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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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how quickly joy can turn to despair confidence to doubt. stability to the knees. to how quickly everything can turn around one hundred eighty degrees or full three hundred sixty. in the bundesliga it can happen in an instant. some pray for it. last week down a doubt humiliated but today is a new day and dark ones were out of bounds back against minds. if you ask him nothing needs to change barton munich travel to. business that's been asked a lot of women is that. down at the bottom no one better. and shall car hoping for
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the same thing a turn for the better and the departing teacher heckling wants to get blown back back on track. so i'm just going to try because i think still a school that was ninety eight long minutes can really take their toll. or turn to joy. match day twenty nine welcome to kick off. on match day twenty seven dortmund were still top of the league and on course for the title then they went to munich and roman burkey had to pick the ball out of business five times. durbin were taught a lesson and you had to feel sorry for the swiss stopper from heroes to zeroes in ninety minutes with the title race turning out at ten. am. now
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a point behind byron dorgan faced milds could they get back on track after the thrashing in munich. we've moved on and got the game out of our heads we've been concentrating on minds and you could see that in the first half we played well that was the barossa dortmund we know from the past about them and also for going at the contact. leading the way nineteen year old jayden sanchez missing in action in munich the english teenager was back he was moved south against mine. and not long after maurice wolff to mario good. sanchez. seventy minutes played one nil door just three passes from front to back up your pace and tempo from dortmund inji sanchez. still no
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title talk from coach seats in five of course but at least dortmund's free flowing football is back. as the second century like in the english style with his tenth goal of the season. two quick goals but dortmund were still suffering from lapses in concentration just before halftime minds had their chance. to see on the turn and on to the post above they knew all about finances threat. and if not for goalkeeper roman burkey this game could have had a very different in. in the second half mines laid siege to the dortmund goal. suddenly of my introducing all the running and dortmund barely registered a shot a complete contrast to the first half. it was reminiscent of munich the. football things can change very quickly. he was ridiculed by his own fans for
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his errors last season but since summer he's been working with a psychological coach in dortmund have him to thank for their two you know we're. missing something to tell them we really have to say a big thank you so romans it's really difficult to explain because out there on the pitch especially in the first off we didn't feel like anything could go wrong but that's how it is in the bundesliga and if you drop off just five or ten percent you'll have problems on the second half was another lesson for us on the outside not some of the nine eleven. but what lessons of that better game last ninety minutes and has a second half as well but six minutes to go corner this time turkey could do nothing. and drop the high sun have the deficit i three minutes later another corner. i. instead of hanging by
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a thread it's roman to the rescue again the only dormant player consistently delivering top performances. just on the go but we didn't manage to create anything either in defense or attack if we couldn't clear our lines almost everything was wrong. but thanks to perky it was still a step forward for dortmund his nine saves restored belief that the title is still possible. depending of course on by. match day twelve back in november was dodie look at baqir day to day everyone thought this might not be byron's year after all and embarrassing three three draw against newly promoted to sold or less the champion stranded in fifty. years nico coach's job on the line. fast forward five
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months dusseldorf have secured their bundesliga status for another year and go batches byron are a different beast entirely. and unstoppable attacking machine flying high on the back about five nil thrashing of dortmund. now we are confident in this moment right now and we need we need the points. it's a tough competitor and so we know what to do but you know hungry at. the hunger is back and so is the will and the necessary luck like when kingsley commons cross evaded everyone friend jim followed by thomas mother couldn't reach it but the ball still ended up in the back of the net one nail. was back on form and as hungry as ever and he's not the only one i think we did a great job from the first minute special in the first. we created it. of chances
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and also scored like twice sears cannot play got things started for the second chemist to come out who made no mistake of the frenchmen is one of the most important elements of the reborn byron. and unlike in the first meeting between these two production no longer has any defensive issues to worry about. a lead to nil in november as well but sloppy defending let dusseldorf back into the game. but their insanities seem to suggest that fortunes weren't worthy of their attention no danger of that on match day twenty nine. if you buy on the miners were much stronger than in the first character they took us more seriously and were tactically more disciplined that's a different skill byron's individual quality is so great that when you're fortunate to sold or if you don't reach top form you don't have a chance it's a lot better than the best form of unconsciously gunshots hungry and efficient fire
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and have a spring in their step of the sands cannot believe made it three it's by on seventy seven school of the season which seemed unlikely back in november the barely too many goals to keep track of. how do you see just nobly third goal. realized one oh yeah it was it was a good one though we'll know that such as you know good good movie in a good mood at the moment i was at the other end spirals defense stood firm until this happened but by the penalty for joseph was looking back i stepped up and smiled at the top of the but i changed perhaps i was the belgian frag dusseldorf back into the game singlehandedly in november it could happen again but it with only minutes remaining not this time today.
