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i would just be gone luckily it's still there now as you were speaking we saw the wicked people behind us all also lots of people walking around what sadness fear there like. people have been listening in not to say to this ringing of bells around here there is not that much to hear my say because obviously the bel-air not for them wasn't draining but i was talking to other people early on they said years of obviously we were listening this is important this is a really nice show of solidarity and they want to show their respect to not to damn over the past two days when you people have come here to this area around not for them because the cathedral is still cordoned off quite quietly but many people have come here and just you know still. look set the cathedral just to check it's still there actually. we're coming to have so we're just we're just listen in to the final minutes or so of what's going on that in paris. ok
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looks like we have finished with the bells of the towers so look here with the moon making the point this the catholic church saying that this is the state's problem this is not the church's problem just recap for us. the the baseline is that france is the separation of state in really didn't since more than a hundred years and when the catholic church signed the agreement nineteen or five the french states the states got. most of the for the third of the french churches among them so of among them. so the state has to pay for restoration maintain the churches that's on the public budget. the churches are seen as a national monument of national interest from the earth's core is to recall the specter of. do we still have loosened in perth it's hard to tell the mood.
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yeah you're still with us excellent. let's talk about what the fire brigade has been saying so the french firefighters parisienne firefighters gave a press conference a little earlier what did we learn. yes absolutely they were saying that they're still sixty five factors right now at the church watching it to make sure that there is no other fire that kicks off obviously they're also looking out for weak spots of the building they're saying well it's still standing the structure seems to be more or less solid now also because they were able to safe the two towers you can see behind me obviously there are weak spots they're watching and they're saying they still need to be careful and actually for the time being forensics haven't been able to access the site as yet because apparently the. you know
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they're still struck trying to strengthening the whole structure to make sure it's not going to fall apart or crumble. there was a meeting of the cabinet today with one item on the agenda this is the rebuilding of the reconstruction of the cathedral tell us what came out of a meeting yeah absolutely the government announced back then that they would hold an international architecture competition for the spire that burned through in the collapse during the fire and they also say that any donation of up to one thousand euro who would benefit from one seventy five tax deduction and they said that they would put in place a comma ti a committee actually to oversee their donations for the reconstruction of not saddam to make sure that every year and that is the united for the key reconstruction is actually used for it. from rather from this
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rebuilding appeal if as far as we can tell he's received something like four times the amount is necessary to actually fund the project which is an extraordinary amount of what should happen do you think to the profits if one put it that way. difficult to say about. the one point of criticism that's been spoken with these today is that for not of them there is a lot of money very quick and for that you there's no money and that's putting some stress on the government but because it's true there are people sleeping on concrete every night in paris for these people they're no money but for lot of them in one snap of fingers almost one billion of euros on the table all those going to be said many of the millions of that was were from private donations through but even these private donated are not going for the coziness that or maybe as
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importance of the rebuilding of the of the d.n.a. is interesting just in terms of the timing only exactly the point the president to michael had been due to address some of the grievances if you like of the yellow vest protesters yesterday and has put that back in order to ask for money for this project of course lots of these people visual best protest of rural france would be saying well we have no services no money spent on us. that point has been brought by some spokesperson of the yellow vests in today and the day before reacting that we are going demands that are not met and we are told there is no money and for the church or for the church for the rebuilding of not. quick the money is on the table and choir that actually actually a clever move on on monday night when you postpone the speech to the nation because
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what he was due to announce was not. sure to to meet all the demands that have been made in the past months by the yellow vest so it was not maybe a strong moment for him and as as. the moments of unity after the fire. you can take advantage of these moments to bring people together and maybe postpone the criticism on his overt acts. in paris how was this announcement received people here were actually really fake not so i've talked to some of them asking so what do you think of a man of my color now or did he make the right move when he kind of dropped his announcement didn't announce any measures for the yellow vests and they were like yeah yeah yeah but actually you know we really concentrated on not we quite emotional about this and obviously he he went along with that emotion but i'm
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actually not sure that he benefited from anything of it it's what's fair to say i think is that at least he didn't make a full par by you know making the announcement at a time that was really being perceived as inappropriate ok. thank you so much and a freelance journalist for the pin your on radio france in but i thank you. as france takes the first tentative steps towards rebuilding or not to down the country has announced that it will hold an architectural contest to design a new spire for the cathedral emotions in paris are still running high as people come to terms with the loss of this beloved lama. perris in cecil to the vo fields anxious as she approaches notre dame cathedral for the first time since a raging fire swallowed it speier and caused its roof to collapse. suddenly everything
