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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin sudan's new interim leader says the country will have a new civilian government dressed nation saying a government will be in place within two years he also lifted a nighttime curfew which many pro-democracy demonstrators had defied and they claim another victory as the country's security chief steps down hours after the country's new military leader quits and thousands to five riot police in algeria suppress their demands for democratic change it's the country's eighth consecutive mass protest.
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i'm calling aspen thanks for joining us the new head of sudan's military council says a civilian government would be formed after consultations with the opposition in his first televised address the tenant general abdel fatah board hon said he was also canceling a curfew ordered by his predecessor the leader also said the transition period would last for a maximum of two years demonstrators have been keeping up the pressure demanding civilian rule activists say sixteen people including a soldier have been killed in the two days since the army ousted longtime president obama al bashir sudan's military chief steps down just one day after he was sworn in as the country's new leader and the head of the country's intelligence has now resigned as well. this is sudan's naval headquarters inside the military transition council is holed up outside largely peaceful protests but with
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a clear message the sudanese people do not want to be ruled by the military chiefs who ended the thirty year regime of the veteran president omar al bashir. but the army is still very much in charge by shares immediate successor i want him in over a general linked to the genocide in darfur lasted just one day in the top job before announcing his resignation he was replaced by another army commander on the plus side the new chief abdel-fattah han is not wanted for war crimes but protesters want a clean break with the old many of the demonstrators are young and they're actively organizing including setting up their own security they say more than a dozen people have been killed by security forces in recent days and they have already intercepted one car with explosives. and we also. have. calls come in with. some scope like the more importantly. civilian called we call comes through
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we call trust works. so they see the title so people. watch watch this with no one not even the old is immune from being searched emotions are high but mixed. so this i feel like overwhelming. joy that. you feel like a friend yeah. i feel like i said the same time i'm still here you know but i think. the protesters have to stay on the streets until a civilian not a military transitional council is in place. joining me now in studio w.'s not. not i mean things are changing so fast on the ground we heard the latest news sudan's interim leader announcing the formation of a limited civilian government within two years what do you make of that recent
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announcement and it's interesting because he kind of made some concessions towards the protestant movement to the opposition leaders. in contradiction to his predecessor who stepped down yesterday so it's not really known what's going to happen next because basically he said it's going to take two years that's was his produce is for disaster said yesterday so i'm not sure if the process would be happy with that that it's taking two years for them to have a transitional civilian government so we'll have to see how things develop in the next few weeks we've seen of course a few other victories for these protesters the defense minister abruptly stepping down that curfew has now been lifted will this all be enough to get those protesters off the streets or do you expect them to keep protesting. yeah this is actually part of what they were demanding the actually what i hear from from all the people i've talked to. would be given the news people actually the more
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important thing is to have a civilian government as soon as possible now the. leaders of the protest. movement they've met today with the military council and it seems that they're making some progress they're coming forward and they're trying to reach a deal what is very important for the protesters and their leaders to have the civilian government and not to have to be under military rule in the next. few years maybe three of months we heard that announcement of the military perhaps handing over some power to civilians how much trust is there though right now between the civilians in the military this is the problem trust is a very. rare thing here because people they don't want this egyptian like scenario to repeat itself in sudan they saw that the military in egypt took over
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power and they ousted the democratically elected president and then they just stayed in power and now they have a kind of a massive crackdown on all kind of opposition. they don't want this to happen in sudan and that's why they are still protesting still demanding that really civilian government should. be in power as soon as possible another hang on a just a second we'll come back to you because we want to bring in a similar story that's been unfolding in algeria thousands of demonstrators there have defied riot police to stage a mass protest in the capital. of a friday in a row now an interim government has been announced has announced elections and replace the ousted president. but opponents there say the old regime is trying to cling to power just in a new guy. coming back. some strong similarities between what's going on the sudan and algeria how would you
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compare the two and perhaps even comparisons as you mentioned the arab spring and twenty yeah this is interesting because when these protests broke out. people started to magically comparing this to what happened in two thousand and eleven in tunisia and egypt so we see that the motives of the people why they go. for them is that to demonstrate where they take the streets are the same comic situation the prize is very high of bread and you know basics the things the education is in a very bad situation high unemployment especially among the youth and this is actually you who are. in the process the protesters are the youth they are taking the street you can imagine a country like nigeria is actually supposed to be rich. to the oil and gas and all that these are natural resources and thirty percent almost of them are unemployed
