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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2019 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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i want to start using point for survival. it's clearly dangerous. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any apocalyptic scenarios you want and probably most of them do come from. the climate so this starts it thirty years on t w. somethings grabbed the whole world's attention. like twenty one year old luke
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a young bitches play for frankfurt seeking the interest of some of the biggest clubs on the planet's. fearful if he was about to before. speaking of stars kick off explains a key element to making by and one of the best teams in the wilds and why it's no surprise that eyes around the globe would lead to last week's q. between poland and gold mines. the belly of the world is once a good classic i. like. that and i'm playing a guy i love baseball love. with a mexico city houston old delhi. kick up like is taking a closer look at how well the football but we'll start off with that global stock he's now in for another school and into my. early. goal
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legend just played his final game in the n.b.a. wicki broke the news after amassing thirty points as his dallas mavericks trounced the phoenix suns. and the bundesliga stars were quick to join in the tributes to the legendary forty year old power forward. well what you've achieved as a sportsman and as a person is fantastic just congratulations on so many great years in the n.b.a. . he's already voted over. huge congratulations on the incredible career you fabulous. no wicki has a long relationship with football and the bundesliga as the brits but native revealed a few years ago. if you go up in germany offered.
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you automatically get involved with football and by our government i think i have a decent right. around for quite a good shot. or left subtle rubbish. deal he's just a bit better at basketball six on the all time n.b.a. career scoring chart after twenty one years playing at the highest level and only ever but dallas a lifelong maverick an inspirational figure even for germany's football stars. the aviator you were and almost certainly always will remain a huge role model when it comes to sporting attitude to character and he showed a few years. einsteins twenty one years in the n.b.a. an incredible career we had rb wish you all the best for your talents to defeat the inside of the bus but would up respect i always love watching you and in case the dallas mavericks also have a veteran staying much hopefully they'll soon be on live t.v. . he's hanging out. his number forty one shirt and in dallas they won't ever be
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issuing it to anyone else. as one world star brings his career to an end not the risk just getting he started luke a young bitch we go back to the frank first strike his words. how do you. see trying to teach multi-species do you see a strange. look a year of age twenty one years young half of europe has their eyes on frankfurt's forward out of this particular little side of it all day on the coast you got your dog and i started out with ideological shit and i've achieved. what sets him apart by which students of those with the subject will be taking the lead to it all such as east coast plenty of players have a scoring instinct what does look good do differently can you take off and stand out from the other talented strikers like you and i will but you don't i want to
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know who texts a lot i mean when i'm on your five ball i thought it was the bulldogs. here in serbia is where all began look at first laced up his boots for red star belgrade at the ripe age of eight. planes from. their population but he was providing a platform for which a vast. luca is from pierre linea in north east imposing and have to govern and that's when he first started playing even before the move to belgrade and. everybody in our. part of morgan messed up my process somewhat. and i was your core was going to be. luca and his father drove the one hundred thirty four kilometers to belgrade he made the move to serve you as a yeah. still with his friend deja. b.s.
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nobody must mind he's evil enough it's long but of them. all the thoughts from all sides them on their. side must must have boarded louie to share but as i said i'm just at the disappear he was caught earlier but he also was devastating . to anyone that trusts it plus i thought asimov for that i believe i should just call it that and then you pick up a bit se what i think i was up but that's a little more than worth it to suit up for red stuff as a kid. but all souls' was in there which enabled you to. believe. she was doing each to all the school incidents visiting muslim egypt we've all. been to see. well that's what you not see movies books just now you know only the more.
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and when it is trying to emulate how the winners write. so i can probably figure out to see just feel like the video. the mess. you know i'm missing a lot of support while playing with bill over coffee gramma i wallowed just ignore gratian. ran a male falcao has seventy seven caps with columbia and a boatload of titles from different european leagues they call him eighty going for the tiger yes if you are shot at all in your world like a phone call be i mean any. made his red stuff first team debut at sixteen he was handed a pro contract shortly afterwards. if. you suddenly. you will call me a cold midget to be boarded on the altar can somebody knocked at the. bit shy
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senior people don't. go in the. goal. he scored his first senior goal is seventeen he still red stars youngest goal scorer in the serbian super league. serbia to deal settable just nobody. like you don. lukas youth coach made out a lot of it so his versatility has what made him special. puzzled me over. just because evil doesn't able to sunnyside and it's going to. study what is going to be the most dismal of duty. as. he could be talking about. the extras you want. to see over to god should be a with your movie today. on dustin you can play the.
