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this is the w.'s line from berlin helping the survivors of cycle only day aid has started to reach parts of mozambique bearing the brunt of the massive flooding that followed the struct of storm the united nations says hundreds of thousands of lives in southern africa are at risk also coming up the first funerals are being held for victims of the mosque shootings in christ church among them a father and son who fled syria's civil war for new zealand believing it to be the safest country in the world and bringing the addict as games to germany the defense
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ministry is applying to host the sports competitions are better in this year and this girl is twenty three to the quarter visits despair and the soldier to find out what he thinks of the plan. on labor i think you so much for your company everyone aid is starting to reach communities and mozambique zimbabwe and malawi all devastated by cyclon each day six days ago heavy flooding in the wake of the storm has made it difficult to reach many survivors now the world world food program is warning that ongoing rainfall is making the situation worse more than three hundred people are confirmed dead and officials say hundreds of thousands of lives are at risk. it's being described as the worst humanitarian crisis in mozambique's history heavy flooding and prolonged
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bouts of rain a compounding the destruction wreaked by cycling last week the storm and flood waters not only and roads and bridges they also wiped out communications networks across the region and many of eat ice victims once again finding themselves in danger. this mother is one of hundreds of thousands who lost their home she's worried about her newborn as food supplies in the shelter for low. they didn't own doesn't last night i haven't eaten anything yesterday i saw that food was running out i went in asked and they told me that food was over and until now i've had none. that's because the floods and heavy rain which followed in the storm's wake a hindering aid workers efforts in some areas floodwaters
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a meters deep most rural areas streaming cut off from help. bodies helping and. rescue us also working around the clock to save lives many victims astute trapped on rooftops trees and other remote areas and the region is bracing for more heavy rain in the coming days flooding has become to biggest threat mozambique is facing right now aren't as for him a match your car he is the year regional director of the aid organization care for southern africa and he joins us now from malawi a very good evening matthew arm allow we at the moment what's the situation on the ground there. so malawi we've had floods in the south of malawi for the last fifteen days the situation in
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malawi is under control that means that we no longer are searching for survivors we are now managing displaced families and displaced communities providing shelter water and food for those families who have lost their homes and have how to move to higher ground. and now the u.n. is describing this as the worst storm a disaster to hit africa in decades let's turn our attention to bahrain and mozambique it seems like whole communities must be devastated there i mean what we're seeing and what we're hearing coming out of by her and out of mozambique is is truly astounding i mean the size of the destruction and the size of the disaster is is is enormous and we shouldn't underestimate that over the coming days and weeks i think the numbers of those who are affected will go up and
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up and this is clearly clearly a huge humanitarian situation and it is compounded by the fact that we have very very core access into many of these communities so the roads and bridges account we've got weather still so getting aid into those families those households who need it is is really really a challenge and also saving lives we've seen pictures of children of mothers of families perched on roofs in trees waiting to be rescued this is really really at a tragic situation for those families. and those who are rescued and those who have shelter are struggling to actually find food and water and safety in terms of shelter and do we know where the agencies are doing all that we can catch. or. so very sorry for interrupting do we know where the people of bahrain have actually
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got i mean is there a safe place for them yes sir so the government has has designated fifty three sites of safety so they're moving people into the safe spaces there on higher ground obviously often they're in school buildings or they're in church is or they're in mosques or they're in community centers these shelters where people can live temporarily and where we can get in some much needed relief obviously it's only those in those community shelters who are able to access the really trying to get relief out into some of the crew areas it's a big big challenge we're doing what we can a lot is being address off with driving trucks up as far as we can and then there are helicopter drops into some of these really remote areas. so that the government is is providing shelter aid agencies
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together with the u.n. are are supporting the government in the provision of the shelter and trying to get much needed relief supplies into those communities. and matthew parker in them allowing the regional director of the. care for southern africa aid organization i thank you sir and good luck with your work thank you so much. all right let's bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world from the border to the u.n. court has a u.n. court rather has ordered former bosnian serb leader radovan kerridge to spend the rest of his life in jail for war crimes a panel of appeals judges upheld his original twenty sixteen conviction for atrocities committed during the balkans war including a massacre of bosnian muslims in seventy so the court said his original forty year sentence was too light. google has been fined one point five billion euros by the european union's antitrust watchdog the competition
