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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2019 5:15pm-5:30pm CET

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world stories today we need holocaust survivors in israel a young woman fighting female genital mutilation in guinea and discover how a dispute and ukraine's church is dividing the country's faithful there's more news at the top of the hour in the meantime there's always our web site at e.w. dot com thanks so much. it's time for berlin sixty nine film festival. we give you the lowdown on all the stars movies and gossip. the burning of a twenty one thousand every day on the the. world of obscene wealth. india's new mother roger allow fleeting glimpses of it.
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to some continents of economics has made them billionaires. their reveling in their new misfortune to. come to news and rich move. rojos of video stores february eighteenth hong t.w. . welcome to world stories. guinea fighting female genital mutilation. ukraine a parting of the ways. but we begin this week in israel since one nine hundred fifty eight an organization designed to promote peace has been working hard to bring together young germans and survivors of the holocaust.
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mariana come on board ninety eight years ago in berlin once a week she's visited by. the young german is doing a volunteer year in israel and. the organization action be conservation service for peace has been bringing together young germans and holocaust survivors for years the conversations are the most important part of the and counter. cowman witnessed the rise of the nazis in berlin in the one nine hundred thirty s. when she was a teenager. is informed it didn't happen all at once but from month to month there were new things that jews were no longer allowed to do is the face of evil would ask themselves are things were really that bad that they should leave and they decided to stay a bit longer and my family was one of those which stayed up until one nine hundred thirty nine still believing that things can get that bad today wonder how could he be so stupid that the top was. they were germans like everyone else on to the nazis took over shortly before the outbreak of war in one nine hundred thirty nine
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marianna cowman fled to sweden with the help of the zionist used organization her family scattered to other countries in one nine hundred forty nine she started a new life in israel it wasn't until the early sixty's that she travelled through germany again a trip she took with much trepidation. i was shaken and i thought this is a german house this is a german dog and everything that i saw seemed to be labeled by. and despite her concerns she decided to start a dialogue with the germans it was a highly controversial decision in israel at that time. and when later on my husband and i were back here and ready to talk to germans they attacked us and said they wanted to make soap out of you and you talk to them how dare you but we did it and i still believe that it's the right thing to do. this. young volunteers like
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daniela benefit from her decision to this day it cuts off to them the thing that i am one of the last who are able to do this my niece for example won't be able to sit down with a woman who was born in one thousand nine hundred twenty one and talk to her about her history and her time at science. both agree that this very personal exchange between the generations is the best way to understand what happened under the nazis and during the holocaust. just by being illegal female genital mutilation is still widely practiced in the west african country of guinea we need one young woman there who plans to change her country's take on f.p.m. . by this particular team is fishes it mirrors an everyday reality one in two hundred million women worldwide have been subjected to female genital mutilation it's a tradition that reinforces man's power in society i mean activist. one never
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forget the day it happened to her. a formidable siesta when i think about the day my parents took me and gave me to those women who had tools that i have never seen before so that they could do this to me. full fare so that. well to be honest i was mostly anger with my parents because they have betrayed me they didn't really tell me where i was going in war in the world by d.n.a. and they just told me i had to go on holiday and then i was faced with this when i got there. i'm traumatized when anyone talks to me about female circumcision i feel i can't breathe it eats away at me here if you say some or all those so a lot of it officially f g m has been banned in guinea since the year two thousand but the statistic tell another story ninety seven percent of women in the country
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have been cut that means that after somalia guinea is the african country where this practice is most common but there's resistance one thousand year old had just found out the group young girls leader in two thousand and sixteen with seven friends the club now has more than two hundred members across many to fight for the rights of women and girls and against f.e.m. in all its forms. and it will do that yes if it's important to remember that in some guinea and communities it don't carry out excision but in fifty lation who got this so the lab here together so that they can be ripped open on the wedding night swim up it will be my years. it's called the scars which lead to infections which has all sorts of consequences. is it that too many to name will cause a fixture can even lead to death only good but with. every call to go sniff was
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this it would be a good. girls still being cut doing initiation rituals in the forest without anaesthetic naturally the girls put up a fight so several women restrained them and pushed them to the ground it's not uncommon for the girls to end up with broken bones. and her fellow campaigners are often on the road in guinea to raise awareness they use films to spread their message on issues such as sex education their goal is to help women and girls to emancipate themselves and to know their rights that's vital in a country where every other girl is married off before her eighteenth birthday sixty three percent of marriages are arranged and eighty five percent of women report experiences of domestic violence. cultures can change and her friends assure that they are fighting for a new guinea on which has no place for violence against women and girls.
