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you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on the website that's d.w. dot com i'm going to. more . with him how to be done because somebody has won the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be without smoking i never would have gone on the trip i feel i would not have put myself and my parents in my danger to the bottoms again with the going to give us leave would. love one son to
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give up that one little bit of the give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but that wasn't going to. you want to know their story and for my great stir fighting and reliable information for margaret's. kiddo. from the world economic forum in davos it's time for business on the as the global meets here in switzerland we'll tell you what the leaders are truly talking about but also listen to those voices you might not really expect here's what's coming up . how swiss chocolate can help explain the most pressing debates on global trade. also on the show n.g.o.s are just as part of a forum as the heads of state learn what dishes they want to bring to the table this year. and giving the human stories a face we met
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a refugee who is now one of the most important participants of the conference. a very warm welcome to this special edition of business. it's good to have you with us we're going to start with some of those pressing questions at the world economic forum when it comes to changing globalization for the better the topic of this year's conference one of the questions is who is going to lead that change as the most important leaders from china and the u.s. are missing this year's world economic forum some are pointing to europe and the old continent lead the way well some say yes but first it has to solve pressing issues of itself. he's added again part of a promotion for a scottish company in davos but it's hard not to hear a melancholic tune after all by next year's world economic forum britain should officially be out of the e.u. it's still not clear how so the british prime minister cancelled her visit to you
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might see prince william cross your path he probably won't be commenting on brags that so but others like this top german economist are speaking their minds. the terrible thing is that the e.u. is trying to find a way to make britain an offer for leaving sec doesn't make sense we want them to stay in the e.u. we want them to be part of it we have a historic opportunity to turn the situation around the e.u. should be making britain an offer to stay. if bridges were off the table europe could finally concentrate on the future again it would do well to act now so that it's not left behind in competition with china and the us. but it's time to talk about a new european economic policy in the us consumer sector there is a digital platform economy in china we see how industry is rapidly digitizing and one of the big issues here is what is the future digital infrastructure for european industry and davros is of course
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a forum where all that's being discussed this with. europe will try to set the tone in davos this year even though everything is being overshadowed by briggs it. when leaders discuss the pillars of globalization and how to make them better nothing comes under fire like free trade especially when countries are trying to protect their most precious exports and we don't have to go to far to find examples right here in switzerland swiss chocolate is hoping that its quality brand will continue justifying higher price. swiss chocolate things something this innocent could be in the center of fierce debate over free trade switzerland is very famous for its chocolate but making it here is quite expensive swiss milk is twice as expensive in supermarkets as it is in germany to stop swiss chocolate makers from buying foreign cheaper milk and to protect domestic farmers the government introduced this so he
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gives it the talk of taxes for in a recall to a product and also processed ones making foreign chocolate just as expensive as swiss one not only that but the swiss also subsidize chocolate exports making swiss chocolate more affordable abroad the world trade organization put a stop to that though is being phased out from this year on the w t o o's objective more free trade and more competition and of course that's the mantra of this entire forum here in the fourth. the w e f is known for bringing together the world's richest and more powerful but they're not only here to get to listen to they're also here to listen as this year's conference focuses on those who don't really profit from the current global economic architecture the voices of those representing them are more important than ever we spoke to some of the n.g.o.s that are here to send a message. kumi niger doesn't like coming to davos but he's been attending the forum for fourteen years now. i think is
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a pathological condition which many people suffer from where they believe that a meaningful life a good life a decent life comes from more and more material acquisitions. this reality is usually very far away from the posh pristine summit and that's why n.g.o.s like his are often criticized for attending the forum and meeting with the elite but it's a necessary evil focal me. collectively we are trying to hold up in a different reality that the people we work with on the ground on a daily basis we have to challenge some of the. visions that flawed to present alternative visions n.g.o.s are in the absolute minority here in davos the forum is dominated by big business. but
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that's the good thing about the forum says kyle's cyma her n.g.o.s first book provides books and other necessities to children in need. you can't pick one sector as the solution to all social problems but we can't do it alone either these are these are problems that in many cases are outpacing solutions right now and we all have to lock arms and focus. focus not on what n.g.o.s shouldn't to do but what they can do at the summit one of the ngos here in davos is fighting for the environment earlier my colleague spoke to jennifer morgan co-chair of greenpeace and asked her what to do against the lack of action specifically against climate change. thousands of global leaders c.e.o.'s and stars are gathered here including so david attenborough he's received an award for his environmental leadership and says we're doing our grandchildren if we don't realize climate