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commission says the internet giant abused its dominant position to stifle competition in the advertising market the find takes google's total penalties from the european union to more than eight billion euros over the past two years a court in the united states has ruled that the weed killer round up was a factor in causing cancer in the seventy year old man well this is the second major legal defeat for the chemicals manufacturer model santo in months and more cases are likely to follow the company was bought last year by german chemicals giant buyer. the first funerals for victims of the deadly shootings at two mosques in new zealand have taken place today in christ church hundreds of mourners attended the burial of a father and son who fled the war in syria for what they believed would be a safer life in new zealand. two members of
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a syrian refugee family were among the first to be laid to rest in christ church to lead mustafa and his fifteen year old son hamza came to new zealand fleeing war before they were gunned down by a white supremacist in a mosque last friday. among the mourners. younger brother he suffered gunshot wounds to his leg during the a talk. heavily armed police to guard outside another reminder of the horror of what happened. to nation is grieving with its muslim community. and prime minister just send our dan wants to demonstrate that. there is
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a desire to show support to the muslim community as a retune to mosques particularly on friday there is also a desire months new zealanders to mock the week that his past since the terrorist attack. to acknowledge this there will be a two minute silence. on friday. we will also broadcast nationally via t.v. and seed and radio new zealand the call to priya. and the outpouring of sorrow the message is clear we stand together in the face of terrorism. britain's prime minister has confirmed she's written to the european union leaders to request an extension of the date of the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union while theresa may is hoping to delay brigs it until june thirtieth
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but there are signs that the e.u. could oppose the plan an internal assessment from the european commission has warned may's plan could create quote serious legal and political risks for the e.u. commission president claude young persons it's unlikely but any deal to extend the deadline will be arranged this week the issue will be discussed with the other twenty seven e.u. leaders at a summit on thursday and friday a decision to delay briggs it would require a unanimous decision at. and at prime minister's question time and mrs may told rowdy m.p.'s why she wanted a short extension to the departure date rather than a long one setting aside the issue that a long extension would mean we would have to stand hold the open palm entry elections which i don't think is in anybody's interests the outcome of a long extension would be endless hours and days of this how. all of this carried. out this was carrying
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on contemplating its naval on the euro i'm afraid to address the issues that matter if you are going to. go into the oem so from the prime minister must be you and everybody else will be heard the prime minister only. the outcome of the long extension would be this how spending gets more endless hours going to completing its mabel on europe and failing to address the issues that matter to our constituents schools and hospitals and security. you're watching dude every news research have a lot more to tell you about including at the sporting events where war veterans from over the world compete in the invictus games and the defense ministry here hopes the games will be held in germany in twenty twenty two but what do german soldiers think about it. but first to kazakhstan where yesterday the
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country's president made the shock announcement that he's stepping down after thirty years in power nor soltani nazarbayev has that the oil rich nation since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine when it was still part of the soviet union he said he would continue to chair the security council and remain leader of the main party in parliament but the move means that his parliamentary speaker automatically assumes the presidency for now that is. talk about his predecessor which ends next year as interim president. before independence to have was a soviet diplomat he went on to serve kazakhstan as foreign minister and prime minister until yesterday he was chairman of the senate the upper house of parliament he's a close associate of north by f. who won expectedly resigned on tuesday as president after twenty nine years in
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power. the author of terry in rule isn't retiring from politics where when the president made a difficult decision to resign as president of the republic of kazakhstan i remain chairman of the security council chairman of the norton party and member of the constitutional council. so now the biafra retains considerable power what's more his daughter that he got by about has been appointed to replace took as chair of the senate. after his swearing in tokai have proposed renaming the capital astana. as a tribute to has a bio of parliament promptly approved the legislation. aren't like to welcome now are on their country golden he served as prime minister of kazakhstan from one thousand nine hundred four to one thousand nine hundred seven he currently lives in exile in london and is considered a leading opposition figure of warm welcome sir thank you for taking out the time to come see us you have been having me