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last year ukraine's president petro poroshenko announced the creation of a newly independent church independent of moscow that is with rival congregations fighting over church property some are being left out in the cold. praying in the cold. it's not their usual church but these moscow patriarchy supporters say they don't have a choice the decision by the leader of the world christians in faraway istanbul to recognize the independent ukraine a church soon hit home in this isolated village. within weeks supporters of the two rival confessions were locked in a standoff suddenly the village of brown it's a had two priests by the city here the moscow patriarchy and father of the ukrainian church supporters of the ukrainian church collected signatures soon they
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had a two thirds majority begin the congregation in favor of joining the new body and within a matter of days they had the keys to the village church. this morning. father said he of the moscow patriarchy insists the whole procedure was raked the villages he says were tricked into signing the petition but that was just the beginning. this is ripping the community apart people have stopped speaking to one another we even have a husband who's threatening to throw his wife out for her religious beliefs they called us anti christ. about a fifth of the old congregation have decided to stick with father said he and the moscow patriarchate they've made their way to this rundown cottage on the edge of the village for the first service and what they hope is just a temporary home for their parish feelings are running high. we had a funeral the other day the people that was split into each side kept to itself so
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i could never have the not junk that i'd end up going to play in a shack. the other end of the village the new york prince of the church of st john are also preparing for their first service. inside then you increase a father or lazy leading praise and ukraine rather than old slavonic cake church language used by the moscow patriarchate was. once a year. old he proudly shows the congregation a copy of the official charter by patriarch bartholomew in istanbul recognizing the independence of the ukrainian church something many here have been waiting for. dependents three decades ago. the most is all about the congregation they have decided which church they want to belong to the majority has made its choice i think the others will be back with those very soon. made the one hundred by you we
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want to talk to god in ukrainian not in any other language we want to ukrainian priest the ukrainian church the russians are sending tanks against us killing our children and grandchildren here we don't want the russians here no way. but we have a ukrainian church a church that's truly independent of russia a country that's attacking us we're not praying for their soldiers anymore father said he refuses to accept that these changes are permanent is fighting to bring his parishioners back in from the cold. a restaurant owner in london has received threats after printing empty bricks of messages on his receipts abraham dos program to still to print out bricks it is bad . it's lunch time for even him dos in his
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restaurant westminster kitchen he arrived in london from the kurdish region of turkey twenty five years ago the recent break that debates in parliament made him decide to do something. but i did end up writing on my till system a message for the receipts to say bricks it is but immigration makes britain great and they've also cooked and served food today. but even him small act of protest in his restaurant didn't come without consequences overnight nasty messages started appearing on social media. traitors within gallows in which basically it's given me a message to gargle dylan live in it is so they all telling you what they might do to you others posted threatening to burn the place down or to demonstrate in front of the restaurant most of abraham's employees are from all over the world some arrived as refugees others to work like chef taric personally i'm not really feeling very good ultimate just you know things get in charge we can hear on the
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news all the time talking about it and the people have been called in os here and say in the past the things about os and according to tar ex boss abraham there is one clear reason for this change. since the brits it was the divisions of our country have grown up so there's more division than before the brits it will took place so the freds were receiving an unacceptable that unpleasant and it's becoming the environment that the government would see created has been a bit hostile recent surveys show that around two thirds of the british. stink breaks it has make people angry or and the same amount believe their country isn't on a good path as the date of britain's exit from the e.u. draws ever closer.
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entering the conflict zone fronting the powerful. the situation in venezuela could hardly be more complex our guest this week here in brussels is some cocoa who is venezuela's ambassador to the european union with the record of the cooling human rights abuses mr mcgurk desire to stay in office. complex. d.w. . be in good shape. i'm controllable urge to lose weight. and believe me i can take over your life was dramatic consequential. stomach problems infertility eating disorders dangerous how can people deal with eating disorders. in good. sixty minutes d.w. . i. doubt if they
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will not succeed in dividing us about not succeeding taking the people off the streets because we're tired of just dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made for mines. the situation in venezuela could hardly be more complex the united states along with some two dozen countries is backing the new interim leader one way though russia and china support the incumbent nicolas maduro how's it going to play out my guess this week here in brussels it is caviar salerno cow dad who is venezuela's ambassador to the euro.


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