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this is deja vu news live from berlin britain's parliament votes to put the brakes on bikes at war makers to force the government to ask brussels for a three month delay to the start of the u.k.'s departure from the european union but will the e.u. say yes and we'll get more time to fix britain's. match also coming up tonight a former british soldier is charged for his part in the one nine hundred seventy two match shooting in northern ireland in one of the worst episode of the northern ireland conflict british troops gunned down civilians what became known as for
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these on. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight perhaps the answer to breaks it is simply more time british lawmakers have voted in favor of delaying the country's departure from the european union by at least three months the government tonight passed its motion four hundred twelve votes to two hundred two all twenty seven e.u. member states excluding the u.k. still need to agree to the extension the prime minister now plans to have another go at getting the deal that she negotiated with the e.u. through the british parliament and that will be in a vote next week a third attempt if m.p.'s back that deal the government will request a three month extension if they reject it london will seek a longer extension. our let's take the story now to our correspondent our pervaiz
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will she joins us from outside the houses of parliament in london good evening to you barbara so far we've had three nights of votes and westminster now it looks like we're going to try to get more is there any proof that more time is going to be the fix for the brits chaos. who of course not brant but it's just the latest news from the great breakfast show ongoing in london years since the beginning of the week and something i can promise going to be continued next week stay with us because our next tuesday of what will happen now is reason may will bring that was drawled deal back to parliament for the third time after having been resigning to be twice once this week thought memories are short so she will try again and did at the same time she promised that this is what the news is she promised that she would go afterwards to put to the european
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council to the other twenty seven members off the european union and say please can we have a short delay astri minds that is if she gets the deal through if she doesn't get the deal through yes then we're in chile uncharted waters because then she's going to us all for what nine months a year two years nobody knows who barbara heard me if i'm wrong but the e.u. is looking at this and they want proof that more time will actually fix this problem and there isn't proof there's no breaks a deal is there. there is no proof of course if she gets the deal through on tuesday next tuesday then of course things will be relatively easy for her then she can go to brussels and say listen it was difficult but i managed to do it in the end look at this this is like a majority in parliament for the deal please give me three months to get the laws
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and the legal side sorted out and whatever loose ends are out there or maybe she even if she only needs two months whatever that will be the easy side but if she loses again next week then nobody knows what will happen for it so it will be delayed indefinitely britain will probably have to participate in the european elections in may and so it is completely open it's completely up in the air and of course it will be definitely the end of her career because what happened tonight are ready with this prolongation was this extension is that one hundred eighty eight of her own parliamentarians voted against her so she got this extension vote with the votes of the opposition and her position that has already weak that is already in shreds is weakened even further more barbara people around the world there will probably be scratching their heads and asking if if the brits a deal that theresa may go she has already been rejected by parliament twice how
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can it be presented for a third time next week and how can anyone expect it to pass. maybe three times to keep current however what she is really doing is she's putting the gun up to the heads of her hard line for six years in her own party and telling them ok folks now look at this you can get for exit with a short extension that's too painful you don't want to it's not too painful if you vote for the deal if you finally sort of jump your shadow and vote for the deal however if you're not going to do that then we lose we will go. and talking about bricks it fall months and months and maybe years and years to come it might never have met all so what would you rather have that is just black male whole effort it might work. it might work yes. but as you said last night maybe we've reached a peak you know barbara hazel on the story for us tonight in london barbara thank
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you for prosecutors in northern ireland of charging former british soldier for his part in a mass shooting forty seven years ago on january thirtieth one thousand nine hundred two british troops fired on an armed protesters in london derry and then covered up and lied about what happened thirteen people died on what became known as bloody sunday one of the worst episodes of the northern irish troubles families of the victims say they are still searching for justice. families and supporters of the bloody sunday victims marched ahead of the decision on charges against former british soldiers and the public prosecutor made the announcement one person would be charged and decision has been taken to prosecute one former soldier soldier f. for the murder of james ray on for the murder of william mckinney.
