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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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find all terms and conditions at g.w. documentary on instagram. this is d.w. news live from berlin a power struggle in venezuela as the opposition leader declares himself president and is of thousands taking to the streets to demand president nicolas maduro leave office opposition chief one why joe says he's the country's only legitimate leader a move back by the us. how will these events overshadow the pope's visit to nearby panama is expected to champion human rights at world youth day
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a clarion call that could resonate in caracas. and rights groups accuse turkey of jailing seven hundred children while their mothers serve out politically motivated convictions we meet one toddler growing up behind bars and only allowed out on the weekends. i'm brian thomas a warm welcome to the show venezuela is in uncharted political territory after the country's opposition leader. declared himself president why dole made the move as thousands took to the streets of caracas to protest against president nicolas maduro the declaration was with swiftly recognized by the u.s. and other countries why don't you he said it was time to end what he called madeira those dictatorship. who was he hopes these words can
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topple the as well as government opposition leader one ply two swore himself in as interim president as thousands cheered him on. was aim is ending this usurpation and this treasonous government and holding free elections if this happens then let god and let the nation reward us and if not then let them demand otherwise. quite those declaration comes as hundreds of thousands rallied across venezuela to support the opposition they call president maduro is covenant illegitimate and blame him for their country's economic collapse. but us their protests continued deadly violence spread. several demonstrators have been reported killed amid clashes with police. while authorities
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clamp down on protesters in a spotless oppositionist getting fresh support elsewhere president trump joined a growing list of leaders who say they recognize one quite oh as venezuela's interim president trump tweeted the announcement and wrote venezuelans have spoken out against madeira and his regime and demanded freedom and the rule of law. my president maduro has hit back by vowing to cut all ties with washington he told all u.s. diplomatic staff to leave the country within seventy two hours but demand the white house rejects was out of venezuela they go enough interventionism and there is dignity here and here there are people to defend this land movement was. but the opposition says they have the claim to defending the country from them a drug government. one cried joe says he intends to act as interim president only
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until new and fair elections can be held. earlier we asked you. in caracas how dangerous the situation was there there are skirmishes in different parts of the city there is a calming down. towards the evening when it starts getting darker here people start going out of protest as we've seen in the last few days and there have been some doubts there has been some looting and just general instances of violence so this kind of escalated and we see it here in two thousand and fourteen with a wave of protests and we see an escalation in violence in two thousand and seventeen so it is safe to say there is violence it's going to escalate here in two thousand and eighteen all member states of what's called the lima group that's a platform of south and north american nations seeking
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a peaceful resolution to the venezuelan crisis have offered their views on the developing situation here's what they had to say. i want to express that colombia recognizes one well i do as president of venezuela and supports this transition process towards democracy so the venezuelan people are liberated from dictatorship . but i could blow in as well a notion you had a. movie. i have recognized why and why go as venezuelan president. you with usual brazil together with all other countries comprising that leave which are recognizing this fact we will give all political support to take this process to an end to this you see let me say on behalf of canada that we recognize and express our full support for the in term presidency of venezuela assumed by the president of the national assembly one quite though in compliance
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with the constitution of venezuela and we the members of the lima group are preparing a fuller written statement which we hope will come out very soon it's an important day for venezuela and i'm grateful for the solidarity of the lima group in speaking out on this and would like to point out that three states in lima group that's mexico guyana and st lucia have not joined that joint declaration in support of one quite oh as venezuelan president while events in venezuela could well overshadow the papal visit to nearby panama francis is there to celebrate world youth day with tens of thousands of mainly young worshipers respite for a vatican dogged by abuse scandals now though the pope could be waiting in on the events in caracas as he delivers a message of compassion and human rights to the faithful in latin america. by anything for a glimpse of the first latin american pope. on the boulevards of panama capital s.
