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this is the year when you fly in from out of this world astronomers reveal one of the mysteries of the universe. the first ever image of a black hole how scientists understand one of the most mysterious objects in the cosmos a milestone in astrophysics also coming up britain's until recently stares down another deadline with a request to the european union for another breaks that extension are she's in brussels hoping for a delay until summer but
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a new leaders of other ideas the deadline is friday night. israel's benjamin netanyahu is on course to win a record fifth term as prime minister following a tight race right wing parties looks set to tip the balance and netanyahu is favored. out well arkansas great to have you along everyone well we start off with a stunning discovery astronomers have just revealed what they're calling a groundbreaking development researchers using a global network of telescopes have photographed the edge of a black hole for the very first time a black holes are celestial objects with strong gravitational fields that even late gets pulled into them while scientists hope the new images will explain how matter and. in such extreme conditions which in turn could verify or contradict for
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example albert einstein's theory of relativity all right let's discuss everything now with my colleague from the science desk layer we finally now know what glad call a looks like i thought scientists already had simulations of black holes explain to us please the significance of this particular picture well it seems fuzzy but it's really beautiful i love it if you've dreamt about like both and i think i was so excited it's really huge it's quite huge i mean it was widely accepted that black holes exist but no one had ever seen one and now it's the first real image that that's there. and as i think the whole community is now really excited though is that if a community of course we observe that now this is this is from the galaxy m eighty seven which was observed the black color at the center of this galaxy is fifty five
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million light years away from earth and we can see the whole itself of course the dark the black hole is stark and it's invisible by definition so what we see is actually the event horizon which is the point of no return all matter gets just sucked into it and never comes out again so that's the ring around it is the dust and the gases which are rooting around this gravitational strong center of the black hole which is second everything as you show well stay with me because i mean it's such a big deal you know witnessing the unseeable let's take a look now at what black holes actually are we've all heard about a black hole but do we really know what it is and why people especially scientists are so fascinated by them. black holes are like cosmic vacuum cleaner sucking up anything that comes too close and the matter that crosses the so-called event horizon is then gone forever. black holes are created when dying stars collapse in
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on themselves or when two stars collide and their masses emerge. the gravitational forces become so massive that the matter is squeezed into a single point called the singularity. black hole start small but as they suck up more and more material in their path they can begin to grow and eventually become super massive black holes like the one of the center of our galaxy the milky way. with the gravitational pull stronger than four million stars similar to our sun. until now astronomers have been unable to see the milky way central supermassive black hole directly they inferred its existence from the stars orbiting around the black hole and from hot matter surrounding it this first image has only been possible through the event horizon telescope a global network of radio telescopes gathering data from all around the world. a
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coordinated with atomic clocks to synchronize them and all that data is combined after the fact into what's called a correlator and that correlator as ultimately produces data that can be constructed into an image. astronomers want to explore how matter can disappear from our world for ever and to take a deeper look into einstein's theory of relativity and its initial theory on black holes. this fascinating stuff and it's easy to see how this is kind of a dream come true for the scientists involved explain to us if you can in layman's terms i mean how were they able to capture this extraordinary image into it it's quite tricky because a black hole is massive and this. black hole is six point five billion times the mass of our sun it's really really huge but it's small in size i mean it's massive small in size so it's not easy to capture all the signals that come to earth from
