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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2019 9:15pm-9:30pm CET

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you're watching the news live from stories i'm christine went out on today at seven and watch and see you next. city in ruins maron a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population last. structures occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to church's response was. i get it or it will never again look over. the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the
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kind of freedom that we want. how did morality become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of virus starts april eleventh on d w. this week on world stories. a shelter instead of prison for women in jordan smugglers see opportunity ahead in ireland we start out in zimbabwe in mid march cycle own each day ravaged the coast of south east africa and destroyed entire villages people here have been desperately searching for family members beneath the rubble. a once bustling village reduced to
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a rocky field. coppa was home to more than three hundred residents and government facilities when disaster struck on the night of march fifteenth residents were sleeping. very few of them survived those who did have recounted the horror they experienced in that island that i was asleep and suddenly woke up to the house destroyed but at the house was full of water but that was the first thing we thought was to rescue the kids. then we realized our eldest child was already dead . after that moment is when we all got swept away by the raging floods. take one. out of one of the relatives of the victims have been using whatever tools are at hand to sort through the rocks and rubble they're hoping to recover their loved ones many still don't have final answers about the fate of their families
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what we're looking for right now is that russia if we know we are really like it would be it will be some because right now we don't know we still have that feeling maybe they're separating the sandwich but recovering bodies can be extremely difficult and the emotional toll is a men's families with as many as ten members were swept away by the floods leaving few survivors. some of them discovered by t. the boards are now on leave if you're in the region you know so we are feeling you begin as soon as. that the we have some d.n.a. just a little then just your being you know and i didn't fight there has been extensive damage to the country's infrastructure and there have even been geographical shifts rivers have formed in residential areas a further sign of how much time recovery is likely to take.
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in jordan women who receive death threats from their families maybe put in prison ostensibly for their own protection but that's caused an uproar so now the government set up shelters where at least some women can live. it's been years since mona last saw her husband but the abuse she suffered at his hand is still fresh in her mind. the one. when the beating got really bad i would run away to the neighbors my husband suspected i was having an affair with my neighbor so he beat me again and strangled me. authorities feared one as husband might kill her in the name of family honor so they put her in prison . the forty two year old mother of eight was incarcerated for seven months under georgians crime prevention law which has long been used to indefinitely jail women consider to be at risk of so-called honor killings supposedly for their own
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protection. because. they jailed me with women facing the death sentence women convicted of drug crimes were the ones on death row are hard to believe all lawyers were able to get money out of prison after her husband left the country but the circumstances of her release are extremely rare. a woman is usually told that someone must come and bail her out in guarantee has safety usually a brother or a father her son or her husband and that's difficult because these are often the same people who were threatening her who had to do all. it is estimated that hundreds of women have been jailed under the pretext of protection with some spending over a decade in prison but after years of campaigning things are finally starting to change. the shelter the subject around the clock protection and surveillance its location is kept secret. and is one of the first to be transferred from jail to the
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shelter after spending almost six years in prison. for safety reasons we cannot give details about the twenty six year old story only that her life is under threat from multiple members of her family. and. when i arrived here for two days i could not believe that i could just go out on the balcony and see people the world and life it had been almost six years and i had not seen the site and i had not seen people. shelter director russia does that insists this is not just a place for the women to eat and sleep here they also receive psychological counseling legal aid and vocational training with the aim of reintegrating them into society children up to the age of six can remain with their mothers. three of the women transferred from prison have left the shelter after they were deemed to no longer be in danger if a woman wants to leave beforehand she's informed of the risks and cannot be held
