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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2019 7:30am-7:46am CET

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only a promise to a son made son only in the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass john. the result reverse culture shock. to realize how strange an artificial little. really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts people first on t.w. . no deal is no option as british lawmakers reject crashing out of the e.u. without a divorce agreement sterling rises to new heights and many are beginning to doubt whether brits it will have a freeze. and to change of course p.f.a. finally grounds boeing seven three seven max in the us and boeing itself tells customers to keep their plane of the high goes right to agencies well the pentagon
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and its supplies credit rating could be affected. is d.w. business i'm going to have health as well come the pound has reached its highest level against the euro since amidst twenty seventeen last night members of parliament ruled out leaving the e.u. without a deal prompting optimism on investors that a disorderly breaks it is now less likely but uncertainty remains so u.k. businesses are still stockpiling goods. the uncertainty around breaks it is a concern for many britons and for some it's a question of survival james moore has been suffering from type one diabetes since childhood in the event of a hard break that he doesn't know how he'll get his insulin ninety percent of all insulin in britain is imported we have heard from the government that they have been stockpiling the drug companies have been stockpiling and that they have enough supplies full force. six weeks the problem is the british government has proven
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itself to be so mendacious the government has now published its plans for future import duties in the case of a no deal brakes it for automobiles duties will be ten percent for clothing twelve percent in most cases they will be abolished completely from any agricultural products as well at the same time all farmers here producing ice products will face hauling tariffs on any goods they want to sell for the e.u. so that's just going to add to the real problems icefall business and many will actually struggle to continue to operate at the irish border there will be no border checks at all for the first twelve months no one knows how that's supposed to work like many of the proposals industry representatives say the biggest change in terms of trade this country has faced since the mid nineteenth century being imposed on this country with no consultation with business no time to prepare and this is no way to run
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a country for two years britain has had time to shape its exit from the european union now just over two weeks before the deadline there is still not the slightest clarity about what will happen. in the studio and who has flown season mounting part of international business at the consultancy k.p.n. g. what's your opinion has anything changed fundamentally last night well not at all in my view so what we see is that the that the time of uncertainty and unpredictability remains so so nothing actually has changed companies are really tired of the current situation and actually all scenarios are still so everything still can happen so from from hardbacks at no breakfast at all so no deal is not off the table is that you know that's actually true so yesterday's vote is not a fun vote so it's not binding so it can still happen and what is. even worse it
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cannot just happen as of twenty ninth of march but actually also was a two month delay and that's even worse for a lot of companies who have prepared now for a fraud brax it as of twenty ninth of march and have have have prepared for stopping the production sites at that point in time and they might not be tracked trapped actually so so i think that's a difficult situation for a lot of companies especially for companies if you look at i mean in britain of course companies in britain it's very difficult what's the difficulties fought for companies in germany's i think you should be aware that a lot of junk companies are really trading was u.k. companies so germany is the biggest trading partner of the u.k. and therefore a lot of junk companies are importing exporting to and from. for the u.k. and it also means that often goods are delivered time to time so so that not just the end products of being delivered but also in from products of being
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delivered time but on and that's why it is impacting a lot of businesses only those businesses that are purely domestic business in the u.k. so they will not be they will not be affected too much others will be for sure so what are you hearing from the. about the situation in germany what are you hearing from from your clients that's just desperation. so so regarding what they feel about what would be the outcome yeah so that is very surprising actually for us to see so we've made a recent survey which was published this month and what we see is that all scenarios nearly have the same assessments so the probability for all of the of the different scenarios that are possible are still on the table that makes it really very very difficult for a lot of companies to take actions and what is even worse half the companies didn't take any actions at all so the small medium sized entities have not yet prepared out very briefly if you can is there anything good going to come out of briggs oh. yes there will be some chances surely for going forward so i think everyone is
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expecting a deviation of the british pound over time if that happens and there will be surely chances for acquisitions of business us and we also see international companies searching for real estate to to acquire that and i think in the long run it might still be possible that the u.k. government is deciding what to tax cuts and also the new trade agreements are in place between the u.s. and u.k. which also companies were invested in the u.k. can benefit from. good others loans thank you very much for the pleasure. for the failure to reach a break the deal has been forcing firms in the u.k. banking and finance sector to find a base in continental europe some are even implementing their contingency plans already analysts say assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars have already been shifted out of london to places like dublin and frankfurt and where the money goes the bankers follow and many of them children. finding britain on