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black holes so what would actually be needed is a big telescope dish as big as planet earth itself of course we don't have that so what the scientists tried is to simulate the size the size of a dish as big as earth with eight telescopes that are scattered around the globe. and they gathered data that are so big that you can transfer them via the internet they actually need to be stored on hard disks and then shipped to the supercomputer it's quite funny if they can our time. is really a beggar yes definitely. so what we see from this now is that it's not a photograph that's really important to notice it's not a photograph not a snapshot but it's an image that they put together with all those data they gathered now. and maybe you can but of course it will still there are gaps and those data because as we only have
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a telescopes around the globe and not the big dish we would actually need to gather and to detect all the signals there are small gaps but you can imagine it like let's say like a song you play on the piano on a broken piano imagine they are some keys broken on the piano but you so much play the song you can do is all the keys so but still you can imagine what the song might sound like in the end right so that's what the scientists did with the data they kind of filled the gaps with algorithms and they calculated the image which is most likely or most most realistic according to what they observed and what they calculated beforehand it's really interesting so they just pieced all of this together this is a massive scientific achievement nobody is denying that but what i think it's practical. i mean how can we use this discovery in terms of us here on planet earth right it's quite far away but also our galaxy has
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a black hole at the center and that's also one that this array of telescopes will or is it observing at the moment so it's actually quite it's at the center of our universe or of many. many elements of our universe which other galaxies and it's also about basic theories about our world in general for example einstein's theory of relativity. which is now maybe be proven and yet it's quite it's big far basic science about understanding of amazing amazing stuff you science desk thank you so much for laying it all out for us leadership thank you. for british prime minister theresa may is in brussels for an emergency summit on her country's were drawn from the european union which is now due to happen on friday night she's pleading for a second extension to britain's bergs a deadline until june thirtieth but french president i'm running on
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a call and other leaders are skeptical of may's ability to deliver an orderly brags that they could reject the request or grant a much longer delay that may actually wants. thank you mr speaker may i assure you or no extension at all is a greater reason why over the brakes a delay at the weekly prime minister's question my fave is postponing breaks it until the thirtieth of june extending it any longer would mean britain having to take part in elections to the european parliament may said that scenario could have been avoided if m.p.'s had only agreed to the deal i'm pressing the case for the date the extension that i wrote last week that in fact was indorsed by the by parliament last night but then i would also say to my own noble friend. think it is important week we could actually be outside the european union by now if we manage to get through. the june deadline in order to conclude cross party talks with the
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opposition labor party but many european leaders have little faith in the talks and want a longer extension instead the german chancellor says she supports a so-called flex tension allowing britain to leave when they can and the u.k. parliament deadlock over a divorce deal. as congress i know has an illegal following it may well be a longer extension than that requested by the british prime minister but we will make sure that any time the u.k. has ratified the exige agreement britain will be able to exit very quickly in also the go all night for the scene come. as leaders arrive in brussels pre-summit meetings to hone strategy scott under way still if the bloc won't grant an extension a crèche out exit this friday is still on the cons and yet again the u.k.'s future is in the hands of europe. and i say to you now to the summit venue where data is barbara is standing by in brussels barbara theresa may is aiming for the june
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thirtieth break said delay she's not exactly in the driver's seat so what are the chances that she constrict cure that deadline. she's not going to get that deadline of course everybody has known that even before the summit began but she is going to get an exemption now i'm going to mark a set is supposed to be a reasonable time frame and that means several months later they have to figure out yet how many months they want to grant her but the most likely is the day is something around the end of this year that means of course that any time when she has or her successor in london has finally figured out how to push the deal through parliament then they can immediately leave so it's a flexible extension really. and it is supposed to ease britain's way out because everybody here in brussels at the summit tonight wants to see them gone sooner than later. i mean if the e.u. does end up granting the u.k.
