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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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south korea's broken seen how it became the world leader in the east pool industry . on this show the heartbreaking story of a woman who lost money to a scam in guyana. landed up paying the price. welcome to africa business africa on. in morocco the biggest solar power plant in the world just keeps getting bigger since twenty sixteen more and more panels have been added to the system on wednesday the latest chunk of it went online it's a solar success story no one was i was up to two hundred fifty kilometers outside marquez is getting sunshine nearly three hundred sixty five days a year making it one of the sunniest places on earth. the sun is morocco's black gold and it's even being kept with these meter high panels in the world's biggest solar power plant the energy system was built in phases and has
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been gradually fed into the grid. now it generates five hundred eighty two megawatts of power that's roughly half as much as a nuclear plant this solar plant can provide two million moroccans with electricity . and if. any dishing to morocco's wind and hydroelectric strategy we seek to reach forty two percent of self-sufficiency in the horizon of twenty twenty years with the current results i am almost certain that we will manage to reach this goal. morocco has need to patrol human nor natural gas instead it spends billions to import these fossil fuels it even draws electrical power from spain the underwater cables the country's dependence on foreign fuels should be reduced thanks to the new solar power system even more gigantic solar plants are in the works and are expected to be online in
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the years ahead and there are plans to sell solar power to europe one day the burning sahara desert could one day become a hot export. well look at a bit further south there's another technological revolution in the making and sub-saharan africa mobile phone penetration still remains very low at the moment less than half the population across that region owns a phone but that proportion is growing fast and mobile technologies account for seven percent of g.d.p. across the region already generating about one hundred ten billion dollars per year that of opportunities for many african businesses google play the app store for android devices now allows developers from some african countries to earn a commission directly from apps sold on its platform it's a major opportunity for mobile games produces in africa globally the likes of pocket go and candy crush accounted for nearly half of all revenue from all apps
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africa's games industry alone could be worth six hundred forty two million dollars by twenty twenty one that is more than double what it was just two years ago so some up developers on the continent could be set to rake it in sub-saharan africa that could take a leaf out of south korea spoke to the gaming industry that experienced an unprecedented rise in the last decade especially in east sports that's competitive computer game these asian tiger economy is a global leader and as mobile penetration is still on the rise across africa entrepreneurs then should look at the latest trends e-sports professional gaming on smartphones. when south korea's best computer players compete it's more than just a simple game legal for legends the game of choice mixes strategy and roleplay a benz designed perfect for each sports on
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a sunday afternoon four hundred fans flock to the league of legends e sports arena in central seoul to watch rivals s.k. telecom versus time one gaming church one of my favorite team plays today plus it's my winter vacation i really couldn't wait to get here with my friends i think i spend around one hundred dollars a month on each sport tickets and fan merchandise. twenty two year old east sun york or faker is considered the greatest player of all time experts estimate his yearly income to be three to four million dollars making him the highest paid athlete in south korea teammate kim to mean explains the effort involved oh i. usually spend around twelve hours training i started my career when i was very young other than that it's important to have a strong mindset and willingness to succeed as an eastport player game developer riot games plans to invest one hundred million dollars over the next decade. among
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the younger generation in korea each sport is a sparkler as a traditional sports such as football or baseball even for a regular league match our stadium was filled to the very last seat in the korean e-sports industry also has its eye on the burgeoning mobile gaming market thanks to state investments and a strong passion for gaming south korea established itself as a mecca for sports with big markets emerging such as china it remains to be seen whether korea can keep its dominant position the growth of mobile gaming however office new opportunities for the industry finnish game developers critical force have created a first person shooter game designed specifically for the sports in two thousand and sixteen they received a four million dollar invested. and buy a korean game creator and set up a branch office near seoul there are so like only rare cases where example european companies have been able to conquer asia from europe you have to be here where all the action happens fifty seven million people have
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a lot of the game it attracts one million active users every day the finnish developers expect the mobile market will soon dominate the industry. thousands of people in god have fallen for tricks and invested their life savings in a ponzi scheme millions of dollars are lost and best as were promised a monthly ten percent return on that money it was to was to be used to buy gold on their experts are now calling for public education to raise awareness of these. if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. fifty year old juliet is desperate and worried. she struggles to walk well after suffering a mild stroke in twenty eighteen. juliet's condition started after learning that her fifty thousand dollar investment had gone bad she was promised ten percent of the returns on her money but it turned out to be
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a ponzi scheme. i've been badly affected by this issue my brother i don't even have one cd i don't have money to even buy food to eat nice. juliet's financial crisis means her eighteen year old daughter esther has to stay home instead of going to the university. there's no my problem is there's no money for. education so. i'll just be in the house and. juliet is among thousands of ordinary gun means that invested in a company called men's gold. deposits taken were used to buy gold bars and sold for higher returns but the company didn't have a license to deal in gold. investments worth over two hundred million dollars from customers many of whom are traders in markets like this have been locked up ghana's
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economy is dominate a largely by the. how to make much income month. that means investment schemes promise hard with things becoming appealing and i talked to. the bank of ghana regulates the financial sector in the country and warned investors against doing business with the company the government says it will not intervene and bail out victims government come out and will not use the taxpayers' money which is interested in this kid which in the responsible government must hold in trust for the people who should sources must be used for the provision of such i mean it is like groups school infrastructure hospitals etc etc investment experts say public education on investment and associated whisks will be crucial given forward. come back to our story about game development in
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africa we now have managed to make contact with our business correspondent george arena in nairobi joy just how big is the the kenyan mobile game development scene kemet emulate the korean success story we heard about earlier. well saying that it will emulate the korean scene is just only a matter of time but all i can say for now is that kenya is quite big when it comes to the gaming development scene because they are talkers the east african region and maybe east and central africa as well because at least three of every five smart some gaming ops on them so that can give you a good picture of how the gaming scene easily to gaming out developments in in kenya today. the developers in kenya can now sell them on google play or
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increasingly do so why has it taken so long and what has changed. about two things first of all is the authentication process or the approval process to say because what we have seen more of these dates taken longer for this authentic asian process to you know for the apps as well to go through these integration or approval process and then the other issue is maybe there's lawlor awareness of how exactly these app developers can market or sell their absence well but it's not been as difficult with google play as it has been apple or at last because it's been more restrictive on that end compared to google play and a lot has changed of course since they now can be able to do that because it's sort of who they want to global market and now they're going to compete globally with the other app developers from around the world. so how briefly if you can how similar are the trends in kenya to what's happening globally is going it is lagging
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behind a couple you definitely lagging behind because if you look at the demographics of the people who use these apps you could actually put that between the ages of eighteen and thirty five and if you look at those demographic steel and the take off technology you could actually say we've got quite a long way to go but compared to other african. i think we actually can see these a lot of progress that has been made and that progress is what needs to be monitored because kenya is doing quite very well when he comes to technology development. thank you very much. and that's it for me and the business africa team here. do check out our website if you can.
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detectives starts feb fifteenth on t.w. . play. this is the w.'s live from but that is where the self declared ends are in presents . twite former duro to go white after says he's already working on a transitional government both parts of society must work together to get it going also on the program germany's parliament pays tribute to the victims of the nazis.
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