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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2019 12:30am-12:45am CET

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bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play and who will win did you believe that renewable energy will play an important role in the future. but your political system starting. to topple. the counter-offensive has begun china's huawei is suing the u.s. government to stop its bad mouthing the company with western allies and to give the tech companies fair access to the american market for telecom equipment. also more money laundering accusations against some of europe's biggest lenders so is it time for the e.u. to regulate banks more tightly we'll talk to an advocate of just such a plan. hello and welcome to day to detail the business i'm
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stephen beardsley in berlin good to have you with us chinese tech giant huawei is suing the u.s. for banning use of the company's equipment always challenging the united states law that labels the company a security risk and would limit its access to the american market for telecom equipment it comes as the trade negotiations between the two countries are at a critical point for years while way has sought to reassure the world of two things that often if you know that it is not under the control of the chinese government and that it doesn't spy on consumers. now a shift in tone from defense to accusation. us government. is right it has character our service and the story are you merits and this song is called allegations of american government interference and theft of corporate
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secrets while ways message to the united states we can play the blame game two hours before the announcement the backdrop to what's becoming an ever escalating dispute while waves chief financial officer among wangs you leaving her house in canada for an appearance in course she's been detained in the country since december accused of helping her company violates u.s. sanctions on iran she claims the arrest violated her rights and is politically motivated. while ways to sedition to sue the american government to a ready high cost conflict the u.s. effort to get allies to shun the firm threatens to bar the company from major markets and puts billions of dollars of investment in super high speed five g. networks out risk it also adds tension to an ev ready complicated trade relationship between the world's top two economies. and let's talk about the trade
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relationship and the likelihood of a trade deal with our financial correspondent new york jose luis de haro. some new signs that a deal might not be coming soon despite recent reports what can you tell us. i disappoint stephen it is a clear that there might be a chinese compromise to increase the imports coming from the us a main goal for de white house but both the chinese president xi jinping and u.s. president still facing turn off opposition especially when it comes to solving contentious a structural issues such as subsidies of forced technological transfers elso the idea that the us who did we impose an increased targets unilaterally. without the retaliation from china does not obey to its compromises is not sitting well with the chinese government also afraid of last minute changes have from the us administration so there are still a lot of unresolved issues that need to be toggled in the coming weeks if there is
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some hope of finding common ground by the end of march also economies say that even if a deal gets done the education will prove challenging and disruptive sense that will require major adjustments here in the u.s. and in china's current trading partners as they lose the hearo their force the new york thank you. now over to europe for the european central bank has decided to delay any interest rate hikes until least next year in a bid to revive the struggling euro zone economy the bank decided to launch a fresh round of cheap loans e.c.b. president mario draghi also announced the bank had lowered its euro zone growth forecast for the coming years it expects just one point one percent expansion this year. prosecutors in the netherlands are said to be investigating dutch bank i n g reports connecting it to a massive money laundering scheme out of russia and some of europe's biggest banks have been linked to the scheme the so-called troika laundromat is alleged to have
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channeled billions of euros from russia into the european banking system through a little way in lender the reports are based on leaked documents the scheme is named after the russian bank troika deal log which is alleged to be behind the transfers. now as i mentioned there i n g is just one of a number of banks across europe tied to money laundering allegations the so-called troika laundromat is just one of several alleged schemes the list of banks accused of money laundering is a who's who of european lenders at the top is don sco bank denmark's national bank which admitted that much of the two hundred thirty billion dollars flowing into its tiniest only a branch from two thousand and seven to fifteen was likely suspicious so how does it happen even member nations are in charge of policing their own banks but there's no e.u. wide regulator and since the banks can freely transfer money to each other it takes only one unscrupulous bank to inject money into the entire system and where does
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the money go it could be hidden in an offshore bank account or used in a criminal or a licit enterprise so what can be done to stop it for more on that i'm joined now by nick a lifer own he's a senior fellow at the peterson institute for international economics in washington d.c. . you've written recently about this very issue tell me what's currently in place for a you member states to stop money laundering. just points are the principles of the global level of recommendation from suitable financial action task force and then there is european unity station which says some rules are converged between two different member states but the enforcement of the rules are composed of banks. cation of fines if something goes wrong this is almost entirely at the level of individual member states and as you indicated before the system is only as strong as the weakest link in to change so we have twenty eight member states i
