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country's exit from the block the u.k. will no longer be leaving next friday so the british prime minister is going to sell for extra three weeks to with perfect ballast parliament into shape so what will she do next i'm from gail in berlin and this is the day. it's. possible. fifty. of these are very short deadlines so once again britain will have to make which path to take. the fate of. the european project cannot be held hostage we need to get out of this checkmate.
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for the. pope. also tonight a major michael jackson exhibition opens in germany amid renewed allegations of the pop star was a paedophile is of course raises difficult questions about how to handle his legacy the probably won't be another figure. of money with such worldwide recognition that meant so many different things to so many different people all of the ongoing questions about his life and probably the realities we may never know we may never know the truth. so the day in the united kingdom where the prime minister has to come up with a way to save her deal after european union leaders agreed to delay the date of britain's withdrawal from the block to beyond next friday if there is a make can persuade parliament to approve a deal that. you tell you will leave in two months on the twenty second of may
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that's ahead of european parliament elections if the jets plan for she'll have to come up with an alternative all the country crushes out on the twelfth of april that's just three weeks away but while britain struggles to give up its membership other countries are reveling in the fact that they never really fully joined. what one island detests another is happy to have iceland was an honorary guest at the brussels summit a quarter century as part of the european economic area for iceland's prime minister reason to celebrate. i come here as one of the after member states and we're obviously very happy to be here to be able to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of the agreement that has been very beneficial for iceland and all the f. the states neither norway nor iceland is an e.u. member but both belong to the european economic area and they have adopted many regulations and in return they enjoy free access to the european domestic market
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which britain wants to leave and there has been a new timetable for that departure since thursday night the no deal breaker that has been temporarily prevented but there are conditions since germany's chancellor . then goes full time in the region approves the withdraw agreement next week we will postpone the exit date to may twenty second some violence francis my first shebang that is before the european parliamentary elections which is important for you member states but british m.p.'s reject the deal again next week. before the end of this we can only postpone the deadline until april twelfth as britain would then have to tell us how they want to continue so vital for be invoicing so after that anything could theoretically happen from a no deal brax it to a withdrawal of article fifty the ball is in britain's court and france's president manuel mccollum warns that e.u. countries contemplating similar moves. should take note little exceed that means
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you need a record that is in my opinion not a matter of technical negotiation but above all a political lesson will do for pretty to reject europe without having a plan in place leads to a dead end. mendelian us at least she doesn't have this problem for the icelandic prime minister the e.u. still remains a win win situation. because what the public face will is in brussels she says the e.u. leaders are now looking to london to decide finally on the way forward that leaders head to reason may in here for an hour and a half that's a long time and asked her over and over again what is your plan b. if you parliament reject the deal again what will you do and she didn't have a single answer which is again then everybody found pretty annoying and so now in london there seems to be a certain amount of movement and everybody here will be quite happy to see that
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because now there seems to have been an agreement between the opposition and government to hold a series of indicated the next week that means everybody everything every possible solution to breaks it is put on the table like would you like with the customs union would you like breaks it was in no way solution would you like bracks it was those of what would you like basically every sort of permutation of correct it is put on the table and this will be voted on and then you quite easily can see where the majority of the house is sort of where it is and what the board parliamentarians really want is something to resume a should have done and generally after she lost the vote first the first time around but now it's at the last moment it seems that some movement begins to happen in london and everybody here is sort of is quite content to us that. the withdrawal deal negotiated between britain and the e.u.
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includes professions to prevent a hard border between the republic of ireland and the british province of northern ireland known as the backstop so this is important to keep trade flowing but it's also important in guaranteeing pace irish republicans for to decade. it's a long campaign to force reunification of the island of ireland and largely lay down their arms after the nine hundred ninety eight good friday agreement but republican hardliners who never accepted peace are sensing that bret states could give them a fresh opportunity to restart their campaign of violence. patty gallagher is the youthful face of the latest irish republican offshoot the party sierra or liberation as it's called was founded after the bronx and referendum their stronghold is a city whose name itself is a point of contention londonderry to some dairy to others the group is widely seen as the political wing of the paramilitary group called the new ira. the area of
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today there's one with an army that function and can still conduct acts of resistance against british occupying forces. a security camera caught one of the latest attacks in january this year. a car was parked in front of the city's courthouse. a man got out and ran away. a group of young passers by walked past the car just a few minutes later. an explosion. police took several members of paddy gallagher's party into custody after the attack he vehemently denies the involvement of his group but he explained the republican view of the bombing. certain remains occupied. there will always be a fan of a long three. terrible acts of resistance. breck's it has given impetus to a minority who reject the one nine hundred ninety eight good friday agreement which
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sought to end decades of conflict. paddy gallagher pays his respect to dead ira fighters at the cemetery. but not to him martin mcguinness the ira chief who together with his shin fein party made the peace accord possible. but i don't agree with french. politics i don't agree with what direction they've taken. the peace agreement that is we come across martin mcguinness as widow she does not want to be interviewed but even so the depth of the divide in the irish republican movement becomes clear neither says anything to the other. which is. yeah. i don't really know about well so we don't speak much. people here are very afraid that armed conflict will return to northern ireland if britain leaves the e.u. . to full of pain or breaks it's
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a load of crap basically with the border nothing else like the border back bring back the trouble to if the poles and impose any restrictions on the frayed movement of the border in ireland there will be a raise and part of military activity should the result of violence we need to be reminded that your calls. during the troubles protestant minister chris hansen mediated between the ira and pro british militants he says republicans have approached him recently and says they want to avoid a return to sectarianism. they wanted to signal through me. particularly to those within the law i was working cross products of work and trust me. those who they saw i would be an active loyalist part of moocher organizations that they wanted no conflict with them because to radical republicans the british
