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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2019 3:02am-3:16am CET

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and he claims the name of the n.f.l. is yeah i don't like the fight. to sing along to you superstar come from super fancy. for. interactive exercises. everything is online and interactive panjim interfering with endeavoring. to. win lose or draw nope not this time around as we've seen from match day eighteen it was all or nothing for clubs around the league welcome to the bundesliga here or d.w.i. press arrington told me as one of us leave it every time they've left the table at the winter break to history repeat itself this season saturday success over live six looks like it's the same dentist saying yes they will wrap up the remaining
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action from sunday it's no secret salt has been staring this season will they start twenty nineteen all right and then to berlin and nuremberg who've been a walk in the park opponents for most would have to have any trouble with the promote it stop. joining me in the studio for sunday's powwow are oliver cannot but as the reporter for believe the newspaper welcome back to the show oliver how are you good to be here thank you glad to hear it and we have our very own job thing crane j c how are you doing a great set of events or a break from foster alongside i'm even more raring to go chris looking forward to it ok we are of course starting with goldman now we saw a mark. up inside snap life six unbeaten run at home surprised at leipsic were able to pull one back at least well they had their chances but it was
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bookie who kept. the win four for dalton basically and you mentioned michael royce . you know how many games he missed this is this season so far usually he misses like five ten or so it was the very first game that they didn't have roy's in the lineup so they just want to protect him a little bit and that's why. the precaution airy measure exactly that's why he didn't put him in the starting line and he had a little crash and practice on friday so that's just because of the merits i'm i'm sure ok now somewhat stay with dorman over to you j.c. no matchday take kicked off with byron looking very hungry leon grest a bag of brace eleven dos he got his now buyers nico botched let it be known they are hunting dogs and thoughts yeah hunting dorman he said i don't care when we overtake them the crucial thing is we finish on top so he's really strained down the gauntlet to dortmund and they did respond they had to respond because we have been talking about a completely different thing if the gap was any three points they responded without
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welker royce as well as we were saying x. over it so getting a lot of praise he was the goal scorer and the club have treats it as well they save it still gives you win to reform that red bull slogan this victory extra sweet for dortmund fans because of course we know how much they don't like red bulls ownership of leipsic i have to say is where you inveigle was outstanding in defense and fans will be pleased to hear that he's probably going to stay with the club he had been linked with pish cheaper so has been speaking about and care about his comments let's take a listen to how he responded as. we were going to play a game by game one i like we did from the first game of the season i mean. i would philosophia keep it like this. you know over to you back to you ali dortmund they won the title every time they've laid at the winter break what's your gut tell you will it be do it mean again or buy in or maybe someone else i don't i
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don't give that much about the past what happened two three five or ten years ago but. i would say gotten all the way they are not going to give away a six point lead even though it's still a very long seasons ago we still have sixteen match days but i don't really believe by on is the same by on two three four five years ago you're right they won six games in a row they beat teams like nurnberg like braman like hanover etc etc frankfurt but in the end i don't think they are strong enough to actually overtake dom and they they might be a little bit closer like two or three points lady but in the end it's going to be dortmund ok all right now j.c. i know you are leaning towards dortmund we've heard from actual bits will they have so many pieces that can hurt in opposing sides yeah i think as we saw with the rain against what seagrave core strength or over the pitch they do have a slightly tough run of games coming up i think i've got to go to frankfurt in a couple of weeks' time but i agree with ali as well i think dortmund do have the
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vet it seen this season and that's why i'm sticking with them the likes of you know jade and sam show they're the ones that are going to fire them to the times but i think right now you've mentioned. of course he's been outstanding and the upcoming opponent they have frankfurt you know actually frankfurt had a scoring trio tally in a gaggle of goals lukey over it's been one of them let's take a look at the top scores here you go he's leading the league with thirteen goals the dolphins all cossar just missed his thirteen goal in life he said to twelve ali are you shocked that when you take a look at the remaining three we have three goals scores tied at eleven goals of peace rather live in dog ski followed by the dortmund captain taking a break marco rice and tina fey the team of and who is known for backing braces and selfie missed out on the opportunity to get his twelve you know are you surprised that so. crowded at the top but not really we've still said sixteen match days to go i think and then deal which is not going to be there all the way to the top and
