run by oil firm pemex they did so by breaching a pipeline it later exploded sparking a huge fireball the blaze has since been put out but officials say the death toll could still rise as rescue services examine the site. hundreds of
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people could not resist the temptation of free gasoline the fuel was spraying from a pipeline connected to a nearby refinery run by pay mix mexico's state run petroleum company it says thieves had illegally tapped the pipeline people soon crowded around the front to fill their pails and jerry cans. a couple of hours later an explosion and a fireball and gulf the scene. an official says nearly two dozen people died instantly. dozens more suffered burns as they fled for now it's not clear what triggered the explosion but gasoline and its fumes are highly flammable the single spark is all it takes. is just watching the news and would up to my roof and it just exploded. he then i got worried and i called my father. and. this
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tragedy comes just weeks after president lopez obrador launched a crackdown on theft from mexico's vast network of fuel pipelines on a late night visit to the scene he vowed to press ahead with that policy. it has yeah i mean unfortunately what this shows is that we have to end this practice which has led to this tragedy. the government says thieves drilled more than twelve thousand illegal taps in the first ten months of last year those taps often lead to fires and loss of life though last night's tragedy is the deadliest in recent years. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. violent protests have erupted in the sudanese capital khartoum police clashed with hundreds of mourners following
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a funeral of a man shot during a protest on thursday witnesses say officers fired live ammunition and used tear gas against demonstrators who threw rocks deadly anti-government protests are now in their fifth week. colombia has reactivated arrest warrants against the leaders of the leftist guerrilla group l.-n. living in cuba it comes two days after a deadly car bombing in bogota which left at least twenty one dead the government blamed the rebels for the blast it said peace talks won't resume unless the group stops its attacks. and germany's conservative c.s.u. party has elected a new chairman. he will replace german interior minister forces a hoffer at the head of the party german chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats are closely allied with the c.s.u. who suffered heavy losses last year in state elections. and to the u.s. now where the latest twist in the russia investigation has just taken place special
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counsel counsel robert muller's office has disputed a news story on the website buzz feed suggesting u.s. president donald trump tried to obstruct justice the story alleges president the president directed his then lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress about his business ties to russia the report cites two unnamed law enforcement officers. story made headlines across the world following its publication on thursday but then came this denial buzz feed's description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterize ation of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding michael cohen's congressional testimony are not accurate. muller's office is investigating alleged russian interference in the u.s. election and whether any trump campaign figures were complicit this statement is a rare intervention from the special counsel's office which is known for being extremely tight lipped the buzz feed report claimed trump ordered cohen to lie
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about plans to build a trump tower in moscow last year trump's former lawyer pleaded guilty to lying to congress about the russian real estate plans president trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with russia here's his press secretary sarah huckabee sanders speaking earlier. that's absolutely ridiculous i think that the president's outside counsel addressed this best and said in a statement earlier today is categorically false that one statement those two words sum it up better than anything anybody else can say and that is categorically false but buzz feed is sticking by its story editor in chief ben smith tweeted that he stands by their reporting and the sources who informed it he has called on the special counsel to make clear exactly which facts it is disputing. defending misleading chat their champions byron munich travel to hoffenheim on
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friday to kick off the season the second half of the season byron trail at league leaders dortmund and had lost on their last two trips to hoffenheim. hoffenheim had beaten by and here in both of their most recent attempts and the hosts were hoping to make it three home victories in a row against the champions but by an had a points of proved in the thirty fourth minute leone gorecki pounced on a paris header to make it one nil a smart finish from the germany international. just eleven minutes later the redskins scored again this time he latched on to the end of a diving bell of a cross. it's the midfielder's first ever going to sleep the brace. posts hoffenheim came out with guns blazing in the second half and early counterattack culminating in this brilliant strike by maker shoots his first league goal of the season one to remember. but the hat trick of home wins against by and
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wasn't to be over eleven dusty champions beyond sight in eighty seven minutes. job done for by and they've returned from the winter break looking shop and they've got to up and invest sorry. now winter in the northern hemisphere which is where we are here in berlin means every imaginable competition for those who can quickly and stylishly get from the top of the mountain to the bottom free riding is one such competition for skiers and snowboarders who make their own way down all kinds of terrain and without any serious rules this is from the opening event of the free ride world tour today in the heart of what's called the japanese. it's known among free riders for heavy snow fall conditions were perfect for this year's event. and that's our news wrap and join us again at the top of the hour or you can check out our web site or follow us on twitter
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thanks for watching news. here what's coming up the book is sleep you have plenty to talk about here. every weekend here.


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