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an extension later on this evening it's going to come with strings attached i imagine what are some of the restrictions that you for heard that would be imposed on britain while they remain on the block. this some of the patients for britain because there are many many leaders here who arrived in the meantime and are just about to grill to reason may again what her plans for the future are and how she is going to succeed was getting the deal over the line finally venture only they are quite fed up with this we just prime minister for instance said he was frustrated about the whole process and he is not the only one everybody is quite fed up with this long drawn out process and they are also afraid that this constant square feeling in britain and sort of the deploys into arrows flying from london thinking back to cheers we're talking about we're going to be as difficult as possible as long as we're members of the e.u. they all read this the old know this and they want to shield against it so there
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will be obligations that britain will have to behave itself as long as they're in the block they will have to probably though too is the majority they should they have to promise not to be obstructive so they'll be obligations also there will be no reopening off the rooster all agreement mean that is closed it's on the table and they won't even talk about it anymore this quite a number of things and they are trying to tie britain down in order to sort of not to be disturbed from the inside when they really want to get on with things talk about the future of europe and solve their own problems and not squabble about bricks it anymore and a lot of frayed nerves in brussels bombay's all thank you. all right let's take you now to london to do a show that parts is a lot happening where you are as well surely works the tears i've been extremely angry or to put it mildly over teresa mayes extension request if it turns out to be a long one will they make another effort to replace her as leader of the
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conservative party and british prime minister. yes they will definitely try i mean we shouldn't forget these hotline us these hotline breaks a ts within the tory party they would be perfectly happy to leave without a deal to have a man it's no deal they say chaotic leave on friday instead of this long extension they have dreading a long extension they have dreading the fact that they could possibly have to hold european elections here in the u.k. they've already pledged that they want to make life for the european union extremely difficult and of course they are working behind closed doors on finding a successor and finding a replacement for to resign may so they would be watching very closely what reason may is doing in brussels tonight and the fact that she has to leave the room makes the pleat for this long extension a seen by many hardline us and s. s. and that's a humiliation when the e.u. is deciding alone behind closed doors what is going to be the future of bricks that
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and the u.k. and charlotte in the thirty seconds we've got left who is waiting in the wings to take over from her. absolutely plenty of people are waiting there amongst them for example boris johnson the former foreign secretary he is one of the possible successor as they might be holding a leadership contest in may that's what they are planning for and want to replace so by the summer prime minister. reporting from outside westminster thank you. let's bring up to speed on some of the other stories making news around the world. new zealand's parliament has voted to ban military strike style weapons in the wake of last month's deadly mass shootings prime minister just in darden made an emotional speech backing the measure fifty people were killed in the attack on two mosques in christchurch a white supremacist is facing murder charges. the dalai lama has been taken to the
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hospital in delhi as a precautionary measure after feeling chest pain a spokesman says the eighty three year old is in stable condition and has been ordered to rest the exiled tibetan spiritual leader said recently that he hoped to live long enough to see political change in china and. german police have raided ninety offices across the country belonging to islamic or organizations they're suspected of financing the palestinian militant group hamas which is on the european union's terrorism blacklist official said the main targets of the raids are believed to have collected funds under the guise of humanitarian aid for a mosque which rules the gaza strip. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu appears to have secured victory in his country's parliamentary elections with most of the votes counted is running neck and neck with his main challenger many guns of the centrist blue and white party but netanyahu is in a stronger position to form or majority coalition with
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a number of right wing parties. it won't be a sweeping victory but it will nonetheless be historic israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu appears to have edged out a win for a record fifth term the right wing bloc is expected to hand his likud party a solid majority the divisive election drew mixed reactions from israelis. i got what i wanted. just because in my opinion there's no better alternative. you can't just come out of nowhere and become a prime minister and the b.b.c. has all the experience and big achievement b.b. it shows how strong b.b. is now he can do whatever he wants to or to we exit polls have shown a deadlock with the center left blue and white alliance led by benny gantz he also declared victory but the optimism proved premature wanted to change the country
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he's been has been given for a while the post may be time for change i'm devastated absolutely devastated. we're surrounded by rightwing radical people who want to any mall here or tories in this part we're never going to have peace in the countdown to the election netanyahu valid for the first time to annex parts of the occupied west bank for some this would all but and any hope for a two state solution with the palestinians. i think we have just witnessed the clear cut vote by the israelis to maintain the status quo as far as we palestinians are concerned. miss was a vote to maintain the status quo to maintain apartheid. the election was also overshadowed by netanyahu is legal troubles during the campaign the attorney