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a very vocal about corruption in kazakhstan and i are also very critical about the ruling party the ruling nasir body the ruling nasr because i have my family so you must welcome this decision by the leader after thirty years to say i'm stepping down this is a good a good development. people like to believe is good development is people demand to change. two years ago and businesses survive and knows that she's going to share the power ways parliament but not deliberately promised as usual stuff for this young woman then to urgently this stuff to change and implement a meant for a constitution then you'll owe it given more power to national security council. in fact he's the. down from one office but she's going to another
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office which is in totem so for foreign policy and national security more powerful than presidential office eighth she's not going somewhere she's not jumping from the cliff he's still in the pinch ouch so if founders understand correctly from your answer he basically has a structure in place which self-perpetuating his role so what does this all mean this latest development for kazakhstan's future why did he do this he. simple reason she want to secure himself from the past from to be stake in the past from his very rich people right now is very special and five million very rich and we all understand how the family becoming rich there do twenty five euros from the zero two billion dollars. and this is number one issue at the security second to control the. this morning it was more development of the security himself
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from. his daughter as the member of. becoming chairman speakers which is going to replace you something happened to him president acting with that. will take over office of president in case what do the people of kazakhstan make of these developments. i believe the people who are like me they don't really disappointed what's going on with their mom for change we believe myself personally i strongly believe there is some sense oh wow. and i believe he will touch reality he will understand you couldn't leave the country in office with this circumstance have to go to the church simply human must to do something for the nation but he did that why people
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he's thought only thought her to disappoint you were prime minister from one thousand nine hundred four to ninety ninety seven why did you leave. leave ultimate like the seven after three years of office of prime minister and it was very hard time then i start understand the family demand more power and i have only two routes to continue to see that my office. abused my power and being part of this. group of people who is. taking over state property or. the certain way. and of my career with the i decide to stop the party as the formal democratic force of cousins the. try to run for. nightly late in lyon early election. forced to leave the country. mr ickes ran
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a car for golden thank you sir for coming in to speak to us. next we're going to turn our attention to the german defense minister because your defense minister is a former lion is trying to raise more awareness of veterans for veterans rather in german society she met germany's contestants in the last invictus games for injured and traumatized service members which were last held in australia in a bid to improve the image of the armed forces here germany's applying to host the games in twenty twenty two or later while we visited the germany's armed forces the bundeswehr as they're known here and asked what soldiers made of the plans to bring the veterans games to germany. military service in afghanistan and especially dangerous mission there's a high risk of being wounded or traumatized something german soldier kevin filey
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experienced he was stationed in kabul for six months in two thousand and thirteen there he was exposed to many life threatening situations some of which forced him to make gut wrenching choices. it was always an attack on the camp attack on the comp then we would suddenly see people coming to what's to come to advise the shooting children. then slowly i began to think if this is real and children are being exploited to see. that i have to make a decision now ready and if necessary fire. and those are some of the things that dream about again and again. and when. they also came under fire himself one of the many traumatic experiences he finds it hard to talk about now since then certain things odors are flashing lights for example trigger a massive stress reaction in him. the mission in toyman just
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a period in dreams at night when the time in afghanistan from the six months. if you've been at some point i did really wake up terrified in bed drenched in sweat and i even heard myself screaming. sports are still important for folly despite the trauma and a knee injury last fall he was allowed to take part along with eighteen comrades in the invictus games in sydney among other things he competed as a rower injured traumatised soldiers from eighteen countries entered the competition. the games were britain's prince harry's idea he wanted to make veterans more visible to the rest of society. so far the games have taken place in english speaking countries but the german government wants germany to host the games in twenty twenty two. i would be very pleased about. what soldiers who are wounded in the line of duty