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game i mean it's just that when you're more comfortable aramis him so and i buy their. psyche the first bits that i buy they may live with this man are we love. the toys and i. asked the city to fifty but. they offered her the common thought a sham toy with a on a person that doesn't. transfer to push the keys record champions been featured in february twenty sixth he was the next big step for the nineteen year old. agent he said he was his transfer rights for two million euros and immediately sold them on for three times the price which sounds like setting livestock and it certainly wasn't easy being so far from home.
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oh i think with their school baseball or the. football are you more going with the paterno. he got painted but really saw the fields still he had his first ever champions league appearance for benfica and won the portuguese double. frank but played a fine hand and picked up you know reach for a two hundred thousand year alone fee with a seven million euro options a buy in twenty seventeen. he's a simple get out of the table move. cause it is false this is some people probably look at the statistics. look at lifting the cup with frank but after a sensational runs in the final in his first season. he made his debut for serbia
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shortly thereafter making the cut for the trip to the world cup in russia. shining football at our own shed. light on the meal was. just a part of what you don't need to be up on the. transfer value has jumped in frankfurt from two hundred twenty thousand to fifty five million euros he's going to kill the chocolates for you not deal well says on the other we have. a mother to. tell us how you know that such a state for us to be york was personal says one of them and they're all like oh he's a team you know i saw some poster go over the caucuses on you know when i'm such and i think through something through a process of. frankfurt a plane better than an agent's and luke who was the first frankfurt player to school five goals in a single match. and there are also personal reasons to
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celebrate in february twenty nineteen luca became a father of each of the variables as they go. and i would just tell us that i don't have all that i mean there will be. issues for this and i but. at the moment luke is still a perfect fit for frank but. you know why it was not. allowed to go. bust him up with the whole dorm like he got she. would love to swap places with frankfurt's in a title that's fighting for survival and just replace coach manuel found with martin schmidt. outspoken new coach has been around the bundesliga block
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martin schmitz after spells at mites and bones book the swiss tactician is now charged with stopping houseboats downward spiral and keeping them in the top flight . benoit at the end of the season coalition's new vibe everyone is keen to my can impression so i can see someone has experienced that already in the positive sense of an opposing i've spoken to the giants and that certainly also helped clear up a few things and get them thinking it's in the so you know yeah we'll just go out there play football and enjoy it. schmidt succeeds money who had been in the job since the end of twenty sixteen ounce makes recent poor form had left them fifteenth in the table four points above the play off place the club has also parted ways with yes lehmann the floorman germany keeper had only come on board in january is assistant coach rich because had sleep naturally i'd like to offer a heartfelt thanks to man. whose. on
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a great job here familiar. in the current situation we were of the opinion we needed to send out a signal a change to go into the final games with confidence and optimism. of twenty minutes who has used to dream up to his most interesting criticism. that his first training session on wednesday schmidt cut his usual laid back but focused figure. with outspoken worryingly close to the dropzone the new coach has little time to instill the same with much needed self-confidence but he has a clear plan. the first day i want to get the players really fired up again and obviously after these first games even start to get a team developing our direction believe bessie to mouse occurred first team going to see you go before so many passionate direct high intensity to four shots at a time before. we really want some excitement here because northside martin schmidt
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doesn't have much time left this season to prove that he was the right choice speaking making the right choice. choose your german football ambassador two thousand and nineteen but about mark after testing to go peter has been shining a fastener not alongside messi. or maybe roy some name pep guardiola secret weapon at manchester city. you could take on your mettle he plays for f.c. rosengarten sweden. choice could be antonia really get the chelsea defender never doubt. toni kroos there's always one of the favorites brail madrid's midfield maestro. maybe ok i'm going to learn from manchester city. julian council from atlanta
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united. go to the website to comes to fax. this guy could be unfastened it from the republican goals and trace crime which is on the. house just seems to me. i. have to be honest before three years around our parents are both are also when i was a kid i never thought that going to be like the best striker in history or some club thing that's going to realize that i broke his record. forty six goals for hoffenheim in the bundesliga club record holders past and present and great crime rates recently netted his forty seven has come under so you
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can't really count that last one it was a top in the. likes of before in crime rates rarely misses a trick this was found his way in without any help from him i. want to score every. record was stronger than me it's a. trick so he got on the ball instead i doubt it but at ten in the spotlight has had a few of his own since arriving from less stuff in twenty sixty. and often forgets and let's not forget he's an international star. finalist who was certainly on the radar of other clubs. so down to earth and so clearly in his element here hoffenheim who. as they say the english. the perfect match.