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only. yeah i was much better than i was. and i think we tried to do everything we had the good mentality of. the rats go out with the late insurance call. to banish any hopes of a fire and slip up as call batch and coast day talk. to mistakes from the first half of the season are forgotten and byron remain on course for title number twenty nine. so what else happened this weekend. did you know the kick off is now on you tube with the world of football. to read all the while and read a few things that's all right i'm going to say you know the stuff i never and. i am crazy. bored with it it's going to go on.
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as a football kick off on you tube. it's a new. together the display from travelling fans but not for much longer for club buff indeed or hacking after two years at the helm the coach will leave in summer because it torched i was very disappointed in summer i think we made all the changes that need to be made and i think we did a lot of things right over the fetus which to come off but not enough clearly sporting director max wants a fresh start the engine block but. essentially it's a decision i made for the club for the future of the club. why does hacking have to go for a long time he looked like the right man but only until a better alternative arrived as now seems to be the case. to be fair. it's injury
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that i'll be seeking a new supposing challenge in the summer when that challenge is called. just boys i mentioned. the new man is forty two year old marco rosa on the brink of a third austrian bendis league a title with red bull salzburg and a proponent of attractive and fast paced football. taking spoke but was too static too slow the sporting director wants to take the next step but the trip to hanover began with a worrying moment captain l'arche fractured his raygun a nasty collision. last year was replaced by rafael but it took that back a while to click into gear against the relegation strugglers. i think it's going as chip looked nice both of them in fact but there wasn't enough pace on the ball.
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not clinical enough up front and sloppy at the bad shot but had been inserted christmas and odds on for the champions league. but now their concern is the full set drop the pitch in the wind as time props one reason for hackett's is missing. even here how no fair we're allowed to many chances before he leaves the king is expected to leave god back to the champions league but it won't be easy to see aren't taking their chances even against the bonus league as bottom club. i become a mess as a host of the very very good chances you can see that at the moment we don't have that coolness zero confidence in front of goal because it's not but scheme lacks tempo and heck inspect all is over complicated not the modern counter attacking football that marco rhodes is expected to bring. laughing because one thing that
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rosa this experience having coached over four hundred been to see your games he stays calm and so do his players. but up i own the fifty five minute ok i needed a deflection but they all. victory over hung over and five more games as a team under hackett. last year collapse after a strong start to the season that cannot happen again. for five points ahead of six is not a bad position with five games to go. then again we all know how quickly things can change. like cigs and all flying nick and. both coaches will step down at the end of the season but for vastly different reasons. firing on all cylinders
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it only took a quarter of an hour for the hosts to take the lead thanks to this kevin trampled beauty the mastermind behind red bull's football empire cognex his hand-picked uni i'm not as much as his successor for next season his team's tremendous form means he'll likely end his time on the bench on a high by qualifying for the champions league team of their limited to nail twelve minutes later. for his part love of the year has exceeded all expectations at full support but will call it quits in the summer due to frustration with the management his boys showed plenty of fight but it wasn't enough to slow down the r.p. machine. it ended two nil with bang coming out on top of the departing coaches. high colored hoffenheim had won three of their last four and more knocking on europe's door when they faced off against an injury depleted. oftentimes recent
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form having run out in the traffic in this one only went one way. it could have easily gotten embarrassing for the beleaguered visitors. thankfully head to under a comma after finishing beats at home. still when you amassed thirty shots on goal some are bound to go and eventually the miri put one away to make it one nil about a half an hour. and substitute rhys nelson finished off the store in the seventy six minute to nil in his first goal since november. the tough. times third straight win. just a point behind hoffenheim braman are feeling positive about reaching europe to this
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ng for chances to turn the game in their favor but couldn't quite make it happen with fifteen minutes left to play a class and use defender nico shot back as a backward to make your brain and. coach told me i'm cold selves just trying to make sure it was before celebrating. ten minutes later. managed to claw one back. but it was too little to. the big one and this time cole felt didn't have to check for permission before celebrating as braman extended their unbeaten streak in twenty nineteen. marking schmidt is now expects coach despite his. hovering one place above the
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relegation spot on his arrival schmidt has brought an optimism to the. annoyed train of the seas to the huge crowds and the new vibe everyone's keen to make an impression objects appearance that already in the positive sense of an imposed their good vibes are easier said than done when your first matches away and i'm card trained for. consensus of the high flying hosts one nil after just fifteen minutes still schmidt wasn't going to let his welcome party get ruined that easily . marco richter's an excellent turn to finish level things for outs for. the victors cool strike from distance in first half stoppage time put the visitors in the driver's seat. belts them for non-business second half red car driven to frankfurt any favors. mikhail greater which made it three one for good measure but this fourth goal of the season.