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frankly i don't want care about that they don't know reza necessarily need to tell you as we say but it's a huge surprise definitely that he's still up there but i don't think he's going to go for like twenty five or twenty eight which you probably need to win well it is nice to see just more goals scores on the list rather live in dos the obvious these common name on the list now. a name we don't see on the list is for frankfurt he actually has had the foot in the most goals when you combine goals and assists people have compared frankfurt trio to that of liverpool's front three how do you see it they are very impressive just also mentioning that as you say scored ten goals eight assists that's the most combined of anyone in the bundesliga this trio they really complement each other very well they're different in styles but i think he's given the more of an attacking mindset and bored out the best of those three players and i think frank put on the instagram page opposed to three big guys three
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goals three points i think the challenge for frank really will be keeping hold of all those guys now you mention the comparisons to the report this is what sebastian i laugh had to make of those comparisons. of course it's something great for us because every strike goes walk to school and the season this is what we were doing so of course is great but we have to stay moved because good to see you in the studio. and we have a lot of walk. to be a player like like them. now it's time to get to some action head berlin's paul gardai only have promoted side and seriously struggling nuremberg standing in the way of getting his fiftieth but as they get wind in charge of the capital club says norm burke sunk to the table bottom a couple of match days ago they seem stuck there when playing at home help them a bit in the hall died head to celebrating a milestone. the new year brings new hope with the home fans cheering them on
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nuremberg want to define early and their windless streak but if your defense seems to invite your opponents to score it won't be easy i'm a one two between davie selkie invader to be severe chan the bosnian made it one nil for berlin after fifteen minutes shortly before half time nuremberg struck back captain hano bad ends making it one off from close range the cellar dwellers spirits got a momentary boost. but after the restart hair to show their class this time a beast of its turn provider and andre duda finished the job to one of the slovak playmaker had a great first half of the season and looked better than ever against nuremberg twenty minutes later due to strike again his ninth goal of the campaign three one the final score when you score and also your team is winning any so this feeling is like. getting from
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a happy happy end and i am good as brace helps his chances for a spot in europe next season while nuremberg haven't tasted victory in thirteen outings. congrats the paul di di for picking up his fiftieth when moving on for salsa it was all good a year ago dominik go to desk zero was regarded as a young mastermind then but now he and the royal blues have been a bit sorry he could home and we can attack enter the wolves of will spur who had been biting through the league and great on the road could sulk or get back on track and stalled. spurge progress. a massive change for shell cut to start twenty nineteen captain ralph famine dropped for the first time in six seasons to many come to discover making a big pool in a bid to revive his side's flailing season salman's replacement alexandra nubile showed he's worth in the early stages and soon enough to shell out a penalty daniel caligiuri stepped up. want to shop so
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far so good for him to disco it wasn't a loss that mimics many hitting the post this thread specify cleaning up the scraps devolves to accuse products first when does the get go shall cause defense school bowl watching. one one and shall cause searching threats is heading into the hof time bright and they found one once again from college jewelry. to go to the judgement to see what's on the show cause the results seem to discos live to fight another day. ok now with the way he had to climb a bit and now sit seventh in shock and help themselves out just a tad ollie takeaways from the handsome match rumor has it that they do to walk away with the rolex because he scored a goal salomon kalou promised he'd give them one thoughts well good idea i think by salomon kalou in the beginning of the season to keep him motivated but i think once
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goal rolex i would take that as well but to keep them motivated he should give them another one when he scores maybe fifteen and that will help the team and i don't really think it will hurt solomon comes pocket ok see if they still climb now one all eyes were in shock a shock over to you j c no shock at the desk of a business captain goalkeeping captain in everything they got the win they need that one needed to win but their schedule ahead is quite difficult you know they have lab i had to buy their thoughts yeah hugely important today because you know it could have gone for. wrong against very hard work working with spec side surprise packages this season and brave move to drop your captain and goalkeeper but i did that last season with have it as a defendant in the end it kind of paid off in the end i still think they're very wasteful in front of goal of the west conversion right and the leak they needed caligiuri the full back to school for them so i think a strike a store needs to be on the transfer list for a desk i ok well i'd like americans to do well and pull of the west mckinney to do
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something it's full time for the bundesliga here i d w thanks to our guests but as a reporter in berlin's busy newspaper oliver connect i think that our very own jonathan crane for me and the rest of the team here in berlin dr. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain the different reality. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think
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