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forty two. million people so the problem is really the youth needs to see a change needs to see really. all this corruption and all this of the turn in regimes gun and this is what's happening now no jury and sudan i think is also sending a very strong signal to other african countries sub-saharan countries who look very carefully which very carefully what's happening in sudan and. the young people in the streets they. think very much. for right now let's get you caught up on some of the other stories making news around the world indonesia's presidential candidates have ended their campaigns with large rallies ahead of wednesday's vote incumbent djoko we doto appears to be in the lead with promises of increased growth his challenger retired general probables would be until has strong support though from conservative muslims and some polls show an uptick in support for him. a man has been arrested in london after driving his car
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at the police near the ukrainian embassy according to london's metropolitan police the man crashed his car into a parked vehicles he then charged at the police officers arriving at the scene causing one officer to fire his gun. chinese artist ai wei wei is unveiled a new exhibition in mexico city this week it's titled reestablishing memories some one of millions of lego bricks show the portraits of the forty three mexican students who disappeared in twenty fourteen the case and conflicting information from mexican authorities about their potential murder sparked months of protests became a rallying cry against widespread violence in mexico i've always says every crime committed damages human society as a whole. for more i'm joined by nicole research has been taking a closer look at that exhibition now nikolai way of course known for his controversial art pieces why is he now focusing on the disappearance of these
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students well this obviously is not just an exhibition about i don't know different take on pixel art this is pretty much his very unique way of showing that he had a monster justice for those who have to sit i mean if we look at these portraits these are the same faces that we saw in the post after this whole case happened of parents who printed these faces off their sons on the process and they took to the streets fast about the truth to ask what happened to my children so it's a very personal thing as well having these pictures shown them. that we see on the wall as well and he has also met with some of the family members and that pretty much emotionally overwhelmed him himself as a son at the press conference he said well he could not imagine losing his son like that and not knowing his whereabouts and that's also something else he said let's take a listen forget about what the markers are my human being to see that q if you hears someone you hurt your neighbors. boy can never come back.
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and there's a garden and take for years come knock you go concretion what kind of car government is that you know what kind of society would be taking a story says they are now walk us back to twenty fourteen and remind us about the significance of these particular students well these particular students have kind of become the symbol for corruption and violence that has been haunting mexico for many many years and when they disappeared on the twenty sixth of september in two thousand and fourteen mexicans just had enough it was enough that forty three people at one point just disappeared and nobody really knew what happened so that's when they got angry and overwhelmed with the overall situation these guys were on the way to protest they wanted to protest against the discriminating hiring practices of teachers they themselves were on the path to becoming teachers and
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that's supposedly when they were stopped and attacked by the police then handed over to a local drug gang who then is set to have killed these people and burned them in a garbage dump you know that's pretty much leaves off without a trace but there's another investigation by independent pendant experts that says we don't believe that it happened by reopen the case and that didn't happen back leaving everybody else pretty much in limbo not knowing what happened to these guys and emotional case an emotional exhibit there from highway a you don't think very much thank you. for all right changing gears now and in golf we're seeing a resurgence for tiger woods he's put himself within striking distance of his first major tournament win in over a decade woods looked like a young tiger going six under par at the halfway point of the u.s. masters at augusta he's just one shot behind a group of five leaders but it nearly all went wrong take a look at this he barely avoided being knocked over by
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a security guard who slipped on the wet grass there luckily for tiger he escaped an injury oh it's all good you know accidents happen. i've had a gallery run over me. you know and when you play in front of a lot of people. things out that also meant you know some distance parts are nine fourteen fifteen. you know those were on that were not nice to make and you know if i keep it in the timeline they'll start dropping. in formula one voluntary both sauces claimed whole position of the chinese grand prix it's a special one because it also marks formula one's one thousand race toss it to his team mate lewis hamilton to first place on the grid the mercedes pair were well ahead of their nearest challengers ferrari meanwhile alexander all done he did make it to qualifying take a look at this big crash here luckily the tie driver walked away unhurt but he'll start to mars race on the back of the grid. well buddhist new year's
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celebrations of kicked off and in some southeast asian cities that means epic street battles with water thailand's capital bangkok song running water fights with locals and even tuberous dousing anyone in sight and in the streets of myanmar as biggest city gone even policemen have to put up with a good soaking there is a reason for all this good natured fun splashing water symbolizes washing away the sins of the old. fun stuff there if you're watching news from berlin there's more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our web site that's t w dot com or you can follow us on twitter that's at d w news i'm called aspen thanks for watching.
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if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make it look accident. raring to marie. has never read a book like this. the journalist andrew german most.


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