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security forces are the enemy. patti gallagher feels he's been harassed for years he shows us these papers from the northern irish police. and he shows us a video. officers regularly search the twenty six year old car for weapons. by five been getting stopped and searched. like this are ours a result of this since. since i was around fifteen or sixteen maybe. twenty six or so that's been going on the last part of ten years. the northern ireland peace process began in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight two decades later breaks it is threatening the progress made and that could play into the hands of republican dissidents. well let's pick up some of those points with nick fielding he edits slugger otoh at online news site looking at british and irish politics and welcome
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to day doubly do you think it is likely that britain leaving the european union is going to result in violence across the irish border. i don't think it will be a major trigger for it but it is creating a huge environmental stir. within the body politic such as it isn't northern ireland. and it's making it almost of because unionism but it is the body that wants the rootin norton aren't within the united kingdom and republicanism our national isn't which wants to reunify with the rest of the island . that the last twenty years has been a law experiment in trying to create a car a power sharing settlement between those two parties and the disturbance in a way is that either of them have gone to the other side so although a substantial body of a soldier being in the practice of referendum since then the polarization of
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politics has meant a unionist of gone won by on the nationalism has gone the other way and was been left behind as a huge vacuum for constitutional or peaceful politics that is where in a sense. organizations like see your show. have an opportunity in a way to kind of movements and on vacuum not how likely is it that they will be on their own able to create a conflict on the scale that we saw in sixty seventy s. and ninety's i think that is a moot point so far i mean one of the things that have been the troubles for so long change which was an hour before was that the ira as it was will account p.m.'s will run out for two or three years we've closed the campaign without pit periods where there was no military or paramilitary violence what's happened since the good friday agreement is these bodies keep rising up and the undercount pains
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that iran are almost constant and back around right all the large the can contain ok so so so we have this then this this undercurrent of. the violence just waiting to break through has this this backstop is that much talked about. in northern ireland do people there sort of say well yes there is an easy answer why don't they just do this in order to avoid a hard border. well i think some people believe it is an easy answer out there includes most of nationalism most of whom remember voted for me so in a sense they'd been converted to the proposal mismanaged state which is to backstop that means complete alignment through the single market within or that are and what is created in difficulty is the idea that they can create some kind of a seaboard you know mark highlighted how it's the treaty between north and the rest
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united kingdom target of fifty of the agreement december two thousand and seventeen be approached prove it or promise that that wouldn't happen of course the trouble with the december two thousand and seventeen thing is it promised everything to everybody and now we get down to the sharp and not becoming difficult and again so what you've got is unionists night hit the backstop nationalist look the backstop because they think it's a one way street to united ireland. and there's and in fact actually unionist objections may well end up the really misses. just look at the wider british context there have been concerns expressed that whichever way it ends up turning out independents referendums will follow in scotland and perhaps northern ireland can you see that happening. i think it's problematic for
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a number of races one. it will suck not surprise any of your your viewers to understand that the press at referendum has made referendums referendums vary on popular if the polarization that is led to the end action within westminster that has led to the sense of a complete loss of the agency and people kind of turning on earth and country i think i would understand party i think is a very distasteful it's a very studious told steve you're going to so i think all of them scotland is contemplating going to a referendum i think it will be difficult to sell that one particularly if there's chaos and in the immediate aftermath in the medium to longer term who knows if it really the pack my brecht that runs if there is a lot is at least in the short term the least amount of destruction my feeling is
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that referendums may and may be another fifteen or twenty years before anyone has a real appetite on this first here's a quick word about the do you pay the northern ireland party have to has ten members a parliament they have a key role in this if the reason i can get them on side it's going to satisfy a lot of skeptics in her own party and she might be in with a chance so if she can't win them over with the strength of arguments is it possible she could bribe them by throwing more money at the province you know. almost certainly won't work. but the problem with mixing principle with money is that everybody believes that you're only motivated by money or belief. do you create strategy currently is to keep the focus on the narrow issue of the backstop to try and get some kind of minor shift or movement and not the lawyers and to say look it really is only a temporary thing while we sort out figure solution which might include the the
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max fuck idea that you can charge you do not give more in market regulation there are a number solutions no but but might work. but if you mix that with money then i think the reputation you can use it well will just follow you around if it goes through you know. how did you do what you're doing deals over money is when they come to try and continue this confidence by recent with stories talking to thank you for that very clear fealty from slugger to. its way in china assets aside a deal to make its way the first western european country to join beijing's belton road global infrastructure project kastrup the government is hoping for in fast worth billions in business and infrastructure from china but at least partners in
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europe see the deal as a bid by china attempting to expand its power. china's president got a warm reception in rural host country italy is to become the first g seven economy to join the new silk road project beijing is keen to package its massive maritime rail and road venture as an opportunity for other nations. or even. we want to strengthen our synergies to enhance cooperation in the infrastructure poorish logistics and maritime transport sector is. in order to build a series of concrete projects along the silk road for you. but critics say the project which is officially known as the belt and road initiative
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will primarily benefit beijing many countries have expressed our needs about china's growing dominance for italy though the potential economic boost appears to outweigh the perceived risks. italian president says is adopting a win win at pro church. from the ancient silk road was an instrument of knowledge among people and a tool to share reciprocal discoveries. the new silk road must also be a two way street to share not only goods but also skills ideas knowledge and forward looking solutions to common problems and projects for the future. project if. other e.u. nations notably france and germany are taking a more cautious stance leaders of both countries are due to meet the chinese president in paris on tuesday the new silk road is certain to be on the agenda.
