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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is g w news wire from berlin tonight britain's prime minister theresa may pleads for another break sit delay and then the merger european union summit but patience is wearing thin we meet us extra time to make sure we can get a deal struck i mean patients ok with three some may have to say but as far as i'm concerned nothing is a given the french president is playing bad cop to german chancellor angela merkel's good cough in brussels britain will most likely get an extension
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a much longer one and one with conditions also coming out of this world astronomers revealed the first ever image of a black hole one of the most mysterious objects in the cosmos it is a mile still in astrophysics band israel's vigilant and yahoo is on course for a fifth term as prime minister after a very tight reins his main challenger has conceded defeat but is promising an opposition that netanyahu will not be able to ignore. i'm going to go off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight british prime minister to resign may is urging the european union to give her country one more delay before breaks it big. may have put her case to an emergency summit in
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brussels of european union leaders and she's now waiting for their decision she's already stated that she wants a short extension one until june thirtieth so britain will not be forced to participate in those upcoming european parliamentary elections but patience with britain has worn thin among the other twenty seven indian nations some leaders want to impose a longer extension on britain to ensure the country passes a withdrawal bill for an orderly exit from the e.u. . here's what we heard today from the main players in the debate over granting another brightside extension i think is that the u.k.'s request is for the extension to the city is that you i could be working to make sure that we can leave for european union indeed we could have left the european union by now the parliament didn't pass the withdrawal agreement so we need extra time to work to
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ensure that we can get a deal through parliament this enables us to be even a signal to the way that's in everybody's interest i think what mark says is that we are able to these the european union at the point at which we are asked if i got withdrawn agreement that would enable us to be on the twenty second of may to me said fifty fifty the announcement that the united kingdom is also preparing for the european elections is very important to me that will guarantee that continued functioning of the european institutions. is that it's of the oftenest importance to us that the u.k. leaves the e.u. when it falls in a manner that we also want to keep the even twenty seven unified fact in this spirit i have no doubt that we will reach a unanimous agreement again and it's on sale to go down i don't need to see you now it's time for decisions we've negotiated a withdrawal agreement with two years a lot of time was dedicated to the so i mean patients of what's recently has to say
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but as far as i'm concerned nothing is a given and it's nothing and particularly listening to rudeness alone extension of critics and stronger. well time is the precious commodity tonight how much will theresa may get if any to talk about that i'm joined by barbara visa she is at the summit in brussels and here at the big table with me is our in-house breaks it analyst alice forrest whiting to both of you welcome let me start with you barbara you are where the action is tonight. what have you been hearing how close are we now to find you know. if and when theresa may in the u.k. will get that extension. we're getting close to slowly but surely there is no unanimity yes in the big summit room where the twenty seven are sitting together having dinner drinking coffee and sort of haggling about well look these three months will be six months nine months or twelve they might as well throw a coin it seems a bit arbitrary however the french president president. mounted mccrum he has been
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really digging himself in he also let it be known that he's not content to be guarantees that have so far been put down to tie britain's hands as long as it is a member of the european union in order not to disturb business and the other decisions off the e.u. so he really sort of is it playing hardball in there and it is up to uncle america and the other twenty seven leaders to just sort of get him down out of the tree that he has climbed up on. like maybe flipping coins in brussels tonight but in london i think the brigadiers that may be sharpening their knives they are angry with the prime minister or thing though extremely angry with the prime minister and have been for some time but absolutely furious that they say that she is capitulating to the e.u. she's putting the u.k.'s life in the hands of france and germany in particular.
