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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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theatre's like yemen or in libya it's stronger than oh yes we heard the german chancellor and the reporter talking about the defeat of her don't try to talk about the defeat of virus but one of the the problems that countries have had in tackling islamic states is that. it's amorphous almost it's as much an idea as as it is a group of people how do you defeat that what would a defeat for i have to look like i think it's not an idea it's an organization it's an organization that has that originates in iraq but from two thousand and fourteen has built an affiliate network in libya. on the sinai in nigeria in the philippines right now we see that even in sri lanka it has supporters and it has fed this support network by sending money it has been an extremely rich organization and this video shows us that know that the organization has been militarily defeated in iraq and syria it tries to build a new
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a new network on the foundation of the affiliates but it has been planning this step for five years now ok so to defeat i asked in so many different areas of the world i guess what would that look like what. what sort of damage would it would the various countries around the world have to inflict i asked for it to be called if it were just after one or just cut off the money perhaps. i don't think that we will be able to define the moment that i guess it is defeated simply because the organization know it exists and more than twenty countries around the world what we have seen in recent years is that by defeating it militarily. its impact has been reduced especially here in europe but also in many countries around the world simply because the organization has been weakened we can find we can fight the finances which is extremely hard we can try to fight the ideological appeal but
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it's this is mainly now about police and intelligence work you have to find the cells before they perpetrate attacks like in sri lanka talking to thank you very much to think about a greater steinberg from the german institute for international and security affairs. to mozambique which is still struggling with severe flooding in the wake of cycling canada more trencher rain is forecast for the country's north where the powerful storm made landfall on sunday so far thirty eight people have lost their lives for weather conditions have a hampered aid efforts and caused flights to be grounded caliph is the second cycle to hit the country in as many months or six weeks ago cycling in die devastated the region further south. they can't get rid of the water quickly enough the rain here in pember in northern most downbeat keeps on coming.
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wrote snare resemble rivers or actual rivers have burst their banks leaving huge areas underwater. aid agencies say psych loan kenneth's will bring twice as much rain is e.t.i. entire crop fields have been whites out and people a shortage of food. you know. business making these. records before. this is what i said tell them something about the frequency of. the sheer amount of water on the ground is making it difficult to access the affected areas rescuers from brazil are on the scene they've come with boats because at the moment it's too dangerous for helicopters to fly but helicopters are what's really needed with many stranded without supplies. and want to help the. police people here people are meant to help. until help
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arrives or they can do is wait counting the cost of the latest tropical disaster to land on mozambique shores. of the double is under increases in pember in mozambique is just sends us this update on relief efforts. the weather here became much better in the last hour as it stopped raining and as you can see here they are packing these planes of the world food program in the united nations and now bringing food items to rural areas the question is how long will the weather remain like this that is where you can see they're really hurrying up they really try to get as many helicopters out as possible before the weather possibly is getting worse again. chris reporting from hamburg some peak so you're back now to our top story but we've been following the developments in venice went away. from the ministry to join him in his bid to oust president maduro opposition leader says he has the
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backing of military leaders and told his supporters there is no turning back washington has expressed support for him but the president majority. is vowing to stop but could say he has the total loyalty of his military commanders. in washington gave a statement a short while ago today. the president while we're you know. has announced the beginning of the. freedom operation he has call the military institution to support the venezuelan people on just streets. to reassure i would democracy you know we're country and also those who are poor the full implementation of the constitution approved by the people in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine this is only the beginning.
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this is an operation which is developing right now we will see more events in the hours and. i want to be very clear what the international community does this not a military coup. this is a constitutional process led by the venezuelan people under the leadership of our civilian the interim president of venezuela. he's calling for the restoration of our constitution and of course for the restoration of our democratic system we want to send a clear message also to the taito mother who took your time it's over but it's not it's ready for a change you must perceive it take that transition in our country. you must allow the venezuelan people to reestablish the democratic system the time is now that assad is ready for
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a change nobody is going to stop it also we would like to send a message to the international community first of all thank you for your support for supporting the venezuelan people in order to recover our democracy. please stay watching all the events that is happening right now and do whatever you can do in order to protect the venezuelan rights particularly the live right finally and this is the important message. we will recover our democratic system it is time to set the transitional government in order to stop the suffering of the venezuelans and we want want to be ready to call for a free and fair election soon thank you very much i was the one by the process to have the united states to speak in just a few minutes ago let's go to washington d.c. he joined i think correspondent helen humphrey and welcome helena presumably the fact that washington allowed him this platform and has been making encouraging the
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noise his truck said today means they're very much behind. a very clear message there from card as fact here and of course washington is key in this because the united states was one of the country's leading that initial recognition of one as the interim president of venezuela so we heard there from carter's faqir essentially the ambassador for one why do is representation saying that his home country in the events they're on not in the grip of a military led to saying this is a constitutional process of course led by the venezuelan people under the leadership of a civilian interim president and saying that we're calling on the army therefore to support the constitution and what i should say phil is that vecchio there was not actually speaking outside of the official u.s. embassy he was speaking outside the military attash a which is one of the buildings used by those representatives here in washington d.c.