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change is a crisis. also he is jennifer morgan from greenpeace have we only got a decade to solve climate change as so david out and report it well i think we actually have less than that because we have to start now so he's absolutely correct that if we don't dramatically change what's happening right now in our economies and moving into renewable energy etc that in ten years the world will move to one point five degrees increase of temperature and with that temperature increase comes dramatic consequences so that's the crisis and one would expect leaders here at davos to put all of their energy into solving that and get a second global leaders here have been tackling these problem year after year it's the third year that the environment top's the global risks report of the world economic forum what does that mean well it means that the people who come here recognize that climate change is a big threat but it does not mean that the world economic forum and all of the
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program that is here puts it in the middle says basically we get we are in a crisis everybody in a room bankers in a room how are we going to divest out of coal and to clean energy energy utilities in a room etc it's not it's on the fringe it's not in the middle of what's being put forward here and at the same time i bet it's tricky it to tackle a topic like this when the world is not acting in unison well it means you need places like this even more because you can bring people together and have the tough conversations that that are needed in order to crack heads and corporate leaders need to step it up they need to be ready to do the hard politics back home to get these laws in place to decrease the emissions in order to avoid this crisis we're in a climate emergency situation this is your third devils are you going to be cracking heads what do you hope to get out of it i'm going to be cracking as many heads as i can but i really you know if i can try and reach just
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a. full of people who will go back and be active that's ten more hundred more than we had before we need this community to own up to its responsibility it has caused this problem it has to own up and speak back home truth to power jennifer morgan greenpeace thank you very much you're welcome. the free movement of people and goods is one of the pillars of globalization but recent developments have spurred a wave of anti immigration movements the w e f is trying to address this differently this year by giving refugees and migrants a face to show you that there are humans just like you are near and not only numbers one of those voices with a dramatic background but an ever more inspiring vision for the future. here in switzerland complete strangers stop mohamed ha son mohammed on the street to ask his opinion on experiences unfamiliar as the freezing weather conditions as he came
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here straight from a refugee camp in kenya a world away from the upscale ski resort of davos. the suffering we have is of living without hope uncertainty not knowing where i will be i don't have a passport i don't of documents i don't have an identity. his home is the kakuma refugee camp in northwestern kenya on the border to south sudan. he shares it with one hundred eighty five thousand other refugees who need special permits to leave the camp mohamed hossam has been living here for the past twenty two years i just want people to understand that we're. people we're not animals we're not bees you're not flies we deserve dignity and we have dreams you have hopes we just want to be part of society that's all and. he never gave up those hopes. on learning how to use a computer and become a community leader for the camp's young inhabitants and then he was invited to the
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world economic forum in davos. after a protracted wait for his visa application he now wants to raise awareness about refugees. we are not going away he got here so maybe he's sort of denying closing our eyes maybe we can find solutions human solution is to let a fiji problem because i have been out of fiji my whole life and i don't want the next generation over if you just to soften crime so that suffered. the uses precious few days here to leave his mark in davos talking to big players from the world of global business and politics and that's all for this special edition of this from davos thanks for watching.
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move. it's one of the kind of low flying. blind girls shane bolkus truck learning to play an instrument as a blind person because it's a plane and civilians. the blind musicians the orchestra is the chance to meet a self-determined life of great audiences victimise. global three thousand next on t.w. .
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serial killers take us through some. violent robber gangs. and ugly and omnipresent feature of life in one nine hundred twenty s. berlin cast fatalist make me a fine cosas a monster a canal a little restraint sometimes just money confound the night comes crime has the german capital in a chokehold the police force can't come to the mission it was a minus one company managed and titian here to randomly take a stand such a crime scene geoff thompson called initiatives. criminals don't reckon with him detective superintendent const cannot. live aleutian eyes his feelings of procedures and establishes an extensive record system laying the foundations for
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the modern police we're just going to have janet was doing back then was basically the same as to cause an attack on. the women metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth on t.w. . clinton. welcome to global three thousand this week we find out just how desperate life has become for many farmers in australia. we meet members of a very special astra in egypt that offers visually impaired women a unique opportunity. and we head to symbolic way to look up.


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