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she's watched on the news becomes more real. i can't understand what happened between the last time i saw her when she was oh so bright then all of a sudden ballot there's nothing left within a fraction of a second. it's like when people die they're here and then minutes later that's it they're gone. as the sense of shock slowly subsides friends is turning its focus towards reconstruction. in a televised statement president emanuel a concert he wants to see the national landmark repaired within five years what you want to get to the. global contributions have poured in to help reaching nearly one billion euros the more than eight hundred year old cathedral was already being renovated before the blaze with repairs before the fire estimated to cost about
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a quarter of what's now been donated. despite the sense of loss many feel signs of optimism can already be found on the streets of paris because obviously it's very ambitious but i really hope it's doable and i think that france is very capable of doing great things in a short amount of time like we showed that after the war. we won't be short of money and there's a lot of enthusiasm if everybody works together we can do it i think french people will support my call to get it done. now francis calling on global talents to submit ideas for recreating the famous spire. the international competition will allow us to decide whether we need to rebuild the spire whether we need to reconstruct the spire exactly as it was conceived in designed by view later dick or whether as is often the case in the evolution of cultural heritage and cathedrals we need to give new to dom cathedral
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a new spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our era. it could take years before we know whether the cathedral will return to its previous glory or receive a new look for the future but either way it seems notre dame is determined to remain one of europe's most visited sites to be seen. in the house or some of the other stories making news around the world you should actually officials have declared opposition come to that akram in mameluke the republican on the people's party the winner of last month's disputed istanbul elections doesn't measure type heard ones a cape a one nation wide but lost istanbul and ankara to the out p.p. place loans to the people to be from the vote so far his have not yet voted on the . form of peruvian president alan garcia has died after shooting himself in the
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head just before he was due to be detained by police in the capital lima the sixty nine year old had undergone emergency surgery in a local hospital is being investigated for allegedly taking illegal payments from egypt was that in construction for his claim he was innocent. teenage environmental activist aggressive to him but dismissed the poker she posed become paid to tackle climate change to the vatican of the sixteen year olds who inspired weekly student protests against global warming and spoke briefly with pope francis urged her to continue after. an environmental activist to glue himself to a train in london's canary wharf financial district to demand action on climate change or to other protesters climbed onto a train roof as part of first day of demonstrations in the u.k. capital police arrested one man on suspicion of obstructing the route. or it's springtime in the northern hemisphere which means trees and flowers are
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blooming in mexico the jacaranda trees are putting on a magnificent show and it's all thanks to one japanese garden that was. unlike his home country springtime cherry blossom. there's plenty of violet petals lying on the streets of mexico city right now but the cleaners here don't seem bothered by the extra workload spring has arrived and everyone's in a good mood. in their way ach a way that everyone thinks the jacaranda trees are so beautiful when the wind blows the flowers from the trees people love to take photos. pockets of violence have been blooming across the city since mid march. jacaranda trees are not native to mexico they've only been here since the nineteenth thirties a japanese garden and named go to matsumoto brought the tree from brazil after trying and failing to cultivate the japanese cherry tree since then the violence has only added to the country's colorful landscape.
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color is something fundamental to our culture and this south american tree is now deeply rooted in that culture. in west. for residents of the mexican capital have become something more than just a beautiful tree. but a little so. for us they are an important symbol in these times i mean heavy debate about migration they show us immigration can be enriching to both peoples lives and cultures and i mean. the explosion of violent color only lasts a few weeks then street cleaner diego's daily workload will go back to normal. all records amens to be broken but south korean k. pop superstar b.t.s. may just be overdoing it three days ago and you released boy with love shattered old previous records by clocking up nearly seventy five million you tube views in
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just the day now with more than one hundred fifty million views the boy band is also broken the record the fastest music video to break the one hundred million mark b.z.'s is particularly popular on social media one of the most to reach we've seen celebrity twitter accounts in the world for the last two months. of his reminder the top story this hour things will bells across france on fire running out in tributes to the north to down from cyclonic a gothic got to thehotel was devastated by file on monday doesn't matter ohio has said that he will restore the future then five.
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take it personally are you ready with a little gender fifty point stories that make the game so special. for all true fans log. on to off more than football.


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