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could search one is a single market is there is only one that fails in their duty isn't the system is not secure and our visa is more than one to problems so enforcement the national level then what needs to be done if that's not working. so there has to be some effort to break to vicious circles that maintain some member states in this week's situation where there was dennis to be unable to enforce a mail on time when you don't bring legislation and the easiest way to do that is to set up one critical aspect of the enforcement process i was a european the whole not all aspects of course are police or prosecutors so you take a community when it's unfolds as will remain international level but what it's called is a jargon a mauser provision on time when you don't bring supervision which is making sure that banks and also institutions types of programs to detect and we port suspicious transactions so this can be established at the york and levels are precedents for
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this who probably need to creation of a new agency but that's not just of the world they measure of course the c.e.o. you regulate the need for this is this politically feasible specially given member states national interests in their own banks frankly compared to others things that have happened for examples of creation of a banking union where different kind of banking supervision focal credential supervision how do you transfer to the european level at the european central bank this is compartment easier so i don't see any major but it's good obstacles of course as usual the national agency is in charge of this task a famous for prevention defends their prerogatives defend their turf that's normal but a minute is the security issue for europe i mean there's a lot of money coming in. of course part of the broader relationship with russia so i think the program should be ready to tackle that the level of political leaders and i don't see any major obstacle for progress to be made there right away and see what happens they left rome with the peterson institute for international economics
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in washington d.c. thank you so much for joining us thanks for having me. over the u.k. brags that will affect how people in britain eat one third of british fruit and vegetable comes from the continents that could change of course at their heart breaks that fresh produce could face long waits the customs and critics wonder how fresh it will be when it finally lands on british plates. greenhouses are a common sight in southern spain europe's biggest greenhouse tomatoes for the european market are growing here year round with a third of them exported to britain the transportation chain is so well organized that british consumers can always look forward to fresh tomatoes but farmers are concerned that could have properly changed when pressed and leaves the e.u. at the end of the month. a week at that and look at that i will have to work taking into account the possibility that the u.k. is treated like a non e.u. country it would be like exporting to china or japan or australia. he said he only
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and it would be a very difficult situation above all because the volumes exported are very high and now there's a lot of uncertainty about what's going to happen. last year greenhouses and spain's amaria region delivered some two hundred and eighty five thousand tons of produce to britain. and farmers that grow exclusively for the british market here huge losses after practice it. the dakotas they. did this fight as supply is. doing well and they have to look for the new markets and do. displays of the oil that exposed us and is not easy. with just three weeks to go before bracks said it's still unclear how much extra time will be needed for deliveries or whether the produce will still be fresh when it reaches british tables and many farmers here worried that could put their future and jeopardy.
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iranian hackers have reportedly stolen corporate secrets and data from more than two hundred companies over the past two years the revelation first reported by the wall street journal was detected by software giant microsoft cyber attackers still secrets and white data from energy and production firms in saudi arabia germany the u.k. and the united states causing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage iran denies the claims. i'm souvenirs in berlin thanks for joining us.
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and most of turn into doing something here for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global three thousand on t w and all mine had a back up. hello and welcome along to news from the world of arts and culture is what's up for grabs today. if we take a look at hip hop artist named a cherry who's touring her fifth album broken politics. and dreamy to write her from god who's determined to visit every country in the world. but we begin in poland where the government is increasingly putting pressure on museums that deal with polish history everything considered on patry all take everything on heroic is
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swept under the carpet the governing law and justice party don't want to hear about polish anti semites and nazi collaborators and those who don't agree with this policy get sacked and that happens of the director of the warsaw museum for the history of polish jews the exhibition about the year nine hundred sixty eight sparked a new low in relations part of it showed an anti semitic campaign in what was then soviet controlled poland it triggered student protests and for some thirteen thousand polish jews to flee into exile. in the exhibition with the unusual total strangers in their home i was applied the nine hundred sixty.


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