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against her will. my goal is to one day be able to leave and find a suitable place to lead i do not want to be threatened anywhere who had heard the opening of the shelter has been hailed as a major step forward but activists say the law which allowed for these women to be held in the first place must be repealed to guarantee this never happens again. smuggling is a thing of the past in ireland for now but whether breaks it comes with or without a deal the frontiere between the republic of ireland and e.u. member and northern ireland part of the united kingdom could put smugglers back in business. for the money go to three hundred fifty. mike has plenty of tales of smuggling to taro he lives in northern ireland right next to the border the former truck driver says lots of shady stuff went on in the
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area in the past much of it involving customs control or between the british province and the e.u. member state to the cells i see me going to shit what's the lorry so we're going to this big ship. made a very through that door that door let's share that shit. in the series about it so he thought that if it's impossible i getting rid of controls didn't get rid of smuggling completely fireworks which are banned in the republic of ireland are still taken across regularly there are legal in the north and sales of them are brisk in the border region. and foreign diesel subsidized by the e.u. also often crosses the border illegally as does heating oil from northern ireland that's not been slapped with a value added tax because there are no controls. conor patterson remembers a very different time into the one nine hundred ninety s. thousands of trucks were checked by customs officials in the sheds they disappeared
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with the advent of the e.u. single market here but bricks it could bring it all back along with a return of more professional organized smuggling have faith and the irish republic and lying with base prices across a years at waller it on cheap basis being on board not that for answer could be significant enough to encourage widespread smuggling the issue for also is that smuggling. exploited by crying goings. in northern ireland has benefited from its position at the border it's developed into a major shopping for the region a rise in crime would certainly hurt businesses here but could post bret's its smuggling be kept in check. there are people who are rubbing their hands with anticipation with that which is that was i was to them given the price of
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resistance i thought those people would see it as an opportunity to make a lot of money however you cannot be any reinstalling of border and for sure because our present and all that challenge i know a threat which is a return to the darker it is of our very own past mike is also against bringing back the checkpoints and watchtowers like many others here it reminds him too much of a more violent era we. can see down to some looks just like any trendy spot in iran's capital tehran might use but in one sense it's like no other it employs people with down syndrome or autism for many of them it's the first job they've ever had. in. this completely in his element serving couple chinos to the guests in this cafe to waiting tables assist first ever job and the forty year old is loving every
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second of it. you know i like the cafe it's big and it's nice and warm. that's why i'm so grateful to the owner mrs i got. every night when i go to bed i thank her for the time. he and the others who work here have little chance of finding work elsewhere iran's job market is currently in such a bad state that over a third of college educated young iranians that unemployed for people with special needs it's become nearly impossible to find work. for most of those people there's nothing to do once they finish school they just stay at home but we're convinced it's good for them to show people that they have other abilities not just good for them it's also good for their families they're
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often sad because they can't do anything but here they can show just what they're capable of. more than forty people living with down syndrome autism work here regularity everybody pitches in doing what they can brewing coffee waiting tables or entertaining the guests with music. they all get paid for their work except for the cafe owner he she runs a deficit every month there are very few government programs to support social projects like this one in the islamic republic. giving up is not an option because every day she sees just how much this work means to iran and the others. i used to just be with my father. you know
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but father look at me. i finally made it i'm famous and go through life with my. c. . with their positive attitude imran and his colleagues have created an atmosphere found nowhere else in the islamic republic. no other cafe here in iran could get away with this level of frivolity imran and the others are making the best of being a little bit different and have transformed coffee down to zoom into a place that's bursting with positivity.
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their work and groundbreaking their ability gives them power they go their own way admirable and indescribably from marina abramovic shit in nash out sasha. the story exceptional artists with one thing in common they all come out on top. so klinsmann for the changes. the people making it possible to go to africa. fantastic write. that as they set out to save the environment. to learn from one another. and work together for a better future. for yourself. and.
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i'm not laughing at that well i guess sometimes i am but most end up in with the taliban i think into the german culture. you did seem to take this ground on their own belief because if the left who care enough time rachel join me to meet the candidates on the gulf coast. well country it's twenty one today with three remarkable women. told revolution three done change through movement. of arts has redefined our concept of space and the human body she's one of germany's my.


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