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charges will also be brought to the attempted murder of joseph rated michael quinn . patrick o'donnell. on sunday january thirtieth nine hundred seventy two british army paratroopers opened fire on people protesting britain's detention of suspected irish nationalists in a mainly catholic neighborhood of londonderry killing thirteen and wounding fifteen thirty eight years later a government inquiry determined that the paratroopers fired without warning and none of the victims had been armed or posed a threat. victim's family said they were disappointed that after forty seven years only one soldier was being charged you know the public prosecution service of a long long time to consider the evidence and we believe the evidence that they're
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going to. slip by. basically. we believe and we've always believed that the evidence is there to convict it's an every soldier who murders. mistress'. some army veterans who served in northern ireland assailed the decision to bring charges against a soldier f. . think it's appalling absolutely appalling that after all these years the bring these charges up. on the soldiers just doing their jobs it's a very difficult job when you're in a war like situation you've got to make. split second decisions. under very trying to circumstances bloody sunday was one of the darkest days of the northern ireland conflict. whether this trial will bring anything like closure is an open question. whether some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world international donors have pledged nearly seven billion
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dollars to aid the victims of the syrian conflict and some was announced at the end of a three day conference in brussels the money will be used to help syrians inside the country and those sheltering in neighboring countries. the halfling church in poland has for the first time ever released statistics on the abuse of minors by clergy church officials say there have been more than three hundred eighty recorded cases and since one thousand nine hundred their report is part of an investigation into widespread abuse of children by the clergy in numerous countries that has rocked the catholic church the u.s. senate has voted to terminate president trumps national emergency declaration over the situation at the border with mexico trump has vowed to veto that declared the emergency to access funding for a border war with mexico twelve of trump's own republicans crossed party lines to side with senate democrats. and now to venezuela a german journalist is being held in prison there in the midst of that country's
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national crisis freelancer billy six was arrested six months ago or november i should say and has never been charged and is now on a hunger strike germany has reduced its diplomatic staff in the country and the journalists families say that they fear billy is being forgot. journalist billy six before his arrest reporting on his you tube channel about the rising cost of living in venezuela the thirty two year old german has been imprisoned in caracas since november last year accused of espionage rebellion and violence back home his parents are demanding the german government do more to secure his release. letters to the seven hundred nine members of the german parliament only about thirty five have replied half of those said they thought the german foreign office and the embassy were doing a good job. so. six has worked for right wing
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publications and his reports show his political leanings his parents have found support from the far right. party other international journalists are also imprisoned in venezuela but the f.t.c. says it's a start and like germany the colombian and spanish governments have demanded the immediate and unconditional release of the journalists from this night because that's the germans have not done so. reporters without borders says it's concerned about the journalists well being these. situations in venezuela is very unstable air basically to rival president. german ambassador has had to leave the country and we don't have hope that this situation will change anytime soon and. we know of no valid charges that have been brought against him. without charges he should be
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released immediately if. the german foreign office says it has recently visited billy six in prison his parents continue to campaign for his freedom. but the first for the first talk in thirteen years there will be no german clubs in the champions league quarter final by munich. all crushed to english clubs in the round of sixteen it has raised questions about whether bundesliga clubs they have what it takes to compete. in twenty thirteen bar in munich and brasil dortmund faced off in an old german champions league final six years later not one bundesliga club will compete in the quarterfinals it's been a gradual decline and one which has many wondering if german clubs can remain competitive at the highest level. this need affectionally didn't achieve what i had in mind was certainly also off alt and all but above all it's due to liverpool who
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bucks the san attacked early and we weren't able to break free this is obvious this was that's why we didn't make it so we didn't deserve to win we'll finish for the incident. biron were surprising me to see us at home in their second leg clash against liverpool but they've won six straight bundesliga titles highlighting the lack of world class opponents they face in germany furthermore the bundesliga lacks the financial clout of top european clubs but is it time to panic. both biron and dortmund during transitional phases under new coaches who are rebuilding their teams with promising young talent dortmund midfielder thomas delaney believes the future is bright this by day four nil aggregate loss to tottenham. as far as i see it it's through comparable teams in the way we want to play football and the biggest difference may be that tottenham this is three years ahead of us as a team they've been together for
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a long period. yet we also want to add or to keep the ball squad and we have to play a set that will grow and we will be a better team for. money certainly talks but with time i'm good management it's still possible that blondeness league clubs can return to the top of european football. and have taken action after their humiliating seventy zero loss to manchester city on tuesday coach the money go to desk has been fired disco took over in july twenty seventh c n n. club finished runner up in the bonus league in his first year in charge but schalke are struggling this season sitting in fourteenth place in the league steve has been hired as interim manager it's his third time in charge of the club might both skins will act as his assistant it's maybe it'll make a difference. coming up next the w. business the united states has one of the world's largest fleets of but wings seven
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thirty seven max planes but why was it the last country to ground them after last sunday's fatal crash in ethiopia we speaking with an expert coming up in business was steven stick around for that. story live from africa the world join us on facebook t w. players. table. state. patrol. in a coup.


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