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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2019 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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across france this evening a chorus of church bells tolling in unison in unity a hymn of solidarity for our lady in paris it has been forty eight hours since the fire engulfed notre dame cathedral the cause is still under investigation today firefighters deny claims that they were too slow to respond saying what matters is that no one died including notre dame i bring golf in berlin this is the day. that julie made no money we've always trained for all kinds of catastrophes but
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when we saw the roof on fire for real it was something else supposed to create. for the first permanently inside the cathedral that if we don't have a president stress what's really important he's a total michael as i'm sure the people of france an approach that will never be too much money. also coming up tonight the ballot counting looks good for indonesia's president a successful reelection campaign but even on election day there was no hiding the country's politics of division. what i say to all my supporters remain calm and you not be provoked to take violent action. on guard the ballot box because the ballot box is the key to our victory that.
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led to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all the round the world welcome we begin the day with the firefighters from notre dame at this very moment two days ago firefighters in paris were in the middle of what they say was the most difficult fight of their lives battling a nine hour blaze which eventually gutted the roof of the church and brought down its nineteenth century spire once a day those men and women gave their first accounts to the public telling of the horror that they had trained for and then came face to face with on monday evening there were uncomfortable questions today more they too slow in responding why did it take two fire alarms before anyone noticed the flames well those firefighters today denied being slow they said they responded quickly and were prepared adding that their training allowed them to save many artifacts and they insisted that they were the only thing standing between the flames and a total loss of notre dame is don't assume that the wind was finding the fire
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so the brigade commander have to take decisive action if. we sent a team to tackle the fire by the towers and comodo that the heat was spreading by the northern tower near the bells there supporting beams are made of wood if the fire had reached it the tower would have been lost to history. and if we'd lost the battle for the towers then we would have lost to the cathedral you mole everything would have collapsed in a domino effect that is such a close call on monday evening in paris i'm joined tonight by wolf gong zetter he is chief restoration architect for the vienna could the drone known as st stephens he joins me tonight from the austrian capital mysteries that are it's good to have you on this show you have heard the accounts from those firefighters in paris today just like the rest of us what is your reaction to what they said today
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well of course i've heard yes and i can imagine that this was the heaviest they haven't had to do it because it's such a complicated building and of course to have a spire that reaches up almost two hundred meters buff the earth. will live normally equipment is not made for this and of course there is another component the. mythological meaning of such a building the symbolic meeting that makes it even more difficult i think to to handle all these cases do you agree that the concede role had a very close call on monday evening with with total destruction. yes when i saw first the pictures i was really afraid that the big spy in the center of the cathedral boots fall down and really it's did and at this moment i
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thought it would really destroy all the vaults in the fire would get into the cathedral and now we know that it did steal droit a little part of the vaults but the fire did not really go into the interior of the house and in were you were you surprised that the damage was not more extensive. i was not surprised because in my opinion the damage is enough is really a lot of destruction if the whole rufus burned and its biggest spiral of the cathedral is totally destroyed but fortunately the main structure of the gothic stone building seems to be not such a bed situation but of course it's possible that they've discovered more damages from the fire that has not destroyed the stone but we can distance and has
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some problems that may be found later on i'd like for you to take a listen to what the firefighters said today about the burning roof of the cathedral take a listen as you get us off to school said it to him it was a catastrophe and we've always trained for all kinds of catastrophes but when we saw the roof on fire for real it was something else supposedly we tried to intervene very quickly even though we knew that such a huge fire would almost certainly destroy the roof and in us we did the possible typical peaky they paint their a horror scenario and i want to ask you after seeing what happened at notre dame monday are you asking yourself more often could this happen to us in vienna. of course we suddenly. fault all of the possible problems that would have and
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actually we have already planned a project of improving the fire warning system in our roof but actually de cathedral has lost its wooden structure already in the last days of world war two when one thousand and two hundred tons of large wood burnt totally and also the roof construction fell into the trench and we also had to fight inside so now we have a steel construction on the roof so this big fire probably would not happen to us but we all listen and they should improve our. systems to prevent holes or smaller fires of course and i want to ask you about this this goal of rebuilding notre dame the french president mr macro and he wants to do that within five years there's also been international competition for a design to replace the spire which collapsed what do you think about that the you
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know the international competition and also this five year deadline well i think that it's a very ambitious to try to get this in fife yes on the other hand i'm glad that such a mighty person this the french president. presents this goal and i hope david can do it if they if the. force isn't strong dedication we feel now we lost on i think this would be possible also some resource works maybe the last four decades but in five years i think it could be possible to have a cathedral in. good shape so visitors and mrs could be held inside as it was before do you think that paris could learn something from
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vienna when it comes to replacing the roof because now that the wooden roof notre dame is gone they have to think about a twenty first century replacement would you advise them to do what was done in vienna and to think about maybe have steel in steel beams or something like that as a good replacement well i think it's not position to advise them and in france they have good specialists and good technicians and david make i am sure good decisions for this i could just tell them if they would like to hear how it was stunning vienna because the i think did a good job in these difficult times replacing the roof in construction with an iron construction which has half the weight of the old construction and the other half wait they invested in
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a horizontal concrete layer which protects the vaults. to the roof construction so we have the same total weight on the walls because the weight of the roof is also important for vaults to be stabilized i think that was a good job but maybe today seventy years later they have even better ideas i would be happy to be asked but i think the we. where they made us the best. i mean this insane if you are you're the chair of the european federation of cathedral architects do you anticipate that maybe they may be calling you or knocking on your door asking for some professional and friendly advice. i think this is possible and of course we will do this also some other members of the european union of course declared that they would be happy to help also with
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maybe manpower freestore us or stonemasons as we have to i mean practice. but still i want to say that in france they have a lot of capacity for that but it is also to have international contacts. that is a very good point. chief restoration architect for the cathedral mr we appreciate you taking the time to wear this tonight and sharing your insights if you do. please let us know we'll talk with you again thank you thank you good evening. my mom's came here for. my pride said.