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as to what they decide tonight the the very likely possibility of the way it's going that the u.k. will be taking part in as you have been parliamentary elections at the end of may which they're upset if you know it's about everything that to ease them a has said no deal is better than a bad deal well she's proved wrong the u.k. would definitely be leaving at the end of march. as it happened two weeks later we're still sitting here wondering when the u.k. u.k. is going to leave also hearing that tomorrow some breaks it is in duncan smith pattison along with the leader of the dea you foster a gang to actually meet michel barnier a in brussels to put their views of what they want and why they don't like this withdrawal agreement to him because they just feel that to reason may is not listening it's a little bit they're also late to the party by doing that aren't they barbara we understand that there are also plans to prevent what is being called british
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mischief if the u.k. does remain a member of the e.u. for another year what mischief are e.u. leaders concerned about and maybe i should ask who are they concerned about. that's a man who casually called bojo boris johnson of course they also call those of bars mark trying to sort of childproof. extension period when britain will still be a i'll be willing member of the european union and it can make miss chief they can veto certain decisions they can sort of talk down whatever every discussion and every proposal that is coming up they can try to interfere in the election of the new e.u. officials will be happening this summer so france in particular but others like that not the men's don't want that they want to tie their hands and they want to
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somehow say you have to promise we have to make some sort of contract that you will not interfere in our usual business as long as you're on the block legally that is almost impossible politically of course they can do it and then it will be really really difficult if somebody comes like boris johnson and tries to undermine them. is a tweet tweet very well don't we. what's going on back in london besides you know the worries about mischief there's also these calls party talks between labor and the conservatives that's right now they want how today because to resume a it's of the same brussels but that jus to resume tomorrow but they have not been going particularly well there's been no breakthrough and in fact we're hearing that tomorrow night to resume will not be bringing back deal to parliament because there have been no no breakthrough in those talks there was that there was the feeling that she would try and put it to parliament in the hope that she could get stale
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through well it won't be tomorrow and the reason why is that they conned equate on what they want from bracks it labor would like the u.k. to remain in the customs union that is one of two read. maze red line she does not want the u.k. to remain in the customs union primarily because it would prevent the u.k. from striking trade deals outside the e.u. how wet but then needs to be some compromise if these talks are to come to anything and at the moment it looks like there's a long way to go before that happens so we're going to one where to go in london for what about tonights in brussels if and when that extension comes barbara what are you betting on if you were a betting woman that is how long is this extension going to be. i would at the moment tend to say some at some point in the fall like september of tovey even though that's party conference season i knew but him onto the next wrong really does need a compromise and is short touche extension. ok i don't put too much money on it
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let's take talk about the details later all right shortish short test anyway that translates in london will be just fine. at that summit in brussels and here at the big table with me alex ford's wife it's about that and thank you. well we asked people on the streets of london what they think about britain's plea for an extension on its withdrawal date from the european union here's what they said i'd like that to be a long extension i think the whole situation to be reviewed and for that we have people's votes so that's fair if may has a deal which we know she has then you could have the deal against remain well it's not roy it's good that starts not shut your eyes it's like a no vote. government we are we haven't given you permission for the so called but all it is smuggling money. we've wasted three years is
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going nowhere. but we've lost the opportunity to do lots of problems and not just wasting our time wasting european time as well i think leave us and then deal with it it shouldn't afterwards i think that's my thought. well now for a story that takes us beyond the confines of earth astronomers have revealed that what they are calling a groundbreaking development using a global network of telescopes they've photographed the edge of a black hole for the very first time black holes are celestial objects with such strong gravitational fields that even light gets sucked into them. this is the image that has changed just draw me for ever eight radio telescopes in different locations across the globe have made the invisible visible. at the heart of our
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swirling milky way as a massive unseen object a black hole it's so dense it sucks up anything that comes close even light itself the point of no return the boundary beyond which there's no escape from the black holes gravitational pull is called the event horizon. world famous scientist albert einstein predicted the size and shape of this boundary one hundred years ago. in one thousand nine hundred fifteen albert einstein imagined that this idea there are very big weight turns forms of geometry but when the mass is too has he you make a hole a mysterious hole where nothing can get out of it where all its absorbed. astronomers can't see the milky way it's black hole they inferred its existence from the strange orbit of the stars around it. and they say you need
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a radio telescope as large as the earth to image the hot matter swirling at the event horizon of the black hole but by using the telescopes in various locations synchronized with atomic clocks they could gather enough data to create this remarkable image. you may wonder how this image was made in the first place event horizon telescope data it's like incomplete puzzle set we actually only see the pieces of the real true image then we have to feeling these gaps of this missing pieces because tracked there physically possible in it that is actually much our data people from forty countries work together to create. this virtual observatory called the event horizon telescope and analyze the data. astronomers want to explore how nasa can disappear from our world forever and take