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let's get more from christopher coke from business and welcome christophe this memorandum of understanding that was signed on thursday what does it mean legally not much it's a non-binding document however obviously it shows an expresses the interest and motivation of both parties that are involved in drafts of this m.o. you have been leaked to the italian media before and it shows in very very big terms that there are basically three aspects of corporations that are planned here one in the future telecommunication the other one being the upgrading of italian ports and also more collaboration when it comes to public finance ok so this project. roads and railways across africa was to come in into europe with it what does china get out of it two things the first access access to europe access to ports in italy to be asked and generally are being talked about these ports are
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located in the north of the country thereby closer to the heart of europe closer to markets that china wants to get on with its products these ports would be at the end of the maritime arm of the belgian road initiative as we can see here on the screen the other thing that china gets out of it is this is this has symbolic magnitude we have to remember that italy is a founding member of nato is a founding member of the european union is a g seven country belongs to the biggest economies of the world and for this country to get on board this controversial project that's a huge diplomatic success for china's president xi jinping ok so we can see what china gets what does it or they get this is all about money to a large degree yeah italy is hoping for a lot of investment the country is stuck in recession so they're by hoping for more money flowing in and also they're hoping obviously for their products to be better
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sold in china. president xi jinping took. rooney and praised italian goods in a newspaper piece that was published right before his trip to italy ok so briefly the concerns that people have about this deal what the concerns are that italy is doesn't know what is getting into that with this infrastructure project that it might borrow too much money from chinese banks and the italian debt load is big as it is and the second issue here is that your leaders in particular are having concerns with the growing strategic influence that china is pushing for in the world and so this visit of using ping comes at a time when actually european leaders have changed their stance towards china they're saying we have to stop being naive and we have to see china as a competitor and dr christopher databases thank you.
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exhibition offering different perspectives of a life of pop icon michael jackson is a thing here in germany despite the new control to see over the singers a leg a sexual abuse of children the odd show opens just weeks after the documentary leaving sparked a fresh debate about jackson's past. who was this man who millions of fans still hail as the king of pop this exhibition portrays michael jackson through the work of more than forty contemporary artists they include some well known works like these portraits by andy warhol but should the singer still be given center stage in light of the most recent accusations of sexual abuse this exhibition is controversial. so we have you developed an exhibition which explores michael jackson as a cultural phenomenon naturally jackson's personality is also included musical ultimately we're showing a media cultural history here but we do take the criticism seriously. there have
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been previous allegations of child sexual abuse by michael jackson in two thousand and five he faced charges in court but now a new documentary tells the story of two men who allege they were molested by the late pop star jackson died in two thousand and nine so the exhibition in bonn has been slightly modified and the gallery is offering additional information artist paul mccarthy a sculpture portraying jackson and his pet chimpanzee now appears in a somewhat different light as he said really hard because it is a little unsettling to see how the michael jackson figure has a monkey sitting on his lap so there is a relationship depicted and in light of the new allegations this could be seen in a new way. the exhibition organizers did not want to put jackson on a pedestal but they do want to show the huge influence the artist had on an entire generation of fans through his music and his style. so the man who
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initially curated this portrait collection never considered canceling the exhibition. it probably won't be another figure like tops someone who achieved such worldwide recognition that meant so many different things to so many different people even the way he transformed physically or all of the on. going questions about his life and probably the reality is we may never know we may never know the truth musical genius or monster the exhibition michael jackson on the wall polarizes audience is just as much as the one time king of pop did in his lifetime. and that was the day i become station continues online you'll find us on twitter. don't forget to use the hash tag the day of a good day. for
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the. reliable. news destined for classic status. although.
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i'm not proud they will not succeed in dividing us about i will not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global matters. made for minds.
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a deal raising eyebrows and concerns rolls out the red carpet for china's president g.'s in pink as it's set to become the first g seven country to join china's controversial new silk road project also coming up more bad news for boeing indonesia's fly carrier wants to cancel a large order of seven thirty seven max jetliners citing a loss of confidence after two crashes within two months and there's the free internet under threat in europe the.


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