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i feel very grave because that is that we have a right a dual applying our. president to another term for election results to give the. fifty five percent of the vote of his rival the former general. it is. anything but sweet for indonesia's reputation as a pluralistic society tolerant muslim majority. more on the cost of indonesia's identity politics. today's elections were in many ways a celebration of indonesia as a young democracy and the voters i spoke to here at this polling station one of more than eight hundred thousand across the country told me that they were proud to be taking part in deciding the next five years now this election was largely
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a referendum on the performance of current president. in particular his economic policies he campaigned on his work improving infrastructure and hope that the economic figures that the reduction in the rate of poverty and the strong economy would help give him another five years but in the background another debate was taking place this over the role of religion based identity politics many were concerns about a win for his competitor. would be a move in a direction away from a pluralist democracy that welcomes all forms of religion but voters here today have had their say and have decided to give another five. years to carry out his policies that was clear richard sennett reporting there i'm joined now by my colleague videotape ligo and zipper and she's the head of w.'s indonesian service good evening to you video the official results we understand won't be announced until next month in may but it looks like we will win
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reelection can we say tonight with a fair amount of certainty that he will keep his joe well like in the reports show it is the numbers are on fifty five forty five or fifty three forty four at least that's what i saw so it's like eight to nine percent more votes for a jerkily and that's higher than the election in two thousand and fourteen back then he got to run forty five percent but this result is also actually not really surprising since all of the surveys conducted before the election already predicted him as the winner even some of the survey said that he's just out more than ten percent to rubble but we must remember it's still not the official numbers the indonesian election commission will announce it in may and then we don't know for sure but it is unlikely that the number of the change you know because this is the first time a presidential election in tunisia and before the years the outcome of the
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preliminary vote guns will always similar to the so i would say it's not going to change again in me and what about the to the device of the these ideas of the politics that we saw during the campaign both candidates really tried to reach out to conservative islamic voters in their campaigns how much of an issue was is low in this election. there's no way out of saying it but islam is really quite a big issue at this election you know like indonesia has the most muslim people in any country and also like ninety seven percent of indonesian people are muslim so both bodies is for sure tries to get the votes and most of this time for the conservative muslims i would say basically problems to be on both through himself to that will take them to group to get the votes that will be due to hasn't got the boys playing the religion card and i must say it's actually he managed to get the young conservative muslim behind him like five years ago who got the million votes
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and took with choice of running mate modified if he's made to keep up it probably strategy he's street to his model i mean it's not actually what peaceful of us wanted it was basically a surprise because i mean it's the same man who had center his friend you know verse a feature he had pretty much a prison for blasphemy in two thousand and seventeen. actually fit it didn't fit degrees of reform his brand then it's contradictory his stance on advocating religious freedom what about. moving forward now he has obviously made promises to you know conservative muslims is he going to have to deliver a meet or his policy is going to have to reflect this. i don't know what he's planning but the critics say it's like if i may say oh the critics say it's a lot of bad economic policy like you said before and but mostly people also saying about the human rights issue is. a reader who has an excellent he. did what he from
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a sister is a followers five years ago you know like you signing off on executions by firing squad and he volunteers have to govern confront the country mass killings so let's just hope that he actually is going to do it without regarding having the conservative muslim backing him that he really is still going to tackle the human rights issues that needs to be done everything he could be his last legacy it's his last term yet we definitely will see in this upcoming term videotape that will go in support of the head of the w.'s indonesian service thank you. it is spring here in the northern hemisphere that means trees and flowers are in bloom like the cherry blossoms in japan in mexico jacaranda tree are in bloom right now a beautiful sight to see and it's all thanks to a japanese gardener who wanted to emulate his home country's springtime cherry
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blossoms. there's plenty of violet petals lying on the streets of mexico city right now but the cleaners here don't seem bothered by the extra workload spring has arrived and everyone's and a good mood. and. everyone thinks the jacaranda trees are so beautiful when the wind blows the flowers from the trees people love to take far as hers. pockets of violence have been blooming across the city since mid much. jacaranda trees are not native to mexico that funny been here since the nineteenth thirty's a japanese gotten a name to go to matsumoto brought the tree from brazil after trying and failing to cultivate the japanese cherry tree since then the violence has only added to the country's colorful landscape. that color is something fundamental to our culture. and the south american tree is now deeply
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rooted in that culture. one less than. the residents of the mexican capital that become something more than just a beautiful tree up but a little sis for us they are an important symbol in these times i mean heavy debate about migration they show us immigration can be enriching to both peoples lives and cultures and i mean. the explosion of violence color only lasts a few weeks then street cleena diego's daily workload will go back to normal. for it to south korea now where your age is just a number insult south koreans traditionally determine a person's age by starting from the day that a child is born and then adding a year to that a newborn for example automatically is one year old then turns to the following year for example but now it's