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a deeper look into einstein's theory of relativity and his initial theory on back home. from a distance black hole seem wonderous but up close there are the most terrifying things in the universe. well this is an exciting story for especially for those of us who are space buffs and to talk about that we're joined now by i think he's also a fellow space boss demetrius the sultan's he is professor of astronomy and physics at the university of arizona in tucson and the event horizon telescopes project scientist because it's good to have you on the program let me ask you why are black holes so dangerous we heard of the stat story there that the astronomer said there they're incredibly dangerous why. i wouldn't call them lasers unless you get to mediate most of and if you're far away they behave just like any other star just feel the gov occasional crew up muscle it will make it do is make them or make the
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orbit. but if you get really close the black hole really close to what we called it and don't disappoint us not even if you were to move the speed of light you wouldn't be able to escape that of occasional pool and it will go all the way to the sender where what we call it will be ripped apart again to be ripped apart so black holes they have this unimaginable mass but at the same time they're very small and correct me if i'm wrong here but a black hole with a mass of our earth would be for example only as big as a cherry and how can that be that's correct. that's correct so small it was smoke local locals of the mice. are harmed when stars and their life and they collapse into something extremely extremely small so it was the actual disposal to some of the lake and so it was the sign it would be as small as the sea floor bulk and longest across now it is very different with the black holes like the one that we
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took a picture of which is a big black hole in the center of our galaxy in a galaxy which has billions of times the mass of the sun in those black holes when we call up the gas again become really small given up they have times the muscle for star but the blackall that we humans actually has a size of one as the size of our in our solar system i was asked today if i'm talking about this story if black holes if they can suck in and bend light what can they do to tie. very good. time is that something that depends who is measuring it so when something falls into the blood hole and we seed compiler will receive from that from the earth as far as we're concerned the time we're talking the pulse. the new day said keep event horizon then time doesn't move. look at this other this is us the rules and for us to the question was pulling into the black hole as they cross the point at present
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they don't see anything happening but what is interesting is that for then what were just to be space becomes pinewood since the space becomes trying in their own little park or is otherwise all the way to the center seat lot of the black hole ok so this is our this forces us to stretch our notions of time in space and i have to ask you before we run out of time if if we've been able to actually see a black hole does that mean one day possibly will actually be able to travel near one and maybe actually travel through one and maybe travel through time is all of this possible by the researcher you. so i would love to get close to a black hole and who knows you know many centuries from now we might be able to do it but if his ex works the way out of it we think it does then we have to cross the event horizon will never be able to come out so maybe there will be no his clock she works the front on the black holes with sly were doing those experiments road
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if you cross that you'll never see it again will never see it again ok the meter is facilities the event horizon telescope project scientist images we appreciate your time tonight and appreciate you explaining this exciting story to us thank you thank you very much of is it here. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world algerians have kept up their protests against the country's political elite that's despite the new interim leader announcing fresh elections for the fourth of july the country has been rocked by weeks of protest which pushed out ailing leader abdel aziz beautifully german police have raided more than thirty premises here in berlin and in the east of the country they are linked to suspected far right extremists around four hundred officers took part in the operations at dawn targeting roughly twenty suspects they're alleged to have established a network linking the hooligan martial arts and neo nazi see its. new
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zealand's parliament has voted to ban military style weapons in the wake of last month's deadly mass shootings prime minister just made an emotional speech today backing the measure fifty people were killed in the attack on two mosques in the city of christ church a white supremacist is facing murder charges authorities in rio de janeiro's say at least ten people are dead after severe storms hit the city some residents have described the terrain downpours and flash flooding as the worst that they have ever seen a leading newspaper attack the government for not doing more to protect against flood disasters. when out to the middle east israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has secured victory in his country's parliamentary elections his main challenger the centrist benny gantz conceded defeat today despite
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a neck and neck to finish at the polls netanyahu is in position to form a majority coalition with support from a number of right wing parties leaders for against his blue and white parties say as the opposition they will make life for netanyahu very difficult. it won't be a sweeping victory but it will nonetheless be historic israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu appears to have edged out a win for a record fifth term the right wing bloc is expected to hand his likud party a solid majority the divisive election drew mixed reactions from israelis. i got what i wanted. just because in my opinion there is no better alternative. you can't just come out of nowhere and become a prime minister and the b.b.c. has all the experience and big achievement that shows how strong bibi is now he can
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do whatever he wants to or it's only exit polls have shown a deadlock with the center left blue and white alliance led by benny gantz he also declared victory but the optimism proved premature. one exchange in the country has been you know it's been going for a while i thought it was maybe time for change i'm devastated absolutely devastated . we're surrounded by right wing radical people who want to end their mall here or tories in this part we're never going to have peace in the countdown to the election netanyahu valid for the first time to annex parts of the occupied west bank for some this would all but and any hope for a two state solution with the palestinians. i think we have just witnessed a vote by the israelis to maintain the status quo as far as week.