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and unexpected and well earned victory for schmidt how's that for good vibes. tensions are boiling over inch to cart cart fans had been hoping to see their club turn things around and climb towards safety against labor couzin but the hosts seem more intent on battling it really doing much with the ball. and their physical approach caught up with them when he's out castro brought down kevin ball lands in the box after an hour. one nail neighborhoods in the sky have their ups monotone without a care in the world. start couldn't muster with sponsors and frustration set in it reached its apex in stoppage time when santiago ask to see bar smack cats. in the sit ins or most of the kind of situation you've got to keep your grip close as a player as a coach is someone responsible. i need to watch it again but that's simply not ok
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and is just the flaring emotions were limited to the players enraged struck hard fans hoping for an improvement might have to wait. no and barrack are also desperate for a turnaround and in recent weeks it looked like they might even do it with a win and a draw against direct relegation rivals. football moves quickly and is often inexplicable which led to these deflated scenes afternoon bags latest relegation six pointer against. thing i think only one team deserved to take all three points today and that was. in view i think we deserved to win where we're way better. today. knowing barrack are well acquainted
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with the fast paced world of football riding on a wave of euphoria after promotions based taken some heavy flows and even went twenty games without a win. because that is what he sang been given the situation shot there in the changing coaches with their budget and with their investment and i think the pressure is more on the battle hotel with all between by the hmong. but i can feel he's got a point the pressure is massive for shock as football moves quickly but when you go from runner up to relegation candidate overnight even the most experienced coaches can lose their nerve. and shine to us it seems like the whole world is against us so we have to fight filmy yeah but there was no fighting spirit and more of a chance of a spell to the team and read. lots of them. knowing there might be desperate for a turnaround but when even. legitimate calls are chopped off the list like
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a survival will be difficult i think that one strike was ruled out for an apparent foul which nobody else saw but the referee i would say regular go from yeah i don't know what to do with the refs doing there in the shop so that's really no idea how we've gotten to this situation and he's clearly played the ball he's not touch new ball why do we have the video technology for not going to use it you can always make corrections later and that was a clear and obvious error by the referee it i don't. know v.a.r. no matter what this plan it's a two minute sleeve that either i haven't scratched traded again alexander who made the stuff i well because he's wearing gloves oh that explains the save that. heartbreak for new and bad for the
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second time this evening they have the ball in the nads japanese substitute you got to go. this time it counts but it's not enough. because there was still time for shelter to equalize somehow my t.r. nastasya church forced the ball over the line couldn't ever live to team up again after such bad luck. how corsi can says coach pleasure of the fist after a game his team should have one. of these a performance we put in here today again well the chance to get points on the board in every game beats a point. in knowing that the hope of a turnaround lives on. as they still have a few games to go. let's look at the results now.
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ok there might not exactly have been one hundred eighty degree turn this weekend by an endorsement of one and like to continue to look dominant bernard barely missed out on three points against shaka but there are more important things in life like friendship for instance. that's right friendship things might change quickly in football but not everything is so malleable and fan friendships between german clubs are a big deal especially knowing that and shall come. despite being locked in a duel for survival fans from both clubs celebrated each other before their match another unique aspect of german fan culture and further proof that some things are more important than results. the top five spots whereas on moving as the bond between shall can earn very. very queer found stroman europa league spot got back inched closer to frankfurt in the champions league.
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there wasn't much movement down below either outspoken leapfrogged shot at despite their keepers heroics but there was another keeper who truly stole the show believe you now with a match day moment see you next time. roman burkey played the hero for dortmund against minds. yobbish refused just on their past sunday mirror job on. global shiloh order for
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the sermon just be the most random of thirty kept don't mean to live in the title race. it opens itself to hear them say oh god. i am.
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glad. it's time to take. the. time you're up just such the up. and fine for the trying. to overcome boundary and connecticut. it's time for. and you don't really use coming up ahead. minds to know that seventy seven percent
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. are younger than sixty five. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time old boy says. the seventy seven percent to talk about the issues. this is where you cut. the seventy seven percent this weekend on d w. and irreplaceable chain reaction of groups above the flood. plain began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution unfortunately enabled us mention that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way and there was an outpouring of self-confidence and mentions it's the first. architects. scientists.
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and artists. who are going to get invented completely new things and talk of the ancient giants who had originally been its teachers who believe. the culture of how the darkest moochers into a new catholic. is the place probably no place anywhere in the world when things aren't going to such a quick succession of. the renaissance. starts april twenty second g.w. . look at the. plague.
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this is the news live from the flames out now for the investigation. of sixteen which the place that consumes not just time can feed fifteen hours now with our susan trying to find out how the fire started and one of the most famous my colleagues. on the program rushed to tighten state control.


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