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a method that is increasingly causing well you might imagine confusion you know someone is celebrating one hundred days since have passed but here in south korea she's already two years old she was more than when she was born on new year's eve a few hours later she was another. when i let my friends know that our daughter was born on december thirty first. some of my playful friends joked about my baby becoming two years old only hours after her birth. being in that situation i didn't know whether to laugh or cry. south koreans are accustomed to this unusual method of age calculation many critics say the tradition is out of date you know make up one jew home has started a campaign to abolish it. there are
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a number of ways of counting age in our country. that people find it so confusing. there are at least four different ways of counting a. south korea is the only country in the world that doesn't like this. you don't. have the insults mutha says the system puts her daughter at your disadvantage and that she cannot flip side of the mike other babies who were born earlier in the same year when she stops going to a daycare center there will be a fast difference between all child and doubters in terms of physical and intellectual gross then you know has out which actually concerns that little urine so this blissfully unaware off at least from the. records they say are meant to be broken but south korea superstars bt as well they
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may be doing it overdoing it just a little bit three days ago their new release boy with love shattered all previous records clocking up nearly seventy five million views on you tube in just one day now with more than one hundred fifty million views the boy band has also broken the record for fastest music video to break the one hundred million mark b.t.s. is particularly popular on social media surprised for the past two years running the group has been great as the most retarded celebrity twitter account in the universe. who knows the most about hip hop at the big table tonight right here that's right. the whole i've been studying up just for you brian got some info for our boy in like me please yeah well look it's having a moments right now. as you can clearly tell me it's not just on youtube i mean b.t.s. who we just saw they just headlined saturday night live you may have heard of sell that around yet another k. pop group also on the verge of stardom black pink some are calling them the next
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spice girls oh here they are check them out it's not just for the boys also for the girls as a girl band and they just hit the top twenty five in the u.s. maybe more significantly they were just at coachella first of all i see e-mail you through to perform at that music festival red you know k. pop it's not new it's been growing for a couple of decades i'm sure you remember that big hit style back in twenty twelve or south korean performers it's more popular now more than ever i would say and it's starting to go mainstream in the us that's a big deal these groups they mostly sing in korean these are english so how did it become so popular that the i mean really when it comes to k. pop there is a formula here and a lot of it has to do with star power a lot of the star power in k. pop is very many factures this is what we're talking about here they take these people they put them essentially through an entire program so aspiring singers go to a training center and it's a lot like britney spears is deaf dance school in seoul korea you see there's
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intense dancing singing classes students as young as ten years old and they want to become the next big thing if they're signed by a record label they can go through more training even more years of training essentially by the time you're done with these boot camps you're already ready to go you're a seasoned professional performer that's the formula here secondly everything so control just takes someone like a britney spears it's the same thing with your name the way you dress the way dance it's all controlled by the record labels themselves and number three i mean these bands are passionate brand you have these k. pop fanatics they're out there at things like kcal and this is the cape cod convention there's one in las vegas there's one in new york this year very very passionate fans as well you know i have to say hats off to you for using all those terms of key because. that's what i'm here for brotherhood that they do very much because the k. pop reports. let's skip off into the night now the day's over as does the governor
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say she continues online to find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can follow me gov t.v. don't forget to use that tag of a day we're going to leave you now with the sights and sounds of those bells ringing out in france in solidarity with notre dame and remember whatever happens between now and it tomorrow yes another day will see that if.
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you. can. enjoy the conflicts confronting the powerful. the north atlantic treaty organization nato has just had its seventieth birthday but it wasn't a happy one my guess this week here at nato headquarters is rows got so my left field and i was a shoes deputy secretary general who is she now if knowledge that i was serious splits in its unity conflict. she got.
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this search for the last summer. the secret. model leonardo da vinci's masterpiece wrote on its history. art restorers made a surprising discovery. oh my god i'm mysterious because he exists probably in forty five minutes. key sleep. he said carefully. don't know his soon to be nice to be a good. old fashioned.
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discover who. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. you know the stand up feel what of course we step up for europe to seem to live in a condo universe you know like those who let's not be silly please the north atlantic treaty organization nato has just started seventieth birthday but it wasn't a happy one constant coughing by donald trump about defense spending has caused fits a resentment here in europe my guess this week here at nato headquarters is rose gottemoeller the organizations deputy secretary general will she now acknowledge that nato has serious splits in its units.


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