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and i've actually been inside the u.s. embassy and it's currently being occupied by supporters who are either prone with daughter or say they're at least against a u.s. intervention and it's likely that those protesters could potentially be cleared in the coming days they've certainly been called on from u.s. authorities to do so but we've seen a swift support from the trump administration today in light of the events in venezuela much of it on twitter vice president mike pence tweeting directly to the venezuelan people delivering a message that we are with you and it was a sentiment that was echoed by secretary of state mike pompei who was saying that a quest for democracy can never be defeated and we've also heard from national security adviser john bolton today and he said that the military leaders need to get behind. on this making that call directly and certainly that's something that
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has been pushed for from the united states for quite some time now largely pushed by the senate a marker. who's been working directly with the trump administration to croft its venezuela policy and its venezuela stance and he also spoke to the venezuelans on tweeted today urging them to take to the streets of venezuela saying that this is your opportunity the moment might not come again so i think we can see that where washington d.c. at one point was supporting the opposition leader it's gone one step further now in throwing its weight behind the events which are currently unfolding as we speak on the streets of caracas and they did as you've been speaking we are looking at live pictures of a street in caracas where a building appears to be on fire as crowds have gathered to watch you talk about washington putting its weight behind what's going on that they're likely to do more than provide just war words. that's the quick the key question right
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now phil many people have looked at trump's repeated statements that they will do everything to support as a tacit endorsement of military intervention that said we need to be very clear eyed on that and say that in terms of military mobilization from the united states we haven't seen anything significant as of yet washington d.c. instead has been pursuing a policy of economic pressure we've seen that in sanctions linked to the majority regime as well as those sanctions on the oil industry really throttling sales an output from venezuela remember that the venezuelan oil industry and its sales accounts for ninety six percent of its foreign income in a country which is already in dire economic straits so that is the current policy from washington certainly diplomatic relations are now completely off the table between the two countries they've been frosty for twenty years even even under chavez now certainly they have been suspended be only administration what are other
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politicians saying about these decisions about one go either. where we're seeing for example as i mentioned for example from senator marco rubio and he's really spearheaded a lot of these attempts for example from the u.s. administration and again essentially saying do not let this moment slip away and that is the sentiment really that we've heard from conservative republican lawmakers here in washington d.c. . that's a little home for you in washington thank you so much let's go to the venezuelan tops not enjoy not ask. who's our correspondent that joins us on the line you're welcome osca what's the latest. well we've seen that there are some classes and some acts of repression and now where the concentration is being
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held in the media we've heard reports of people being run over by some of the tanks. the military is using to repress these protests we've also heard of detentions binding metairie people that are military that support one way though some high end military or banking officials but none of that has been confirmed however we are seeing that there are crowds gathering in support of one way though not only in caracas but in other parts of the country as well and is it just quiet their supporters on the streets. now there are also mothers of supporters in the near of the presidential palace for me to float is some of the leaders have asked for people to defend the color of mine who don't at the presidential palace although there are reports of him being there however there are
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crowns forming in the near of the presidential palace but not as numerous as the crowds that we've seen in other parts of reporting one way and what we're looking at the pictures of what's going on as you've been speaking with. one of these what is the purpose of face crowds i mean look at one gentleman now just tearing up a fence and the president is going to use that event to defend themselves against the army but what do these crowds hope to achieve by taking to the streets what what what is that objective now. but this is the this is the one we've seen for the past twenty years officers have gathered huge crowds protests against what chavez government and now one of the government and each of these a crowd of large crowds approaches have amounted to some freedoms and some successes but not a change in the revolution which is what most of the people that are protesting
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want now what the people today are protesting and they feel involved and also by the support of some military that we saw supporting one way though they want the end of the corner for the leader for them to see that and as a future patient that's what they call it and to start a government of transition and then to have free and fair elections that is the what's motivating people to protest today that is what was motivating then to go to the protests tomorrow on the day and that's what we're seeing today. the role of the military he's going to be. in this but it's also quite confused at the moment we have done saying that he has military leaders supporting him and the president say that he has total loyalty from the army. yes it's very confusing sometimes we have journalists here have to read between the lines because we don't know.


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