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a capable of so that they're not just shoved into a corner but that they're also part of society. there is an anti there has to be invictus games are important to follow he personally he keeps fit hoping to take part once again in the competition. and with me here on the set is marcus a favor of the opposition v.p. party and a member of the german britta stocker defense committee and he was committee rather and he was there at the event with the defense minister earth their father a liar warm welcome why should germany hosting that is games in the to stems a great of a unity to so the german public was also just doing performing abroad and it is a great opportunity to give sports. to small exhibit unity to show them the public that the country is doing a lot to get them back in service to get them back to his everyday life now
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a lot of critics are saying by having these victims victims again see here it would normalize military interventions what do you how do you respond to that criticism i think as showing wounded and injured as the injured soldiers is not. as a service that brought military intervention it's showing the public that being wounded and injured is a pod of the new soldier and i think it's actually easy opposite of a rising and right now germany. is fair to say has a harder time acknowledging. soldier service in foreign countries or at least is not very overt about it like in the u.s. or in the u.k. for instance or straight. for an international audience explain why that is is that just cultural it's cultural it's a part of our history. has faced the second world war and a aftermath of deposited as
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a result of the second world war so many terry. intervention and also the military as a part of a society was for a long time not accepted by the german society and i think the invictus games are a great opportunity to normalize the relationship between soldiers and the rest as a society marcus favor of the opposition f.t.v. party and a member of the german were. thank you sir for speaking to us. next of germany's national football team kick off their twenty one thousand campaign with a friendly against serbia tonight that will be followed by an important match against the netherlands on sunday and these are germany's first game since a national coach of surprise people by dropping their weak keep players rebooting a side that suffered such a spectacular failure of the twenty thousand world cup. the new new start for germany coach. he just carried out the biggest overhaul of his tenure the emphasis is on the use ace of the current squads players would still be allowed to play for
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the under twenty one's team. we're not going to completely change our style of play that would be wrong we've had a lot of success with it for many years we have to make some adjustments now corrections even. for name and bus was important is more speed more dynamism more determination in our pleasure because attributes embodied by. the manchester city forward didn't make last year's world cup squad now the twenty three year old has a leading role. because it's not i've set myself a goal of taking more responsibility on the pitch i want to pick up where i left off in the last few games but i think there's still plenty of room for improvement i needed to focus on he said he wrapped up his styling effets doesn't necessarily fit the mold of a leader but already players look to him for guidance like lucas cross the man one of three new faces. finish you don't think being
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a leader has anything to do with age and when i look at leo's development he's made a lot of good decisions. so i think that one can definitely look at him as a role model. where the young team is jonny will take them will be revealed in the matches against serbia and the netherlands. and a reminder of the top stories that we're tracking for you with us our aid has started to get through to the parts of mozambique stricken by side cloning a day when governments have also begun promising more ate more than three hundred people were killed in the storm across southeast africa but the death toll expected to rise. the first funerals have been held for victims of friday's. smash shootings at two mosques in christ church new zealand hundreds of mourners attend of the burial of a father and son who fled syria's civil war for basically the safest country in the
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world. up next it is amazing i am sure we stay tuned for that and i'll see you again at the top of the hour for the latest news outlining.
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the city in ruins. maro a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims. and the christian population. when the finance fighters occupied the city center two thousand and seventeen president in tears as response was crucial. to the recent will never again football team of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. that's not the reason up on this is not the kind of freedom that night. how did my colleague become a geek way too islamist terror. until now you see so you can any more sitting as
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a result. of an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of bias starts april eleventh on d. w. . my three year old son likes watching as i make a spread so the dark satiny coffee the golden brown cream this world over this is coffee of course but it's also an amazing display of color color matters whether in our food or in our clothing it catches our eye and lodges in our memory it evokes memories and emotions.


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