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and c. only excitement was palpable. which almost feels of emotion it's my first time seeing the pope so close it's such a great experience but i feel blessed. ace if you think of it i feel great happiness it's really great that everyone is on the streets and people from abroad are here all the cultural share a common space so it's really good good ass hacienda but i can see it then we're being. told francis is here in panama to preside over world youth day the catholic church's yearly celebration that's brought an estimated one hundred fifty thousand participants from around the world. but the focus will likely be on the entire region francis has previously spoken of the plight of central american migrants and human rights have been a major theme of his papacy meanwhile the political crisis in venezuela is escalating with instability possibly driving even more people to leave that country
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in the coming days according to de w.'s latin american correspondent but francis will also talk about the migration crisis from venezuela and the political crisis in young people from those two countries have come here to panama to hear some words of encouragement from francis i for many here though his presence transcends politics. well via motions or indescribable it's a brief moment of joy a fulfillment of having a pope that he has lost an american and thinks and talks like us i feel he is very close and parts of my life latin american i was i hope francis will officially open world youth day later on thursday. now for. some of the other stories making news this hour the german foreign minister harper mosses met with u.s. secretary of state my thumb peo is berlin begins its new two year tenure on the
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world's united nations security council after talks in washington mosque weighed in on the u.s. and russia's nuclear arms treaty dispute calling in moscow to reveal the range of its newest weapon us. president don trump will postpone his state of the union address until after the partial government shutdown is over this fall is a stand off with house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi who denounced of the house would not provide the traditional space for that speech during the shutdown so. we european union negotiator michele barn yeah he has warned that efforts to block british prime minister treason may from delivering a no deal brecht's it will not stop britain from leaving the you drink he said of majority must back another solution to prevent a no deal. as to turkey now where human rights groups believe some seven hundred children are in prison after their mothers were convicted on what activists
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say are mostly political grounds one such child is two year old meraz his mother is a kurdish activist jailed on charges of spreading terrorist propaganda meraz lives with her and twelve other women in a cell w looks at the children living behind bars who only get a taste of life on the outside on the weekends. saturdays the day the fathers pick up their children at the gates of the gibson prison that it'll once can spend a day or two in freedom. takes his two year old son mira's home every weekend the total is already gotten used to leaving his mother behind. the ad for a kurds mir as his mother has been active for an opposition party with links to the kurds that was enough to get her a four year sentence. if. we can just be glad to jail isn't that far away. and we can pick the children up now there. is.
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a bar has joined up with other fathers whose wives are doing time for political offenses. in my wife's case it was because of social media comments and for that she was sentenced her to hear some terrorist propaganda charges or lawyer told us that normally statements like that shouldn't be liable to prosecution. but they've changed the laws. as a result of the new anti terrorism laws mirrors and his mother goose and now sharing this bunk in a cell with over a dozen other inmates. has only a small concrete prison yard to play in. so the first place near us wants to go to is a playground and play like a normal child for a few hours mere hours will have to get through two years like this.
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i mean i don't want him to think his mother's abandoning him he doesn't understand that she's locked up we can only hope that he doesn't end up traumatized you. currently over seven hundred small children are thought to be living with their mothers in turkish prisons the figure comes from the few non-governmental organizations able to work with the affected families they said that for the state these children don't exist i. don't know the present yes and no are not at all qualified to respond to the needs of small children. and the government can't even tell us which prisons have children in them and how many. sick the weekend is now mira's has to return to his mother in prison the separation is always hard. he's worried what will be in store for his son in there this time
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and who will his wife and child have to share this cell with. the porch looking song there on the mercy of their cell mates tolerance. they might complain if crying is it at night. fifteen women sleep in one cell things like that tend to haunt you and. he doesn't want to notice that he's worried they say they goodbyes at the gibson prison gates. either come on we're going to mama. you. behind the gate or papa has to hand him over to god once again we have some tennis talent paid for as reached the australian open final her first grand slam final since the day she was stabbed during a break in at her home over two years ago the czech eighth seed beat american
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daniel calls in straight sets and that's extreme heat in melbourne which forced the court roof to be close could have made compatriot carolina coast close on or rather japan's osaka in saturday's final. well the last of the men's quarterfinal matches took place wednesday with novak djokovic advancing to the samis topsy djokovic got a free pass after japan's high mr corey had to retire injured with the serb leading six one four one on friday or face look a poor way and the next round the frenchman beat canada's milos roundish in four sets well this will be his first appearance appearance in a grand slam some e-file. what's your minder now of our top stories at this hour in venezuela opposition leader. has declared himself the country's interim president he was once they recognized by the united states and a number of south american countries venezuela's military in contrast continues to
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back president nicolas maduro. remember you can always get more on these and other stories in our website that state of you dot com now though for me brian thomas and the entire team thanks so much for being with us. the. letter we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans are from playing and i was really curious hardship listening. for. you.


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