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freshly retired himself for the year and had to give ina international sally how the bitch has struck up a good friendship with which they never turned out together at hoffenheim and they're quite different types of player sally the deep lying strategist well cross reaches a full blooded forward. he's a goal ground he's got very good movement and works hard for the team but. he really puts in the leg work for the goals he scored himself and to also. sell a home which meanwhile was the team set piece specialist for you i. close. this club andres also you can rely on from the spot. he said we were very similar style for penalty some point com i think you school a lot more goals for half an hour or two or season with. alex but he duly netted another. i want to bring. more and more.
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of them are says. we will see there is a future i really have. i'm not going to complain about but i think. you often find heroes in the bundesliga. and the rich. from hoffenheim as record scorer to germany's record winning club buy and win so much it's boring but what's the key to success. meaning by end and despairing dortmund the two faces off their classic out a game where the visitors high expectations were roundly demolished. learning experience for the night. it looked like dortmund might be the ones delivering the lesson in. you know. i'm like in fast black and yellow right down
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the flank. from lawson surges forward. smucker royce. and the skipper cuts back to a wide open mouthed at the back of the box a fantastic move just missing that finishing touch it's. not your chance. you're going there's a chance you and i think in fact instancing was very lucky after vance we defended really well in all areas of the pitch and like to say we were good for me for the win so i would wish to use your own counsel sources. it would prove dorman single notes where the sack of the match after that they got nowhere thanks largely to one man. having martinez and his destructive best. buy and pressure dortmund harriott play and just quickly as possible disrupting their build up play at source and they did it with
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a new midfield formation two players further up the pitch and one in a holding role at a martinez here he's the first to anticipate where the ball is going he wins it back for by and with an incisive intervention the spanish intercept are vital that his game plan. should we never let them settle and i think that was the key to our success for. another example from the first half dormant when possession and can launch a counter attack. get the ball to the deep like axel witold and he can pump it forward to the speedy royce. but once again having not seen as has read the play. he closes down the space and nullifies the storm and. it's not spectacular but it's highly affected norman can't get anything going up front especially mark or royce.
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the ball just thirty one times in the whole match a record does lay low for the germany international over ninety minutes. one more masa full moment from martinez again dormant have an opportunity to play a long ball up to royce but today it's just not going to happen. norman's rising star yeah so bring lawson can put this one down so experience with much he knows by in a simply better two point seven points a game on average this season when he plays compared to one point seven without saying. he's scoring two three goals in four games not bad for a defensive specialist we went through there the game more than hundred percent and when we tried to push for a tight move to reach the goal or the chances from us both you and i think oh it was perfect for the easy going off the pitch on it's having not seen as destroyed and streams in this classic i encounter. and plenty
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of people around the world what is martinez and binds display against dortmund will leave you with fans from all i've been taking in the thing much. good that we can't keep my. mind doing that is that the end of one thing i love. the club but if. i. was. my. thousand
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nine hundred. fifty. nine i. i. i am. i
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in the lift. my. pubes. my. book of. my. cock you. talk the door.
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my are going to feel very very very very sad. reading the primitives of the circuit think what they are going to the physical disability of us not this believe it going on we were nuts because they were going in there wasn't going to go mad i wouldn't normally one. last time i don't think gallop at all truthful is that great interviews that allow you to. play a. clip .
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completely. cut. and carmi on the ropes germany's going to spare soldiers sometimes feel like the cinderella of the nation the public hears about crumbling capabilities of abuse of power and right wing extremism morale is suffering the troops are fighting us straight shouldn't be. i don't know what it's like to be scared to death have the
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armed services lost their bearings. in fifteen minutes of g.w. . what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild not to d.w. correspondent and now the baker can stretch this case in line with the rules set by the new team. thoughts. spending recipes for success strategy that could make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . here's what's coming up on the good news with so much movement in the police media
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this. mental effect here. is much take a look at all that means for the type of clothes. going to sleep every weekend here on t w. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to the shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many can trust and their problems are all the same fourteen the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the defense of the humans and seem right to fold who had inside to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work.
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this is the w. news a live problem but then sudan's latest military chief vows to people power sawzall again take to the streets to press that his mom to civilian rule the country's second new leader in just two days lifts a curfew and pledges the army will hand over power over them to me is that is this enough for the people.


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