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general recommended indicting him on bribery and breach of trust charges he denies any wrongdoing and would not be legally required to resign if formally charged netanyahu appears to have beaten his most serious challenger thus far. the official results of the vote are expected later in the week. we turn our attention now to sudan where police there say eleven people were killed in protests and hard too on tuesday including six members of the security forces of protesters have been camped out at army headquarters in the capital since saturday demanding the resignation of president our most precious on several occasions soldiers have stepped in to protect them sit in comes after months of nationwide demonstrations against the shoe has ruled the country with an iron fist for almost three decades. if you look at them if you shave and as all of this is playing out one woman has
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become the symbol of those antigovernment protests after her photo went viral on social media joined by our reporter maya schrader maya great to see you i saw that picture on my timeline i was struck by it she's called the new bin queen the sudanese statue of liberty why does the picture resonate so much with all of us basically absolutely resonates are one hundred percent right well we know that her name is a la salla she is twenty two years old and she has confirmed to reporters she is currently studying engineering and architecture at sudan international university and i believe we have a video on monday evening she hopped up on the roof of a car and started leading the pro revolution chants we can see it was actually a very joyful moment she was singing along with the crowd and another woman a local photographer. happened to snap what is now an iconic photo of her and it
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really is very visually striking you just know immediately when you see it that it's going to be one for the history books if we can pull up the photo as well what's amazing is that these protests started five months ago they started in the middle of december and only just now we see. bringing the attention of the world even if inadvertently and giving these protesters the image they really needed it's also very interesting to note if we can look at the photo again the clothing that she's wearing also has some very deep symbolism in it these long white robes these big gold earrings that she's wearing are. clothing that professional working women were wearing to protest against the military dictatorships in sudan in the mid late twentieth century in the sixty's seventy's and eighty's and we should know that women have really been a central part of these protests they're really at the forefront of everything that is happening across there don right now this photo has really become symbolic of
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that even down to the earrings she's wearing the jewelry she's wearing do you know what it stands for they are they are supposed to be moon earrings and it's really just a call back to the robes that these professional women used to wear back in the sixty's and seventy's and they wore them to protest against the military dictatorships that were around at the time and all the symbolism coming together in that one picture and as you so eloquently put i mean you know sometimes one picture is enough to bring attention to something that we probably should have been paying attention to a long time ago this isn't the first time that of a photo like this goes viral around the world with a woman standing out in a crowd absolutely we should also take a look at some of the art that people have been inspired to make of people across the internet have been pouring in their contributions of the sudanese statue of liberty and actually are our own one of our own reporters as we take a look at these and got
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a hold of salah spoke with her briefly and she told us that quote i never expected that this video would spread so much but i'm glad that the world got to see that there is a revolution happening in sudan but of course as you said women have become really central in so many of the. struggles around the world we have this photo that also went viral of a thirty one year old iranian woman who was arrested after protesting the country's strict religious laws this was also believes snapped on a cell phone she has inspired a solidarity movement in iran of many other women also taking off their mandatory had jobs and let's not forget another photo that was taken in the u.s. state of louisiana in the summer of two thousand and sixteen this one right here of this woman who is a nurse who had traveled practically across the country to take part in a black lives matter protest this movement that was really ramping up in twenty sixteen and she was arrested there and this photo has now been compared to that other iconic tank man the photo of the tiananmen square protests in china in one
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thousand nine hundred nine i mean they give me goosebumps just looking at them i assured her thank you so much appreciate it. and sports news now for your week after quitting his job as president of the german football federation . is now also stepped down from his two posts in international football to know it was vice president of european football's governing body you a fine as well as a member of the fifa council the main decision making body of world football associations come in the wake of reports that he accepted an expensive watch from a ukrainian official and failed to declare the seventy eight thousand euros in income. german basketball great. has announced his retirement the forty year old has been the national basketball association is most successful import and was adored by fans in dallas texas on the wicki let the mavericks to their only n.b.a.
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title back in two thousand and eleven and was crowned the league's most valuable player back in two thousand and seven while. motional farewell after twenty one years in dallas. as you guys might expect this is my last home game in the east so i want to thank my family a lot of people flew in from all over the world there were lots of from from germany mike that's here my sister it's been amazing. i thank you guys so much for coming out of the. hour ahead and we're going to leave you now with some scenes from the storied career of n.b.a. great dechen of its key who as you just heard is about to retire from basketball thank you so much for watching i'll see you at the top of the hour. i think.
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choice in this card because even there waiting to transmit the truth. my name is nicholas mom mitch and i want. to tell you. the fifth. this is due to other news asia coming up on the program japan rolls out the welcome mat for thought it was because the new fees us game is meant to ease the country's chronic the labor shortage but will it end the complaints of abuse and. regret about the hardships for ex-pats we have to meet plus. with fake news to be a factor in deciding india's election a day before polling stations opened we dig deeper into the madness of misinformation flooding india's social media.


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