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the map is a dog all for the pupils of king's college frankfurt the city's first purely british school it opened last summer with just forty kids but there seem to be six hundred as brags it is driving an influx of british families to germany's banking capital i think what we've noticed over the last few months is people coming here making speculative inquiries trying to find out more about what's available in frankfurt what's available for them the british education system the schools that are available because actually that being advised to do their research the city of frankfurt is prepared despite all uncertainties they've had contingency plans in place since the two thousand and sixteen brags that referendum the financial sector plans long term and is prepared for the worst case your plan might preclude still basing our plans on a hard time it's not just in the best interest of the banks but also of regulators and customers who don't want to see an interruption of services. hubertus fate has
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been involved in the planning since two thousand and sixteen it's his job to convince british bankers that frankfurt has more to offer than competing financial hubs like dublin paris luxembourg and amsterdam. the time we calculated that about one hundred two hundred fifty banks would probably have to relocate and we have twenty twenty or twenty five to come to frankfurt so today we're quite pleased that we've convinced forty banks to relocate here singe big guy starts as i guess this fits he says frankfurt skyline is growing sprouting more and more office high rises but growth isn't keeping up with demand stefan be going remembers when some two million square meters of office space were vacant a far cry from today when pretty much every square meter is spoken for. rent in frankfurt just keeps rising right now we're seeing rates of around forty six to forty eight euros per square meter and that's just going to increase over
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the next few years we think it'll soon hit the fifty euro mark in downtown frankfurt. the trend is mainly being fueled by the looming brics it but even the brits at frankfurt's king's college are uncertain when or how brics it will come. let's go to front. standing by france but really now preparing for an influx of briggs's refugees. well gary hart frankfurt has been preparing for the last two years as we just heard with including p.r. videos telling what you can do in your free time around frankfurt because that's something people will also be looking for. real estate investors are counting their money and frankfurt is one of the cities that will benefit from a break should it happen and that's what people are still preparing for anyway and yeah we've seen a lot of a lot of financial companies leave the city of london there's about two hundred
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seventy of them that have publicly announced and we're seeing a split in sectors asset management is mostly going to dublin and luxemburg trading platforms are more in amsterdam and frankfurt has seen high increase in banking because frank thank you. u.s. president trump has issued an emergency order grounding all boeing seven hundred seven max act profit in the wake of a crash of an ethiopian airliner many authorities around the world grounded the planes days ago the latest development also poses a fundamental threats to boeing's operations the seven three seven max is the fastest selling akron boeing's history and the cornerstone of its strategy the plan maker employs tens of thousands and is worth hundreds of billions of dollars beijing's agency fitch now wants the issue could threaten credit ratings of boeing and its suppliers they expect a lengthy groundings delivery delays and all the consolations. boeing's acknowledgement of the problem was late in coming the airplane manufacturer may
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have lost a lot of trust and trust is important for people who fly many passengers in the u.s. were caught off guard on wednesday. well we were on the plane i got the alert when i was on the point that they grounded it from grounded this seven thirty seven eight hundreds and i was a little surprised because we were on a seven thirty seven eight hundred and when i got off the plane here in phoenix i checked the board and i saw there was a lot of canceled flights so we're glad we made it. the u.s. federal aviation administration was looking isolated with its decision to allow the seven three seven to keep flying american pilots to have reported problems and complained of the new boeing planes unusual flying behavior president trump made a strong statement. reassuring an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the seven thirty seven. max and he said thirty seven maps.
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and play just show here with that. it's a fiasco for boeing's image in europe on wednesday norwegian air was among the first to announce it would sue the u.s. plane manufacturer for damages and the more than four thousand planes of this type that are now an order will be delivered later than expected a lot will depend on the findings from the black boxes from the plane that crashed in ethiopia on wednesday it was announced that the analysis will take place in france. that's it for me and the business. and you can find local business use of background stories on our website that's for w dot com slash business and for was comes with a. mouthful robin merrill with all of us from the world's culture.
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my first boss was a sawing machine. where i come from women are bones by this ocean for something as simple as learning how to ride a bike is that both is and. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me me estimates but. finally the game bob
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invented by me on my site but three times because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates for those than writing advice as knowledge i also need those woman back home who are both by their duties and social norms and informed their own database and rights my name is the amount of people and they are more at ease and. welcome to the world of azza gulch you're with me robin merrill here is what we have in store for you today. is perhaps best known for his work with staying we can shop with who's currently touring europe promoting a new album. and we have another installment of all baking bread
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series this week the old francis tells us what piece of bread has to do with the greek economy. the dutch artist has to be one of the greatest painters who ever lived and the rights museum in amsterdam has the biggest collection of his works in the world now to celebrate the three hundred fiftieth anniversary of his death the museum has for the very first time put on display their entire collection which includes of course some of the most famous rembrandt paintings of all. let's go forward march this captain seems to be calling to the men of amsterdam civil defense and the group reaches for their muskets this painting is like a stop shot capturing the dynamic of men about to mobilize it's the most famous picture in amsterdam strikes museum the night watch by them pound from the hind.


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