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this was avoid commenting on the status quo to maintain apartheid. the election was also overshadowed by netanyahu is legal troubles during the campaign the attorney general recommended indicting him on bribery and breach of trust charges he denies any wrongdoing and would not be legally required to resign if formally charged netanyahu appears to have beaten his most serious challenger thus far. the official results of the vote are expected later in the week. while our jerusalem correspondent tanya kramer sent us her take on the election results it was a tight race but despite the looming indictments for corruption and a strong talents by the newly found pew and white party netanyahu appears to be on track to form another clinician government with the help of right wing nationalist and religious parties his fifth term marks another shift to the right in israeli
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politics. tanya kramer there in jerusalem well a week after quitting his job as president of the german football federation reinhard grindle has now also stepped down from his two posts in international football to was vice president of european football's governing body you a fan as well as a member of the fifo council that's the main decision making body of world soccer his resignations come in the wake of reports that he accepted an expensive watch from a ukrainian official and failed to declare seventy eight thousand your rooms in income . or some good news in a way the german basketball great dear of its key has announced his retirement the forty year old has been the national basketball association is most successful import and he was and remains adored by fans in dallas texas to the lead the mavericks to their only m.b.a. title in two thousand and eleven and was crowned the league's most valuable player
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in two thousand and seven he bid an emotional farewell after twenty one years in dallas as you guys might expect this is my last home game. was the all i want to thank my family lot of people flew in from all over the world lots of from from germany like that here my sister it's been an amazing ride. thank you guys so most of the little i was. well the german player has come a long way since he first arrived in the united states more than two decades ago let's take a look back now it's devinsky stellar career. for anyone with. a down to earth superstar to wicki straight to success may have been an n.b.a. title eight years back but he kept another milestone just weeks ago shooting his
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way up the records. in n.b.a. all time points better than any european player. it all began in his hometown of spared it was a slam dunk talent in germany's and significantly less popular basketball landscape lanky it great with the ball his standout play led him to the n.b.a.'s dallas mavericks at twenty years old. skills and lots of hard work led to novitsky becoming the first european to win the league's most valuable player title he got similar recognition per starring role in the twenty eleven finals against the miami heat events he pushed the mavericks to their first ever championship he was achieving his dreams after thirteen years in the u.s. . his accomplishments made him a superstar in the united states in his recognition wasn't limited to the sports world. it's fair to say that we have very rarely seen a better playoff run than the wins he had last year it was.
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his stardom and the more than two hundred fifty million dollars he's amassed over his career haven't kept novitsky from staying grounded humble team player he's also helped to lift up germany's growing basketball scene he received a hero's welcome in his homeland after winning the n.b.a. title. whoa i'm totally speechless was. despite plenty of success for club and country one of his biggest honors remains carrying the german flag at the opening ceremony of the two thousand and eight olympics. he's been bestowed numerous awards on both sides of the atlantic dirk novitsky the greatest european basketball player in history and a towering personality. and a texan are his reminder the top stories we're following for you at this hour
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british prime minister to resume a pleading for an emergency e.u. at an emergency e.u. summit for another breadstick delay and astronomers celebrating the first ever image you see it right there of a black hole. you're watching t w news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight team coverage of that emergency summit in brussels will to resume a and the u.k. get another delay.
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baker can stretch this second line with the rules set by the team. swapping recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on a d.w.i. . britain should have already left the european union in forty eight hours the breaks it barrier will finally be broken a crash exit unless the e.u. says yes to another delay at this very hour at an emergency summit in brussels the fate of britain and europe and everyone in between is being decided tonight delay or not the moment of brecken ing has arrived i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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